Lunar Eclipse in Pisces – Maelstrom

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Our future selves call us from infinite pasts, and each night are eroded with our dreams.” – Rune Secrets, Laguz

Effective Date- September 16th, 2016

SURPRISE MUTHAFUCKA We are stepping foot into a brewing storm, and like any brewing storm, we can’t see a fucking god damn fucking thing.  *really pissed off Oracle.*  I feel like someone put sludge on my third eye when I peer into the energy of this full moon.  I just can’t quite… grasp it.  But perhaps that is the point?  Hmm…  Paradigm shift.  We are essentially in Astrological Normandy.  I get anxiety just looking at the chart for this thing. There’s a price to pay for this full moon.  We aren’t going to get a pleasant swim in a stream with these waters.  Nuh uh.  This is going to be a bitch of a storm – thrashing winds, flying cows, cowering home owners and storm chasers.  With the way things have been going this year, we’re going to have to storm chase this one instead of sitting it out or we may just end up in Oz.  I mean, with this theatrical bullshit election going on, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone pulled a curtain to reveal the disappointment sitting behind it.  Whatever illumination happens for a large number of us, the others will drown in the opposite energy: illusion – the opiate of the masses.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

As I settled in to write this post – clicking out of all 300 of my tabs, I noticed a friend’s status.  “The ghost of what has yet to come.”  Here it is.  Like a dream, the Pisces full moon ready to smash us into a brand new paradigm of existence.    Some sort of something is being born here, and it looks like a creative powerhouse is about to sweep into our corner of the cosmos.  *takes a big drink because, well, it’s fucking Pisces.*  Put on your flippers, fuckers, for we’re flying into fairy world.  Peer inside the wyrd new world wea’ve entered.  The world is falling a part this year, and this is where we start the renaissance of our time.  It is YOU and YOU and YOU who begin this renaissance.  It is the spiritual powerhouses, the visionaries, the schemers and dreamers and healers who will begin this paradigm shift.

Heheh I get a little wacky on Pisces energy…  Jesus, it really is like a drug.

Sun (9 of Swords), Moon (6 of Swords), Venus (Hangman), Mars (5 of Wands), Uranus (The Hermit), Chiron (The Empress)-  Saintly self denial. This is a mind crippling one. Although this is a water ruled moon, the cards are coming up swords. Denial is what kills us. Denial drowns us, holding us down with zero remorse because it is a wholly selfish emotion. This is the dichotomy inside of Pisces. An evolved Pisces will understand that her place is to guide the collective into new worlds they couldn’t even imagine exists due to their indoctrinated rigidity (yay mutables). An unevolved Pisces will convince themselves they are a messiah and deny all of their shortcomings – blaming them on the external world that they supposedly don’t even really believe in… The hypocrisy is real, guys. The hypocrisy is so real.  No wonder Pisces is two goddamn fish swimming in two opposite directions.  After Anxiety Moon (Aka the Virgo New Moon), we are plunged into more fucking anxiety, and we must now choose. Do we let things die that we once held sacred so that we can move onto a brand new way of thinking (6 of Swords), or do we decide to choose this illusion regardless of the evidence pointing us toward moving the fuck on. You can’t go back, by the way. Once you jump, you can’t go back. But once you jump, you wont want to go back, because nothing will ever taste the same again after you have experienced a brand new, exciting world full of so much more potential than this falling tower of a world we are trying to desperately hold up now.

Ok, so there is a tremendous opportunity to heal during this full moon. But in order to heal, you need to remove yourself from everyone else’s bullshit and your emotional attachments to their bullshit. You should have learned this lesson during Leo season, so don’t give it up now. Keep those Leo lessons burning in your heart as cold descends upon us.  You are about to be baptized again (the lessons of Pisces sun are coming back full circle when this lunation kicks in).  The initiation never ends, as the occultists say.  All of the lessons of the spring and summer are about to wash over you, and you must let them.  This is dangerous as fuck territory, guys, because you will either shed all of your weight and rise above the waves like a brand spankin new warrior god – agenda in hand ready to descend into the underworld of autumn, or… well… as Pisces does best… you will be pushed right back into the wheel again.  You will absorb your self denial like a sponge and go back to the patterns before Pisces Sun hit us.  Do you see the pattern now?  Your energy is going to have some zaps, unfortunately, as Mars in a mutable while the sun and moon are also in mutables is going to make us go UH UH WTF DO I DO OMG WTF IS GOING ON WHO AM I WHY AM I LYING ON THE KITCHEN FLOOR LITTERED WITH BOTTLES OF BOURBON.  Get your shit together.  I know Virgo season is not easy, but if you can’t honestly look at yourself in the mirror, then you don’t deserve insight.

Uranus is roaring for us to change – and he is in full retrograde swing at this point, blowing shit up as he goes along.  Forcing you to change, urging you to change, and if you don’t follow along with him – throwing shit in your life out of left field so you HAVE to change.  We are looking at political change, cultural change, as well as change in our own hearts.  Change in the way we do relationships.  Change in the way we dream and manifest our dreams in this reality.  This is the transition between the Piscean age and the Aquarian age, where the technology of Aquarius allows the dreams of Pisces to emerge.  What will rear it’s head from the depths?   You will be able to see things that were in the thick of the fog before.

There is a great ego rattling that is going to take place here.  The entire Virgo season is an ego rattling – from the new moon to this full moon.  Our dreams are going to get… corrected.  Allow it.  Let it wash over you.  Don’t let the disappointments that ensue sink you to your emotional depths.  Instead, let the things die that need to die so you can rise up and take a big fucking gulp of fresh air.  Venus as the Hangman tells me that we must relinquish our ego, especially in matters of the heart – toward others and toward ourselves.  Pisces is ruled by Neptune – universal love.  Let that be your mantra.  Love for all.  Remember – and this is fucking important – when you are relating to others it is just as much about them as it is about you.  Don’t dump all of your weird shit onto people.  Change and level up your relationship skills with others, because Libra season is on the way – and Venus being in Libra during this lunation is already telling us how to prepare.  What is best for all and how can you contribute to that?   So drop your false pride, have enough courage to say what needs to be said, and you will heal like you never knew you could (Empress).

Mercury (6 of Wands), Pluto (The Chariot)-  Wooooooo, here is a nice little anchor.  I am really loving this 6 of Wands and Chariot combination.  Your words will be recognized and your self transformation will bring you the success you seek.  The ideas swimming around in your head must be manifested, believe it or not.  It’s easy to have self doubt when there are so many mutables bombarding us right now, but remember this also makes us kind of like clay.  We may not know what the fuck we are right now, but we can literally mold ourselves into the things of our choosing.  Combine your ideas and the energy from Pluto forcing us to reckon with our deepest darkest desires, and you have a winning combination here.  In order to become what you wish to become, you must kill who you are now.  You must stand on the mountain of the corpses of your former selves.  This full moon is like the eye of a needle.  In order to get through the emotional storm that is ahead of us, we are going to need to communicate and transform.  You must realize that success is temporary (6 of Wands).  Fleeting.  A momentary high in a world of waves.  While you are high, scope your landscape and make your visionary plans because once you dip low, you are going to have to rely on your faith in self.  Do you trust yourself enough to transform, to go through the dark, horrible landscapes one needs to cut away the subconscious forces holding you back? These two planets are our biggest weapon in battling the extreme stress and emotional turmoil that will come with this moon.  Hold your successes in your heart and plow through the battlefield and don’t look back.  If you look back, you will be lost.  If you look back, you’ll destroy your one chance at getting through that eye of a needle.  Don’t waste any energy on things you can’t fix right now.  Pay attention to the transformations happening in the present, because they are going to need all of your focus.  If you don’t put all of your focus on the transformation, you will – and I repeat – you will drown and go sinking back into the old paradigm.  It’s time to evolve into something… beyond.

Jupiter (Strength)-  No comment.  I’ll let you wait with baited breath for our Jupiter in Libra post coming up very soon 😉

Saturn (2 of Wands), Neptune (Knight of Pentacles)-   Are you able to see me?  Hello, I’m reaching out from my keyboard to your screen and into your mind.  Hello there, my friend, my fellow watcher of this manifestation that is before us.  This Neptune retrograde has been washing away our illusions about the world.  One little piece at a time, like Jenga, this tower crumbles and we are finally able to see the real architecture underneath.  Are you able to see me?  Are you able to see those around you?  When you look into the eyes of others, really look.  Be there with them.  Be present.  This is the real connecting fiber of our universe – that connection you feel.  Bring yourself to the present.  Don’t be scared.  I know it’s fucking frightening actually seeing people.  This illusion has us convinced that it is far more comfortable settling in it and hiding.  Goddamn Maya.  But you mustn’t be afraid.  Touch people.  Connect from the heart.  This is what Pisces is all about.  Pisces is in charge of the 12th house in Astrology, which is commonly called the “house of undoing.”  There will be two different types of undoing happening.  You will be undoing your programming and realizing that dreams do come true, or you will take the criticisms of this Virgo season to heart because you are pride driven – and you will fall right back into your old addictions and habits.  Remember, Pisces rules over addiction.  These are the things that keep us attached to any one paradigm – the addictions.  It’s time to see your addictions for what they are – and oh boy will they be revealed to you before the Sun leaves Virgo.  Now let go of your goddamn pride and ride this wave, for the storm will shred you to pieces if you keep something as solid as an ego around.  Let it go, become the wind, and you can fly anywhere.  It’s okay, really, it’s very okay that you have made mistakes in the past or that you have made these mistakes for a long fucking time – over and over again.  You can be reborn – you can be baptized – at any time.  Remember.  At any time.


Venus in Libra – Rose Colored Glasses

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective dates- August 29th- September 23rd, 2016

Venus rules illusions and beauty and all the delicious things that keep us enthralled with life.  Libra is ruled by Venus, so the planet moving into the Scales is Venus coming back home.  After the breakdown during Virgo where we faced the dishonesty in our life – dealt with issues of integrity and open hearted truthfulness, it is time to pump some charm and play back in.  Aaah, the dance.  Back and forth we sway with those around us, following and adjusting as they do.  It’s that playful back and forth that Libra is so famous for that gets me every time.  They listen, then they act, always measuring your reactions and emotions.  If you think they aren’t always taking notes (like the rest of the air signs), you have fallen for their trick.  They just come off effortless and graceful due to their excellent ability when it comes to mimicking others.  They can act out any character you please, but deep inside they are constantly fighting for balance and control.

5 of Wands.  But play play play, darlings, and don’t get too caught up in any one particular truth because it will constantly be changing and fluctuating as you get to know the humans around you.  One minute you may be the love of someone’s life and the next you will be nothing but a stranger.  Live in the truth of the moment – that is what Libra knows – and this will become more evident than ever.  When it comes to romance – one of Venus’ most popular domains – this means a shedding of your own illusions by those you open your heart to.  You cannot, no matter how hard you try, see yourself fully.  It takes another, a mirror, to do so.  And you both must unravel, slowly and carefully.  Remember, it’s a dance.  Don’t step on each other’s toes.  So here we are, your mirror is here (10 of CupsMirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?  Libra would say there is no one person who is the fairest.  Firstly, because Libras are people pleasers (seriously, you guys are, holy fuck), and secondly because, well, it’s true.  Each and every person you meet serves as a different fragment of a giant mirror need to finally see yourself.  Some pieces may be much bigger than others, but you need the whole thing, every little piece, to see the whole image.  Your lovers will become far more visible mirrors during this transit.

10 of Cups.  It is time to learn how to talk to people in their own language about the things that you value and need.  We go throughout life spewing our own symbols and ideas at every turn, but what we don’t realize is that few people really understand us this way.  Libra is tasked with figuring out exactly how to translate between people.  (Knight of Swords) How can we meld our symbolic language so that we can all start to really connect with each other?  The thing is, language, though Libra is ruled by it, corrupts the real meaning behind your intentions.  This Venus in Libra (which will move into Scorpio season) must learn how to dance with lovers using emotion and impulse.  More can be said with the glance of an eye than a string of sentences.  The great thing about the 10 of Cups is that it tells me that Venus is going to be in full force, giving us gifts and blessings at every turn.  Love lives will soar, romances will peak, and people will be falling head over heels.   10 of Cups is all about emotional fulfillment, and we cannot have this alone.  Although Leo season taught us that we only need ourselves to survive, Venus into Libra will teach us that we want others in order to explore and get the most out of this life and learn the most about ourselves.

Knight of Swords.  There will be a lot of compulsion to meld with others, but there will also be a shallowness to it.  Be very careful not to flirt just for flirting’s sake, but to open up and blossom with others.  There can be a frivolity to Libra that must be watched out for.  You may get burned by someone you thought was more interested than they really were, but don’t take this to heart.  This is an exploitative period, and you should be exploring as well.  There is a bit of restlessness to the 10 of Cups because things are settled – motion has stopped – and Libra is not okay with this so they will get icey and cut those around them so that movement can begin again.  They like to fix things and mediate, so if things are settled they get cold and distant.  Libra loves to save others, and if there is nothing about you that they can save – they will move on.  This type of energy will be very prevalent, so make sure to be extra communicative with your lovers.  Libras just looooove to communicate, except for when it comes to their own serious emotions.  Then they run and hide and cut cut cut (this is why the Queen of Swords is Libra in the tarot – hand outstretched in greeting but sword in the other hand).  Don’t let your lovers run away during this transit when things get serious.  Keep things a bit light and wait for Venus in Scorpio to start digging in deep.

Ceres Retrograde – Fulminatus

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable and therefore not popular.” – C.G. Jung

Effective Date- August 30th- December 9th 2016 (Shadow until February 23rd, 2017)

Yay, we made it to The Heights with Saturn turning direct.  And now that we are at the top of the mountain, it is time to make our descent.  Before I sat down to write this article, I went to visit some old co-workers at one of my favorite spots in Denver (The Mercury Cafe, check it out).  One of my friends ushered me into the back to show me something special, and she was giddy with excitement as she pulled out her new knife from her bag.  It was shaped like a crescent moon, like Death’s scythe, and my mind immediately went to the goddess Ceres.  Here she was, letting me know that everything we grow must also be reaped.  It is time to reap again, my friends, the announcement has been made.

High Priestess.  As we prepare to descend into the darkness of Autumn and Winter, we are dragged down by a particularly long Ceres Retrograde.  Don’t go kicking and screaming, my friends, open your arms wide to this energy no matter how threatening it may be.  You should have learned how to shake hands with your shadow side back at the split Capricorn/Saggo full moon.  We are about to go on another adventure with our darker half, and this could mean a number of things for all of you.  You will each have a unique way of dealing with this energy – a personal, intuitive way that is specific to your own path.  What will be consistent is the push for all of us to dive deep in.  Some of us have a healthier relationship with our shadow than others, so this period will be rougher on some of us than others.  If you do not fight your shadow and only realize that it is a direct reflection of you, you can learn to USE it to cleanse and grow your “light” self as well.

So Ceres will be moving backward in the sky from August all the way until December, bringing back the shadow work of last late Summer / Autumn.  When planets move into retrograde, it is almost like a re-working of the things you went through while it was progressing directly through the sky.  Here is the reason we need to descend:  The brighter a source of light, the darker the shadow.  As Jung said, the closer a tree grows to heaven, the deeper into hell it’s roots must go.  Everything works in cycles.  Nothing can stop us; we are perpetual motion.  We whirl and twirl and spiral through time, space, whatever it may be – on all levels – and we must work our way through old karma as it cycles back around.

“… there are shadows because there are hills.” – E.M. Forster, A Room with a View

The Star.  We work through things, and then we come back and we re-work those things in a different way.  You will notice you are going through a cycle when you receive symbols in your life that correlate to a past cycle.  For example, last Ceres retrograde, golden apples were a very important symbol for what was going on in my life.  They appeared in various ways during that period, and the fact that I recently saw golden apples in a significant way appear in my life, I know I am re-entering that cycle again – but in a new way (because I am a different person with new perspectives since that last cycle happened).

Ceres in Aries pushed us to stand up for our personal beliefs and to bring the torch of our inner enlightenment as a source of light for others.  Ceres will now retrograde back into Aries so that we can make sure that we learn this important lesson.  We must go deep down into the shadow realm again and retrieve the torch from the depths of Hell.  What is the one thing, when you dig deeply into the material plane, that still casts an eternal light?  What is the thing that inspires all (Aries) to learn, to push, to live at all?  It is time to find it.

The 5 of Cups.  Be careful, my friends, this could get rough.  Make sure that you pace yourself and cleanse and check up on yourself often.  As we dive deeper into the shadow realm, it is good to bring reminders of the light.  Pick an anchor – be it yoga or rock climbing or a meditative practice.  Choose something that grounds you and brings you physical strength, because when the mind starts going insane it is good to have a solidity in the body that holds us present.  Listen to me because this part is very important; you must not let the “horrible” things that happen to you under this transit effect your outlook.  You must keep your eye on the prize and keep hope alive (The Star) for this period is very important for our fine tuning.  If we do not learn what the eternal flame at the core is that keeps all of us going, even in the darkest winter, the light and happiness we manifest in our lives will be meaningless.

These trials that we face are so that we know exactly what the Truth even IS when we receive it.  Everything that spins around the core is madness – arranged in various ways depending on what filter (programming) we have running at the time.  If we can find the core, the rotating cycles wont matter.  Don’t cry over the shadows.  They are not solid.  They are not real.  They are temporary and change as the light fluctuates.  The closer we get to the light, the larger they will get – so beware.  When you confront these shadows, process them in a non-judgmental way.   The harder you are on yourself, the worse this can get.  Perceive, my friends, perceive and take a lot of fucking notes and let the shadows trickle in slowly, chew on them a bit, and then trickle in some more.  And remember, the more you learn here, the greater your light will grow.

“This explosive psychological ‘sneaking’ occurs when a woman suppresses large parts of self into the shadows of the psyche. In the view of analytical psychology, the repression of both negative and positive instincts, urges, and feelings into the unconscious causes them to inhabit a shadow realm. While the ego and superego attempt to continue to censor the shadow impulses, the very pressure that repression causes is rather like a bubble in the sidewall of a tire. Eventually, as the tire revolves and heats up, the pressure behind the bubble intensifies, causing it to explode outward, releasing all the inner content.

The shadow acts similarly We find that by opening the door to the shadow realm a little, and letting out various elements a few at a time, relating to them, finding use for them, negotiating, we can reduce being surprised by shadow sneak attacks and unexpected explosions.” – Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype  



Solar Eclipse in Virgo – Countown

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials.”  Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Effective Date: September 1st, 2016

*taps mic* TESTING TESTING IS THIS THING WORKING CORRECTLY?  Uh, oh hello, everyone, let me just pull myself together here. Thanks to Cancer and Leo season, I am in a bit of an indulgent coma as of late.  I’m sparking up a bowl and pulling these cards while a friend (aka my Virgo secretary) is sending me a barrage of messages demanding that I get a Google Calendar and get my life together because if I double book people one more time I am going to get it (if this wasn’t a harsh reminder of Virgo season coming, I don’t know what is).  I hope the confidence you built in Leo is solid because Virgo is going to tear us down like mean girls in hopes that we are really who we say we are.  Holy fuck, Virgo.  When I think about this Solar Eclipse, all that crosses my mind is: pick up your pencils and begin your test!   This is a stark warning to all of you because as you read this, the Aquarius full moon Eclipse in Sun Leo has not happened yet.  The shit that you do not slay during Aqua Eclipse will come back to bite you during this one.  *Puts on some Virgo music (aka Austra) and begins divining*

The Sun (Page of Swords), Moon (Hangman), Saturn (9 of Swords), and Neptune (Empress)-  Imagine it like this: 2016 has been boot camp to the extreme, and this summer has been your final testing rounds before we enter the battlefield of fall.  Virgo is the last inspection before you are sent off, fresh buzz cut hair and shaking knees.  Think of this Virgo as the drill sergeant who makes sure you know exactly how to do your prescribed duties.  The checks that are deployed your way may be harsh (did the bitch learn this lesson yet?), BUT, remember, if you aren’t solid in your new power, you wont make to your destination.  If a soldier doesn’t know how to perform his duties flawlessly (Virgos love that word) and flow with his fellow soldiers, he will die on the battlefield within the first 5 minutes.  This is essentially what I see with the combination of The Hangman and the Page of Swords.  Both hesitate and hold their ground – suspend their ego and analyse a situation to fucking death.  Also, the page of swords is a ball of fucking anxiety and the only way to channel it is through using the over inspection as a weapon; become the activist reporter who kicks the politicians of your life in the teeth with missing details from their speeches.  Show people, and yourself, exactly what needs to be adjusted while suspending your ego from the situation.  Fuck, yeah, easy thing to ask of you, I know, but if you don’t make the anxiety ACTIVE instead of passive and eroding (which is strange to think about during a New Moon) , it will sink you to the bottoms of your emotional waters.  For those of you with issues with anxiety, this moon may bring out the worst in you (Saturn as the 9 of Swords adds to this).  At this point, Saturn will have gone direct again and our little Karma whirlwind will be turned back to harsh judgement mode.   Ugh, all this Virgo and Saturn’s harsher influence just got my stomach in knots.  This New Moon is not whispering, but shouting at me that an ego beating is on the horizon.  But listen; there is power in creating a new ideal for yourself.  All of the things you have learned int he past 6 months, it is now time to start planting the seeds of your ideals (Neptune and The Empress) – the seeds of what you have learned in Virgo the sign of learning.  You’ll hear the New Moon whisperings when humanity calms down from the ebb of the full moon in Aqua.  And just like after any rebellion, it is time to test the ideals of those that rose up to re-take the paradigm.  Remember how I told you to strip down to the reality of the situation before you began fighting?  I hope you did, because if you didn’t, your tower is going to get kicked down again, and you’ll have to wait for the next cycle before you can rebuild with any real strength.

Mercury (8 of Cups), Venus (3 of Wands), Jupiter (King of Wands), Uranus (6 of Wands)-  So Jupiter will be in it’s final degrees of Virgo at this point right before it kicks it into Libra.  This means he is going to be highly motherfucking Virgo.  Our focus is definitely going to be drawn into the realm of Virgo like mad.  There is victory in change (6 of wands), and we will be riding high from the victories of rebellion during the Aquarius Full Moon, but we must now get those lessons into motion.  Your vision that you seek for the future will be found during this time.  You will be speaking to others about moving on, changing things, altering and inspecting things to their fullest extent.  Find the people who want to build and change with you – who aren’t afraid to have those intense, mind bending conversations that leave you both raw and exposed.  This will be necessary at this time.  Without these people and these conversations, the changes that need to happen just wont happen.  You can’t inspect yourself on your own.  You need outside perspective to let you know the things that your eyes cannot see.  And when you get this information, it is best to act on it rather immediately.  Don’t sit and dwell because this is just going to add to the anxiety of this lunation.  Jupiter in Virgo is going to give us his final lessons, which include lessons of drastic humbling.  You have received a lot of lessons about humbling during this Jupiter transit, and they are finally going to culminate in this New Moon Solar Eclipse.  You don’t receive a lot of rewards during Jupiter in Virgo, but you get the little tools that, if used correctly, will help you build an empire.

Mars (The Moon), Pluto (The Magician)-  Here is your power, darlings, and at first the sword that you will be given on the Aqua full moon will feel heavy, but the tests that are coming this Virgo New Moon are going to help you get strong enough to actually wield it and slice people (which is good because Libra season is coming and Libra always makes me want to cut a bitch).  You are going to need to be totally and completely okay with any transformations that are trying to bust out of your subconscious.  Trust me, shit will hit you from left field and you will be like, “What the fuck, when did I want this?” but you have.  Think about it.  Sit with yourself and be brutally fucking honest, because Virgo is watching (fucking emotional torture voyeurs that they are).  Desires that have been secretly ruling you, stuffed deep down into your subconscious by your rational mind and the boundaries placed by those around you, are going to start emerging and you are going to have to start looking them in the eyes.  Honestly, the best way to approach a Virgo is with pure integrity.  If you acknowledge the ways in which you have been a fuck up and decide to actually work on them and learn from these lessons, you will excel during this new moon.  If you don’t perfect yourself and your skills, you wont be able to accomplish the great feats you have your eye set on.  It is this part – the practice and testing portion – that is where most people fail.  Put your hubris aside during this Virgo lunation, or prepare to build a new life based on lies instead of diving into the heart of matters.  This is your crossroad.  Humble yourself and you will hear your directions.


Mars Conjunct Saturn – Rubber Meets Road

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective date- August 19-31, 2016


“To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself.” ~Søren Kierkegaard

Cards:  9 of Cups, The World, 8 of Cups, The Star

OMFG FINALLY KNOWING WHAT WE WANT AND HAVING THE DRIVE TO FUCKING GET IT.  We have been hearing that some of you are actually worried about this conjunct.  I’m here with some rather good fucking news, my lovelies.  This is a very sexy combination (especially in Saggo where the already fiery conjunction gets stoked even higher).  This is one of those “I want it and I get what I want” aspects.  We are drunk off of opportunity handed to us on silver fucking platters by Saturn, and it’s not just anything – its the things you want the most being dangled from a far and Mars giving you a swift kick in the ass to go get it.  And these aren’t just any simple things…  These are the things that you place very high value in (Saggo).  Saturn only gives us the things we need and are ready for (but he always makes us work to get it), so seize this opportunity.

All that shit we have that we thought we wanted will now get overshadowed by something sexier entering the room and giving us the eureka moment.  So yeah, you are being handed your road map – your Saggo adventure guide to the things you just gotta have – and you are also being handed a tank of gasoline.  So, as per usual, it’s your choice; fuel your movement toward your goals or set yourself on fucking fire because you are afraid of acting.  Personally, I would muster up the courage and just do the things, because getting on Mars or Saturn’s bad side is not something I would ever recommend.    

9 of Cups, the World – desires.  We all know what a kinkster Saturn is, and we all know Mars has insatiable lust, so this combination is very likely to bring about an influx of sexual encounters – especially of the darker (sexier) variety.  I would say, because of the position of the 9 of cups in my reading, that these things are likely to start as early as Mars entering Saggo (which happened a few days ago).  We all know that Mars in Saggo equals tons and tons of stamina, so the sexual drives may get a tad bit (ok a lot) insatiable during this transit.  This is fantastic, because positive sexual experiences fuel our drive, self esteem, and creativity.  Don’t be too surprised if your lovers bring up darker aspects of their sexuality – asking you to play with their shadow.  Please, dare to go out and play and see what you find about yourself and others, because under Saggo, the things you will learn will be of higher philosophical value to you.

It’s time to walk away.  The light is here, and you finally see exactly what you need and want.  Yes, both need (Saturn) and want (Mars) are going to be working together under this conjunct.  Are you ready for such a thing?  Sometimes knowing exactly what we want makes us ruthless jerks who are willing to cut a bitch to obtain our precious, but you’re lucky enough to have a giant influx of Virgo tsk tsking your truly cruel intentions away.  It’s just the right amount of restraint (and we all know how much Saturn loves restraints), so use your dark desires to dig out the things you really want.  It’s like having the perfect amount of inertia to swoop around the curve or a racetrack and pull out ahead of your rivals. It’s time to walk away from the shit that we have been pretending to want (8 of Cups) and move toward the gold.  You will finally know it is there, and there will be nothing that can keep you from it (because it will be the thing worth fighting for).  IF you dare, you will find your way (the Star).  Now put your beast to work instead of working for your beast.