Full Moon in Sagittarius – Caelestis

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective date- June 20, 2016

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. ” -Joseph Campbell

O man O man, I don’t know if it’s the huge bowl of assorted liquors that I just drank, or this full moon is going to be fucking great.  Here I am, sputtering this away as best I can while my vision is fading, but what other way could someone write about Saggo full moon than plastered drunk at 3 in the morning (especially after pulling the 9 of Cups)?  Right as we are about to shed into Sun in Cancer, a surprising second moon in Sagittarius is going to be supplying the fire for our transformation.  This is a very special full moon indeed (as if we weren’t having a fuck ton of weird and special astronomical events happening this past year already).  Halfway through this full moon, Luna will be switching from Sagittarius to Capricorn.  This makes it a duel ruled full moon.  This is a clear metaphor for metamorphosis.  It is brimming with electricity and excitement and lots of “push” energy.  This is a clear indicator that you need to just fucking jump into it and do it.  The self made person doesn’t manifest their existence by observing the universe but by acting and actively seeking their destiny.  What is it that the Christians always say?  God only helps those who help themselves.  Yeah, I would say there is some truth to that.  It’s time to make that critical move.  But hey, be playful about it.  Maybe drink an entire bowl of assorted liquors like I did, or hell, I dunno, run screaming into the hoard singing because we’ve fucking got this good good energy!

Sun (5 of Cups), Moon (9 of Cups/Ace of Pentacles), Venus (4 of Wands):   DRUNKENESS!  AND IT’S NOT JUST ME!  I pulled the 9 of Cups into the Ace of Pentacles for the full moon in Saggo/Capricorn, so it looks like there will be a lot of joy and insight brought by Luna.  With Venus in sensitive Cancer when this lunation takes place, there will be an opportunity for ecstatic states of vision and happiness available to us if we can move past the fact that nothing will ever be absolutely how we imagine it to be.  If we can realize that no situation can be perfect, nor will it ever be perfect, we can actually make due and ENJOY what we have.  I know it’s hard to realize that dreams don’t always manifest the way that we want them to.  We spend countless hours daydreaming about what our perfected actions could sprout into our world, but it takes a special kind of courage to realize when something is not right for your path.  It also takes a special kind of person to look up from the mess around them to see what is still standing.  We can imagine ourselves happy in millions of scenarios in our head, but we must also realize that what we are imagining is limited in scope.  Life is full of disappointments left and right, and finding out that something we fantasized so deeply about is going to crumble in our hands is a hard fucking thing to swallow.  The thing is, if we take the energy of this full moon and just let the fuck go, we will be gifted with eyes to see the REAL opportunities.  The expectations that we build will ruin us.  The things we demand will enslave us.  Saggo is all about the vision.  It never actually comes from him, but from the summation of everything around him.  This is why it is a vision.  One must be able to drop their own ego in order to receive what is truly the best course for them.  Sometimes we don’t realize what we actually wanted – what was actually good for us – until we take that leap of faith.  Sagittarius craves an ecstatic state, and from this ecstatic state of vision, he moves his plan into the hands of Capricorn.  This full moon is all about the realization of destiny, and knowing that we must look up from the spilled milk to see it cross our path.  Sometimes broken things may be a vehicle for our destiny, but how high we climb the ladder our particular culture hands to us at birth has nothing to do with the real myth inside of us.  Saggo coming into Capricorn tells us that our work must be fueled by vision separate from the ego.  If we do not feel a fire from our work, then it is dead work.  Plain and simple.  Only through the fire shall find true fortune.  We must match our rhythm with that of the world around us.  Only then will we find the flow and stop fighting our eternal transformations.  You must LET GO in order to change.  We must allow ourselves, and the ghosts of dreams rattling in ours ears, to die before we may be fully renewed by the fires of this full moon.  Open your eyes to the people around you.  From the Gemini new moon onward, we are getting a push to alchemically meld with those in our tribe.  It is time for us to come out of the inner cavern of the past few months and celebrate and explore with others.  I am getting good signs in regards to love and friendship from this reading.  That is…  as long as we can look up from our egos and recognize that no vision is the the one vision.  We must juxtapose, and in order to do that, we must relate with openness.  So, in short, what this full moon is telling me is to let mutable Saggo melt your old expectations so that your real abilities may start to shape a more stable, realistic, far more adaptive future for you and those in your tribe.  As Mark Twain said, “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”

Mercury (Page of Swords), Saturn (5 of Pentacles), Neptune (5 of Swords):  Well, this is an interesting combination.  The great thing about the 5 of Pentacles in Saturn is that it tells me that we will be forced to experience vision even if everything needs to be torn away from us for this to happen.  Don’t let it get that far.  Do you hear that voice deep inside of you that has been tugging you a certain direction your entire life?  Yeah, follow that bliss.  If you don’t follow that bliss, you will be met with challenge after challenge until you are so broken down, so impoverished that you are forced to look.  From rock bottom, you can’t avoid seeing everything.  Again, don’t let it get there.  Jump and leap now, follow your vision but please heed another warning; do not trample on others to do so.  Again I am getting a message that we must remain extremely open to other’s opinions right now.  No-one is an island, so sail the seas that connect us and bring a greater vision to yourself and others.  Don’t get so trapped in your own ego that Saturn needs to pwn the fuck out of you for you to finally see everyone you have been hurting with your viciousness.  When we are scared of the fragility of our vision, we attack.

Mars (10 of Pentacles), Uranus (King of Cups), Chiron (The Fool):  Well daaaamn, the cards are letting me in on a little secret here.  You know all that bullshit you have been battling inside of you?  Uranus is not going to let is sit on that.  It’s time to let it explode and do something with it.  With The Fool as Chiron, our ability to transform this deep hurt inside of us into something new and helpful will be at it’s prime during this lunation.  Uranus is not going to sit there quietly while we bottle things up some more, noooope.  And Mars is going to help him dig out all of the gunk once and for all (until the next cycle, that is).  This is good.  Unless there is some fucked up shit that you are working on that may disturb your reputation, but in the end, it needs to come out for your own sanity.  Be prepared for exposure, but be aware that this is a great opportunity to use your past hurt to heal others setting out on similar paths  Again, this is a very tribal moon. 

Jupiter (Ace of Swords), Pluto (King of Wands):  Well isn’t this lovely!  Jupiter is like Excalibur right now!  He is leading the way, pointing us to the exact place we need to go.  This is truly a visionary moon.  Get your thinking caps on, because now is the best time to implement what has been resting in your head.  Luck and fortune are here for us, and whatever we ask for will manifest very quickly.  With Pluto being the King of Wands, you can’t do anything but thrive in your vision.  The god of the Underworld is demanding that we use our power to change things, and Jupiter is telling us that we are heading toward that change with a jovial heart and BLISS in mind.  Again, follow your bliss.  This seems to be the clearest message of all.  There is bliss in destruction just as there is bliss in creation, and Pluto teaches us that we must destroy in order to create.  So what are you willing to let burn away once and for all so that you can march forth without shackles toward your vision?  You can’t fly with the world sitting on your shoulders.



New Moon in Gemini – Serving Two Masters

Originally published on AstroGeek and Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective Date– 6/4/16


“I’ve never fooled anyone. I’ve let people fool themselves. They didn’t bother to find out who and what I was. Instead they would invent a character for me. I wouldn’t argue with them. They were obviously loving somebody I wasn’t.” — Marilyn Monroe

Out of all the mutable signs, the strongest source of chaos seems to originate from Gemini.  Like Virgo, there is a sense of striving toward order but being stretched too thin.  At least Virgo is an earth sign, giving her a sense of grounding and purpose to her chaos.  Gemini is ruled by air, and this in itself gives him very little restriction.  Of course, this could drive a person insane and create a sort of split persona.  Perhaps this is why Gemini is represented by the Twins;  you’re always talking to two different people when talking to a Gemini.  One person dwells deep inside and they are extraordinarily insightful.  This twin has a wonderful appreciation for higher intellectual pursuits, a keen eye when it comes to analysis of any kind, a whimsical sense of humor and an ability for the arts that can rival any other sign in the Zodiac.  The other Twin is kind of a piece of shit (or just really ridiculously flashy).  Oh shut up, Gemini, you all know it’s true!  We never know which one of you to expect, and I bet you don’t either.  This new moon is a lot like that.  What the hell is on the horizon?  What can we expect?  And who are we going to end up choosing to be?

 The Sun (ace of wands), Moon (3 of Pentacles), Venus (8 of Pentacles), Jupiter (High Priestess), Saturn (7 of Pentacles), Neptune (7 of Wands) and Pluto (Queen of Swords):

There seems to be a “split” in all the air signs.  Gemini is split by two personas, Libra is split by everything in fucking existence – trying fruitlessly to bring it all together, and Aquarius is split between the heavens and earth.  Unfortunately, this leads to a sort of dissociation in all three signs.  Who are they really?  Do you remember how I told you on the Sagittarius Full Moon that what we imagine, we become?  I pulled the same goddamn card for the moon again; the Ace of Wands.  It makes a lot of sense.  This time, we are tackling it from a far more personal side than when we were being pummeled by moon in Saggo energy.  Saggo asked us who we wanted to be in regards to the collective, and Gemini is asking us who we are going to choose to be in regards to our own daily life.

Marilyn is the perfect example of a Sun (and Mercury) in Gemini person.  Her friends would talk about how she could trigger different personas into existence at whim, and how she could effortlessly weave her way through conversations.  One minute she was Norma Jean; quiet, intellectual, serious, and plain.  People would pass her on the street without a second glance.  She would tell her friends to watch closely as she shifted into Marilyn Monroe.  The next minute she would “transform” into her other half with a little shift in posture and mindset.  People immediately began to notice her as she walked down the street.  This is Gemini’s gift.  You can project on to them as much bullshit as you’d like, and the inner twin will always be just behind the scenes taking notes as the more theatrical twin is picking away at your defenses.  What you imagine, you become.  What others imagine we are, we become.  Instead of putting down the inner person who is clearly not the outer person, use the “image” others create for you as a weapon.  Theater is an important art-form.  Figuring out which myth people believe you are living out can come to your advantage.  Venus and Jupiter are going to be helping us chop wood and carry water, so to speak.  Jupiter is whispering to us that the secret to all of this lies in him, and that Venus is helping him construct this grand plan.  Both planets are sitting in Mercury ruled signs; Virgo and Gemini.  So, the answer lies with connecting to others who share similar views in regards to connection that we do.  How can we merge our ideas with others?  How are we all going to put together our little pieces of the puzzle with those who are working on the same puzzles as us?

While you are working with your allies, you need to prepare for your enemies.  How can you use the “idea of you” that they have to destroy them?

It’s time to focus on how to use our skills, especially our personality, to get what we want.  Jesus Christ, I sounded so Gemini just then…  Although Gemini knows how to nudge people in various directions for their own benefit, there is always this underlying guilt they face.  Perhaps this is why they are constantly running in the middle of situations they have manifested?  This warns us to keep in mind that whatever you do to turn a situation into your favor, do so without nudging people off of their own path.  All in all, this is an extremely creative moon.  Use it to paint a beautiful new mask for this stage we call life.  The myths we create are a map of the underlying reality of things; which we are unable to truly communicate.  Sorry, Gemini, we know how much you like to communicate.  How do you talk about something that we really don’t know how to talk about?  Art.

While you are learning how to use your exterior self as an art form, don’t get too lost in the being that you create.  You are never exactly what others say you are.  Your inner self also has some shit they are dealing with that needs focus as well.  The outer planets are digging under our skin to reveal to us the truth of our inner lives.  Sometimes love has to be tough.  Pluto has always had a bad reputation for being volatile when she should be tender (makes sense that I pulled the Queen of Swords for her).  Remember, there is a need for fire to clear things that are overrun.  There is an ancient wisdom to Pluto that tells us that to uncover what is buried inside of us, we have to dig deep and use big explosives.  It is a violent process.  Anytime false ideas about who we are come toppling down, it can’t help but be a violent process.  Use this chaos around us like a ladder.  Gemini knows that when the pieces scatter, you can use them to create whatever fairy tale you wish to create.  The Mutable Grand Cross that is coming up in less than 2 weeks is going to be a big opportunity.  We are going to be able to re-arrange the pieces of our existence into a new shape.  Mutable signs like Gemini are like play doe.  You can pummel them into any form that you wish, but always keep in mind that it is not permanent.  We will be learning grand lessons of impermanence now, from crumbling social circles to crumbling ideas of persona.  Keep in mind that the truth of any individual can never be gleamed from one perspective of them.  We are like the eye of a storm; still and empty like a void.  Our exterior is always spinning and changing; picking up pieces of others as we move along our path.  We are both.  The person that you create to take on your exterior world has repercussions for the person living inside of you.  Remember this as you choose which myth you want to live out.

Mercury (Page of Swords) and Uranus (9 of Wands):

Eek, we’re up against the ropes and have no idea where to move from here.  9 of Wands indicates our huge sense of exhaustion, yet it also shows us that we have a lot of EXPERIENCE now.  These two cards show us that we are finally coming into a deeper understanding of our mental workings.  The Page of Swords is always poised to move but a little nervous.  She has all the knowledge she needs, just as the 9 of Wands, but where the 9 of Wands is exhausted and beat up, the Page of Swords is nervous and anxious.  You need to figure out a way to ground yourself and summon some strength.  Things are literally going to be able to go anywhere from here.  The Mutable Grand Cross and this Mutable sun and moon are telling change is here whether we like it or not.  Uranus is about to go conjunct with Eris (June 1), which is sending more CHANGE our way.  You can sit there and cry about how tired and nervous you are, or you can keep plugging away.  Venus being the 8 of Pentacles tells me that our route to fortune is going to be in the plugging away, regardless of the insanity coming from Mercury and Uranus.  Make a move.

Mars (the Heirophant) and Chrion (6 of Pentacles):

Ugh, Mars is retrograding into Scorpio, meaning more skeletons popping up for us.  It’s fine.  Every time these issues come around, they give us a deeper understanding of why they manifested in our lives.  Everything is not as it initially seems.  Chiron is the Wounded Healer of the asteroids and he is telling us we have to be willing to give as much healing as we are receiving.  To heal yourself, you have to help heal others.  The thing is, we have to seek the perfect balance right now.  Putting too much energy into others, or putting too much energy into yourself over others, is going to send you under.  Everyone’s self esteem is struggling right now.  Build each other up as Mars in Scorpio brings back more unfinished business for everyone.  We seriously all need to work together.  Throwing others off the cliff is not going to make it easier for you to climb the mountain.  Sure, if it’s one of your piece of shit enemies, knock that sucker to the motherfucking ground.  But if it’s a friend, or someone you hardly really know, lend a fucking hand.  You are going to need people you trust holding the ropes for you, and vice versa.  There is something really strange about the Heirophant representing Mars in retrograde in Scorpio.  I get a sense of ancestors calling out to us.  Sit and meditate on this.  What unlived dreams of your ancestors do you need to address?  How are you an unknowing device for your ancestors to live out those dreams?  This is an important thing to keep in mind when we are manifesting a future for ourselves in the coming weeks.  Keep in mind what your dreams are juxtaposed against the dreams everyone has been feeding you plus the dreams that your ancestors never fulfilled due to giving up on their lives or any other tragedy that may have befallen them.  Gemini teaches us that we are never truly just one person, and we never truly serve just one master.



Uranus Conjunct Eris – War Drums

Originally published on AstroGeek and Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.


“In chaos, there is fertility.” ― Anaïs Nin

Effective Dates: June 1 2016- May 16 2018

(Cards: Uranus 2 of Wands, Ace of Wands, 3 of Wands Eris Tower, King of Wands, Emperor)-

So the very slow moving asteroid Eris (formerly known as Persephone – consort of Pluto) is going conjunct with our familiar giant planet of Chaos, Uranus.  And I pulled a fuck ton of fucking crazy cards.  Happy April Fucking Fools!

Eris is laughing at us already.    She throws a golden apple into the center of our cosmic party.  “For the most beautiful one!  Kallisti!”  Are you the one worthy of picking it up?  Could you?  Should you? Probably not, because Eris is the goddess of motherfucking DISCORD and CHAOS.  Lower your egos down a notch, everyone.  She’s going to sucker punch us all one by one, and we need to stick together here.  Shit is going to get rough for everyone, but seriously – we all need to stick together.  Eris has no mercy.  She will show you what you need to see, and she will show you violently.


Get out something to chew on or find a spot you can pace in, because this one is going to be rough.

In all seriousness, this is a very serious post.  “Why so serious, Artemis?” Because the last time this conjunct happened, the Nazi party sprouted, FDR became president, and the initial rattlings of WWII started to become visible.  I know you can all feel it.  Don’t bullshit me.  Don’t bullshit yourself.  You can see it in the eyes of everyone around you.  We all know something big is on the horizon, and we can all smell the blood in the air.  We don’t know exactly what it is… but our spidey senses are alarming the fuck out.

Birds can feel a storm before it comes and flock together (and they fly the fuck away).  Sensing danger is instinctual.  We don’t even know we are doing it, but our subconscious mind picks up on the clues around us.  We can all sense when we are being lied to and culled.  We are being penned up, and they are about to take us to slaughter.  The thing is, animals know when they are about to get slaughtered.  And they start going MAD.

Our political climate is set for it.  It is almost impeccable.  Whatever way we decided to tip, we have already set up the dominoes.  All Eris is doing is snickering and toppling them over.  She is the initial spark; the CHAOS needed to get motion going.

So what is Uranus doing in this reading?  He is saying, fuck this shit, stuff is going to start changing around here!  Like flashes of lightening, we wont see it coming and it might be a little disturbing at first.  The outer planets like to deal in the macro.  They talk in politics and mass human behavior.  Uranus likes to talk about revolution and innovation.  It looks like some massive inventions might be on the horizon this year.  Bold new plans.  Bold new uptakes.  Bold New World.  Will it be for the better?  I don’t know.  Was the invention of the nuclear bomb for the betterment of humanity?  Was the invention of cars for the betterment of humanity?  No thing in itself is purely good or evil.  Is it good for YOUR worldview?  Whatever the innovations will be, they will be an evolutionary step for humanity.

Around and around we go.  You see, our sun (Sol) is rocketing through space at about 70,000 km an hour.  This means that the planets are trailing after it in a spiral fashion, creating a literal helix.  Sometimes the planets coast out ahead of the sun, sometimes they trail behind.  The sun isn’t just sitting there as planets rotate around it in a static fashion.  Oh no.  We are fucking throttling through space right now at high speeds.  The world is in constant movement, spiraling outward, each rotation the same yet different.  We have reached another solar rotation of Uranus since 1932, my friends, and now he and Eris will be effecting similar yet different revolutionary change.  Notice the patterns.  As above, so below.

It is time to seize opportunity.  Shit is fucked up.  It seriously is.  All around the world, shit is fucked up.  We see it clear as day, so why do we look away?  This energy is going to make a lot of us snap back to reality.  Things are happening HERE, where you LIVE.  Do you see the massive election going on?  It is one of the craziest we have had in decades.  Everything hangs by a thread.  America is a failing Empire, and the route we choose to take is extremely important right now.  Rise to the occasion.  This is our last chance.  We have the Ace of Wands next, indicating that a surge of power and heat will descend upon us.  People are going to get riled up.  It is inevitable.  How they decide to harness this surge of energy will be up to them.  Will we use it to destroy our enemies, or will we use it to destroy each other?  We end with the two of wands for Uranus, warning us against arrogance.  This combination props up revolutionaries who are working through truly Aquarian values; humanitarianism and group evolution.  We are BOLD right now – especially in the sign of Aries.  We want our voices to be fucking heard already!  Can you hear it?  All over the world, the people are roaring.

Chaos is, at first, seen as a shiney novelty.  We have our new thing, like the smart phone, and it is glorious.  This is like the butterfly effect.  The novelty gains popularity.  More and more people want it.  More and more Chaos ensues.  We source slave labor to make their parts.  We suck whole generations into a small screen so that we can program them easier.  Don’t you see?  Chaos, at first, is a tempting seductress.  She eases our worry and shows us something innovative and great.  What we don’t realize is that if we don’t steer her OUR direction, that she will show us the folly of our ways.  She will show us just how we can abuse our power.  This is Eris’ lesson.

The cards I pulled for Eris are kinda ominous.  Why wouldn’t they be?  It’s fucking Eris, the goddess of Discord.  The information we are being fed is trying to stack things against us.  It is making us feel weak and stupid.  Be warned, Eris is going to take all of this down.  The wool is going to be pulled from our eyes, but it’s not going to be very pleasant.  But hey, at least we will finally be getting some fucking truth, right?  The Tower card is indicating that there is mass corruption that is about to go down.  What is the most obvious metaphor for The Tower card?  Probably 9/11.  No one knew those towers were going to come down (well, I could argue conspiracy, but I’ve already rambled long enough).  It was seemingly out of nowhere, and it completely changed the culture of the United States.  Seemingly out of nowhere, something may occur that will rattle our very foundations as a country.  What could the unexpected be?

I guess I really can’t tell you, can I?

The next two cards I pulled for Eris are the King of Wands and The Emperor.  The King of Wands is the King who cannot sit on his throne.  He is an action oriented king, and he is an innovator.  In my Hexen 2.0 Tarot deck, he is represented by Nicola Tesla.  The King of Wands is obsessed.  A new zeal will move about the political atmosphere; a fever of some kind.  This could be good, and this could be bad.  Really, people, it’s all about your intent.  Bend the energy to your will.  The final card is The Emperor.  He is Mars, and he is industry and war.  This card in this position warns us that every little thing that we do now has larger repercussions in the future.  We are walking on a tight rope and we need to sway in just the right ways.  Do you really know what being in charge of your own destiny feels like?  The reigns are about to switch, and if we, as the people, cannot take them, then someone else will.  Who will rule?  Will the chaos that ensues put someone diabolical in that oval office, or will we be so fired up by this energy that we will storm the capital and take back what is ours?



Mercury in Gemini – Long Shot

Originally published on AstroGeek and Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Are you proud of yourself tonight that you have insulted a total stranger whose circumstances you know nothing about?” – Harper Lee, To Kill A Mockingbird

I’ve been preaching a lot of compassion lately. I believe that it is probably the most important thing in the world right now. Only when we open our channels up to merging with others will we be able to make the vital connections that are necessary for conscious evolution of our kind. Today (6/1) another immense event is taking place. Uranus is going conjunct Eris. The majority of the planets are in mutable signs at the moment, and a mutable grand cross is only days away. There is no better time than now to choose how you want to climb the shifting ladder of ideas. Spin your webs and get ready for what’s ahead.

Mercury in Gemini has a very busy energy about it. What is the essence of this archetypal combination? I believe Gemini is constantly trying to make pairings and connections (hello twins), so I would say that intellectual conversation will be on a dramatic rise. This is good. We are being set up to help each other shift right now. With Mars retrograding in Scorpio, you will have to fight back feelings of judgement and rashness with words. Is it better to instantly judge a thing before exploring a thing? Gemini would say that would be a spit in the face of the scientific process.

We have a warning here. It is extremely easy to make snap judgments and move on with our shallow interpretation of reality. It is comfortable that way. It’s hard to have to actually chew on things and process and merge with people. Listen, you only have so many years to live in your short little mortal life (I mean, what we know of at least). Sure, you can shut out everyone who dissents and tunnel your way toward a dead end, because that’s exactly what it is when you don’t take in all data (Gemini the scientist is being very serious about this). Or you can explore people’s minds and find the undeniable connections we all share.

This reading is giving me one more warning. Mercury in Gemini energy is extremely hyper active. 7 of Wands is telling us to solidify our determination because it will be harder than ever to stay the course. When so many things are coming at us right now, it is hard to keep our course on projects we have committed to. Keep an eye on your agenda while making sure to leave enough flexibility to get the most out of this energy. Balance has been the key in the past, and never will it not be the key.