Venus in Sagittarius – Love on the Run

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” – Voltaire

Effective Dates
:  10/19/16-11/12/16

Is the writing on the wall yet?  Venus will conjunct with Saturn during this transit, and in Sagittarius, which will make you feel like you are trapped in a cage after drinking a bucket of coffee.  And all this during the tail end of Libra season, right before the dissecting Scorpio waters overtake us.  Sounds lovely, right?  Lovely not so lovely, like watching a volcano erupt or the earth fold and crackle open.  Or watching a meteor streak across the sky in glorious colors.  You know that this tremendous event that has befallen you is going to destroy everything you once knew, yet there is literally nothing you can do about it.  The writing is on the wall.

Here, let me help you.

4 of Wands is considered the marriage card, and what better way to think of a conjunction than a marriage of energies.  You need to come to terms with the lessons Saturn is about to teach you.  Venus is not happy about this because Venus is about all the places we find love and goodness in our lives – where we have our passion and our modes of connecting via the heart.  She does not like restriction being placed on the heart, but Saturn is the slicer and dicer and ready to teach us a lesson called the Queen of Swords.  Saggo is about higher vision, greater calling, the bigger picture.  Saturn is crushing us with this knowledge.  We inherently know where we must go, who must be in our lives, and how we need to take off from here.  Unfortunately, before we can take off into implementing our vision we have a date with the night.

Saturn wants to teach Venus one more lesson before he departs into Capricorn, and that is learning why we must live from our higher vision at all costs – in whatever way those lessons decide to grace our lives.  If we do not learn these lessons, we will be dealt heavy handed punishments from Saturn.  Any time you tried to edge yourself away from your higher vision, you tied another knot.  Those knots have now trapped you in a web of your own making, keeping you from your journey and leaving you as weak prey for whatever predators of the spirit come your way.  Are your actions in line with your values?  If they are not, you are going to feel the bone crushing pressure during this transit to confront whatever obstacle are in your way that keeps you from these goals.  If you do not, well, prepare to have the heart of your journey ripped out from your chest.  But if you do…  Queen of Wands.

Saggo rewards bravery.  A Saturn in Saggo will reward bravery in the journeyman, the visionary, the philosopher who refuses to sit still and be ruled over.  If you dive into this transformation, we will be met with Scorpio season shadow work and Venus will move into Capricorn to encounter Pluto – the god of the underworld.  Let this be a stark warning to you.  This will be a bleak period indeed if you cannot get to the heart of your heart and hammer away at those shackles (and remember what I said back on the full moon Saggo – you have to swing fucking hard and fast to get those chains off).   Yes, you want to run, you want to gallop away on some white horse, but guess what – there is no white horse to save you from something of your own making, in your own head.  Prepare to meet the restrictions that have been placed around your heart head on, and you’d better draw your sword when you need to, Queen of Swords.




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