Mars in Aquarius – Upgraded

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis

“Our wretched species is so made that those who walk on the well-trodden path always throw stones at those who are showing a new road.” – Voltaire

Effective Dates: November 9th- December 20th, 2016

Aquarians are known for their disruption.  Sometimes it’s well founded, and other times it is eccentricity for eccentricity’s sake.  In short, right now it doesn’t fucking matter.  Right now what we need is dissonance; a new way of doing things shouting very loudly while we are performing our slave duties in a dying paradigm.  We need a dissenting voice telling us that we are struck in our ways and dying right alongside that paradigm.  Innovation of our lives is desperately needed, and during this transit it will also be very much wanted.

Vision.  Aquarius has her sights on the future, regardless of what is going on in the present.  She is constantly looking to innovate what is placed before her.  At the beginning of this transit, Mars in Aquarius will meet the Sun in Scorpio, and will begin evolving our emotional lives in ways we couldn’t possibly imagine.  There will be harsh Judgement cast upon us.  Catching the tail end of Mercury in Scorpio, Aqua Mars will start trimming down the bullshit that isn’t helping you evolve.

You will face shadows in your life that will cast judgement on the stifled ways you deal with your goals.  Have you been putting aside working with a new method – a new way of life – because you feel comfortable in your drudgery?  Well, you’re going to meet with situations that agitate this to the extreme.  There will be dissonance.  Why are you continuing to use these methods that don’t work?  Why are you clinging to tradition where it isn’t important (and frankly, detrimental to your success)?  Aquarius just doesn’t get it.  Why the fuck are you doing things that don’t help you evolve – hell, transcend?  This sign needs for their to be constant adaptation, and in Mars it will force us to work toward and desire those new adaptations.

Well, because change is fucking terrible and painful,” you may say.  But living in a hell that you have adapted to is just as painful in the long run as the temporary pain of change.  And honestly Aquarius doesn’t give a shit about you straggling behind or not.  It is a pragmatic sign, and it knows there will be stragglers that need to be cast out so that others may survive and evolve (this is where the dualistic aspect between humanitarian and stone cold bitch come from with Aqua).  Yep, some people just aren’t gunna fucking get it.  They wont get what that fucking strange idea you are working on is going to do – or why it is important.  But, you know what?  Fuck um’, because Aquarius is also the sign of rebellion.  It will be time for revolution – time for disturbance – time to start talking about ways we can actually start shifting this paradigm before we die in the rubble of tower year and all that it has decided to swallow up.

It’s time to start running toward the future.  We have been shown the way – set on course this year.  Now it’s time to actually take the initiative and make change.  It is time to actually start believing in our own vision for the future, because Mars in Aquarius will transit through Sun in Saggo and that will absolutely beg us to see a greater vision.

The Star.  Although this transit will be turbulent with change, it is also a hopeful transit.  The things we learn here will benefit our future goals immensely.  Aquarius is a mad scientist, so experiment.  Give shit a try even if you are skeptical about them.  You never fucking know.  Scientists get their flashes of insight by being playful with reality and experimenting.  It’s time for you to do the same, and it’s time for you to do it with optimism.  Don’t worry, we are finally seeing the pole star that will lead us out of this hellhole of a forest.

We have a bit of a warning with the 7 of wands in the future position.   We are in a position for clearance.  There is some shit coming our way (expected, right?), and we aren’t going to have the tools to clear the thick debris without this much needed hope/optimism/rebellion/innovation.  You really need to hop on this train or Capricorn season is going to chew you up and spit you out with a new sense of self loathing.  It’s time to be a creative powerhouse, and that means experimenting with your mental paradigms and how you do things.  Aquarius in Mars is telling you to put some spice in your life.  Oh, and it also wants you to know, “Fuck the system.


New Moon in Scorpio – Necropolis

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis

“How does one kill fear, I wonder? How do you shoot a spectre through the heart, slash off its spectral head, take it by its spectral throat?” –Joesph Conrad

Effective Date- Oct. 31, 2016

“Abandon all hope ye who enter here.”  We have wandered to a threshold.  This is the part in our new fairy tale when we meet the monster at the gate, and much like Cerberus, it has many heads and a bottomless appetite.  What the hell is this monster approaching and how can we fight it?  Much like Hercules, we have 12 labors we must face throughout the year.  Scorpio season provides the part of the tale when we must descend into the underworld in order to plant our roots firm in something real and unavoidable, primal and primordial, so that we may catapult ourselves toward “the heavens.”  But before we start digging, I must remind you that old ghosts will be disturbed.  Shadow work wakes the dead.  May I suggest aiming for the head?

The Sun (6 of Cups), Moon (The Star), Mercury (4 of Swords), Jupiter (The Lovers), Neptune (Death)-   Well well well, look what we have here!  Pleasure seeking behavior.  What is it, that saying for Scorpio?  Oh yeah.  “I desire.”  So here is an interesting tug and pull that I’m seeing:  there will be a battle in you between deep desires and shallow desires.  One side of you will really, really want to have your pleasantries and pretend like war isn’t knocking at our door.  If you ignore it, then it will go away, right?  This is the soma of the Brave New World variety – the drug that will give you happiness and bliss.

“Was and will make me ill,
I take a gram and only am.” – Brave New World

Don’t you want bliss?  Come on, everyone does, don’t they?  We need our mind numbing experiences so that we can avoid the surgery that must be performed.  Unfortunately, Heretics, if something is eating you alive from the inside, it must be met with a knife.  We are all mindlessly seeking bliss and spitting on any hard experiences, but the hard experiences are the incisions that will get the hurt out – that is – if we work with them and through them instead of trembling before them.  Essentially, choosing this route is like choosing to dive into the horde of zombies coming your way instead of fighting tooth and nail, bleeding and screaming to survive.

If we decide to press on instead of run away into flights of fancy, we have chosen the way of deeper desire.  During this time, Mercury will be in Scorpio and our torture session will have already begun.  This is a crow bar energy, but listen to me – if you allow the unearthing to happen, it will be so fucking healing for you.  Let them out, all of these ghosts rattling inside of your head.  Let them out into the light so that they can be exposed to the sunlight and shrivel up into dust.  The things we deeply desire are a core part of our instincts, and we have been denying them in a delusional attempt to rid ourselves of them.  Pushing them deep into our subconscious makes mangled beasts out of them, and they will just come back – pop up in the most unexpected of places and proceed to scare the shit out of you.  Nope nope, let that pressure out, darling, like a volcano.  Allow the merger between the subconscious and the conscious mind to create together without fear.  The creative force that the two have when playing nice together is immeasurable and will give you the vision that you need to move forward.  Don’t be afraid to merge the seemingly “polar opposites” inside of yourself.  You can be powerful and still make others feel wanted and needed.  You can be confident and humble.  You can be hard in order to be kind.  You can combine many seemingly opposing things at once and create something far beyond both of them.

Let the illusion die.  If you allow your energy to be sapped by the masses – if you allow yourself to become dumbed down and content with what they tell you is your lot in life – you will waste the ability to reach anything sacred because you were scared.  If you don’t deal with these things, they will come out to play in some brutal ways.   Essentially this is the gate that lets them out to hunt, and either you’re slaying them at the gate or you’re hiding behind a rock and letting them through to haunt and torture everyone in your life (including you threefold).

Venus (3 of Pentacles), Saturn (King of Swords), and Pluto (7 of Cups, 2 of Cups)-  We must step back and be very fucking careful, like a surgeon would, while diving into each other.  Like I mentioned in Mercury in Scorpio, you must be very careful who you allow to alchemicly merge with you in these ways.  Some people are very unstable and have an unhealthy relationship with their subconscious.  They board themselves up on an island (this is the conscious mind) and hiss at the massive ocean that surrounds them.  They push their fears into the waters and get spooked when sea creatures come for visits.  The fear of the unknown applies to the unknown inside of us as much as the unknown outside of us. Then there are the people who are truly your partners in crime.  Think of this like your zombie apocalypse team.  Who do you want at your back?  Choose those that you feel that deep, primal chemistry with – in your mind and in your body – and blend together to sniff out the illusions together.  If you don’t have a team in your personal life, find them elsewhere.  May I suggest Nietzsche or Jung?  Those fuckers come to the aid with tanks.  We must rabble together to unravel.  This is the perfect moon for getting nose to nose with your shadow – using those you trust as a mirror to peer into yourself.  It wont be easy, and with the King of Sword’s influence, it will get difficult as fuck to have some of the conversations that need to be had.  But, remember what you have to lose; meeting your deep desires.

Mars (8 of Wands) and Uranus (Hangman)-  Crosses to bear, suffering, wound of christ

“The shortest distance between two points is often unbearable.” – Charles Buckowski

You will receive your visions only when you take action.  Mars rewards bravery.  He is the god of war and king of all things flesh related.  Act from your lower chakras (that’s the root, sacral and solar plexus) if you want to get the answers you seek.  Listen to your gut – your instincts – and the visions will come very quickly.  You must rebel and fight, and you will be rewarded.  Both Mars and Uranus seek a fight, and they are both promising us illumination.  Both the 8 of Wands and the Hangman offer us glimpses into the other side, but only if we make radical moves.  Mars will be in Capricorn, forcing us to get to work and construct our ideals.  Uranus in Aries will tell us all of this must come from our essence or it is futile.  Here, Uranus is in Mars’ home sign – the ram, so the energies work well together.  Innovate and change – go after the things you want with a bloodthirsty, warrior attitude and you will get your promised peak through the looking glass.

This is a great scrying moon, so I suggest doing a bit of that during the dark hours of Halloween.  Tap in and speak to the essence, the primal beast inside of you, and see what it wants to tell you.  You are going to need it’s help if you are going to fight the things inside of you that threaten to obscure your connection.  A hero must tap into their inner source in order to fight the nightmares that need to be fought.  Durga channeled all her rage into the being that is Kali Ma so that she may slay the demons, and the lioness headed goddess Sekhmet, the beast, was the Egyptian’s symbolic depiction of “the source.”  This “source” is the thing that protects and accompanies the Truth (Sekhmet protects the goddess of truth, Ma’at).  Tap into your primal source, let it stalk the night.  Batman needed to become the night in order to fight the night.  You need to merge the parts of yourself in order to win against the horde you are about to face.  Or, you know, you can let it swallow you into the depths of the void and slip back into either numbed down pleasantries, self-distrust, self-hate, and a whole slew of other chi sucking mind states.

Again, I must warn you, choosing to fight instead of take the soma is going to be painful.  Fuck, it’s going to be practically unbearable at times, but you must continue looking into the light no matter how much your eyes burn.  We have a long way to go, and the last thing you want holding you back is your own goddamn self.

Venus in Sagittarius – Love on the Run

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” – Voltaire

Effective Dates
:  10/19/16-11/12/16

Is the writing on the wall yet?  Venus will conjunct with Saturn during this transit, and in Sagittarius, which will make you feel like you are trapped in a cage after drinking a bucket of coffee.  And all this during the tail end of Libra season, right before the dissecting Scorpio waters overtake us.  Sounds lovely, right?  Lovely not so lovely, like watching a volcano erupt or the earth fold and crackle open.  Or watching a meteor streak across the sky in glorious colors.  You know that this tremendous event that has befallen you is going to destroy everything you once knew, yet there is literally nothing you can do about it.  The writing is on the wall.

Here, let me help you.

4 of Wands is considered the marriage card, and what better way to think of a conjunction than a marriage of energies.  You need to come to terms with the lessons Saturn is about to teach you.  Venus is not happy about this because Venus is about all the places we find love and goodness in our lives – where we have our passion and our modes of connecting via the heart.  She does not like restriction being placed on the heart, but Saturn is the slicer and dicer and ready to teach us a lesson called the Queen of Swords.  Saggo is about higher vision, greater calling, the bigger picture.  Saturn is crushing us with this knowledge.  We inherently know where we must go, who must be in our lives, and how we need to take off from here.  Unfortunately, before we can take off into implementing our vision we have a date with the night.

Saturn wants to teach Venus one more lesson before he departs into Capricorn, and that is learning why we must live from our higher vision at all costs – in whatever way those lessons decide to grace our lives.  If we do not learn these lessons, we will be dealt heavy handed punishments from Saturn.  Any time you tried to edge yourself away from your higher vision, you tied another knot.  Those knots have now trapped you in a web of your own making, keeping you from your journey and leaving you as weak prey for whatever predators of the spirit come your way.  Are your actions in line with your values?  If they are not, you are going to feel the bone crushing pressure during this transit to confront whatever obstacle are in your way that keeps you from these goals.  If you do not, well, prepare to have the heart of your journey ripped out from your chest.  But if you do…  Queen of Wands.

Saggo rewards bravery.  A Saturn in Saggo will reward bravery in the journeyman, the visionary, the philosopher who refuses to sit still and be ruled over.  If you dive into this transformation, we will be met with Scorpio season shadow work and Venus will move into Capricorn to encounter Pluto – the god of the underworld.  Let this be a stark warning to you.  This will be a bleak period indeed if you cannot get to the heart of your heart and hammer away at those shackles (and remember what I said back on the full moon Saggo – you have to swing fucking hard and fast to get those chains off).   Yes, you want to run, you want to gallop away on some white horse, but guess what – there is no white horse to save you from something of your own making, in your own head.  Prepare to meet the restrictions that have been placed around your heart head on, and you’d better draw your sword when you need to, Queen of Swords.




Full Moon in Aries – Quickdraw

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Trust instinct to the end, even though you can give no reason.” – 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Effective Date–  October 16, 2016

Just so that ya’ll know…  just so that you are AWARE…  this full moon that is coming up on October 16th is conjunct the Uranus / Eris hell that is going on right now.  That also means that the sun is in opposition to this lovely Chaos sandwich we have going on in Aries.  Whatever gifts have been bestowed to us by the New Moon in Libra that passed not too many days ago, we must now figure out what the price is for keeping them.  Along with this dilemma, our time is slipping away from us like quicksand and the political landscape is about to detonate.  You’re going to have to think on your feet, weigh your options as quickly as your pretty little head can, and fire when you can see the whites of their eyes.  Decisions need to be quick and easy like an Aries (sorry guys, you know we love you the most).  Most of the time opportunity comes knocking, it wants an immediate answer.  It isn’t going to wait for you to  twiddle your thumbs and fumble through the labyrinth of your mind.  Nuh uh.  You need to work from the gut – something fire signs are best known for.  You need to move with an ease, a fierceness in presence, an “I AM!  AND I DESERVE TO BE HERE!” Aries attitude.  You need to reach deep down into your essence and work from your animal instinct.  Our instincts have come for the ride with us for thousands of fucking years for a reason.

The Sun (The Star), Moon (8 of Wands), Venus (King of Cups) and Uranus (7 of Pentacles)-  For a lot of you, something is just starting to click.  Let’s look back at Aries season – aaah spring was just rushing in, Willy Wonka was still alive, and we were still hoping the worst of Tower Year was behind us.  Bahahaha.  Anyway, we had some crazy insights into our “true essence” and decided to start working our life differently.  We decided to let things die so we could get through the spring, summer and into the fall.  We were emotionally torn open – raw – and those of us who didn’t shed the chains of our former persona are in truly dark places right now.  The latest “trigger” point of this Tower Year 2016 began the last new moon Libra, when we were blasted off into fairy tale world where apparently dreams do come true.  This parallels to the full moon Libra back in Aries season when we were told very harshly to start fucking making up our mind.  Well, for those of you that did, you just got your reward.  But that was just the first challenge…  Here comes the next challenge, and it culminates with the Full Moon Aries.  This is where the full revelation of what transpired last new moon will finally hit is smack in the face. The revelation will un-earth itself via a deep digging into the heart that you must withstand with beauty and grace.  You must do this, for the good of yourself and for the good of those around you.  You must dig deep, mind over emotions, and take this unique opportunity to allow your essence to leak through.  This is going to be the hard part, darling Heretics.  We have been working our way up through the Chakras since the spring, and we have finally arrived at the heart.  Before we can speak all of the things we have learned, before we can start to craft this world that we are finally getting glimpses of, we need to consciously open the heart.  Your revelation will come like when red blood of Gaia, the fiery essence of the earth, comes bubbling out of the waters.  New worlds seep into existence, bubbling past the lapping waves. This is the time, do not waste it, do not fear.   Nothing that comes out of the heart will harm you, but the things that cling to it will surely suffocate your power-source and essence.  It is time for a great change to happen in you, and it must come from you – not the things that wish to control you.  The ghosts of the past will be coming with vengeance in Scorpio season, so make peace with them now – in Libra the peacemaker – so that you may survive your shadow work.

Okay, there’s gonna be a lot of talking, but it’s going to be very productive talking (8 of Pentacles)and it will come out of your mouth because it needs to.  Whatever you say will start to BUILD toward something very important – your grand work.  Pay attention to your words and the words of others.  Metaphors are like spells when spoken. WARNING – PLEASE have the conversations that need to be had now, because when Mercury moves into Scorpio, shit is about to become an interrogation instead of a conversation.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

The Moon.  Something is driving you that you can’t see.  Some subconscious force that has a lot of drive and purpose inside of you.  Trust this instinct and trust the “hunches” you are going to have.  When a hero takes off on their journey, they are usually embarking on some sort of journey of the heart.  Without the heart, courage is essentially non-existent.  I’m sure you’ve heard this before; courage doesn’t come from absence of fear.  Courage is doing it regardless of the fear because the thing is something you really desire.  What do you desire?  Saturn isn’t going to let you sit around.

Yep.  He is channeling the Queen of Swords energy and cutting to the heart of the matter.  This is an even greater push to have the conversations that need to be had.  Venus is quickly making her way to conjuncting with Saturn (5 more degrees after this full moon).  We are being gravitationally sucked into some sort of fated fairy realm, whether we like it or not – the impulse is too strong to run from – and we honestly couldn’t have seen it coming.  The wheel turns, and Pluto tells us that the clock has finally struck for him to start his hell army’s march.  The World.  Whether you like it or not, Heretics, the grand battle has begun.  How this will transpire, I don’t know, but Mars and Pluto are conjunct during this full moon and the blood curtling scream is getting louder and louder from the collective.  The restlessness is getting unbearable, for you – for me – for everyone.  This means the “good guys” and the “bad guys.”  We have all finally come to the point where fight or flight must be answered with fight.

Jupiter (3 of Swords) and Neptune (4 of Pentacles)-  Same old shit from Neptune.  Aka, take a good cold hard look at your life and be fucking real with yourself.  Neptune is currently opposite the true node, giving the world a sort of dream-like quality.  What do you want, because now is the time to manifest it, but please be brutally honest with yourself.  Must I warn you to be careful what you wish for?  And once you get what you wish for, you’re going to have to deal with it.  4 of Pentacles.  If you think that your wish will only effect you, you are very mistaken.  Your wish has consequences for everyone that is connected to you – like tributaries.  You’re going to have to give something up to receive something that you want.  The scales must be weighed, and nothing is given without consequence.  But if you what you wish for is the true desire of your heart, then it wont be so bad will it?  Anything is worth giving up for that, isn’t it?  As for Jupiter, it seems very interesting that I pulled the 3 of Swords for the jovial giant currently in Libra.  Some truths hurt, but hey, at least you are getting the truth.  Jupiter in Libra seeks justice, and sometimes that justice comes with us losing a perspective or some ideal we held close to our heart.  Perhaps we were mistaken.  Perhaps we have been treating those around us, and ourselves, like shit and we are finally waking up to this.  Act from the heart, regardless of how much it will hurt.  As I have been saying this Libra season, the heart must break many times before it opens.  You must hammer at the hurt until there is nothing blocking it’s flow.  And from there, you can begin speaking your vision and truly manifesting things into your existence with pure trust in yourself.


Mercury in Libra – “Bitch”

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“You should never feel afraid to become a piece of art. It’s exhilarating.” – Nicki Minaj

Effective Date: October 7th- 24th 2016

Yes, you’ve been through some bullshit, but trust me, the bullshit never ends.  It keeps coming back, more daunting and bone crushing than ever before.  This is something Libra knows well.  
Oh man, to be in a Libra’s mind; a labyrinth of possibilities and connections and paranoia associated with entertaining all possibilities fully and completely.  Like the other Air Signs (Gemini, Aquarius), Libra is in their head all the god damn time.  They want to dominate the world with their intellect and smash through to the Truth of the world, whether it kills them or not.  They must.  Inevitably, Libra is going to make a wrong turn and end up in some hellscape where the only way out is to create a grand delusion for themselves.  If you can’t find peace, perhaps you can fabricate it?

And if Libra creates a fairy tale, there is no telling her any inkling of opposing perspectives.   There is definitely no telling her that she has been unfair in any way, so she dives into the fantasy world.  She is immersed in it.  It has become her new religion.  Libra suspects that the truth is ever changing as we exponentially change, but she powers ahead hoping that there is some chance of harmony, balance, and rest.  Even if she has to pretend.  I guess it’s better than coming to terms with the fact that her idea of justice isn’t correct?  Libra is ever torn because the truth comes from our orientation (its an air sign thing, fml), not from the rays of some external source.  It is an internal source.

There comes a point when we realize that whatever ideology, whatever thought patterns we have been following, could never have prepared us for the experience of the world.  Listen up, Libra (and everyone who is about to be punished by this indecisive as fuck energy coming our way), you must use your intuition and just get on with it.  You must trust yourself.  You must trust your experiences.  As hard as it might be, you need to clear your mind in order to hear this intuition.  You must trust that you have prepared yourself.

The Libran charm only comes from a Libra who has learned this emotion/intellect connection.  Once you have collected and analyzed your information, you must let go and let it seep into your subconscious.  Then, when the experience presents itself, you trust and act on your intuition in the moment.  Libra is represented by the Queen of Swords in the tarot, who is the elements of Air and Water combined in action.  The mind aided by the heart and the heart aided by the mind.  Sometimes, in order to make the best the decision for the greater good, she is stuck in a situation where she must become the outcast for her decision.  She is the one who slices to heal you.  She is the one who gives you the hard truths.

This is a good time period to disarm your enemies with words, but beware!  Mercury in Libra tends to make us very non-confrontational; aka get ready for some passive aggressive bullshit.  If you can step it up and consistently remind yourself to be as clear as possible, you have a great chance of riding this wave with  Venusean grace.  A tactful, honest, Libra is a poetic genius.  As long as she has some guts to actually make decisions and not be afraid to be labeled as a villain afterword.  Anytime you make a moral decision, someone is going to consider you a hero and someone else is going to consider you a villain.  It is inevitable.

“Fuck it, whatever, I might as well enjoy myself while the paradoxical circumstances of life tear away at my innate sense of fairness,” Libra says.  Don’t forget to have fun with your words and enjoy yourself and the lovely conversations that are going to come out of this transit.  It’s a good time for writing, for flirting, for creating beautiful things with your mind.  It is a good time for hard conversations and it is a good time to just let the words flow intuitively.  With Jupiter in Libra and the Sun in Libra, your words will be coming from a good place.  Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and act from the heart.  Move and decide through love, and you’ll be okay when Scorpio comes around to put you on the rack.