Mars in Capricorn – Ravenous

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal.”  – E. Joseph Cossman

Effective Dates – September 27th- November 9th 2016

After months of scattered energy, pushing ourselves – stumbling – begging our feet not to fail us now (not after all the shit we have been through), we are finally entering Mars in Capricorn.  This reading being greeted by the 
2 of Cups informs me that this transit is going to be about our deepest desires – our literal life blood.  With the crumbling of the tower, we are finally realizing what it is that we truly want.  Mars in Capricorn is known for being depraved.  People with this placement in their natal charts will stop at nothing to get what they want, and literally nothing will stand in their way.  Not morality.  Not physical obstacles.  Not other people.  They will demolish all that keeps them from their goals, and we are about to get a taste of this insane energy.

Capricorn is represented by The Devil card in the tarot, and Mars in Capricorn in particular is the 3 of Pentacles.  This combination of archetypes essentially screams, “Manifest your desire into the physical universe.”  Here’s the thing, Heretics, we have to get over the fact that everything we build in this lifetime is going to be vanquished from this earth at some point.  It could be while we are alive, or it could be years and years into the future.  Nothing is permanent, but that should not keep us from building and trying, because each push into the universe really does do something. Even if the structures we are building in our life are temporary, they are vehicles to a new world of understanding and evolution.  The Fool.  In order to be blasted out of the structures we are surrounded with now, we need to build a ladder out of here.  That ladder isn’t coming with us, though.  A shuttle that is launched into space goes through many stages before it reaches it’s destination – leaving behind parts of itself as the parts become useless.  Keeping them around becomes a burden for the craft and weight that it definitely doesn’t need in order to get to it’s destination.  The only thing that stays consistent is the goal.  This is a time to be brutal and to fight for what you want.  And we finally get the energy to do so.  You have to be ravenous.

Piece by piece, the puzzle will come together.  All you need is your carnal desire to begin.  What do you really, really want, Heretics?  Now decide that you will stop at nothing to have it.  Mars in Capricorn will drive us through Libra and into Scorpio; both signs lustful in their own ways.  The coming new moon in Libra, Pluto finally turning direct, the Aries full moon, and then our decent into Scorpio will bring a lot of lust into our lives (think back into the spring when Venus burst into Aries and then we had sexy Taurus season).  Expect your sex life to get TURNT UP during this transit.  Remember, Mars rules the physical realm and our physical sex lives, so coming into Capricorn expect a lot more power play dynamics and lust of the flesh.  Mmmm mmm.

You will finally realize that there really isn’t anything that is standing in your way that you can’t figure out how to take down.  Capricorn is methodical.  They know the earth and it’s restraints better than any other sign (they are ruled by Daddy Saturn).  This is a Mars that understands power and how to manifest it in your life.   Depending on which house this transit falls in for you, you will be getting a huge surge of blood thirsty energy.  Expect people in your life to get a bit… sociopathic about their wants.  Expect people to be brutal and cruel and obsessed with their method – whatever that may be for them.   Stand your ground, Heretics, with this transit and the coming Persephone decent we are about to do (hello Autumn), things are going to get bloody.  Are you ready for battle?


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