New Moon in Libra – Fairy Tale

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Everything seemed possible, when I looked through the eyes of a child.
And every once in a while; I remember,
I still have the chance to be that wild.”  – Nikki Rowe

Effective Date– September 30th, 2016

Once upon a time, we stumbled into a very strange time period for our collective human lives.  We materialized into a place where the great possibilities in our lives opened up after some deep, divisive heart rattling.  Those of us who had the will to push through our suffering were gifted with a new banquet of life (As Rumi says, You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens.)  We had to learn to let go of everything, to surrender to the greater forces of our true self and it’s desires so that we could live weightless.  We learned that although the body is made of flesh, it does not mean it cannot ebb and flow and morph like liquid.  We learned that we can fill the world around us and become one with it.  We learned that through surrender, the walls between the worlds break down.

We mourned our former dreams and replaced them for new, clearer dreams.  And as we left the heart break hotel that was the Pisces Full Moon Eclipse with Chiron conjunct, we found our way to the New Moon in Libra; the hopeless romantic of the Zodiac.

This New Moon is being influenced by heavy, dreamy Neptune energy that has everyone shouting with bravado, “This is it!  This is the time!  We can actually change this fucking place!”  This is our first stop in the “Libra Fairy World,” (aka Jupiter in Libra expanding the ideals of  Venus until Oct. 2017), and instantly we feel like our hearts are being played like a harp; milked for sweet, harmonic passion.  And what is to be done with all of that passion?  Our flames are being fanned so that we can have the courage to act.  Isn’t that the moral of any fairy tale?  That no amount of magic can save you if you don’t have the courage in your heart.


The Sun (2 of Wands), Moon (The Tower), Venus (The Sun), Saturn (The Magician), and Neptune (10 of Swords)-  Passion is possession.  To be impassioned is to become a vessel for a greater force than yourself.  This passion allows us to trans-mutate the things inside of us that we bury through the act of materializing them as new things in the world.  In order to reach this state, one must first find a way to allow trust back into life – true companionship (Libra). Strip yourself bare, and as I said in Jupiter Libra, open your heart wide.  I know we have been telling you this all year, and I know it is difficult to hear and swallow, but you are being forced to change.  This is the year of The Tower.  This is the year of the death of your former self.  You must have the courage to choose to make that change, to reach for a more unraveled version of yourself, or you will become destroyed in the collapse of your old world around you.  Do you see those people walking around you with the blank stares and the clockwork lives?  That is what the collapse looks like.  Let’s not fucking go there.

10 of Swords.  All realities are equal.  If you try and establish a solid reality at this point, you will get taken down.  You have to become okay with living in a new world, tearing off your mask and letting your inner self take a dive into the mystery of the world.  For this reading, I am using the Wildwood Tarot, and the 10 of Swords comes with a bit of a twist in this deck.  It is an old man instructing a young boy how to use a bow.  Here we are, your old dead self instructing your inner child how to move along and learn from the mistakes and pains of the past.  You are no longer this “old man” represented by the card.  That life is over.  The old bones of that life have finally held all they could, and now must pass on their wisdom.

2 of Wands.  There is a new vision coming to you.  There is a new tale to tell.  You have established the lessons of your past, and now you are ready to use them as a tool instead of keeping them around like a dead weight – pulling you into the deep.  Here is where everyone fucks up.  Instead of looking ahead toward the things we desire most – the things that are clawing desperately to come out and play (Venus and The Sun), we choose fear each time.  We choose self doubt instead of flexibility, because we hope deep down that the culture is right about what will make us happy and we don’t have to do the scary things.  We can avoid the heart pounding, uncomfortable fear.  Nuh uh, new rules this coming year.  Now we now have to decide to work from that pounding heart – from innocence and our eternal inner light (The Sun).   If we don’t, the trials ahead are only going to get deeper and darker for you.  The longer that you suppress yourself, the larger your shadow grows.  And who the fuck wants to have a large shadow during Scorpio season?

The Magician.  Fairy tales are metaphors for our personal paradoxes.  We use metaphor to bring out difficulties of integration in our psyche.  The world is full of paradoxes, and in order to play and fine tune our vision of reality, sometimes we need to suspend it’s rules with this little Venusian tool of vision called “art.” Metaphor/art can magnify the knots that need untying within ourselves.

There is a higher, freer love we need to experience; a formless love within all of our lovers.  A mystical experience with others that can only be attained if we let ourselves go into the world of “mystery” and “allure.”  If we allow ourselves to fall into others instead of inspecting them like a product.  You can only get to this place if you choose to wander off the path – to wander into new realms of your life that don’t have signposts.  Don’t worry about getting lost – in yourself, in the world, or in others.  This moon is all about merging, of integrating, of immersion.  The mystics of old would rid themselves of all their possessions and wander the world, creating art and fully participating in existence.  Once we do this, there will be a harsh death that will come about.  It will slaughter and murder our old paradigms, introducing them to the subjectivity of life and experience.  But this is good.  Along with those old paradigms, all of your old pain and fear and stagnation will die as well.


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