Venus in Capricorn – Frigid

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light.”
  – John Milton

Effective Date: November 13th- December 8th 2016

Why frigid?   We must remember that Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and thus restriction is the key word here.  This restriction from our lovers can come in many ways.   Venus revolved into Sagittarius hoping for some relief after an extra intense Venus in Scorpio season, but she was met full force with Saturn who has been sitting in Saggo for some time now.  This rifted something between all of us – it can be seen macro and micro.  Love has been wrenched from us and pulled away kicking and screaming into the night.  Will there be relief, we ask?  Will the restrictions end?

Nope.  Now she enters Capricorn, so the Saturn influence is still with us.  How are you being restricted from your loved ones?  This could be via distance, a break up, unforeseen circumstances that severed your connection, etc.  Love is, to people right now, a utility.  What can I get from you?  Don’t take what I have because it’s not enough for even me!  We are hoarding every little drop of love we can get, and lamenting about all the ways in which it has been taken as of late.

But hey, when god closes a door, a window is opened.  Or something like that, right?  So if your lover can’t just walk in your front door, it’s time to have them climb up the side of your house and shimmy into your window like High School all over again.  In other words, get fucking creative.  Capricorn may be about restriction, but Capricorn is sensual (remember, she is EARTH, and the most senior of the earth signs).  There is something sexual about the restriction, about not having, about pushing away and having the distance between you and your lover.  This new perspective may in fact show you where the real strengths of your relationship are.  Causes for lamentation will become causes for celebration soon enough when you realize there are a billion ways to love someone.

Oh it’s that NEED that Capricorn wants.  It’s the “I will fight through everything to be with you,” mentality.  Remember, Capricorn is about security.  How can she, in the kinkiest ways possible apparently, secure the fact that you you really do want her?  Sometimes this involves some fucked up games of being an ice queen, but that is NOT the way to go with this transit.  If you come up against this type of energy, there are many sweet, warm ways to thaw it out.  Even from a distance.  The sun is billions of miles away yet it can scorch the earth.  The love from the distance makes Capricorn comfortable (they are so insufferably uncomfortable all the god damn time), so it gives you your chance to move in slowly as this transit progresses.  Hell, from this distance you may finally notice some things you fucking hate just as much as new things you absolutely love.  So consider all of this a gift, in some weird ways.

For those of you attempting to restrict yourselves from relationships you DON’T want after noticing what psychos they are (oh you will really get to see the psychos come out this transit), this is your muthafuckin’ chance.  Ice Queens Capricorn and Aquarius are the next two signs that Venus will transit through, so if there was a time to severe a love connection it is now – some point before the end of the New Year.

But hey, either way, after some heart break, tears and rage, this transit’s ability to help us distance from our sources of love will allow us to either come back extremely grateful for them or finally realizing that they are a god damn waste of our time.


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