Venus in Virgo – Discretion

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective Date- August 5-31, 2016

“I got my feet on the ground
And I don’t go to sleep to dream
You got your head in the clouds
And you’re not at all what you seem” – Fiona Apple 

Cards:  6 of Cups, Death, Strength

Ugh, I can already see Venus in Virgo with some sexy glasses, thwaping her ruler into her palm and shaking her head.   It’s a confusing sort of terror.  We are going to get punished for our careless, love drunk mistakes, but her corrections are necessary.  They are NEEDED as Jupiter moves into Libra and puts a dramatic focus on our relationships.  Remember, tower year, and that includes the destruction of the shoddy towers we create in our romantic life.  You naive motherfuckers, you built on shaky ground.  It’s fine.  We are all naive to some degree.  It’s hard not to be when it comes to issues of the heart.  We have been spoon-fed the dominant culture’s version of ideal love our whole lives, so reality slaps are going to be a bit harsh for those of us who still believe these downright fairy-tales (no offense to the Fae).  Un/fortunately, corrections are on the horizon.  Virgo is going to beat the shit out of us a little bit more as Jupiter makes his transition from Virgo into Libra.  What to do when you know something is wrong?  Well, the cards tell me you must kill it.

Aaah, you have your complaints, you have your critical eye placed directly on your relationships (the Death card is ruled by the Zodiac detective Scorpio).  Love isn’t always roses and bunnies, it is also war (why do you think so many love goddesses were also war goddesess).  Illusions are a big theme in this ingress – and breaking those illusions will be key.  Hopefully the lessons of Venus in Leo don’t leave us with too much of an inflated ego.  Developing a healthy ego that has the ability to navigate through reality is very important, but letting that ego get into the mode of playing power games is downright horrible.

This is all about finding our higher love octave as Neptune will be opposing Venus.  Neptune will still be in retrograde during this time, so the illusions our love life is built on will be stripped like crazy.  There will be a death of fantasy and a devastating blow to our universe.  If you are having an affair, you better figure out a way to gain some integrity back into your life – like talking to your partner about having an open relationship or fucking leaving them if you aren’t happy.  Remember, Virgo is all about integrity.  If you are lacking it, she will punish you.  Use your discretion here.  How will you approach the topic?  How will you break it down?  How will you be of true service to yourself and your partner?  Virgo is all about betterment and making sure the structures are sound so that the next earth sign, Capricorn, may build on a good foundation.  Remember, all towers eventually fall, so it’s best to be alone than in a relationship where you are building false structures with someone.  The fall from the top is going to hurt a lot fucking more than ending it any time prior.  Integrity will, in the end, save everyone.

There is a tremendous strength to be found in having the courage to end things when they need to end.  Honesty is true justice, and all hearts eventually heal.  We must see the reality of our lovers – their flaws up close and personal – and we must decide if their person is our partner in crime or holding us back from the most honest life possible.  This transit will finally give you the ability to see clearly what has been literally staring you in the face the entire time.  This transit doesn’t equal the end of every and all relationships.  The death of illusion can, and will, bring some of us even closer together.  Sometimes we hold ideas about our relationships that aren’t true at all (he thinks I’m annoying or she thinks that I’m too critical), when, in fact, the opposite is true.  It’s quite crazy how potent illusion can be and how we can completely trick ourselves into believing two different things at the same time.  We can be told by everyone around us that something seems off about a situation, it doesn’t matter, we will still believe the thing we desire to perceive instead of the reality of the situation.  This doesn’t mean love is somehow false – only that we build on false love all the time.  We are, in the end, truly our worst enemy. 


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