Chiron Retrograde – Frayed

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective dates-June 27th – December 1st, 2016

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” – Rumi

Cards:  The World, The Empress, The Tower

Whenever I do a reading and every card I pull is a major arcana card, I know that the influence that is beginning is a powerful one that will be quite noticeable all around us.  So… Chiron?  He is the wounded healer, and thus shows us where our mortal wound is in life and how we can heal others through our struggles with it.  There are some inflictions that can never be sewn up, some nightmares that will never end, and we must learn how to live with them and use them as devices for our ascension.  We must transform these things into something positive – a healing device for those who are suffering in the same ways.  Chiron is associated with Saturn, meaning there is a strong fated component to the Chiron wound you are inflicted with in your chart.  There is no escaping it, and it will set the boundaries for your life.  We must learn to use these boundaries to our advantage instead of sulking about their very existence.

After the shooting in Orlando, survivors of the Boston bombing visited the wounded who were recovering or holding on by a thread.  There is no greater point of healing than meeting someone who has found strength after suffering from something so great and seemingly eternally inflicting.  The World.  Completion of a cycle.  We are all coming to a point where we can choose to repeat a recovery cycle or move past it.  It’s okay if you are not ready.  Go back, go inside.  You have more knowledge now than you did the first time this cycle came around.  Our lives, like the world, revolve around in circles.  We meet the same situations and people over and over again, and they present themselves to us in each stage with a new mask in hand.  It’s time for this to begin anew, but if you haven’t dealt with it’s current manifestation, you can’t progress down the spiral.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” -Soren Kierkegaard

The Empress.  With Chiron going reverse, it is time to dig deep inside and really expose what you have been trying to suppress.   Your wounds are nothing to be ashamed of.  You must realize that no matter what it is that has been inflicted on you, there is always potential for beauty.  The Empress knows that everything can be replaced and there is beauty in everything we come across.  Do not think that just because you lost something that it will be lost forever, and do not believe that if something has turned sour you will never find beauty in that situation again.  It is time to become okay with our wounds so that we may use them as a point of entry for beauty.  Crumbling to rock bottom allows you to see the light, and these wounds are there so that we may learn the valuable lessons of mortality, fragility, and transformation.  If we are personally inflicted with something, we know it better than those who must only intellectualize that sort of pain.  Whether it is financial troubles you have put yourself in, whether you have hurt the lovers in your life, whether you have been wounded by your mother, or any sort of pain that may have come into your life that has changed and morphed who you are, it is time to start settling these issues.  Chiron being related to Saturn tells us that there is no way to escape these things.  We must confront them in order to get the spiritual train rolling, and during Chiron retrograde, they will be even harder to avoid.  Don’t let this be something you worry your pretty little head with.  As Rumi said, this is the point where the light comes in.  This is the wound that humanizes you and allows you to have sympathy with those around you.  Let the pain transform you.

What is our warning?  The Tower.  When we dive that deeply into ourselves and confront the mistakes of our past, we may trigger mental illness.  Be very careful how you tread, and be good to yourself because the wrong move could make you crumble into a thousand pieces.  This is also a warning that we must tread carefully with others.  There is goodness to crumbling.  Sometimes it allows those of us who are strong enough to ascend, but those who are not ready for this sort of smashing of all fucking things will resign to dying in the rubble.  So let’s heal each other and get through this bullshit with our heads intact.  It’s going to turn into a bit of a healing circle where everyone confesses their deepest darkest sins, and instead of judging people outright, pull down your walls.  We are all human, and there is nothing wrong with that.  There is strength to that.  The gods have always been jealous of our mortality for a reason.


Venus in Leo – Indulgence

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective date of transit-  July 12, 2016

“You know, it’s funny; when you look at someone through rose-colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags.” – Wanda the Owl, BoJack Horseman

Cards:  Queen of Wands, The Tower, The Devil

We all get stuck in situations that, in the beginning, seemed sexy and full of life.  And yes, by situations, I mean love relationships that have blazing red flags from the very beginning.  But they were so funny!  But they were so smart! You didn’t really pay attention to how horribly they treated their friends because their flirting was on point.  After that initial glamour period ends, you learn how they want to subvert who you are and demand things of you.  They carry you around on their shoulder like you’re a handbag instead of a human being, and you wonder when the hell you lost your self worth.

Welcome to Venus in Leo, everyone, but this one will be an especially shocking ingress.  Sure, Venus in Leo is all about being big and flashy and yourself, but it is also about sticking up for who you are.  The Tower.  There is a lot of chaotic energy in the air, and this makes people lash out due to agitation.  Their lives are crumbling, so they should take you down with them.  Their dreams are dying, so no one else can have dreams.  They may have a specific idea of what a perfect human should be, a perfect life should be, so they tear down those they love in order to get them with the program. Don’t let these people destroy what you have built in yourself.  This is a time when your pride, your heart, and your values will be pushed and questioned.  It’s going to be easy to break because there will be multiple aspects going on in the sky that are challenging our emotional understanding of things.  After a sensitive, heart opening Venus transit into Cancer, we are forced to power up in Leo.  You’re going to need to understand your worth, which partners are best to integrate into your tribe, and how to place boundaries with assholes who try and use love to manipulate you into becoming someone you are not.  We all have our own version of what a perfect romance entails.  This transit is going to force us to see the reality of our love situations.

Queen of Wands.  Since Full Moon Libra and Venus Aries season, things have been spicing up for us.  Romances have fallen into place, and some powerful personalities have entered our lives.  Now we must decide which ones lift us up and make us feel like the Kings and Queens we are, and which ones are merely there to teach us important lessons about our own egos (because, baby, our falsely built egos are gunna burn burn burn during this transit).

So you think you’re hot shit?  You’re going to learn exactly who you are.  Some of us actually are exactly as amazing as we present ourselves *cough cough*, but that is because we have the confidence to be ourselves without apologies.  We slice the people out of our lives that wish to drown us in their sick ideas of what perfection is, and we loudly proclaim who we are to the world.  Our true lovers are pulled toward us, attracted by our magnetism like the sun.  You don’t run after these pieces of shit and beg them to be with you.  You are royalty, fucking ROAR!  So shine, baby, shine, because real love is gravitational.

So a partner of yours thinks they are a diamond when they are merely cubic zirconia?  It’s time to make the hard decision, but the right decision – leaving them so that you may step into your power.  Since our double signed full moon of Saggo and Capricorn, we are being tested.  We built a plan in the winter and spring, and now it is time to actually act.  You’re going to see people dropping like flies around you because they do not have the strength to shine, but that wont be you.  You’re a shining fucking star and you are never going to give up on your truest dreams – the ones that come straight from your heart (remember Leo is ruled by the Sun, which rules the heart).

What is our future warning?  The Devil.  Leo shows love to those that are loyal to him.  If Leo knows you are part of his tribe, he will protect you tooth and nail.  You must be able to discern between those that are just buttering you up just so that they can have you as an accessory to their greatness (experts at manipulating the heart), and those who truly do admire you for exactly who you are.  You need someone to rule with you, not rule over you.  Take your heart into account when making these decisions, not your loins.  No matter how sexy arrogance may seem at times, it’s not worth it.  Repeat after me this season: look for confidence, not arrogance.  You need to remove the lovers in your life that are shackling you or you will find yourself stuck in something for years that should have ended at the first date.  Don’t worry, my friends, because we will still have Mercury in Cancer at the time of this ingress, so your intuitions will be at full steam.  Use them.  And make the hard choices.  Trust me, even if you have to drink an entire bottle of tequila and listen to a Beyonce album from beginning to end to break up with that no good piece of shit, you fucking do it.  You are royalty with your own goals and dreams, and anyone who can’t take that into account is not worth your time.


Pallas Athene Retrograde – Daemons

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective Dates-June 21st- October 18th 2016


“We speak of fighting to resist this world But what about the battle within us? If we have chosen to live against the grain. Then why are we all facing the same way?” — William Faulkner

Cards: 2 of Cups, Knight of Wands, Hangman

You have arrived. The machine is in motion. Those of you who have been facing your demons the past few months and took your leap of faith toward your ideal, you’ve set it off, whether you know it or not, this change deep inside of you. Now the real work begins. How are we going to implement what wisdom you have learned?

For this Full Moon in Saggo/Capricorn during the Summer Solstice, we are being cleansed with fire. Even if you aren’t evolving and choosing to stay in your station, the world around you is moving and shifting in paradigm. You will be forced to confront this change eventually, and far more painfully than if you had the courage to do it yourself. And you wont get to choose your role, which is kinda the shittiest part of all. Then we have the New Moon Cancer, washing us off and hardening us. The crab wears a shell to protect its delicate inner workings, but it knows resilience like no other. Don’t destroy your emotional world, just know how to protect yourself from those who choose to hurt you; whether purposefully or accidentally.

And now Pallas Athena is shifting us inward; inner wisdom will prevail. For this change of events, I pulled an intersting combination of cards; 2 of cups, knight of wands, and the hangman. What do I see as I peer into the mirrored depths? “Know thyself,” is the first thought that comes to me, and with knowing thyself comes a great challenge. It is quite convenient that she is going retrograde just around the time that multiple planets, and our sun, are moving into Cancer. Sometimes, no wait, most of the time, the highest degrees of wisdom and transformation come from being able to confront hard emotional truths. We have all poured our heart and soul into something, whether it is a way of life, a lover, or whatever, we have given of ourselves and we have failed to receive any progress of the soul from it. If you peer deep inside and take a good hard look at your feelings, you will see that, instinctually, you have always known the answer. It is time to trust those instincts and act on them. The Knight of Wands charges in like Saggo. He is the Knight that doesn’t hesitate.

The reason you are haunted is because you choose to not to exorcise these false beliefs in yourself. We sit there thinking that the beast will somehow become our Prince, but in short, the beast has always been showing us his ugly face. Unfortunately, we feed and feed and feed these false ideas of things. We romance our oppressors, we make excuses for our bad habits, and we delude ourselves about what our true dream is. You must separate yourself from society and from the onrush of expectations. When you dive deep inside yourself, what is the cold, hard truth that never lies to you but you always attempt to cover up?

It’s the thing that you battle with each day. It’s the thing that you have gone to your best friend about time and time again, yet you never fucking take anyone’s advice. It’s the thing that nags you in the darkest parts of night. Kill your ego about the situation. We all mis-judge things because of loneliness or emotional confusion, but you have to choose now whether you want to live in the Maya or seek real Truth. Pisces is all about the waters of the collective, but this time, with Pallas in retrograde, we are swimming in reverse. Like a salmon against the grain of the river, we know our true destination by instinct and we know we will be faced with resistance the entire way. But without this resistance, we wont have the strength to face whatever it is at the endpoint of our journey. Yes, we may have realized our ideal and have unshackled ourselves from our prison of the past, but now we must actually go out on our “quest for the grail.” This means we are going to be clearing out new paths, because this road you are about to take regarding your destiny has never been traveled. Are you up for the adventure? Are you ready to see the other side? In order to do so, first you must let Athena kill the illusions inside of you. She is the goddess of Wisdom and Victory for a reason; you can’ t have one without the other.

Mercury in Cancer – Unsent Letters

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective Dates- June 30th- July 15th, 2016

“yes, I have feelings
and no, I’m not afraid of them
not even the shadowy ones
that you’d rather ignore
i gather them in
welcome them home
give them space to breathe
and light them on glorious fire
just to see
what might be illuminated
while they burn” 
― Jeanette LeBlanc

Cards: King of Cups, 6 of Pentacles, 7 of Cups

Oh the things we would say if we could say them without the mess. Well, it looks like that mess is going to become inevitable. There are some great things about Mercury in Cancer. People who have this position in their natal charts make incredible listeners. This is definitely a good position for Mercury if one works in mental therapy, for it gives you great emotional insight. C.G. Jung had his Mercury in Cancer; which was evident in his tremendous intuition. It is almost frightening how emotionally perceptive Merc in Cancer is. I would even call it borderline psychic. What’s the other side of the coin? Well, the problem is, the crab is so fucking sensitive that a change in the wind can send them bawling. Did someone tell them that their idea was stupid? Merc in Cancer would probably cry, go in their safe place, and then come out days later with with passive aggressive bullshit.

My heart hurts today. It’s this tender hurt that pulsates with subtle feelings. Among a billion and one things that are happening that has lead to this heart aching, I recently experienced the loss of my grandmother (very Cancer representative), and my familial relations are rocky at best. One of my best friends is a Cancer; my sister. Discussing this loss in our family with someone much more emotionally open than myself has been quite the experience. I tend to bottle these things up and check on them years later when they are of incredible inconvenience and have caused more mental damage than they are worth (yeah, I’m very Aquarian). Emotional purges are necessary, and they will happen under this transit. If we let these things sit and stew, they drown us in the depths. Whether you like it or not, this is going to be a time of emotional vomit. I call it this because it’ll hit you, mid conversation, that you need to tell someone why their staunch, unmoving opinion is completely and utterly selfish. One thing Cancer knows all too well about is how the waves do not stop pummeling us. We need to take care of things immediately, and usually emotions are pesky little things that we save for later. Nuh uh, not during this transit. Oh dear gods, I am fucking terrified, but there is a catharsis to crying, screaming, and letting out all those icky things that settle at the bottom of your heart.

6 of Pentacles. A lot of people have been coming to me lately informing me that they are going through depressive episodes. You can already feel the Cancerean mood decending on us. There is nothing you can do about it; we will feel the intense emotions of those around us and we will be forced to talk about it. We will be forced to share. This could turn into a messy situation where you are bleeding your feelings all over someone, but trust me, these things need to come out. There is a deep gloom that can come to us because of this, but we must keep sharing those things that level the playing field with others. We must seek balance in sharing our inner worlds. There will be a big pull from your subconscious to retreat and become passive, because honestly, this is all going to get to be too much sometimes (especially with this new moon in Cancer coming, holy balls does it look emotionally painful).

Your visions and emotions are going to be taken to court. People will call you out. You will not be able to be the jolly King of Cups who casts aside all emotional turmoil. He has a way with words and a way with pushing away drama. Nope. We’re going to have to face it. You’re going to have to look people in the eyes and tell them what that beating, bloody mess in your chest wants to tell them. Don’t worry, darlings, once you purge all that bullshit from your heart, you will feel unbearably light and calm. It’s the initial cut and spilling of blood that hurts the most. It’s that initial drive of the sword deep into layers you thought didn’t exist that will make you cry out, but ridding yourself of these emotional ball and chains will allow you peace.

What’s our warning in this reading? 7 of Cups tells me that there will be those of you who sit on these things and never do them. I have plenty of unsent letters sitting in my inbox, waiting to see the light of day. Yeah, they are written. In fact, I spilled my guts and the entire contents of my heart writing them, but if they are not sent, they are merely an illusion of settling these issues. They may give me some emotional reprieve, but every time these people continue to hurt me in these ways specified in these unsent letters, the wound is opened once again. Because I really haven’t said anything. People need to hear things, even if it shatters the illusions that they have set before them. We need to inform others of OUR emotional reality, and listen whole heartedly to theirs. There can be no healing if the wound is not cleaned. It is time to do so, because living in subjective, introverted hell will only make the wound fester. This will be a time of high intuition, and like I said, it’s not like we have a choice anyway.


Mars Direct – Inflammatory

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective Dates: June 29th- September 28th, 2016 (next Retrograde June 2018)

“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.” 
― Sigmund Freud

Cards: 6 of Pentacles, 2 of Cups, Knight of Pentacles

Last night I attended a vigil for the souls lost at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The vigil was held at a popular LGBT nightclub in Denver called Tracks, and we were patted down and had dogs sniff us before we entered the premises. It gave me mixed feelings. The guard who patted me down had a familiar face. I had seen her pretty much every time I had frequented this nightclub, dancing away the worries of the week in a place I felt was safe. A place I felt we call came to release our frustrations and and find joy was attacked. I remember talking to Helios the morning we heard about the shooting and he brought up how it could have been me or him lying on that floor as we frequent queer night clubs all the time. I tried to keep these thoughts at bay as I stared at the hundreds of people before me.

The guard said to me, “Okay honey, you are good to go, have fun… no…” and she cringed and shook her head, “I’m sorry, I’m so use to saying that.” I saw tears well up in her eyes.

Viscous violence with undertones of unconscious forces ripping a part an entire community… that was the intent. But what the shooter actually did was bring the LGBT community closer together. We are a tight knit group of individuals who have been through much hardship our entire existences. We fight oppression and hate every single day, and we always understand that coming together is what brings us strength when hot headed violence is on the table.

So 2 of Cups… Why the 2 of cups? I have been staring at this reading for hours without being able to write a thing. Mars is going direct in the sign of Scorpio, both energies speaking of impulsive and severe actions. We have gone weeks with Mars torturing us in retrograde; rattling us with repressed anger and pummeling our drive. Now the inertia kicks in and everything is being driven to the surface. Why the 2 of Cups? The 2 of Cups represents love, compassion, spilling of lifeblood into each others cups and seeing yourself in others.

Couple this Mars direct with Neptune retrograde and you have a dangerous mixture. Things we have been repressing, deluding ourselves about, are surfacing. Denial and frustration do nothing but settle in the deepest, darkest parts of ourselves and corrupt our soul. They emerge in destructive ways that severe a relationship, a community, a country, the world. The answer to dealing with these intense emotions brought on by the planet of war, we must open ourselves up to the ones who are closest to us and disclose our emotional state. It is hard to fight a battle in your own head. It is harder still for those you love to deal with the destructive actions brought on by inability to communicate frustrations.

The 6 of Pentacles shows us that we do not have the entire truth. We must share with others in order to obtain parts of the truth. As I mentioned in our Neptune Retrograde post, it is vital that we share our experiences with our fellow humans. You cannot intellectualize people’s lives. You do not know the pain that they go through, you do not know what their repression or their struggles. If only one community has a monopoly on the public dialogue, then exploitation is the natural outcome.

What about the Knight of Pentacles as our warning? Well, the Knight of Pentacles doesn’t give up. He is the most steadfast of the Knights; loyal, obedient, realistic, and thorough. He trudges on no matter what hardship he faces. We must do this. Don’t let the anger and out-lashing of others at this time give you pause from your work. Don’t worry – the inertia of Mars switching into direct will vanish and Mars will stumble back into more lighthearted (yet still not anymore controlled) Saggo. Keep on keeping on. The warning that comes with this Knight is against obsession, stubbornness, and closing oneself off from the rest of the world.

We cannot retreat back into our shells and let those with dead hearts exploit our heightened emotional state for their causes. Be this because of the current political climate and the groups that will be vying to make a tragedy into a tool for their agenda, or be this people in your own life who will manipulate the heightened emotions of Mars switching direct to push you. Center yourself. Bring to yourself the positive aspects of the Knight of Pentacles and center yourself. When people are reactive, truth comes out. You wont like what you hear from people at this time, but you must stay centered and reach out with love and do so steadfast. Ground yourselves. Find activities that bring you in tune with your body. Don’t let the turmoil knock you off of your path.

I love you all.


Neptune Retrograde in Pisces – Patterns

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective Dates:  June 13 – November 20 2016

“You said you were a fairy princess
You said you were a shooting star
You said we’d go to Bora Bora
Now look at where the fuck we are” 
― Jennifer Egan, A Visit from the Goon Squad

Cards: 2 of Cups, Knight of Swords, 8 of Swords

I always think of the trans Saturnian planets as the higher octave of the original 7 “planets.” Uranus represents change, innovation, and flashes of insight.  He is the mad scientist, rebel activist, douchebag hipster of the planets. To me, he feels like he reflects a higher aspect of Mercurial energy. Then comes Neptune, who is commonly equated to being Venus’ higher vibration. She represents universal love, as opposed to personal love, and the world of illusions. Pluto, of course, seems to pulsate as the higher octave of Mars, dealing in power, desire, legacy, and transformation. The outer planets influence us as a collective, and Neptune’s retrograde effects the grand illusion that is so god damn persistent.

Both Venus and Neptune deal in illusions. Venus is all about presentation; the face, the performance, the intoxicating bits of life. Neptune takes that a step further. She dives deep into the illusions and the illusive, teasing the mind in multi-dimensional ways. She is so beyond Venus’ intoxication that she represents addictions themselves.

But everything is an illusion. Right? We live our lives in socially constructed illusions, read books about illusions, and watch illusions on our television sets. The planet Neptune is the ruler of these woven fabrications. I guess you could say that Neptune rules over things that are maps of other things or things that are distractions. It rules over addiction, because addictions are things that bring illusion over hard to face realities.

Neptune influences music and dance. This reality is a dance. It is the flowing and weaving of particles, ever shifting and morphing into new things before vanishing once again into another form. With the mutable, soul spilling journey that we have been through, Neptune retrograding is giving us a moment of clarity that will reverberate through our existence very sharply. The 2 of cups tell us that we have poured ourselves into constructs heart and soul, and the shattering of those constructs is like losing a deeply seeded love. Truth cuts like a sword. Are you ready to plow through the things that will be revealed to you?

When Neptune goes retrograde, past deceptions creep out into the open. Don’t let what is revealed to you scare you back into old ways.

The Knight of Swords tells us to wield these truths like a weapon and plow through.   The truth, like a sword, cuts you open.  Keep this in mind.  It takes a lot of courage to be able to go through this process.  Your rational mind, as well as your intuitive mind, are going to be heightened during this time. With Neptune in retrograde, we will be able to feel each other’s energies in an almost overwhelming manner. This can be an interesting time for empathic individuals.  AKA it’s gunna be a little bit nuts, but hang in there, fam.  We have more warnings. The 8 of Swords tells us that addictions will be far more prevalent at this time. It is easy to collapse into a new fantasy if the frightening face of a situation is suddenly turned to you. As humans, we construct. We have been placed in a position where we must communicate our experiences to others but words can never show the full meaning of an experience. We are all stuck in this abyss, lost souls, and we only have each other as any real form of figuring out this great illusion.

Here’s the thing. You can intellectualize a thing as much as you’d like, but you will only ever have the map of it. To truly UNDERSTAND or KNOW something, one must EXPERIENCE this something. This will be a time of immersion. Neptune is about illusion because she likes to play. She likes to imagine what it would be like to be in any situation. It seems this retrograde will bring her into actually physically adventuring into these situations and seeing them for herself. Submit to a new experience. Dive into something or some people you have always wanted to understand. The art forms that Neptune rules are very immersive.

We alienate each other because we fear our realities being torn a part by others’ truths. This is the furthest thing from what we should be doing. During this period, we will be forced to confront the realities of others. Instead of outright attacking them, learn. What you learn first hand will arm you for your spiritual journey. You cannot evolve alone. We must all evolve together. Remember, Neptune is concerned about the collective. And Neptune is also concerned about love of the collective. Now let’s walk this retrograde in someone else’s shoes.

“We’re from the land of lost souls where no one knows where they’re going. Everybody floating. Seaweed in the ocean. Let the tide roll out and let it flow in.” – Batz Inda Belfry


Venus in Cancer – Refuge

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective Date: 6/18-7/15/16

“Only the united beat of sex and heart together can create ecstasy.” 
― Anaïs Nin, Delta of Venus

The feeling of Cancer always reminds me of being nestled warmly under the roots of a big, old tree.  The Crab is a sentimental lover with big watery eyes and hands that are always reaching for yours.  There is an eternal coziness to Cancer, and snuggling up with one is like being surrounded by blankets right out of the dryer.  They are also needy as fuck and will suck you dry if you are an individual that craves freedom in relationships.  Sorry, Cancer, gotta tell it like it is.  You can’t keep us hostage forever with your hot chocolate and tears.  I will dig my way out of the room with a fucking spoon, I swear to the gods.

The lesson we do learn from Cancer is that the heart is required for truly ecstatic states. You need to feel comfortable enough to melt and relax into someone in order to be taken to great heights.  With this card combination presented to me, we learn that a true merger of spirit to create something beyond the two individuals involved creates states of drunken ecstasy.  This sounds quite lovely.  The summer time is the perfect time for lusty romances, and without the constant threats coming from winter weather, we can fully focus on melding with individuals around us.  This floaty Cancer energy will be wonderful for tribal love.  You will find a softening happening all around you and stronger, far more open bonds developing between friends.  Cancer tells us there is no need for the harshness.  Summer is here and we have plenty.  Let us share.

The 9 of Cups reminds us that we have the capacity to love and feel fulfillment if we just looked around at what we already have.  We attract what we put out, so a jovial and fulfilled attitude only attracts others who want to propagate this attitude.  The 5 of Swords warns us that we must think of others at this time.  We have all been through weeks of hell with all of these retrogrades, Eris and Uranus finally coming into conjunct, and the grand cross only 4 days away (6/6).  So when Venus finally rolls into Cancer, we will be coming to heal each other with the vast mental resources we have scoured from the depths of our being.  Is your point of view really more important than the ties you have with others?  Before speaking, observe your tribe.  What do you all need to be strong?  It is always easier, far more fun, and far more interesting working with like minded friends and lovers than it ever is going at it alone and pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps.  We will be learning the meaning behind tribe, and the security and nourishment provided by the tribe.  Without this, we cannot grow into full individuals capable of taking on whatever is dealt our way.

In short, it’s time to learn how to play trust games with those we love.  The only way to reach ecstatic states is to be able to trust and let go.  Don’t worry if you are initially having a very difficult time developing these bonds with others, because it is literally one of the hardest things we will ever learn to do.  But it is also one of the most important.