Full Moon Eclipse in Libra – Bloom

Originally published on AstroGeek and Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.


“Who dwells at the core of my being? I am calm itself and he is the storm.” – Hafiz

Effective Date: March 23, 2016

This is the final eclipse in a long series of Libra/Aries eclipses. We wont see an eclipse in this sign combination for another 7 years. This, in itself, feels very significant. 7 is the number of Venus, the goddess of fortune and love, and also the ruler of Libra. This may be an especially significant time for those born under the scales.

Libra, the centerpiece of the zodiac, always reminding us that perfection is non-existent and life is in constant adjustment for balance. Like a see-saw, she teeters between hot and cold / dark and light / love and fear / war and peace. Where Aries is exploratory and impulsive action, she is stillness and assessment. As an idealistic air sign, Libra will toil endlessly for a justice that can never be fully attained; bringing to mind Sisyphus. Perhaps this is Libra’s punishment from the gods for being so fucking indecisive. The scale will always tip one way or the other, regardless of how balanced we may perceive it in the moment. The great work is never over.

THE MOON: For the moon, I pulled The Hangman and Sowillo, which is the exact same combination I pulled for the last eclipse. This is auspicious. We have reached the other side, reflecting the last new moon in Pisces like a mirror. We have crossed some sort of strange, dimensional rift, with illumination resting firmly betwixt. Like Libra, the hangman is the centerpiece. He sits smack dab in the middle of the major arcana of the Tarot, suspended between two worlds. This book end situation is a new sort of experience for Libra. All endings breed beginnings, and Libra is consistently stuck in the middle of the story. Both the ideas of starting and ending seem foreign and dizzying. This whole transition from new moon to full moon has been like sitting on a fence; something Libras are very good at. It is finally time to step off and go see the greener grass on the other side. Unfortunately, while Libra has been sitting around contemplating, her Aries neighbor has erected hedge statues and planted gardens and a built one of those stupid fountains. Spring is here, and the scales have finally tipped. Sowillo, the sun, has arrived. The funny thing about the sun, like illumination, is that you can never look directly at it but you see it’s presence all around you. The hangman has lost his ego. He is in a position where you could throw a rotten tomato on him, kick his head, or give him a hug. Who knows. He has taken the leap of faith. It’s time to give everyone the big fuck you and bloom how you choose. You get to be whatever kind of fucking flower you want to be. You inherit yourself.

THE SUN: For the sun, I pulled 5 of Swords and Kenaz. 5 of Swords represents self interest, which makes perfect sense for a sun in Aries. You’re going to have to defend what you believe in. People are going to disagree with you. They are going to fight you and kick you when you are down. Don’t fucking let them. Seriously, punch them where it hurts most and move the fuck on. We have to let things go and become light and fly now. The rune Kenaz, also known as the “torch,” tells us that you will “surpass the master.” This is where we make a choice, punks (sorry, Libra). What is the story you are going to choose to tell? Are you going to keep telling the same old fucking story, or are you going to take what you want? Are you the master of your own fate, or will you allow the illusion to suck you back in? There is also a warning here. This card tells us it is not in our benefit to be wholly selfish. It’s like Libra is scolding Aries. She tells him to do what is right and to do it with the fullness of his unique intensity. I’m sure Helios and I can both agree that there is nothing more glorious to behold than an Aries with a righteous goal at his back. Kenaz represents controlled transformation. It governs apprenticeship, study, and the search for enlightenment. What drives you? What is your end goal? Look beyond everything. What is the sun of your life?

MERCURY: For Mercury, I pulled The Devil and Algiz. This is a fascinating combination. They call Algiz the rune of connections. What kind of connections? In particular, the kind between us and the gods. Algiz represents the higher self and courage. It is used as a protection rune and is charged with giving us courage in the face of fear. People are going to say what they need to say. That’ll be nice, wont it? There is this idea of “personal gravity” which I found interesting when studying this rune. Movement is key, so find your rhythm. Mercury is the planet of communication, so Algiz in this position tells me that the full moon will be a glorious time for getting in your creative zone and just letting work come out. We also have the Devil archetype to deal with here. This card warns us that people (including you) may have an easy time influencing us with their words right now. Listen carefully to the way people speak to you, from the friends in your micro, to the politicians in your macro. What does everyone really want? It’s an easy time to figure this out due to Mercury’s connection to Algiz, the god whisperer, and The Devil, the impulsive egoist.

VENUS: For Venus, I pulled The Star and Hagalaz. Again, a fascinating combination. The Star (card #17) is hope, the light, healing and escape after the collapse of the motherfucking tower (card #16). The Star is Aquarius, who is ruled by the circulatory system. It is the idea of connection at a mass level – the spider who weaves the threads between the stars. This is a great combination. It tells us that we are finally shedding the bullshit, letting the hail storm knock away all that isn’t fastened securely to the truth. Really, guys, this is good. Venus represents what we truly value. It’s time for that to be clear for us. Venus is giving us our speck of hope, and really there is nothing more perceptible in the sky than the wandering star Venus.

NEPTUNE: For Neptune, I pulled The Lovers and the blank rune (fate rune). Neptune rules over our temptations (thus the planet of alcoholism, YAY). She is all the things we cannot see that are creeping around in the other world, influencing us in some wyrd way. The blank rune sure shows that here, standing in for the idea of “fate” itself. There are going to be a lot of magical moments, strange things coming into fruition that we may be blindsided by. You see, Neptune represents that which is barely on our peripheral. She also represents the higher form of love. The lovers in position here tells me that higher connections are coming into manifestation in our lives.

JUPITER: For Jupiter, I pulled Justice and Inguz. So we have the rune of growth in the planet of growth. Hmmm. So what the hell are we growing? If Jupiter is the planet of joy and abundance, it looks like we are growing what we want through righteous action; aka Justice. Inguz rules subtle action, and Jupiter is being ruled by the Queen of Detail – Virgo. There is something waiting for you, a reward to reap, if you focus on the details. Once you find it, there will be an explosion of abundance available to you. Get your flashlights out, guys. This is a good time for workings involving money. Unfortunately, if you have been sowing bad karma along your path, get ready to eat shit.
SATURN: For Saturn, I pulled the The Hermit and Jera. So the Hermit is associated by the zodiac sign Virgo, and Jera represents the harvest, and Saturn has a big scythe he uses to reap. This is a dire warning for us. Saturn goes into retrograde on March 26, 3 days after the Full Moon Eclipse in Libra on the 23rd. When Saturn decides to cycle back through the field, he brings double karma along with him. I’m sorry to terrify you. Remember… the pendulum has begun to swing.

URANUS: For Uranus, I pulled the King of Cups and Gebo. The King of Cups is a highly creative individual with great emotional depth. He sits in the storm of Uranus, calm and composed, his emotions reigned in. This King is aware of the flashes of insight coming from Uranus – the powerful jolts in our day that rattle our very foundation. The important thing is that the King of Cups sees them and becomes aware of them. He then responds in a composed manner. The King of Cups is emotional understanding, and he has a healthy balance between his intellect and his emotions. Gebo is the divine balance. There is great ability for you to make inspired partnerships with the people around you. This is encouraged. Follow the flashes of lightening, and do so generously. Share your fire. There is a lot of reciprocation in this combination. The King of Cups is very giving and generous, and Gebo literally translates to the gift. Get ready for lots of gifts of insight as well.

PLUTO: For Pluto, I pulled the 7 of Pentacles and Berkano. What is with this card? It keeps fuckin’ showing up, left and right, and it’s beginning to make me very curious. The 7 of Pentacles is all about that moment when we decide to change. Something has finally been completed, and now it is time to choose our direction. Pluto is the planet of regeneration, and our lives are very much being pumped with new life blood as we speak. Thanks for the juice, Pluto, because we are really going to need it for all these fucking retrogrades about to beat us down. Berkano shows up for us, under the planet of legacy coupled with the 7 of Pents. This probably means it is an excellent time for money manifestation. You can truly have what you want, you just need to have the guts to change yourself in order to get it. Don’t just sit there. Either harvest what you have in front of you and make something of that, or take what you need and begin your new life. Decisions, decisions. You’re going to be forced to change, so it’s time to choose a route or smash face first into the median (sorry again, Libra).


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