Uranus Retrograde in Aries – Acid Trip

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.


Effective Date: July 29th- December 29th (Shadow period til April 15th 2017)

“But I don’t want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin.” – Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

Cards:  Death, 5 of Wands, 8 of Wands

Helios calls me the “Uranus Expert” around here (probably because I am a quadruple Aquarian nutjob).  I am, very much so, a Uranian girl.  Chaos stalks beside me like my shadow, and it has taught me lessons only dark gods could.  Uranus teaches harsh, quick, scarring lessons that make you feel a fool for ever thinking your perceptions were true.  Happiness?  Smash.  Peace?  Smash.  Victory?  Smash.  Death.  The trick is to roll with the punches and get comfortable with death, for things need to die and new things need to be born for evolution to occur (another facet of Uranus).  Trust me, it is a good thing to learn lessons harshly – as much as it might feel like someone emptied a shotgun into your chest.  In order to get the shackles of the Grand Illusion off of us, we need to swing hard and harsh.

Do you want to know a great depiction of Uranus?  The Joker; pure madness blazing through, blowing up banks, institutions, and hitting onlookers with stray bullets because chaos doesn’t care who you are.  Chaos comes and finds you wherever you may be.  You could be sitting anywhere, safe and sound, and chaos will find a way of creeping in.  It will jar you, it will shock you, and it will rearrange you.  The key is to take the dramatic lesson you have learned and willingly change from it.  If you fight it, if you try and make sense of it, it will eat you alive.  It is senseless.  It is primordial.  It is wild.  You cannot tame it with your rationality.  And in Aries, which we all know is the driving force of impulse, Uranus is directly channeling the initial khaos needed to birth a new world.  When we explained Neptune Retrograde to you lovely individuals, I spoke of how the first Octave of the planets ends with Saturn, and the new Octave begins with Uranus.  The world is changing and re-birthing, my friends, and the change is going to be revolutionary.

Do you want to know another great depiction of Uranus?  Tesla.  I write this piece on Nikola Tesla’s birthday, amazed by the elastic mind of such a great man.  The Visionary was a perfect example of the inventive nature of Uranus; Uranus and Pluto were situated in his first house.  5 of Wands.  When one is playful, when one is flowing with the change like a dancer – be it a dance of pain or bliss – Uranus is pleased.  He will channel you with insights like flashes of lightning.  If you fight him, he will bring you madness.

We Aquarians always get depicted as a chilly scientist coldly observing human nature.  They call us perverse because of our curiosity, and they call us voyeurs because of it as well (hey, we’re just taking notes).  We, by nature, know that the world is full of unusual and eccentric things that, once we come into contact with, will blast us off into new worlds of perception.  Well, Uranus is very concerned with every perception of reality.  You must play with your perceptions in order to grow and learn.  Change of perception also teaches you what structures of reality were True and which were false towers ready to crumble.  If you aren’t changing, you are dying, and there are only two constants in this world; death and change.  Cancer will kill you because that particular clumping of cells refuses to change and die.

Aquarius rules the tributaries, the circulatory and nervous systems of the body – it spreads and seeps through the paths of least resistance to get as much information and energy out there as possible; like lightening.  Uranus and Aquarius rule technology, which gives us even less resistance (which meets new resistances, which forces us to change once again).  Whenever Uranus goes into retrograde (and then swings back out), massive technological advances occur.  Think augmented reality.  Think transhumanism and attempts at further modifications of reality.  We have to keep a keen eye out right now, because Uranus usually does things without thinking too much about them.  I mean, that is necessary – sometimes we shouldn’t think at all and just act from our instincts.  But we must always retain the checks.  Thankfully Saturn will be going direct soon, so the changes that will take place will be for a very strong purpose.  They may not LOOK that way at first, but the pieces will fall together and you will see clearly the grand plan.

This brings us to the 8 of Wands and our warning.  It’s going to get a lot overwhelming, guys.  You think we have had insanity?  We haven’t had insanity just yet.  Uranus conj Eris was a trigger point, all of the blood moons leading up to it were trigger points, the grand cross was another trigger point, and now Uranus retrograding will put the damn cherry on top.  Expect more political upheavals.  Uranus definitely rules that (being the planet of Revolution, after all).  And Eris hanging out with him right now is going to make things that much more rebellious.  We can’t fucking take it anymore!  We are crawling in our skin and the sickness of society has gotten to the point where we can’t ignore it anymore.  The visions will come quickly, messages will come quickly, insight will pummel you and overwhelm you.  Go.  With.  The.  Punches.  It is only going to get more violent from here on out.  It’s best to remove that malignancy below the surface with a knife than to let it grow and kill you.

The last time that Eris/Uranus were conj was in 1932 (also the date of the formation of the Nazi party).  It is now 2016.  For those of you into numerology, what do you get when you divide 32 by 2?  16.  And what is 16 in the Tarot (and the name of this god forsaken year)?  The Tower.  Let the towers crumble, my friends.  Let them fall and see what is standing when they do, because after this year, nothing is ever going to be the same again.

“It’s an open ceremony and we all start the same
Cells grow to cellphone, some form stars
Some get put in cells, sex fucking sells
Know you know the drill so hear me sound the bell
You use new keys to type old deeds
Set up by old needs, what world peace?
What was in ya read? Yeah what was in ya feed?
Who do you get to with your internet lead?
Things do change and change can have range
System shouldn’t operate by sticking me in a cage

Ain’t Dalai Lama
Ain’t Sai Baba
My words are my armor and you’re about to meet your karma”  – M.I.A., Karmageddon 




Mercury in Leo – Rejection

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective dates -7/13-30/16

“It’s easy to cry when you realize that everyone you love will reject you or die.” – Chuck Palahniuk

Cards:  The Lovers, The Hermit, Judgement

My, oh my, this paints a pretty picture.  I have these three cards lined up in front of me right now, and I’m enjoying the movement from of the figures.  On the far left we have The Lovers.  They are so engrossed in each other that they fail to notice the cards proceeding them.  The Hermit looks down at them from her lofty perch, all alone huddled around her lantern.  She is staring at the lovers before her, so now we have 3 figures failing to notice the final card because they are entranced by their personal situation.  The final card, judgement, stands at the very end, represented by a cliff side  strewn with dead bodies.  There are two living figures on this card.  One of them has his head buried into the others leg, afraid to look at the towering angel before them.  The other figure looks directly at the angel – the only figure in the entire reading to be doing so.

That’s what it’s all about, folks. 

We are all engrossed in each other’s bs or too afraid to look at the heart of matters.  We’re obsessed with our own affairs and how others view us to the point of isolating ourselves.  We let our pride blind us instead of shield us.  Rejection is in the air, and if you allow it to squander your growth then you’re not going to see the bigger picture.  These “bad things” have been put in our path to strengthen us, not weaken us.  In the beginning, we all crave acceptance – a core group of friends that will accept all of our flaws or a lover that will transcend the bullshit and get down to the soul level with you.  Some of this things will come, and some of them will be dangled in front of you like a carrot and then snatched away.  You evolve past this when you realize you don’t need the approval of anyone in order to delve into your real WORK.  You don’t need anyone’s approval to start developing your ideas and projecting your message.  If you let the judgement of others overshadow the final judgement of self, you’ll have a very remorseful passing.  Remember, in the end, no matter how hard we will it, the final transformation of death will take us.  Will we be able to go with true pride at that point, knowing we lived life through the heart, not the ego (the dichotomy heart/ego inside Leo is his soul battle)?  Know that this too is transient, and one day you will realize why rejection and ego lashing was put into your life.  Hold your chin up high, darlings.  Remember, you are royalty.  Don’t let mundane bullshit distract you from your spiritual quest.  In the end, we all know it is not worth it.  It doesn’t even come close to worth it.  And remember!  People roar the loudest when they are afraid.


Full Moon in Capricorn – Beautiful Disaster

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Date of Full Moon- July 19th, 2016

 “The State is the altar of political freedom and, like the religious altar, it is maintained for the purpose of human sacrifice.” – Emma Goldman.

Blessings.  You’re all going to need them.  Blessings upon blessings upon blessings.  As I write this, the voidful, quiet hush of this New Moon Cancer swelling in the collective unconscious is only reminding me how much rage is squirming beneath our skin.  Raise your glasses, it’s the Thunder Moon in the devil Capricorn, and the second full moon under the Sun in Cancer.  If you aren’t familiar with the dialogue between Cancer and Capricorn, it is the tribal/familial vs Large Structures (aka, government, corporations, bureaucracies, etc).   As the moon compels the ocean into waves, this Capricorn full moon is going to stir the people tribe (Cancer) into seeing the cultural disease all around us.  The government may try and throw policy at all the restlessness going on in our nation, but they are merely placing band-aids on the skin.  The rot is deep, and the Thundermoon demands action.  Ironically, the full moon is also midway into the Republican National Convention.  As above so below, you can also see these themes in your personal life.  Power struggles will become evident, not only in  your relationships with friends, family, and lovers, but also between the different parts of your mind.  Who is going to win out?  There is only one pathway out of this, and it comes smack dab in the middle of these colliding forces; the middle way.  Integration is the only way out.  See all the cogs spinning now?  When we learn to join forces with our Dark Side, like we should have begun figuring out in the alchmical New Moon in Cancer, we can ascend.

The Sun (10 of Swords), The Moon (Emperor), Mars (King of Wands), Chiron (The Star), Uranus (Justice)-   It’s not going to be fucking easy.  You’re hurt, so fucking let it out.  How do you do that?  Listen everyone.  We have this wonderful device called the internet and it lets us all connect and share our hurt.  You need to start rallying the troops and letting the ridiculous  ones go.  You only have so much energy, and you have been wasting it fighting battles that don’t even matter, when you could be building a connected tribe that can rattle change together.  It’s going to suck for those of you with big hearts, but the world isn’t a nice and cuddly place.  Reality check:  Contrary to what the White Lighters tell you, Mother Nature is violent.  They always forget to talk about Mama’s dark side.  She will eat entire islands with volcanic rain, swallow coasts in her rage, and she wont be there handing you a chalice full of water in the middle of the desert if you are not prepared for your journey.  She doesn’t give a fuck about us, but she will provide if we learn to work with her.  We must learn to give and take symbioticly, or there will be restless rage to deal with.  There is your lesson.  And just like mother nature, there comes a point when anything will turn on you if abused enough.  There are adjustments coming, and just like any change (my Aquarian siblings know this well) it is always initially unsettling.  It might be harsh for you.  If you have had problems with control or have been suppressing a part of yourself, it will emerge during this time.  It would be best for you to start dealing with these things during the Cancer New Moon before they become full blown dragon fights during the full moon.  What is the essence I get from this full moon?  It feels like an uprising.  The things suppressed inside of you, the people you may suppress in your life, or the various tribes suppressed by a larger government, are going to begin their escape. The tribes are rising, and your dance with your dark side is beginning again (something akin to what happened in the collective about a year and a half ago).

Mercury (Knight of Swords), Venus (10 of Pentacles), Saturn (The Tower) and Neptune (The Moon)-  The end of our Cancer summer molt will be coming to a close.  My friend was telling me a story about a pet tarantula that died mid molt.  Just because you are changing and deciding to change, it doesn’t mean that you can’t burn up in the process.  We change because we must.  At this point in our spiritual evolution, that is one of the laws we seem to have encountered.  Speeding up of the cycles seems to be another constant.  Mercury is definitely going to be speeding up.  The transition between Mercury in Cancer and Mercury in Leo is a startling one.  The emotions that you let out, the urgent things that need to be said that get said in Mercury Cancer, are going to come out as ROARS in Mercury Leo under this full moon Capricorn.  If you go into the issues and ideas of the heart with bravery, you will be rewarded with newly honed communication skills.  You will be able to use your insight to twirl and whirl your way through situations, and you will finally start to get into the rhythms of the social dance.  But be warned, it is fast paced, and if you don’t lock onto your intuition and emotional flow during Cancer new Moon season, you will crash and burn.  Your pride and sense of self will really be expanded during this time.  You are going to need it in order to deal with all the loose ends coming undone during this time.  The structures around us are crashing – both outside of us and inside of us.  You are going to need to make peace with your dark side; with holy death and the ugly parts of reality.  You’re going to have to make the hard decisions, the ugly decisions, and you are going to learn that not everyone makes it out.  Do you want the Truth, or do you want the endless illusions you are being fed by parasites that never really gave a fuck about you?  Wake up, my friends, we have been spoonfed lies and we have started to like it.  What in the holy fuck is wrong with us?  Go deep.  Go to the darkest parts of you and shake hands.  I know, that scoundrel in there is a fucking asshole, but fighting amongst yourselves is eternally going to keep you stagnant.  Learn how to fight together.

Jupiter (Strength) and Pluto (Ace of Swords)-  Welp, now you know that both the dark and the light must join forces to create the ultimate warrior.  We are in the battle now, and there is a very good chance of death in the midst of transformation.  Pluto is going to be digging at our souls, forcing us to either change or die.  He is sick of our bullshit, and he thinks it’s pretty pathetic how we think we can be happy living in the plastic fantasy land of cultural illusion.  Yep, you’re being forced to reckon with your destiny.  Remember, we are still in Pluto retrograde.  This means that there is nothing you can fucking do; belief is not necessary (thanks Philly Abe for that gem), you are being forced to violently change and deal with the karma of your past right now.  Yep, it’s not nice, but remember, the universe is not fucking nice.  We are all here to help transform the collective.  Wake up!  What is your role in the revolution?  Are you doing your part or are you getting in the way?  Jupiter wants some attention now.  The Strength card is a very cool card.  In the Thoth tarot, it is titled “Lust” and has the image of the goddess Babylon.  The strength we will need will come from giving of our energy to the collective.  We must bring the storm, together.  There is luck if we act.  There is harsh judgement if we choose not to change.  It’s time to dance with the devil inside of us, friends, so that we may be fit to battle the devils outside of us.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; you will have your tribe fighting by your side.  No matter how far away from each other we may be, this is the future…  there are many ways to connect.