New Moon Leo – Inner Flame

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective Date– August 2nd, 2016

“But you’re gonna need a bullet proof soul
Think you got it, but you got all the trouble you need
I came in like a lamb
But I intend to leave like a lion” – Sade, Bullet Proof Soul

Yep.  I’m at my wit’s end as well.  I’m dangling by a thread, and my grip is slipping.  Where do we go from here, after this early summer has wrecked us and spat us back out?  We follow glorious Leo, always ready to lead us out of the darkness and into some solar power.  This Leo New Moon is the spark in the dark, the torch to carry on your way through the desolate tunnels.  This summer has gotten fucking bleak and brutal, hasn’t it?  As we write this article, the Full Moon Capricorn is on the horizon ready to put us face to face with our darkness and most rooted fears.  It feels like every time we stand up, we get punched in the fucking face once again.  What can thaw an endless winter?  Ah, the inner flame.  There is nothing like the inner flame.  The only way to grow this inner flame is to love and honor thyself.  You have personal power, so fuck the people who have convinced you that you are helpless and enslaved to their agendas, their love, their support.  A lot of you may be finding yourselves more alone than you ever have been at this point.  This is the charred remains of the double Saggo full moons and the emotionally traumatic New Moon Cancer on the 4th of July.  I can’t express to you guys enough: THIS IS TOWER YEAR.  And you have tribe, I assure you that you do, but this New Moon is going to teach us that… really… we don’t need anyone at all.    I have a mantra to get you through this season and it goes Sah Sekhem Sahu.” (click please)  It means “the breath,” “the source,” and “the spirit.”  It is a mantra used to gain strength, ignite your Solar Plexus, and call on the raw power of the lion headed Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet.  There was an endless thirst and rage in Sekhmet, and there must be one inside of you as well now.  The source never runs out of energy and power.  Dig deep and find it.  Now let’s light um’ up and rage on

Sun(Hangman), Moon(Emperor), Saturn (Ace of Wands), Pluto(8 of Swords), Neptune(7 of Cups)-  The only thing keeping me going at this point is a hard headed, relentless natal Mars in Taurus and enough Aquarius in a chart to run off of pure insanity.  I mean, I’m either insane or a glutton for punishment, but I have chosen the hard route, the fast and furious route of the “dark” gods.  I have chosen the route of shattered hearts and slaps to the face.  Do you know why?  Because our time is running out.  We are being pushed to jump.  There is no mistaking it.  Bombs are going off all around the world, and the fire inside is telling us that we must step into our power now or get curb stomped by the hungry forces at our heals.  Get your head right, because the illusions around us are thick as thieves.  Fuck, not only is Neptune the Queen of Illusion but the 7 of Cups is the card of illusion.  The Maya (Grand Illusion) is going to throw us temptations left and right.  What happened to Jesus, the Buddha, and countless other prophets when they began their Work?  Temptation.  They were seemingly handed all of the things they could ever want, and what did they do differently from your average person?  They turned those empty things away and focused on the real Work.  You must stand strong and have resolve.  You know what is not serving you and damaging either yourself or your entire tribe.  Our addictions, be it to things, substances, or people, are beginning to swallow us whole.  Seriously, get the fuck out of your self created delusions before the void hypnotizes you into a miserable “life” and empties your core.  All it takes is a cold, hard choice.  Make it.  You continue to talk yourself in circles with excuse after excuse as to why you haven’t gotten out of your cycle(s).  Stand up, shout, fight, because the illusions set before us aren’t going to let us get out alive.  This is a very decisive moon.  You can lie down and be defeated- really, it’s okay, most people in this life choose this route.  Or you can rise to your power (which, by the way, is not an easy journey or a gentle one).  We have a fucking blind spot when it comes to power games right now.  What’s the best way to combat this bullshit?  Smash things at first red flag.  There is a hesitation.  We may be unsure, blinding ourselves to our own ability to change.  The thing is, when a butterfly builds it’s cocoon, it probably has no fucking clue why it’s doing it.  Allow yourself to take that leap of faith and become that brand new person that your inner flame needs to survive.  If you are in a situation where you have allowed someone or something to overpower you, it is time to take responsibility.  Once we realize we had the power to get ourselves into a situation, we can realize we have the power to get ourselves out of the situation.  Take responsibility for your own power plays and your ability to fool even yourself.  We all enact our past traumas, but it takes a real courageous heart to admit when we have allowed our weaknesses to hurt us and those around us.  Now, remember, you are royalty.  You are a slave to nothing – not even yourself.

Mercury(King of Cups), Mars(3 of Pentacles)-  Okay, Mars is sick and tired of crawling backwards and being stuck in the muck of Scorpio.  He will be back in Saggo at this point and making moves.  His close proximity to Saturn is putting your drive in the hands of your goals.  This sounds like a really fucking good thing.  Channel all that sexual confusion being caused by the Mars/Venus square into your work.  Lay it on thick and see how your momentum will pick up.  Higher pursuits and higher goals are being addressed here, and it’s time to lay the architectural plans for your future- even if it now looks way fucking different than it did back in January.  We are not in lazy, confused Mars time.  We are in active, ready Mars time.  So let him loose, and stop draining your energy doing anything other than what you are suppose to be doing.  We are getting restless from the lies. What’s better?  To be coddled and told everything is okay when the whole world is on the verge of boiling, or to eat the harsh, cold truth?  It’s up to you, honestly.  The thing is, if you choose the first option, you will eventually find yourself living in a glass house of your illusions and someone is going to throw a stone one day and you’re going to be absolutely shattered.  If you take the later choice, it will hurt like knives to the chest but it will be illuminating and stimulating.  Saturn is forcing us to step up and to acknowledge our real inner “grand plan.”  What is your true goal?  Are you deviating from it?  If you are, it’s going to be like quick sand and you talking yourself into the illusion of anything other than your true goal is going to be easy as pie with Mercury and Neptune helping each other out in fucking you.  You’re going to feel a great urge to let things smooth over and to be sweet and kind and accommodating.  Don’t do it.  It’s a trap.  It’s the way you’re going to get sucked back in.  Speak your truth and speak it loudly, because the magnetic pull toward your destiny will be pulling harder than ever.  Fuck, picture that, we are literally being torn in two.  Cliche, I know, but red pill or blue pill?

Venus(The Devil), Uranus(Queen of Swords), Jupiter (5 of Swords), Chiron (7 of Wands)-  There is a Venus Square Mars going on, and this means that sexual desire and love are going to be confused as fuck.  For those of you with a natal Venus/Mars square, the illusion could get thicker than ever.  There is a lot of fire being sparked in our love lives, but we must be very careful and aware if the people we are opening our hearts to are there to enslave with desire or free our hearts and souls.  The devil is all about addiction and power plays.  This card is ruled by “Capricorn” who in turn is ruled by big bad daddy Saturn.  Someone said something to me the other day that has been swimming around non stop in my head and reminded me of this combination, There comes a point when the victim becomes a volunteer.”  Well, it’s your choice.  Do you allow yourself to sit comfortably in your victim label, or are you going to eat the souls of those that try and glamour you into servitude?  Love sets you free, it doesn’t bind you.  Keep that in mind.  If you are feeling enslaved, feel free to walk away.  Uranus in retrograde will be fresh off the runway at this point, and hard, cold truths are in store.  Expect a lot of the heartbreak and severing from the New Moon Cancer to continue full force into this New Moon Leo.  Uranus and Venus are having a conversation in the sky and also in this reading.  The Queen of Swords is ready to slay the Devil.  Let Uranus lend you strength.  It is time for things to change, and it is time to cut out the lovers, earthly delights, and monetary illusions.  The Queen of Swords in Uranus is telling us that, regardless of if we want it or not, the chaos from Uranus is going to rattle our fucking world and bring The Tower.  You will see your illusions.  The only question is, once Uranus gives you that flash of harsh insight, what the fuck are you going to do about it?

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