Pluto Direct – Event Horizon

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Don’t try to fix what we should break before it breaks us.” – Hagalaz, Rune Secrets

Effective Dates: September 26th 2016- April 20th 2017

The uncontrollable.  The unavoidable.  The dominating culture makes us believe we are above the ebb and flow of nature; that somehow there is a split and we are divorced from it.  We may have made it temporarily invisible (to us at least) but never powerless.  We are spooked when the world we ignore rears it’s head.  We try and sterilize sex, nullify death, and orchestrate birth.  We have a false assurance of control in this wild world.  We have a false assurance of control over our wild mind.  Believing there is any sense of true “control” is living in an illusion.  The dominating culture’s “control” over us is an illusion we can break.  Our governance is an illusion we can break.  All of these chains are breakable.  They are merely constructs we have built and solidified and forgotten that we had collectively built in the first place.  We forget about the underworld – the subconscious realms of our mind and of the world itself – the places of darkness outside of our perceived knowledge.  Our view is far too narrow and our memory far too faulty.

We take a perception and build structures without fully examining it from every angle.  Most of the time we forget that our tools of perception (or senses / our mind) are each limited in their ability to absorb all that is.  We build anyway.  We build walls.  We build spires.  We build cities.  We give perceptions a flag, an identity, and become nationalists.  We make them solid.  We punish those that don’t see them.  We attack anyone who threatens our new holy concept.  It takes a lot of force to bring a tower down to it’s foundations.  It takes even more force to bring down an entire city of lies.  You can go at your false perceptions brick by brick, but it could take a lifetime before you reach your illuminations.  Or you can go at your false perceptions via nuclear missiles (Pluto rules over weapons of mass destruction), and get that shit done in a couple of painful years.

Now, the good things can be just as painful as the bad if you’ve built a wall around your heart because of some concept of yourself you seeded there years ago.  When your heart expands, it is painful.  When a horrible truth is revealed, it is painful.  Pain prunes the excess and allows us to keep growing.  Sometimes it takes a radical change to get you out of a deep sleep.

What is transpiring in the sky is Pluto going direct in Capricorn – the devil goat.  Capricorn, who rules over empires, structure, the skeleton of material reality, how we relate to and trade material reality, etc etc, has been dealing with Pluto transiting through it’s field since the financial crash in 2008.  He isn’t done yet.  It will take until 2023 before we have completely dismantled and restructured the way that humans govern themselves and view material reality.  Look back into human history and our history of authoritarian regimes.  It’s going to take a lot to untie that knot.  It’s going to take a lot of shaking and rattling.  Painful transformation.  During these flips Pluto will do between retrograde and direct in Capricorn, you may experience a new transformation in your “work/career” or your personal financial state.  These vibrations effect us on a personal level as much as they effect the world at a macro level.  As above, so below.  Everything is interconnected and in far more ways than we are aware of.

With Pluto going direct, the “dark gods,” the forces of radical change, are being invoked back onto the stage.

“Om Kreem Kalikayai Namaha”

The God-form Kali has somewhat of a negative reputation among those who aren’t as familiar with her myth.  I mean, she is wearing a skirt made of arms and a necklace made of severed heads… she is a violent, evil force, right?  On the contrary, she is a protector.  A demon killer.  The one who will dismantle the illusions in your life and show you Truth.  She teaches us that the only way out of this world is the way we came in; and that was a bloody and painful process.  Kali, like Pluto, is tough love.  It is the hard thing that must be done, the painful piercing, the needle in the flesh that will bring you your healing.  By doing the hardest job of dismantling our illusions, Kali is in fact the most loving force.  We must surrender to the forces of transformation, relinquishing our false illusions so that we are not weighed down by them or we may suffocate from this force of change.

4 of Pentacles.  You held on to something/s.  You didn’t let something go, as you should have while Pluto was retrograding in the heavens.  You stowed it away and locked it up, believing that if it wasn’t in the light that it would exist in a sort of hyperbolic chamber of the mind; safe and sound, never to come out again.  But as those of us who read horror know, buried forces fester and stew – contort and devolve into simpler, primordial forms – and then come out on a dark night to eat us alive.  You can run as far as you’d like, but you can never get away from yourself.  Like a black hole, your essence will continue to pull you back to your center.  This means that you are going to have to break through layers of bullshit you have built along the way.  Don’t hold on to it.  It is a border you are creating, keeping you from the gravitational pull of who you are meant to be – that shining sun inside of you (this is why in Astrology, the sun sign is the sign of your goals and true essence).

The Devil.  Control is an illusion.  There is nothing I can do to control it – this dark, churning, destructive force inside of me that can never quite stay inside.  It needs to be released for a reason.  I need to understand why it must express itself in the way that it does, and learn how to shift myself so that the energy can do what it needs to do.  Where is the proper place to demonstrate this destructive force?

In the traditional devil card, two people stand with loose chains around their necks.  They may remove their modes of control at any time, but they choose to stay in their imprisoned world.  This is us, all of us, choosing to stay in our miserable confines.  We are stuck within Plato’s Cave, believing shadows to be pure forms and fearing the light.  Because confronting the truth of any situation means change, and change is painful and uncomfortable.  But Pluto is the uncontrollable and the unavoidable; it will bring you back to the things that need change like a black hole.  Prepare for your confrontations – with your shadow and the shadow of those who surround you.  Who or what have you handed your power to?  Your reminder of your relinquishment of your own power comes in cycles.  It will plague you like a ghost until you set off on your quest to get it back.

6 of Pentacles.  We made a bad deal.  It’s okay.  The scales always tip back, and they are tipping again.  We are in Libra season after all, and with Jupiter in Libra our focus is going to be justice.  We will take back what is ours, in our personal lives and in the collective.  The corruption in the structure of our governments and our personal lives cannot hide forever.  No one stays asleep forever.  The corruption is being exposed, and the more they (and we) try and cover it up, the more it looks like a parody of itself.  There comes a time in a dominant force’s life that it is confronted with something too mutable to break.  The people are like a sea, both individually and as a collective.  You can chop through the waves, but you will never destroy the whole.  There is a part of ourselves that is boundless – that is an infinite source that can never be broken.  When a dominant force is confronted with this source, it finally learns that its “power” is in fact an illusion.


Psyche in Virgo & Eros Direct – Power Couple

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection.”  – Brené Brown

Effective Dates: (Psyche) October 3rd- January 8th, (Eros) October 5th-November 5th

Ugh, vulnerability, who wants that!  It’s a catch 22, isn’t it?  You can’t be vulnerable unless you trust someone, but how do you give trust to someone without them first giving you vulnerability?  Love takes courage.  Love takes an ability to open up, knowing that even if you receive rejection you will still be able to stand on your own two feet.  Love is as much about you as it is about the ones of your affection.  Do you have enough light within yourself that your vulnerability with your lovers only enhances the power / creativity of the relationship instead of becoming a detriment to your mental health?  If you have the power to be vulnerable in your heart, and your parnter/s have the same courage, you will make an unstoppable force.

10 of Wands and 7 of Pentacles.  We may have a lot on our plates right now.  This Mars in Capricorn is going to make us even bigger, far more ruthless busy bodies than we have already been.  But thankfully this transit will show us that once we learn how to coordinate our passions with perfect timing (that we can fit things in by letting them flow into our lives – making them a part of it), then we can reap them at perfect timing.  The thing is, we like to isolate our work from our passion.  This cannot be the case anymore.  All of your burdens must be ignited by passion or you will run out of fuel (and meaning) very quickly.  Don’t let all of the projects, work, school or whatever get in the way of placing the right compliment – the right attention – into your passions at just the right times.  Everything is a dance.  Now find the steps that let you flow.  There is a structure to the dance, sure, and that structure must remain for it to be what it is.  But there is so much more to the dance.  There is the passion in your heart, the personal flair, and your connection with your partner/audience.  Or else what’s the fucking point of any of it, you know?  Work work work work work, but there must be time for vulnerability and play or …..

King of Wands and 6 of Cups.  Or there wouldn’t be any vision or pleasure.  If you open up, if you decide that it’s okay to wear your heart on your sleeve proudly and loudly, if you decide to put a part of yourself in your work and in your love life, you will be rewarded by vision and a place of relaxation.  It’s hard carrying all that armor around all the god damn time, isn’t it?  It’s harder still getting all that damn armor off.  Especially if you have been wearing it so long that it has literally started to meld with your flesh.  Cry, tear it off, and don’t sit still.  Allow that sexual energy to warm up and soften your heart, because you cannot get the energy flowing to your throat chakra (seat of creativity) if your heart is frozen.  The energy moves UP, and you have to allow it to do so.  Once you thaw that bullshit other people have coated your power source (your heart) with, you will be able to speak a truth so strong it makes the other in front of you rattle.  Vulnerability is the only way to access your true power.  You can only create great works of art if you bleed for it.  This will be an elation, and at least for now, some solace in the midst of all the hardship.  These are the moments – these are the bits of gold in life that we live for.  Allow it to wash over you.

Ace of Cups and Temperance.  Once you thaw out some old emotions, vulnerabilities attached to the past like god damn suction cups, the emotions may be overwhelming.  Here is the thing, without letting old emotions wash over us and without fully experiencing them, we cannot move into new emotional realms.  Without trust and intimacy with lovers and friends, we cannot move to greater, deeper, far more healing and evolving emotional realms with them.  From this comes great healing.  Being vulnerable is not only a service to yourself but a service to others as well.  If they can see that you will be okay even after spilling yourself all over someone – that you can pick yourself up with pride of heart – then maybe they can too.  Lead by example, in love and battle.  Do you want to dive into new emotional realms?  Do you want to experience ecstasy and passion so deep it rattles you to the core?  Then be vulnerable.  Nothing comes easy.  Nothing is handed to you without trials or you wouldn’t be ready for it.  


New Moon in Libra – Fairy Tale

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Everything seemed possible, when I looked through the eyes of a child.
And every once in a while; I remember,
I still have the chance to be that wild.”  – Nikki Rowe

Effective Date– September 30th, 2016

Once upon a time, we stumbled into a very strange time period for our collective human lives.  We materialized into a place where the great possibilities in our lives opened up after some deep, divisive heart rattling.  Those of us who had the will to push through our suffering were gifted with a new banquet of life (As Rumi says, You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens.)  We had to learn to let go of everything, to surrender to the greater forces of our true self and it’s desires so that we could live weightless.  We learned that although the body is made of flesh, it does not mean it cannot ebb and flow and morph like liquid.  We learned that we can fill the world around us and become one with it.  We learned that through surrender, the walls between the worlds break down.

We mourned our former dreams and replaced them for new, clearer dreams.  And as we left the heart break hotel that was the Pisces Full Moon Eclipse with Chiron conjunct, we found our way to the New Moon in Libra; the hopeless romantic of the Zodiac.

This New Moon is being influenced by heavy, dreamy Neptune energy that has everyone shouting with bravado, “This is it!  This is the time!  We can actually change this fucking place!”  This is our first stop in the “Libra Fairy World,” (aka Jupiter in Libra expanding the ideals of  Venus until Oct. 2017), and instantly we feel like our hearts are being played like a harp; milked for sweet, harmonic passion.  And what is to be done with all of that passion?  Our flames are being fanned so that we can have the courage to act.  Isn’t that the moral of any fairy tale?  That no amount of magic can save you if you don’t have the courage in your heart.


The Sun (2 of Wands), Moon (The Tower), Venus (The Sun), Saturn (The Magician), and Neptune (10 of Swords)-  Passion is possession.  To be impassioned is to become a vessel for a greater force than yourself.  This passion allows us to trans-mutate the things inside of us that we bury through the act of materializing them as new things in the world.  In order to reach this state, one must first find a way to allow trust back into life – true companionship (Libra). Strip yourself bare, and as I said in Jupiter Libra, open your heart wide.  I know we have been telling you this all year, and I know it is difficult to hear and swallow, but you are being forced to change.  This is the year of The Tower.  This is the year of the death of your former self.  You must have the courage to choose to make that change, to reach for a more unraveled version of yourself, or you will become destroyed in the collapse of your old world around you.  Do you see those people walking around you with the blank stares and the clockwork lives?  That is what the collapse looks like.  Let’s not fucking go there.

10 of Swords.  All realities are equal.  If you try and establish a solid reality at this point, you will get taken down.  You have to become okay with living in a new world, tearing off your mask and letting your inner self take a dive into the mystery of the world.  For this reading, I am using the Wildwood Tarot, and the 10 of Swords comes with a bit of a twist in this deck.  It is an old man instructing a young boy how to use a bow.  Here we are, your old dead self instructing your inner child how to move along and learn from the mistakes and pains of the past.  You are no longer this “old man” represented by the card.  That life is over.  The old bones of that life have finally held all they could, and now must pass on their wisdom.

2 of Wands.  There is a new vision coming to you.  There is a new tale to tell.  You have established the lessons of your past, and now you are ready to use them as a tool instead of keeping them around like a dead weight – pulling you into the deep.  Here is where everyone fucks up.  Instead of looking ahead toward the things we desire most – the things that are clawing desperately to come out and play (Venus and The Sun), we choose fear each time.  We choose self doubt instead of flexibility, because we hope deep down that the culture is right about what will make us happy and we don’t have to do the scary things.  We can avoid the heart pounding, uncomfortable fear.  Nuh uh, new rules this coming year.  Now we now have to decide to work from that pounding heart – from innocence and our eternal inner light (The Sun).   If we don’t, the trials ahead are only going to get deeper and darker for you.  The longer that you suppress yourself, the larger your shadow grows.  And who the fuck wants to have a large shadow during Scorpio season?

The Magician.  Fairy tales are metaphors for our personal paradoxes.  We use metaphor to bring out difficulties of integration in our psyche.  The world is full of paradoxes, and in order to play and fine tune our vision of reality, sometimes we need to suspend it’s rules with this little Venusian tool of vision called “art.” Metaphor/art can magnify the knots that need untying within ourselves.

There is a higher, freer love we need to experience; a formless love within all of our lovers.  A mystical experience with others that can only be attained if we let ourselves go into the world of “mystery” and “allure.”  If we allow ourselves to fall into others instead of inspecting them like a product.  You can only get to this place if you choose to wander off the path – to wander into new realms of your life that don’t have signposts.  Don’t worry about getting lost – in yourself, in the world, or in others.  This moon is all about merging, of integrating, of immersion.  The mystics of old would rid themselves of all their possessions and wander the world, creating art and fully participating in existence.  Once we do this, there will be a harsh death that will come about.  It will slaughter and murder our old paradigms, introducing them to the subjectivity of life and experience.  But this is good.  Along with those old paradigms, all of your old pain and fear and stagnation will die as well.


Sappho in Libra – Allure

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

 “J’aimerais m’apercevoir à travers votre regard.

I would like to see myself from your point of view.

Transit date– 9/19/2016 – 11/27/2016

Cards:  The High Priestess, 6 of Swords, Knight of Cups, Knight of Wands

The High Priestess.  Ah the little things.  The secret things.  The in-uaudible whisper of someone’s body language or the colors in someone’s voice.  That allure.  That mysterious essence.  The things that exist but cannot be spoken of.  The things that get us excited enough to chase and crawl through someone’s labyrinth of self.  The energy between us.  It’s all there, I promise you, it’s real, what you see, but it is so hard to jump out and capture it.  We can try, I guess?  Let’s give it a try.  We can surely figure out a method.

6 of Swords.  We can slather it in paint on a canvas.  We can vibrate it through our music, hoping to reach the same reverberation.   We can try and twist and turn words just right – perfectly – so that they slip right into that empty spot and fill that void and give us the essence behind the beauty.  We can try and try and try, and we can come very, very close.  But we can never quite just…  Damn.  We can never capture the essence of that “allure” because, well, that’s the friggin’ point, isn’t it?  Allure is mystery.  Sappho didn’t get her following of super sexy lady artists for nothing.  She had a magnetism to her that brought them in, made them interested, spoke to them in a language they didn’t see all too often in civilized society.  Socrates and Plato called her the “10th Muse.”  Historians placed her on a list of great poets alongside Homer.  The historian Alcaeus describes her as, “Violet-haired, pure, honey-smiling Sappho.”  She knew the importance of seduction behind beauty.  The allure of it.  And she chased it, and in turn it chased her and reflected right back at her.

So what is the allure behind an artist?  What seduces mobs of people to those that are “good” artists?  What are they looking for?

We are each a lucid, moving mirror that reflects all of the things around us.  People like to see themselves.  They like to know that they are seen.  An artist connects their symbolic mental paradigm to others, and it is the method that they come up with that is the true artistry.  The thing is – artists know that the allure dies once we actually put our finger on something and say THIS IS WHAT IT IS.  Because then we stop looking.

Once we think we understand someone, we stop looking.  We stop noticing.  That is why a body of work is always moving, always transforming, always twisting and whirling.  The allure tells us – this way!  This way please!  There is so much more to know and find out and reflect… and so much to connect.

It is always an eternal search to find that which we desire most.  The Knight of Cups symbolically reminds me of the search for the holy grail.  It is this mystery that inspires so much yet has never been solved.  In the end, it doesn’t matter what is real about it and what isn’t.  It is what it has inspired that is the entire point.  Allure inspires.  It is not only a dive into someone else and trying to figure out how to reflect them fully, but it is also the same thing right back at you.  The thing which we try and capture also gives us a reflection of ourselves.  When we ask an artist to create a piece of work to reflect us, we are also getting a piece that is showing us their reflection of their self through us.  And on and on and on, like when you put mirrors up against each other and stare into the eternal reflections.

Knight of Wands.  Libra is flirtatious seduction.  She is a beautiful siren who sees that life is a dance with void, and that you can never fully capture anything.  Not balance, not beauty, not life.  She is the fairy tale – the fantasy.  During this transit, your zeal for passion through reflection will take on greater meaning.  This is a great time to write (especially about love and beauty), and it is a great time to serenade lovers with gifts of art.  Your words will flow better than ever.  For those of you with Sappho in Libra (she is asteroid 80 if you want to go look – check your degree), this transit will bring you the much needed poetic inspiration you have been looking for.  In general, her transit will give the fantastical elements of Libra some extra fuel during this particular Libra season.  It’s gunna make things super sexy and intoxicating.  The timing is perfect.

There is an element to the asteroid Sappho that is also very community oriented.  Attend gatherings of artists and watch their reflections.  Your inspiration could be dancing between the lines of a poet’s reflections.  The entering of Sappho into Libra is telling us the muses have come out to play.  What we must remember during this transit is that we should not be too aggressive to pin others down, but to play and signal and reflect – to flirt and dance and see what beautiful things come from this.  You will be able to quite clearly, and articulately, talk about the things you are following / seeing in others during this transit.  And you seeing me seeing you is… well… beautiful, isn’t it?

I would like to see myself from your point of view.

Venus in Scorpio – Kinks

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Heaven’s just a rumor she’ll dispel.
As she walks me through the nicest parts of hell.
I still dream of lips I never should have never kissed
Well she knows exactly what I can’t resist

If she says come inside I’ll come inside for her
If she says give it all I’ll give everything to her
I am justified
I am purified
I am sanctified
Inside you

I’m still caught up in another of her spells
Well she’s turning me into someone else
Everyday I hope and pray this will end
But when I can, I do it all again” – Nine Inch Nails, “Sanctified”

Effective Date for Venus in Scorpio– September 23rd- October 18

I have worked a lot with Scorpio energy.  Diving into Scorpionic archetypes 2 winters ago is what got me to shed so many horrible misconceptions I had about myself (see 8 of Cups by Artemis).  Scorpio is the detective of the Zodiac.  They are investigative; prodding the psychology of everyone around them.  For example:  I have Pluto (Scorpio’s planet) at my midheaven, which gives me this piercing, prying, intense, transformative presence.  There isn’t fuck all I can do about it.  It’s literally the first thing others notice about me, and it is literally the first thing others notice about a heavily influenced Scorpio individual as well.  Get ready for this type of energy to enter your love life and seep into your ideas about physical fortune.

Have you felt the pressure building?  This transit is like seeing smoke and going in instead of running.  Mars will be in Capricorn, ravenous and blood thirsty, launching us into new worlds because we will finally have the drive of the gods behind our back.  And Venus moving into Scorpio will take all of the strange psychology of your particular love life and bring it right to the forefront.  If you haven’t noticed, the masks have been falling away from you since the Scorpio Full Moon back in Taurus season.  Life is a constant roller coaster of transformation, and if you stay stagnant, you seep right back into the fabric of things instead of being an active, conscious participant in it’s unraveling.  As the universe unravels, so do you, and Venus in Scorpio is going to make sure of it.

Let’s descend into the reading…

Death Card, aka The Nameless Card.  Your values have been your compass through the past year, but they are about to be met with some gruesome scrutiny.  Is that reaaaaallly what you believe is true, or is it what you think you should believe is true?  You need to fully experience those values (Venus is the planet of Values) and also intellectually inspect them after said experiences.  You can’t live your life from one angle or the other, so it’s time for Scorpio to do what she does best; make us fully confront all the lies we tell ourselves so that we may become the best version of ourselves.  For some of you, this will mean layering more lies on top, like frosting on a fucking hell cake, expecting not to see those pesky things again, because, well, you did such a great job cementing them in this time.  Eh, isn’t that what you told yourself last time?  The thing is, Heretics, everything that goes into the underworld never stays in the underworld.  It comes back up, in weird and unexpected ways.  

Here is where the “kink” aspect of Venus in Scorpio kicks in.  Ace of Wands.  We play games with ourselves, our subconscious and conscious mind dancing around each other in theatrical performance for the outside world.  For those with an investigative nature, we notice these patterns in others.  For as many aspects of ourselves that we keep caged up, there are ways in which they come out to play.  There are consensual and safe ways for these things to come out into the light of day, and partners who can help you theatrically move through your shadow dance are some of the best partners you will have.  How deep is your love?  How deep are your hurts and pains about love?  The shadow side will try and find a way for you to reconcile these, to alchemicly meld and transform those parts of yourself.  How does your personal psychology want to play those things out in regards to love and sex and your ideas of security (Venus)?  The thing is, you’re not going to be able to help it.

The transformation is going to knock at your door whether you like it or not, and you’re going to have to sit down with it and have tea and discuss all the things you really, really, really want to feel in order to move on from past pain, or to prepare yourself for becoming something else.  Now, shadow elements don’t always have to be about reconciling something negative.  Sometimes they are about building up toward something we want to become.  How does your mind want to theatrically prepare itself to transform – to take on more powerful personality traits?

Queen of Swords.  There will be people in your life that have entered it since the Scorpio Full Moon back on 4/20 that will now begin to crack you the fuck open.  Tell your lies, Heretics, and watch your words turn to ash as you speak them.  Tell your truths, Heretics, and watch yourself ascend out of the underworld like a fucking Queen.  You can’t leave here, you can’t leave these depths and the shadow games they play until you fully confront yourself and take off all the masks.  Scorpio is a water sign, and it’s going to be an emotionally charged transit.  It will transmute itself into all of your cracks and pours, seeping into the deepest parts of yourself without you realizing there was any way to get that deep.  The Queen of Swords slices and dices, and she can be a cruel mistress.  With this Venus transit coupled with a Capricorn Mars transit, get ready for your love and sex lives to get really fucking dark (yet sexy), exposing, and intense as fucking hell.  What will you see in the mirrored depths?  Pay attention.  And be brave.  Dive in, because it’s the only way out.  


Mars in Capricorn – Ravenous

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal.”  – E. Joseph Cossman

Effective Dates – September 27th- November 9th 2016

After months of scattered energy, pushing ourselves – stumbling – begging our feet not to fail us now (not after all the shit we have been through), we are finally entering Mars in Capricorn.  This reading being greeted by the 
2 of Cups informs me that this transit is going to be about our deepest desires – our literal life blood.  With the crumbling of the tower, we are finally realizing what it is that we truly want.  Mars in Capricorn is known for being depraved.  People with this placement in their natal charts will stop at nothing to get what they want, and literally nothing will stand in their way.  Not morality.  Not physical obstacles.  Not other people.  They will demolish all that keeps them from their goals, and we are about to get a taste of this insane energy.

Capricorn is represented by The Devil card in the tarot, and Mars in Capricorn in particular is the 3 of Pentacles.  This combination of archetypes essentially screams, “Manifest your desire into the physical universe.”  Here’s the thing, Heretics, we have to get over the fact that everything we build in this lifetime is going to be vanquished from this earth at some point.  It could be while we are alive, or it could be years and years into the future.  Nothing is permanent, but that should not keep us from building and trying, because each push into the universe really does do something. Even if the structures we are building in our life are temporary, they are vehicles to a new world of understanding and evolution.  The Fool.  In order to be blasted out of the structures we are surrounded with now, we need to build a ladder out of here.  That ladder isn’t coming with us, though.  A shuttle that is launched into space goes through many stages before it reaches it’s destination – leaving behind parts of itself as the parts become useless.  Keeping them around becomes a burden for the craft and weight that it definitely doesn’t need in order to get to it’s destination.  The only thing that stays consistent is the goal.  This is a time to be brutal and to fight for what you want.  And we finally get the energy to do so.  You have to be ravenous.

Piece by piece, the puzzle will come together.  All you need is your carnal desire to begin.  What do you really, really want, Heretics?  Now decide that you will stop at nothing to have it.  Mars in Capricorn will drive us through Libra and into Scorpio; both signs lustful in their own ways.  The coming new moon in Libra, Pluto finally turning direct, the Aries full moon, and then our decent into Scorpio will bring a lot of lust into our lives (think back into the spring when Venus burst into Aries and then we had sexy Taurus season).  Expect your sex life to get TURNT UP during this transit.  Remember, Mars rules the physical realm and our physical sex lives, so coming into Capricorn expect a lot more power play dynamics and lust of the flesh.  Mmmm mmm.

You will finally realize that there really isn’t anything that is standing in your way that you can’t figure out how to take down.  Capricorn is methodical.  They know the earth and it’s restraints better than any other sign (they are ruled by Daddy Saturn).  This is a Mars that understands power and how to manifest it in your life.   Depending on which house this transit falls in for you, you will be getting a huge surge of blood thirsty energy.  Expect people in your life to get a bit… sociopathic about their wants.  Expect people to be brutal and cruel and obsessed with their method – whatever that may be for them.   Stand your ground, Heretics, with this transit and the coming Persephone decent we are about to do (hello Autumn), things are going to get bloody.  Are you ready for battle?


Jupiter in Libra – Renaissance

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Every renaissance comes to the world with a cry, the cry of the human spirit to be free.” Anne Sullivan

Effective Date- September 9th, 2016- October 11th 2017

Cards:  XI Strength, I The Magician, XVI The Tower, Page of Cups  (used the Hexen 2.0 Tarot)

*mumbles something about 11’s*

Let me remind you what I pulled for Jupiter in the Full Moon Pisces analysis.  The Networked Revolution strength card.

My gods is this transit coming at the perfect time.  We had our final sucker punch of Virgo with the Solar Eclipse that just passed, a Mercury retrograde in Virgo, a pummeling of integrity in our partnerships from Venus in Virgo right before that, and Mercury in fucking Virgo as well.  With the last degrees of Jupiter in Virgo, you should have finished honing your weapon.  You don’t think you’re ready?  Too fucking bad.  It’s time to start the Renaissance, and either you’re in it and contributing your soul to the cause – or you’re watching it from the side lines.  I don’t know about you, but if I’ve been placed in this multiverse, I might as well play.  You can only fully experience this existence, fully learn from it, if you finally decide to immerse yourself in it and the others who are also here with you.  Jupiter in Libra is the time of the couplings – finding your soulmateS.

There have been some amazing couplings in the past.  Mark Twain was known to fiddle around in Tesla’s lab.  Freud and Jung did a dangerous dance with each other over the subconscious and how it manifests.  Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson were a scientific powerhouse couple.  Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre helped shift a consciousness when they became celebrity philosophers – and their relationship itself challenged the way people did relationships.  The list goes on and on and on.  What’s the most interesting part, though?  You have multiple, extensive couplings like this in your lifetime, just like great thinkers learn and grow from interacting with many other visionaries.  Expand your horizons – don’t stick to just one mode of thinking.  Ever.  Hey, everyone, I have a theory as to why Libra can never choose.  Because you don’t fucking have to.  It makes no sense to limit your connections because you are anxious about losing one connection.  There will always be connections, as long as there are people on this planet.  Find your soulmateS.  There will be one, or many, for each and every aspect of your life.  You have your musical soulmates.  Your intellectual fire soulmates.  Your explosive sex soulmates.  The list goes on and on.  Now find the ones that form the team of your life, and you their’s – like gears moving and propelling each other.  No one person has all of the skills to get humanity to the next level.  Jupiter in Libra will show us we have to do this together.

I The magician.  Hey, that’s you!  All this goddamn Virgo should have made you the Magician; someone who has learned how to use the tools they have been given in order to craft something.  You know what you are capable of.  You may have your doubts that you can actually carry out your plan, but you know what you can fucking do now.  Without the knowledge that we can make change – that each little action brings about massive repercussions for the future (Virgo is the seed), we might as well just be sediment.  It’s time to break out of the ground.  It’s time to build our forest.  Together.  XI Strength.  As you can see, from the Strength card I have presented from the Hexen 2.0 deck I am using, we can garnish strength through combining our powers.  This is what Libra is about, Heretics.  You can only bring about peace, you can only bring about the Eden of Venus, if we partner up and work together.  You in particular have a special skill set that no one else on this entire goddamn planet has.  Your particular arrangement of atoms is capable of so much, yet you sit there and you doubt yourself and you give yourself hate and anxiety instead of love and encouragement.

To be confident, to be able to implement any positive change in the world, you need to realize that you don’t need anyone to accept you.  Only you can accept yourself.  This will be the hardest part about Jupiter in Libra.  We will be experiencing couplings to such a higher, new degree – and philosophically diving into these ideas as well – that being alone will seem… well… devastating.  The way to get out of this?  Remember.  Remember the lessons of Virgo (who is The Hermit in the tarot).  You can make it, regardless of anyone else’s acceptance, as long as you are following an inner truth.  The Tower.  Follow that light, that lantern, and you will be guided to those that do accept you – guiding you to the lessons of Jupiter in Libra.   Don’t worry if your entrance into this transit is a rough one.  A lot of us haven’t cut out the gristle from our lives like Helios and I have been urging you to do since January.  That’s fine, don’t listen to us *huffs*, but please do keep in mind that during individual consults we will say “I told you so.”  Everything brings about change, because the world is constantly in flux.  If you choose to be passive, you are voting for a certain type of world.  It will come about and it will effect you.  You can’t hide, so you might as well fucking try.

XVI The Tower.  We have had our power taken away from us, and Jupiter in Virgo has shown us just how demolished the idea of service has become in this society.  The ancients believed political service was a duty, where now politicians are essentially celebrity criminals that we allow to swindle us left and right and the populace takes very little to no action in molding their political climate.  The resources have been pooled to the top, and we have been left with nothing but our collective voices.  Let’s bring them together and shout and bust this tower down.  If this card showing up during the Jupiter Libra isn’t an indicator that Tower Year is coming to a full culmination, I don’t know what would be.  The only way we can bring about this Renaissance that is possible with Jupiter in Libra is to bring our voices together to shatter what Jupiter in Virgo has shown us is false service by those who deem themselves our “leaders.”  It is time to lead ourselves in collective revolution – through art, through speaking out, through bringing ourselves together.  Stop fearing the people around you.  It is time for love.  It is time for Venusian influence on this shaken earth.  It is time to fight for our sisters and brothers.  It is time to merge ourselves with our external reality.

The Page of Cups.   Here is your cherry on top.  How is this Renaissance going to look?  In the Hexen 2.0 deck, the Page of Cups is Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters.  Who the hell were the Merry Pranksters?  The Merry Pranksters were a group of 13 intellectual tricksters who boarded a bus named Further back in 1964.  They named their bus Further because, well, you should always go further and prod the human psyche until it blossoms for us and shows us new secrets.  This is how Renaissance happens – a trigger that opens up humanity to a brand new way of thinking.  These pranksters traveled the US and gave LSD to famous thinkers like Timothy Leary (who happens to be on the Magician card in the Hexen 2.0 deck).  They had many stops along their way and influence many, many visionaries at the time.  This is quite the metaphor for what will happen.  Merge your reality, your unique way of thinking with those who you connect with, and watch out for the explosive social movement that will form from this.  In order to have this happen, we need to learn the lesson of the Page of Cups.  She is opening herself up, finally, to new emotions.  They may be overwhelming at first, they may be frightening as well, but she is opening up and knows the only way to mastery is to overcome this fear.  She is learning how to trust.  Stop the lies.  Virgo should have taught you the importance of integrity.  How can we move on from these lies if we continue to feed them?  How are we to move toward truth (Libra is the Justice card in the tarot) if we can’t TRUST each other and have integrity?  The only way into this Renaissance is through TRUTH.  Open your fucking heart.  Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love.  That is your key.  Open your fucking heart up WIDE.  You may be anxious about the mind diving we will be doing in this transit, but don’t fear, Heretics, because you are about to get so much closer to all of your best friends.  Let us alchemiclly merge together and form something further….