Mercury in Capricorn – [Redacted]

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Self-control might be as passionate and as active as the surrender to passion…  – W. Somerset Maugham

Effective dates: December 3rd, 2016- February 8th, 2017

Hell yeah,this is my natal position for Mercury!  And we are about to have one hell of a transit involving the dance between Mercury and Capricorn, jeezus.  We will be entering 2017, the Year of The Star, during a fucking Mercury Retrograde.  This is a perfect representation for what kind of year we have ahead (full to the ears with retrogrades).  We can’t seem to get out of unpleasant Mercury (the mind) states since Scorpio season, where Mercury repeatedly made sure to make us as uncomfortable about our lives as possible.  Then what is usually a very pleasant Mercury season (Mercury in Saggo), we had the planet come face to face with Saturn who has been sitting in Saggo for quite some time now.  Great, okay, maybe we’ll get some rest in the next sign…  Nope.  Mercury isn’t entering just any sign, but in Capricorn (more Saturn folks!), where Mercury is placed in restraints and forced to pay some god damn attention.

Mercury in Capricorn natives always come off as if they know exactly what they are talking about.  We have all found ourselves nodding along to their insights as if they were reading directly from some top secret documents; they have an air of authority about them that only Saturn heavy charts can convey.  The authority is usually well founded as these natives are extremely methodical and like to thoroughly analyze the words they use before they come out of their mouth.  It doesn’t matter what else is going on in their chart, these natives will have a shade of dark cynicism to them.

The way Mercury in Capricorn communicates can be very intimidating for a lot of people.  Their seeming “authority” has a lot of weight, and they use their mind like a weapon.  It can get dangerous arguing with them because they have twisted and analyzed every idea before it has even been given a chance to be placed in their arsenal, so you know their verbal weapons will be heavy hitting.  Advice for this transit from a native of this Mercury position:  take their cynicism and criticism as a form of love.    Usually natives here just want to make sure you don’t fall into some weird parallel universe where all of your thoughts actually mean nothing when it comes to stone cold reality (remember, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn who is very concerned about what the Truth is – what is REAL and ever lasting).

Prepare for ideas to get rejected left and right.  Here’s what Mercury in Capricorn wants to do – it wants to extract the god damn truth out of you and it will stop at nothing to do so.  Merc in Cap natives have a way of dancing around you until they find just the right doorway into your mental threshold, and then they set up their investigative tools and test all of your intellectual structures one by one.  So you may have destroyed your some of your false mental constructs this year…  But Mercury in Capricorn isn’t so optimistic.  She KNOWS you will pick right back up where you started from and stack bricks and mortar based on new constructs of imprisonment.  Trading one devil for another.  She wont have any of that, so here comes the intellectual wrecking ball.

Honestly, this is an incredible ending to the year of The Tower – throttling us into a transit that gives the last shakes to the crumbling bones of the faulty structures we have been dealing with this year.

The great thing about Mercury in Capricorn is that it is a fast learner.  Capricorn’s motto is “I Use,” and it will become increasingly easy to use new methods you have come into contact with recently.  You will finally see where all the pieces fit, and why you have been learning all the seemingly random as shit things you have been learning this year.  Mercury in Capricorn will help you organize and put all that shit together, giving you new tools for the Renaissance ahead of us this year.  Soaking up information will be easy as pie, but it is evaluating that information that will be difficult on the mind (mostly because Mercury in Capricorn does not rest until it sees every fucking angle of a situation – and then it will still grumble about something or other).

In Mercury in Capricorn, ideas have weight.  Things that are said matter.  Words aren’t said frivolously, and things said during this long transit will be looked at far more soberly than usual.  If you don’t mean it, don’t fucking say it – Mercury in Capricorn says.  Why is this?  Because you can’t fucking take it back.  Once the words have been sent out into the multiverse, they have reverberations far past our ability to see.  They effect the structure of everything once they are let loose.  Unless a Merc in Capricorn individual has some more optimistic signs in their chart (like Aquarius), they tend to immediately shoot down all ideas with the reality bullet as soon as they are met.  This can get… annoying fast, especially if you are trying to innovate things.  But this is necessary before we start building anything this year.  You need to go over all your nuts and bolts, all of your beams, before building your new life.  If something is faulty, you’re just going to have a repeat of all the shit you had to go through during Tower Year (and who the fuck wants to repeat 2016’s karmic cycle?  fuck noooo).

Mercury in Capricorn says there must be a goddamn purpose to all the shit you say, or you’re just weaving new illusions for yourself and those around you.  Do you mean what you say?  Will you allow yourself to be vetted to see if this is true?  Use this transit to build confidence around your ideas, and don’t fret if they are destroyed one by one as they come up.  This is necessary, and Mercury in Capricorn makes no real judgement about this.  We are all wrong most of the time, it is our willingness to accept this and re-work things again and again that makes Mercury in Capricorn happy.  This transit says, “It’s time to make your fantasies a REALITY.

And gods help us when this transit turns retrograde in a few weeks…. 


New Moon Sagittarius – Where Angels Fear to Tread

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“We are each a savior, each a god.  It is the fear of what this means which binds us to the realm of humankind.” – Mannaz, Rune Secrets

Effective date:  November 29, 2016

I wake up every morning to the freezing cold.  I’m warm under the blankets piled on top of me, but as soon as I step out of the comfort of my bed I will meet with the razor sharp cold. Last night’s rain and this morning’s frigid air cut bone deep.  I grumble about it every single time for a good half hour before I get the nerve to crawl out of bed and get myself to the living area.  There is always someone there before me, woke the fuck up, starting a fire.  They build the hollow triangle out of dry logs and go on meticulously tending to it until it erupts into delicious, delicious warmth.  Taking care of the thing is a bitch, but the fire is goddamn important. This New Moon’s relations with minor planet Vesta and whisperings in Saturn grounds is telling me this is a “fated” time, and a vital fire is being tended to, but that we must fight through some karma and insecurities to get it fed.  It’s easy to stay in the comfort of the bed we’ve made – to lie in it and cry about what surrounds us.  We can survive for a while, but we can’t do shit – live our lives – if we don’t confront discomforts. This entire reading is wands and pentacles; except for two planets, the moon and Mars, which are major arcana cards.  The tarot is telling me that this moon is about the deep fire inside of us that keeps us going through the storm + the material concerns that keep us insecure about feeding that fire.  This New Moon is about our deepest aspirations, our visions for the future, and the gloom and doubt surrounding those things.  It’s like trying to build a fire in the tundra, but you fight on anyway because you are hungry for life.

The Sun (3 of Wands), Moon (The Wheel), and Neptune (King of Wands)– This is pretty intense – like a wild fire.  Something has been sparked and now everything is out of control.  This is like, a portal to an unknown realm opens up before you and out steps an adventuring time traveler who asks you to come along for the ride.  If you step into the portal with him, your old life is gone.  You must leave your old life to go on this type of adventure.  Are you ready for it?  The world is changing.  Big things are happening, shifting.  This is a fated time, that is what the cards are telling me.   I say take the chance and trust in your vision.  The doubt will be strong, and the deep lonely gloom of Neptune will drudge up your deepest insecurities (New Moon Blues anyone?).  Neptune being King of Wands is telling me that Neptune gloom will not win out.  King of Wands is the Tarot’s representation of Sagittarius.  In other words, he is a visionary who cannot sit the fuck down and is constantly churning out work, globe trotting, and probably the coolest of the kings to hang out with.  He is the lizard, the lightening, rapid fucking fire.  He works from his instincts and is highly inventive.  He tells me we must continue striking for our vision through the gloom – an important lesson is being learned here.  It’s like the fire in the place I’m staying at.  If you don’t fight the morning cold, get your ass up, chop some wood, and then tend to the goddamn thing first, it wont give you what you need.  If you don’t aim for your desires – give yourself the things that you truly want – then you will become  hollow.

Although we are all downtrodden, there seems to be this fire we are all being acquainted to that lives deep inside of us that we refuse not to feed.  This is good and very necessary after the disillusionment that has been going on.   Neptune in a fire element in this reading is telling me that she is extremely active right now.  Your dreams, your imagination, illusions, insecurities, delusions, mental illness flare ups, urges to make art – it’s all there, and so is our deep longing for something more, something that is transcendental experience.  Well, to have a transcendental experience, you must take a risk like stepping into some time traveling portal.  In other words, you are itching for BIG changes right now (the moon as the wheel).  The sun in Saggo as the 3 of Wands is telling me that visions of the future are pouring in right now.   This moon has a bit of a uh… religious? (H: Dogmatic, maybe?) flavor to it.  I feel compelled to meditate or do devotional practice or create sacred spaces or items.  I feel like I’m creating very sacred spaces with the people I am interacting with and that things that are said are important and people I have just recently met are familiar and places I haven’t been before are making me recall dreams.  And I am feeling this need to build up the people around me and tend to their perspective fires.  And sometimes I want to break down and cry.  And for some odd reason I keep getting the thought, “should I pray?”  I feel like prayer isn’t talking to anything external at all.  I feel like what I’m really asking myself is…  “Should I speak to the eternal source inside of me?  To my greatest Passion?” Do you want to?  Try now.  I feel like this is the perfect time.  Perhaps it will give you the inspiration and strength that you seek.  Perhaps what we find there is our call to a greater, new adventure.

Mercury (9 of Pentacles), Venus (5 of Pentacles), Uranus (7 of Pentacles)- It’s time to act, surely it is, there is no greater time than now.  7 of Pentacles again.  Uranus keeps telling me the same goddamn thing.  Act.  Act.  Act.  And sometimes you may not have enough time to think – and during those times you must act from your gut – your inner fire.  He is in combustible Aries and extremely impatient (and trust me, he is fucking impatient as fuck as it is).  Uranus is gearing up to go direct soon and will surely raise an even bigger hell-storm when he does so.  Minor planet Eris is side kick to the storm brewing, adding an extra element of out of left field tactics.  It’s like Harley Quinn and Joker, and the entire planet is Gotham while we are all moping around like Batman about our insecurities (Venus as 5 of Pentacles). Things seem to just come out of fucking nowhere…  And not just anything.  Big fucking things.  These things are coming up from the deep wells of our subconscious, playing out scenarios that seem oddly karmic and definitely like something we’ve seen somewhere before.  The way out of any karmic cycle?  Choose to do things differently this time.  Uranus demands this, and his demands are growing as the days are passing.

Quick thoughts on Mercury as the 9 of Pentacles.  There is a great emphasis on the material world right now.  We honestly can’t escape it – even in Sagittarius, everything is flavored with a very severe, permanent shade.  Material concerns feel very necessary right now, and the day to day things in our lives are somehow becoming very heavy.  We are obsessing over consequences.  Egads, not a good place to be, especially not with Neptune’s influence during this New Moon.  Go with Uranus, your impulses and flashes of insight, on this one.  Acknowledge Mercury, your mind, and the anxieties your mind is informing you about, yes put up some safety nets, but don’t let it keep you from your aspirations.  Anxiety has a function, but it is also a tool that gets out of control far too often.

Oh god the heart starvation.  This is a fucking lonely moon.  A lot of emptiness and heartbreak, and a lot of financial woes.  The 5 of Pentacles is poverty, and in Venus this is poverty in the realm of love, beauty, and finance (because in this culture, if you don’t have money you don’t have material security – which she rules over).  We learn things in this state of poverty.  We learn that some things are vital to our existence.  What we learn in this state can sometimes be hard to swallow, they can turn our lives around and like the homeless person usually portrayed in this card – we will feel outside of the place we were once at before.  Just keep taking the steps.  Just keep acting.  Just keep tending the fire.  Reprieve and illumination rest here, and being okay in this state leads to a greater freedom than you know.  Believe in yourself and believe that your needs will be fulfilled.  Where there is a will there is a way, just make sure you take seriously what you have learned here or you will come right back.

Mars (Temperance), Jupiter (7 of Wands), Pluto (5 of Wands)- Chill, everyone.  Mars in Aquarius with Temperance is telling you to take a step back and chill.  Everything is in motion if you take the first step.  It is going to be a process to get to where we want to go, and that can make us anxious.  It is difficult as hell to see visions of the future from so far away.  The thing is, there are some important steps that need to be taken first and we must pay very close attention to the things that are happening around us.  We can heal from doing work with detail.  We can heal from a level of detachment right now, not because we don’t care about the things going on but because we must be calm and collected to observe and make proper decisions.  But the thing is, we MUST decide, or the decision will be made for us.  Pluto as the 5 of Wands tells me there is a lot of “shaking up” that is going on.  Expect quarrels.  People are going through the same deep worries as you are, and most people are not very good at learning how to cope with their shadows.  And god damn people’s shadows were poked during this intense Scorpio season!  Remember, most people are knee deep in those zombies right now, and you are in high elevation – climbing climbing.  You can go back and help some of them, but you surely can’t help all of them.  In other  words, pick your battles right now.  Your main task is to move forward in a focused manner, and the calamity around you can be very distracting right now.

Jupiter as the 7 of Wands.  You’re tired and this battle is long, and whatever you are going through – it seems you are in the thick of it.  But fuck do you still feel inspired.  Back when I use to run track and field, I ran a lot of long distance.  After about the 2nd or 3rd mile, you went into a sort of insane trance.  The only thing on my mind during those trances was my goal, and the vision of anything outside of that goal looked like a puff of smoke.  I ran to the hammering of my heart with my eye set on the prize, and although I should have been in immense pain I fell into a state of bliss through the pain.  You need to march through the muck in a similar trance state.  The things, the details right now, need to get done to get to that vision you are seeing.  We have a long way to go and it’s going to take it out of us for sure.  It’s like Fight Club.  There is a sort of… catharsis in the pain, and the bliss of the survival when we power through it and reach our goal through sheer determination.  It’s a launching pad for transcendental experience.  Care to take the journey calling?


Jupiter Square Pluto & Sextile Saturn – Paradise Lost

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

You never know how much you really believe anything until its truth of falsehood becomes a matter of life and death to you. It is easy to say you believe a rope to be strong and sound as long as you are merely using it to cord a box. But suppose you had to hang by that rope over a precipice. Wouldn’t you then first discover how much you really trusted it?” – C.S. Lewis, A Grief Observed

Effective Dates: November 2016- August 2017

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” – Pslam 23-4

A prayer is like a mantra.  You may need it through the dance these three planets perform during 2017, which I have dubbed the year of The Star (XVII).  We are about to descend into a year that is packed full of retrogrades, including the dreaded Venus retrograde in Aries at the end of a cruel winter.  “What do you mean, “descend,” Artemis?  Didn’t we just go through the year of the Tower?”  Haha yes, the tower tested our ability to destroy all of the false constructs in our life and present ourselves as we truly are so that we may begin living via our true will.  But the tests surely aren’t over.  The work is never over.  All I can tell you is what is next, and that is going to be a test to our faith – in ourselves, in everything and everyone.  Jupiter is the Queen of Cups and The Star all at once, indicating our hopeful intuitions are quite spot on.  There really is something we can do.  This really is our chance, but Saturn, as per usual, challenges us.  Are we willing to risk everything and trust in our instincts and intuition?  Are we willing to go through the pain and mental gnashing that is coming to us and still continue to trust our gut and heart?  Now that The Tower has crumbled and we are sitting in the rubble of our old life, are we going to have the faith it takes to follow The Star out of the deep, dark forest ahead of us that is 2017?

It is extraordinarily difficult to trust anything again once you see things start to fall around you.  The thing is, darlings, we knew all along.  We knew how our life – our country – really was and didn’t trust our goddamn instincts, and that is a huge part of this Saturn in Sagittarius transit that has been bombarding us the past couple of years.  We, as a species, when we feel we should collectively panic, we tell each other that we are merely over reacting.  There must be a rational explanation for all of this!   There must be a system we can employ to make sure that our results are better!  Eh, perhaps our goal is what is truly the flawed thing, hm?  We spend our whole life wrestling with the fact that we haven’t lived up to expectations that are handed to us by people who are just as broken and blind to the larger picture as we are.  We have a 1 week memory about most events and then stash them back in our subconscious, so that they can morph into strange phobias later on.  We all know what is going on, yet over intellectualize and destroy our instinctual knowing because we believe that no real knowledge can come from anywhere outside the intellect.  Unfortunately, the intellect can be blocked as well.  It can jam and bring us into paradoxical realms that are literal torture to walk through.  Saturn in Saggo with Jupiter inflating him is going to challenge our ability to have faith in ourselves, our instincts, our gut reactions to things.  If something feels wrong – off – out of harmony, it very likely is.  If you are bombarded with chaos, do you still have faith in the bigger picture?  Sometimes a plot twist is very much necessary to get you to where you really need to go.

“Step up to the fucking plate,” Saturn says.  He is heavy wielding The Magician and the Ace of Swords.  You have to understand the game that is being played and learn to play it yourself.  You are the manifester this coming year, and you will also be responsible and judged for your manifestations.  No pressure.  How can you keep yourself from fucking up?  Listen to your inner voice and inner child.  You always try and mute this vital part of you out because the things it has to say feel so fucking ridiculous sometimes, but you always know what you truly desire.  So fucking have the courage to actually act on it during this transit.  If you act on dreams that have been given to you instead of your own personal vision, this transit is going to be tough as fuck for you.

You are given a chance here, and this is a rare one at that, Heretics.  Uranus conj Eris right now is about to hit a second trigger point with Ceres in early 2017.  Since the late spring, these two have been creating a sort of primordial soup of chaos for us.  Chaos is like play-dough.  At first it may seem like it everything is going to shit and we are going to die under the collapse of the Tower, BUT it is also a fucking chance.

In chaos, there is fertility.” ― Anaïs Nin

Things are being rearranged and there are ways in now that there weren’t before.  As above so below, the political sphere reflects this and so does your life.  Sink or swim, folks, because Saturn is literally handing you Excalibur (Ace of Swords) and Merlin (The Magician), so now you must go forth and actually build your goddamn kingdom.  The challenge is very simple.  Saturn in Saggo asks, “Do you have faith in yourself and your vision?”  Well, do you?  Because, if you don’t, you’ll be building someone else’s empire for them in Saturn in Capricorn instead of your own.

Daddy Saturn is actually playing along quite well with Jupiter during this transit, but it will bring about a sort of spiritual zealotry.  AKA get ready for all sorts of crusaders to continue popping up, now more than ever with Jupiter adding his influence to the picture.  BUT this is good news as well because it’s going to light a fucking fire under the asses of all people to step up to their higher calling, and Jupiter in Libra is going to definitely help with bringing the tribe together through it’s transit (September 2016-September 2017).

Jupiter in Libra will be teaching us quite a few lessons about partnership / trust / and truth in the coming year.  As Libra he asks, “How can you have trust if you do not have truth?”  Jupiter in Libra demands justice – demands truth – and Saturn with the Ace of Swords while in Saggo tells me our higher vision can be obtained with this simple advice; you must be authentic.  If your gut and heart are telling you something, you must be authentic to that.

But Pluto is here to tell us that none of this is going to be easy.   That is, it wont be easy if you actually desire to evolve.  It is easy to give up and go lie under a rock while all of this immense transformation is going on around us, but you will still have to deal with the karma of your actions.  Yes, “inaction” is still action, and choosing to sit on your ass and let the world choose your destiny for you just throws you back into the torture device we call the wheel – meaning you’ll keep living out the same fucking scenarios with different faces over and fucking over again.  So fuck you might as well deal with them now.

Pluto in Capricorn is far from over yet.    We still have a few more years of Pluto completely overhauling government structures and the general way humans organize on large scales.  A lot of the time we don’t see the forest for the trees because we are so goddamn focused on the individual instances of destruction going on around us.  Pluto in Capricorn (Jupiter in general and Saturn in Saggo) all tell us to look at the big picture.   With the 3 of Pentacles, Pluto tells me there is a transformational process going on right now that has been in construction for a very long time.  Things are coming together whether we see them or not.  This year will represent a decision for humanity – in our personal lives and as a collective.  Will we rise up and fight for our collective vision, or will we succumb to the vision of the powerful minority?  These are BIG planets, folks, and they deal with BIG events.  Next year wont be a reprieve from this year, unless you are becoming comfortable with getting the shit kicked out of you.  You’ve got to keep the hope while the chaos and destruction is brewing around us, because it is directly challenging our ability to trust in ourselves as capable human beings who can actually manifest real change in this world.

The events of 2016 will settle in everyone’s consciousness differently.  People transcending their chains and realizing they don’t actually have to answer to anyone can be cause for concern just as much as it is a cause for celebration.  Yes, you really do not have to answer to anyone, but here is the thing, Heretics, we are all fucking stuck here together.  Like three kids crammed in the back of a sedan, we have to fucking learn how to get along.  Jupiter in Libra asks, how can you manifest your hopes and dreams and also help your fellow humans as well?  What is a truly just life for you in your community?  What is a truly just way for you to have relationships with others?  It’s going to be a fucking seesaw of a year, but we will be here to keep you guys updated along the way. Get ready to have your trust challenged, your ideas about relationships refined, and lots and lots of servings of “justice” in all of it’s flavors.

Neptune Direct – Road to Damascus

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

I am divided for loves sake, for the chance of union…” – The Book of the Law

Effective Dates- November 20th, 2016- June 14th, 2017

The Star.  What is the Star card (and fuck, why does it keep coming up the past couple of months)?  Well, we get dragged through the dirt the entire way through this life, yet we keep hanging on.  Why is this?  Why do we wake up each day and decide to take this beating from life, over and over again – and as it’s delivered, we think, “maybe, maybe… just maybe today.”  The Star card represents hope, faith, and great spiritual healing.  The Star card represents all of the indescribable things just out of reach of the intellect.  The Star card is quantum advancements and channeling of information from the heavens down to earth.  The Star card is salvation.

3 of Swords.  And here we are, coming to the end of the Year of the Tower, after you have been tested left and right like you have never been tested before.  This truly is the dawning of a new era, and as Neptune is prone to doing, her retrograde since June has made the world seem like a caricature of itself.  Am I really meeting these people right now?  Are these events really happening in my life?  Are these things really transpiring in my country, in my world?  It is like we have been in a dream (and as we all know, Neptune is associated with the realm of dreams).

Neptune is beyond your intellect.  Neptune is a feeling.  The things it whispers to you cannot be explained, so they demand faith.  Remember, this planet was named after the god of the sea.  Aha-  Now we are seeing the connections; the sea, dreams, the deep unconscious, the underbelly, the great mystery, faith, the things just beyond reach but we all know are fucking there because we all feel them (the reason Pisces, who are ruled by Neptune, come off so god damn alluring).  Because of this, Neptune also rules over the sacred, the mystical, and the unsavory side effects of our existential angst; addiction and self undoing.

Sometimes, though, things need to come undone before anything can get done.  The fact that Neptune goes direct during Scorpio season tells me that this entire beat down this year was the necessary element to get you to fucking take that leap of faith into your divine calling.  “NOW NOW NOW” as I was told by my friend, who is essentially embodying the lightening right now.  “THE TIME IS RIGHT NOW,” and doesn’t it feel like that more than ever right now?  “DO YOU FEEL IT?”  Do I feel it?” he asked.

Yes, absolutely, more than ever.

6 of Cups.  Ah, we have all been sitting back with our pleasantries for quite some time.  Sorry everyone, things are about to get crazier than they have ever been.  Our time of relaxation is over, but hey, this is actually a good thing.  Enough Netflix and Chill, it is time for action.  It is time to leave our blinders behind.  We can no longer pretend like everything is in it’s proper order as we have been clearly shown it’s disorder.  It is very easy to allow yourself to fall prey to the bullshit permeating all around you that tries all fucking day long to keep you asleep.  Nope.  No longer.  It is time for some dignity.  Neptune going direct is your divinely channeled inspiration that rattles you to finally say, “It’s time.  I can’t fucking keep pretending anymore.  It’s time to go.  It’s time to do this.  It’s time to tell the real story.”

You will frequently hear Neptune referred to as the higher octave of Venus, the planet of personal love.  Where Venus is romance and intimacy and all of the sexy elements of love, Neptune is all of the harder elements- self sacrifice, faith, and surrender.  Neptune is the things we do beyond the ego.  What is your highest calling?  Where do you need to go – how deep do you need to go – to burst through to a higher level?  You know it’s there, and you’ve been scratching at the wall that divides you from it for some time now.  So what you’re going to do now is you’re going to follow this feeling – the undying one deep inside of you that survived the shadow work of Scorpio season – that deep longing you feel – follow it, whatever it is leading you toward.  Neptune is about salvation, and we cannot reach our salvation if we ignore the messages we are receiving.  You will suffer all of your life if you do not serve that weird magnetic pull…  If you ignore the divine.  If you ignore the beyond.  If you ignore the mystery.

“Serve or suffer,” Neptune says.

The World.  Who are we to serve?  Surely not our government.  It is a mockery of what it was established to become, and it will wilt away like the ones before it.  No, this needs to be something more, something real, something eternal.  Neptune represents illusions.  As it goes direct, don’t forget the events that have transpired since June.  There was more reality there than there will be now that Neptune has gone direct.  The thing is, though, we will be full of exhilaration – a willingness to actually make change because we all feel this higher calling.  That is exactly what this transit is – a higher calling.  Where is it pulling you?  How is your higher calling merging with the collective’s?  How is it merging with the people in your life?  We all see it – the star – the next year and era ahead for all of us, and we all know that we must surrender to something much higher than all of us right now.  We must all become the highest version of ourselves so that we may all collectively become the salvation for this world.  I know, I know, big words and big themes, Artemis.  But honestly, what is transpiring all around us really is quite… out of this world.



Eros in Pisces & Sappho in Scorpio – New Poetry

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired” – Robert Frost

Effective Dates: November 27th-January 17th (Eros) November 26th- March 11th (Sappho)

“Have I seen you before in a dream?”  There is something to be said about erotic love and how it brings us to the forefront of being.  It rips us from our future anxiety, seduces us away from the past and holds us ever so steady to every drop milked from the present.  Love is very much like a force of nature.  Like gravity or a storm on the horizon, there is nothing we can do to completely remove its presence.  We can take precautions.  We can bat down the hatches, attempting to lower it’s impact, but we can never fool ourselves into thinking we can remove all of it’s influence.  It is intoxicating, and Eros in Pisces is one of the most intoxicating positions for the asteroid.  Here’s a little benefit we may receive from this – love can give us the strength to wipe clean the slate we have been working with and start something completely brand fucking new.  The Fool and The Wheel in this reading indicate to me that there are gears shifting since this “autumn of love” with Libra.  The Scales brought us the connections we needed in our life, and all the planets wove a sort of “fairy tale” tapestry into our lives.

That is… before Scorpio vetted us.  But here is the thing, Heretics, Scorpio season needed to bring us to our knees so that we realize why deep connection is so important to us.  Yes, the fun and games of flirtation and the dance of attraction is the natural transition into Scorpio season’s soul piercing intensity.  Sappho in Scorpio is my natal position for this asteroid, meaning I know a thing or two personally about this energy.  A native of this energy will tell you that there is no point writing or talking about things that don’t have soul.  Here, the native will not stop at pleasantries.  They don’t want your formulaic flirtation.  They don’t want your sweet nothings attached to nothing in particular.  They want your words to grasp at their soul, they want to reach into you with each sentence like a microscope into your deepest intentions.

Here, in Scorpio, Sappho is given an investigative soul, and words become methodical.  She goes from the flirt to the seductress (trust me, there is a BIG difference).  This combination of Eros in Pisces and Sappho in Scorpio is brimming with eroticism, and the two are going to pump up our craving for soul level connections.  Yeah, it seemed really fun for a couple of months there with Eros resting in Aquarius, giving us the ability to detach from the sexiness coming into our lives.  “Yeah, that seems nice and all, but it also seems messy and intense,” Eros in Aquarius says, “Let me observe it from a distance for a bit and flirt with all this other stuff coming my way… and… fuck…”  Here we are in Pisces and Eros can no longer cooly detach.

Fuck, now we just literally can’t run.  Holy shit, what is this feeling?  You actually desire to be brutally honest.  Here is the fun thing about this combination, Heretics, it will give you that deep, brutal honesty you are craving, but it will also give that brutal honesty the romantic, dreamy element of Pisces.   This is the combination for a perfect romantic situation, and not just any romantic situation, but the type of romance that you’ve craved and always thought was but a dream.  A new sort of poetry is emerging from your lips, speaking of things you never thought you would get the chance to speak of.  This is a great chance to dive into some deep waters.

There is something about the intensity of this combination that is going to bring changes for us.  A lot of these cards are moving cards- the fool, the wheel, 6 of swords, 8 of cups – all of these cards want change and movement and honesty.  The Fool wishes to start on a brand new adventure, divorcing herself from the ties of the past.  This seduction that will come into play for you during this time will entice you with this new way of life and ideas.   It will tell you that it’s okay to re-think just about everything.  The Fool, and the Wheel, are paradigm shifters, and the wheel also tells me that some old cycles are returning right now and we will be presented with a tool to break those cycles.  That tool, my friends, is the opportunity for intoxicating love.

What is wonderful with finding a soul level connection to another individual is that it is literally irresistible.  You get physical symptoms form a love like this – like a drug addiction (Pisces is in charge of addictions, after all).  Whether you like it or not, your intoxication will ask you to walk away from a lot of things (8 of Cups) – things that have kept you jaded and dead for a very long time.  This transit will ask us to dream again, and believe in the transformation power  of love- a force none of us truly understand.  There will be some conflict that arises from this energy.

Our warning from this reading comes from the 5 of Swords, who indicates that the intensity of energy brought by this card will bring feelings of tension in situations where feelings aren’t returned.  Here is the thing, folks, follow the flow.  Eros in Pisces is an easy energy to follow, because water signs tend to guide us where to go via the heart.  If you follow it’s pull, if you follow the magnetic pull of your lover – like a stream – you will be lead to the source you are looking for.  If you are meeting resistance of the heart, then you are not traveling in the direction you need to go.  It’s your lucky day, though, because Sappho is a musician and poet, and the right path will feel almost… melodic.  With Eros in Pisces, the sign of musicians, it seems that our route to that indescribable, irresistible love, will be inviting us in for a dance.  In short, listen for the music and follow it… there is something you’ve always been waiting for on the other side.


Full Moon in Taurus – Novos Mundi

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world, that has such people in it!” –
 William Shakespeare, The Tempest

Date: November 14th, 2016

It’s a brave new world out there.  It seems like the world has become one giant anxiety attack, and people’s skeletons are pooling out of their closets.  This Super Full Moon in Taurus is going to be opposite Lilith in Scorpio, illuminating you for the bad girl that you really are.  We are up to our ears in corruption, lies, scandals, and one of the worst elections in history is about to close, officially announcing the new leader of the American Empire.   The thing is, no matter which puppet sits up on that seat, we are all very much aware now that they are merely a mirage of what is truly going on.  This Full Moon in Taurus is Super Moon #2 of 3 in a row.  What a grand finale of Tower Year, right?  What makes this particular full moon even more special is that it will be the largest Super Moon we have seen in over 70 years, and we wont see another like it for a couple decades to come.  Why exactly is Luna zooming in so closely with her looking glass?

The Sun (The Sun), Moon (The World), and Uranus (Ace of Swords)-   Bloodied we crawl from the destruction of the towers, into the new world that awaits us.  We are damaged, fraught with nightmares and the twisting of new whispers from future.  What does it want from us?  How can we possibly get up and face another day after all of the barrage of this past year?  And then we realize…  Aha, we have been reborn.  All of that pain – all of that suffering this year – was your transformation.  2016 was an incubator of sorts, a setting off of a bomb that has cleared the landscape of anything that formerly resided there.  Now we are charged with seeing things for the first time, as if we just came out of the womb of Gaia herself.  The earth itself is rising up.  The animals are unsettled, the rivers are talking, the Native people are gathering.  Will we rise up to fight with them and save what scraps we can of this earth, or will we allow the small percent to poison our Mother and in turn our only source of sustenance.  Taurus, ruled by Venus, is also a sign that is ruled by Earth herself.  Mama is here for her revenge, and she will instill a fever in those that will rise up and fight for her.  Like antibodies swarming to close in on a virus, she will start to awaken and inspire the a new conscious effort from her people.  Will you stand up and fight for her, or will you take up arms against her?

As the human race, our time is ticking.  I have said this before, and I will say it again, NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO MAKE IT.  But that doesn’t mean you should go lie down and die.  You might very well be one of the ones who makes it through and actually taps into the collective vision of the world.  You see, Heretics, pulling The World for this super moon is informing me that the collective unconscious is at a tremendous high right now.  We are all connected, if only psychicly, for this period.  Dig in deep and listen.  Where do we all want to go?  It will rise up through all of us like a lightening rod.  All in all, these three planets are telling me we have a New World in our minds, a brand new day that is full of growth and understanding, and to get there we are going to have to pick up our swords and fight for the mother who gave birth to us all.  In this cold, dark universe so cruel toward life, she incubated us and gave us life.  What will we give for Her?

Mercury (7 of Pentacles), Venus (The Fool), Mars (9 of Swords)–  It’s a nightmare out there.  And we’re sick of fucking waking up from nightmares.  It’s time for a change, and everyone will seem a little bit restless.  This is a very revolutionary moon.  (7 of Pents) Mercury is telling us that this is the time to make our piece of mind heard, but Venus tells us only if it is about new values – new orders of business and not the bullshit of the past.  We are very well aware what has been useful and what hasn’t been useful, and this moon will finally allow us to see what we want to set as the base to our new world.  We saw how Towers fall if they are built faulty, and we saw all of the nightmares that can haunt us for years to come if we aren’t true to our personal will and honest with our dealings.  Unless you want to go through the cycle we just went through once again (HAHAHA), this is where you should be initiating your new dream.  We are at ground zero.  There is only up from here, no matter how many new wild beasts we will be running into (and the bloody war for Mother Earth that is rising up around us).  Band together, Mars is telling us it is time for us to take sword in hand and actually fight the nightmares around us.  (9 of Swords) Intellectualizing the world has lead us to a dead end, and (The Fool) Venus tells us that the answers lie outside of this system.  Maintaining status quo is going to get us absolutely nowhere, and you will be forced to come face to face with these types – the ones who sit on their ass and theorize about life without fully immersing themselves in it.  Observing, in a scientific manner, can be useful.  But the observer – the scientist – must never forget that they are still a part of the experiment.  You are NEVER removed from your environment.  What is our place in all of this?  How are we feeding the nightmares that are going on around us, even if we think we aren’t involving ourselves?  Every action you take has a reaction.  Even when you think you are choosing “inaction.”  There is no such fucking thing.

Jupiter (2 of cups), Saturn (Ace of Wands), Pluto (Ace of Cups)–  Saturn seems to be waking the fuck up.  Oh joy.  The events of the past, and not just our past, but the past of this land as well, are coming full swing for a karmic return.  Unfortunately, we have to pay the bloody price for our ancestors and what they have done.  Will we keep running from this responsibility like the majority of our parents and grandparents have, or will we finally roll up our sleeves and get to work?  The reason why Libra is connecting all of us right now is so that we all learn that we are each like a tiny gear of this giant machine ready to fight an even bigger machine that runs off of fossil fuels and slave labor.  It really IS who you know, and we all sure know a lot of people who have a lot of different specialties.  You need to take all that you have learned, and now you need to put it to use.  Putting aside any of your responsibilities – whether they are to the greater masses or toward your smaller community – will only bring you immediate karmic punishment during this time.  Saturn wants us to act, and Pluto is begging for us to transform – not only ourselves, but the hearts of all of those around us through the power of sheer, earth shattering heart/heart connection.  They have bred this idea of “competition” in us for ages, but the thing is, the earth works in harmony.  Look to Her and the flow of nature to see what you are doing wrong in your life and how you can improve your own life’s circulation.  Once you can work from a place of love, instead of a constant need to get ahead, you will (ironically) see all the opportunities open up before you.

Neptune (8 of Swords)–  “But how the fuck can I help?  I don’t know what to do!”  We feel caged.  It’s like watching your best friend, neck deep in a fight, and you’re a football field away.  So what do you do?  You fucking run as fast as you fucking can, because even if you can save them from a single minute of pain, it is well worth it.  It is time for us to take a leap of faith.  It is time for all of us to trust in the higher love of humanity, and that we will all fight together once we all start to fight.  If we sit here with our blinders on, we will become trapped in our current world.  I don’t know about you, but sitting in these illusions is not where I want to be for any further length of time.  If you want true illumination – if you want true salvation, Neptune is here to give it to you.  But you must trust yourself first, and you must cast aside all doubt.  You must decide, from your heart, and take action.  This planet with the 8 of Swords attached to it is saying “jump” to me.  Trust me, if others see you jumping, they wont be as scared to jump as well.  We all gain strength from each other.


Venus in Capricorn – Frigid

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light.”
  – John Milton

Effective Date: November 13th- December 8th 2016

Why frigid?   We must remember that Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and thus restriction is the key word here.  This restriction from our lovers can come in many ways.   Venus revolved into Sagittarius hoping for some relief after an extra intense Venus in Scorpio season, but she was met full force with Saturn who has been sitting in Saggo for some time now.  This rifted something between all of us – it can be seen macro and micro.  Love has been wrenched from us and pulled away kicking and screaming into the night.  Will there be relief, we ask?  Will the restrictions end?

Nope.  Now she enters Capricorn, so the Saturn influence is still with us.  How are you being restricted from your loved ones?  This could be via distance, a break up, unforeseen circumstances that severed your connection, etc.  Love is, to people right now, a utility.  What can I get from you?  Don’t take what I have because it’s not enough for even me!  We are hoarding every little drop of love we can get, and lamenting about all the ways in which it has been taken as of late.

But hey, when god closes a door, a window is opened.  Or something like that, right?  So if your lover can’t just walk in your front door, it’s time to have them climb up the side of your house and shimmy into your window like High School all over again.  In other words, get fucking creative.  Capricorn may be about restriction, but Capricorn is sensual (remember, she is EARTH, and the most senior of the earth signs).  There is something sexual about the restriction, about not having, about pushing away and having the distance between you and your lover.  This new perspective may in fact show you where the real strengths of your relationship are.  Causes for lamentation will become causes for celebration soon enough when you realize there are a billion ways to love someone.

Oh it’s that NEED that Capricorn wants.  It’s the “I will fight through everything to be with you,” mentality.  Remember, Capricorn is about security.  How can she, in the kinkiest ways possible apparently, secure the fact that you you really do want her?  Sometimes this involves some fucked up games of being an ice queen, but that is NOT the way to go with this transit.  If you come up against this type of energy, there are many sweet, warm ways to thaw it out.  Even from a distance.  The sun is billions of miles away yet it can scorch the earth.  The love from the distance makes Capricorn comfortable (they are so insufferably uncomfortable all the god damn time), so it gives you your chance to move in slowly as this transit progresses.  Hell, from this distance you may finally notice some things you fucking hate just as much as new things you absolutely love.  So consider all of this a gift, in some weird ways.

For those of you attempting to restrict yourselves from relationships you DON’T want after noticing what psychos they are (oh you will really get to see the psychos come out this transit), this is your muthafuckin’ chance.  Ice Queens Capricorn and Aquarius are the next two signs that Venus will transit through, so if there was a time to severe a love connection it is now – some point before the end of the New Year.

But hey, either way, after some heart break, tears and rage, this transit’s ability to help us distance from our sources of love will allow us to either come back extremely grateful for them or finally realizing that they are a god damn waste of our time.