Psyche in Virgo & Eros Direct – Power Couple

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection.”  – Brené Brown

Effective Dates: (Psyche) October 3rd- January 8th, (Eros) October 5th-November 5th

Ugh, vulnerability, who wants that!  It’s a catch 22, isn’t it?  You can’t be vulnerable unless you trust someone, but how do you give trust to someone without them first giving you vulnerability?  Love takes courage.  Love takes an ability to open up, knowing that even if you receive rejection you will still be able to stand on your own two feet.  Love is as much about you as it is about the ones of your affection.  Do you have enough light within yourself that your vulnerability with your lovers only enhances the power / creativity of the relationship instead of becoming a detriment to your mental health?  If you have the power to be vulnerable in your heart, and your parnter/s have the same courage, you will make an unstoppable force.

10 of Wands and 7 of Pentacles.  We may have a lot on our plates right now.  This Mars in Capricorn is going to make us even bigger, far more ruthless busy bodies than we have already been.  But thankfully this transit will show us that once we learn how to coordinate our passions with perfect timing (that we can fit things in by letting them flow into our lives – making them a part of it), then we can reap them at perfect timing.  The thing is, we like to isolate our work from our passion.  This cannot be the case anymore.  All of your burdens must be ignited by passion or you will run out of fuel (and meaning) very quickly.  Don’t let all of the projects, work, school or whatever get in the way of placing the right compliment – the right attention – into your passions at just the right times.  Everything is a dance.  Now find the steps that let you flow.  There is a structure to the dance, sure, and that structure must remain for it to be what it is.  But there is so much more to the dance.  There is the passion in your heart, the personal flair, and your connection with your partner/audience.  Or else what’s the fucking point of any of it, you know?  Work work work work work, but there must be time for vulnerability and play or …..

King of Wands and 6 of Cups.  Or there wouldn’t be any vision or pleasure.  If you open up, if you decide that it’s okay to wear your heart on your sleeve proudly and loudly, if you decide to put a part of yourself in your work and in your love life, you will be rewarded by vision and a place of relaxation.  It’s hard carrying all that armor around all the god damn time, isn’t it?  It’s harder still getting all that damn armor off.  Especially if you have been wearing it so long that it has literally started to meld with your flesh.  Cry, tear it off, and don’t sit still.  Allow that sexual energy to warm up and soften your heart, because you cannot get the energy flowing to your throat chakra (seat of creativity) if your heart is frozen.  The energy moves UP, and you have to allow it to do so.  Once you thaw that bullshit other people have coated your power source (your heart) with, you will be able to speak a truth so strong it makes the other in front of you rattle.  Vulnerability is the only way to access your true power.  You can only create great works of art if you bleed for it.  This will be an elation, and at least for now, some solace in the midst of all the hardship.  These are the moments – these are the bits of gold in life that we live for.  Allow it to wash over you.

Ace of Cups and Temperance.  Once you thaw out some old emotions, vulnerabilities attached to the past like god damn suction cups, the emotions may be overwhelming.  Here is the thing, without letting old emotions wash over us and without fully experiencing them, we cannot move into new emotional realms.  Without trust and intimacy with lovers and friends, we cannot move to greater, deeper, far more healing and evolving emotional realms with them.  From this comes great healing.  Being vulnerable is not only a service to yourself but a service to others as well.  If they can see that you will be okay even after spilling yourself all over someone – that you can pick yourself up with pride of heart – then maybe they can too.  Lead by example, in love and battle.  Do you want to dive into new emotional realms?  Do you want to experience ecstasy and passion so deep it rattles you to the core?  Then be vulnerable.  Nothing comes easy.  Nothing is handed to you without trials or you wouldn’t be ready for it.  


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