Eros in Aquarius – Love in the Multiverse

Originally published on AstroGeek and Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Artemis (Cards: The Moon, Queen of Wands Runes: Inguz and Sowillo)-

“You are my angel
Come from way above
To bring me love
Her eyes
She’s on the dark side
Every man in sight
Love you, love you, love you
Love you, love you, love you
Love you, love you, love you” – Massive Attack

Websters: Eros (n.)

Eros, Greek mythological character. Eros was the son of Aphrodite. As the Greek god of love he excited erotic love in gods and mortals with his arrows and torches.

Erotic (adj.)

Popularity: Top 10% of words
: relating to sex : causing sexual feelings
: of, devoted to, or tending to arouse sexual love or desire <erotic art>
: strongly marked or affected by sexual desire

Gosh, haven’t we all felt the shadow of this transit the past couple of days? Jesus fuck. This, along with this past weekend’s sensual moon in Taurus, our current sexy Venus in Pisces, the mighty presence of passionate Mars in Saggo, and the pounding of hooves from fire hot Aries in the distance (helloooo spring) are making things electric.

*takes deep breath* Anyway…

Aquarians tend to be severely misunderstood. They call the water-bearer heartless, alien, off-beat, and contrary. They say she is a stubborn ice queen, prepared to dissect each of your layers until she can arrive at some self deluded state of “knowing.” What they don’t understand about Aquarius is that she feels TOO much. She feels everything and everyone all the time, and must place a wall up or she will swallow everything up like the sea. She is the veins, the rivers, the tributaries pumping from the passionate, lion heart of Leo. Her eroticism is all encompassing. Her love is the force of the entire planet.

You know, there is something oddly sexy about all of these misconceptions. Who doesn’t like the hot loner coasting through town on their way to distant lands? Aquarius is a visitor from somewhere far beyond here, and their brand of love making is strange and exciting. We can see it in their mannerisms, their likes and dislikes, their eccentric way of communication. They are not from here, and we are intrigued. And our earthly ways are intriguing to them as well. They really just want to know how everything feels, how everything tastes, and are all for the experimentation between pleasure and pain.

“What if I do this…”

King of experimentation, Aqua is the scientist with laser eyes who inspects your every frac(tal)tional movement for all of your soft spots. The water-bearers are represented by the Angel (or perfect human), perched high above in the clouds, observing us mere mortals as we go about our business of flesh. The eroticism of distance. For Aqua, the mind is flesh and eroticism starts there. When the angels saw the flesh based humans (in all their indulgent Taurean flavors), they could not help but fall down to earth. Not even angels can resist Eros.

People like to say the sun is in detriment when it is in Aquarius. Why would they say such a thing? Probably because Aquarius has a hard time merging their identity in with the rest of society. They are forever the one who marches to the beat of their own drum, and their sexuality is no different. They really don’t give a fuck what is appropriate or conventional in love making. They will do whatever strikes their fancy, and they will never stop surprising their partner. Aquarius is known as the sign of kink for good reason. They say strong aspects with Uranus/Eros, Uranus/Venus, Uranus/Mars in one’s chart places this flavor of Aquarian experimentation in one’s personality; lightening flashes of insight and curiosity.

So here we go, punks. Get ready for things to get weird.

For Eros ingress Aquarius, I pulled The Moon crossed by The Queen of Wands and the runes Inguz and Sowillo. DAMN. Just DAMN. The runes line up perfectly with each card. Inguz is the rune people refer to as “the seed.” He is deep rooted potentiality. Orgasm waiting to happen. Aquarius is here, bringing us the waters to get drunk on some strange love. The moon says the stuff in the back of our head, the stuff we fantasize and dream about, wants to come out and play. The moon is shy, blushing as she hears the whispers of her mind. Inguz says that this build up can only last so long before the release. He also tells us that distance is needed to build this potential energy. Aquarius, the sign of distance (AKA voyeuristic haha), knows this process all too well. She will prod and tease you in all the places where she knows you can’t touch her (like work, school, your parent’s house) until you have no choice but to take her in the back of the car, at noon, on the side of the road somewhere. And that’s just the way she likes it.

The moon being crossed by the Queen of Wands tells us that the only thing holding any of this back is our inability to accept the strange paradoxes in life and just flow with it. Let yourself get turned on by the tension between the paradox (mmm tension). We need to embrace the rune Sowillo (the sun) and the optimism of this Queen of Fire. She is a sexy woman who takes what she wants, uses her magick without discretion, and doesn’t apologize for her self expression. Our mind wants to escape, to let loose and let the Aquarian interests out to play. The built up potentiality is killing us, and this weekend’s sensual Moon in Taurus sure didn’t help.

Mars and Venus are about to square, the sexual tension will only get worse. This cross is telling us to let it out to play before some fire damage is done. The Queen of Wands is water in fire, and she is pure unadulterated feminine sexuality. She is the fire that will also drown you. Quite the paradox indeed. She is represented by the black cat, and those of you who know Egyptian mythology will recognize the connection to the cat goddess of sexuality, Bastet. Queen of Wands has a very cat like sexuality. She will gracefully seduce you and dance around you until your passions explode into wild, creative fires (all this with a smirk on her face). Wands are a witch’s way of projecting her magic into the world. The wands also represent sexuality and creativity. Channel those deep, watery, moon feelings into a playful sexuality. Don’t take things too seriously. Aquarius gives us room to breathe. Her universal love allows for her lovers to be expressive in their own individual mode without judgement. Let your imagination run wild.  It seems this card and rune combination is telling us a lot of illumination, happiness, and new pathways will open up from our ability to express what we keep in.

This combination of cards and runes warns us not to repress, no matter the strange situations we might get ourselves in (no matter our fantasies). There are many ways to express sexuality. Don’t knock it til you try it. Try it and knock it good…. Whatever gets you hot.


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