Uranus Direct in Aries – Chain Breaker

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” – Lao Tzu

Effective Date:  December 29th, 2016- August 2nd, 2017

You aren’t the only one that feels like you have just jumped out of a fucking airplane.  What have we done?  Impulsiveness is at an all time high, and the untrained eye will tell you that you are fucking up your life by making the rash decisions on your mind – but trust me, this is what is necessary right now.  Listen to your instincts and break free of your past cycles.  To do this, you are going to have to ignore your fucking brain right now.  Your brain is hardwired to repeat patterns, but your gut notices the underlying intentions of the world around you.  Have faith, Heretics, because although it looks like things are going to hell in a hand-basket, sometimes things need to be shaken the fuck up for the type of change that is necessary to take place.  Sometimes we must go through hell in order to fully realize what we need to build heaven.  You will have motivation to actually fucking DO SOMETHING like never fucking before.  So harness this, because we all know how precious inspiration can be.

Before we really begin, I’d like for you to go take a look at your natal chart and find what house ARIES is located in.  This is the house/area of life that will be primarily effected by Uranus going direct.  Also, keep your eye on any planets in your natal chart at the degree of Uranus upon going direct (he will be going direct at 20 degrees Aries).  If you have any planets at 20 degrees, they will be effected by this movement.

Ok, now that you have your house + planets effected in mind, listen up!  We have two difficult aspects on Uranus as he pushes into forward motion:

First, we have a square with the god of the underworld – Pluto – who is about to make a conjunction with the sun in the coming days.   For this, I pulled the Ace of Swords.  This means he is coming to the forefront of action, and he will be bathed in light (which gods of the underworld loathe – they like working in the shadows).  The truth is coming out, whether you like it or not, so it is best to muster up some bravery.  Already we feel the tension between the unconscious forces that motivate us, and our great desire for separation from the karma of our past.  Uranus is giving us a chance to “break the chain” so to speak.  Here’s the thing- a square is a “difficult” aspect, meaning there is a lot to be gained here if you are the brave sort.  You can impress Uranus by confronting your shadow aspects head on.   Integration is key here.  Instead of beating yourself up for everything you find inside of your head, use it to your advantage.  There isn’t a single soul on this planet that doesn’t have what they call “unsavory aspects” to their personality.  What will be different here is that you will start figuring out how to integrate these traits in your life to work for you instead of against you.  Integrate, Heretics.  This is exactly why these shadows were created in the first place – because that trait was not integrated appropriately into your life.  Uranus will give you a chance to start again.

We will also have Mercury retrograde in Capricorn and the Sun + Moon in Capricorn squaring off with Uranus as he goes direct.  For this I pulled the 3 of Pentacles + 1o of Wands, meaning that there is much tension being pushed our way to create a plan and start building.  The time is now, and even if you feel like you already have far too much on your plate – the time is fucking now, Heretics.

Well, what the hell is good?  A few things, actually.  We have fun opposition going on between Uranus conjunct Eris and Jupiter in Libra while Venus in Aquarius is trine Uranus in Aries.  For this, I pulled the 3 of Cups.  In Jupiter Libra lies our joy, our partnerships, our push for a Venusian renaissance, our desire for justice and balance within the world.  But it is being challenged by a selfish, thirsty as fuck Uranus Aries – pure individualism.  So that’s your challenge – the see saw between your relationships and your own personal destiny.  How will you find a balance between  funneling power into yourself and the others of your life?  Oh, but lucky us, Heretics, because we have a trine going on between Uranus and Venus in Aquarius.  This is the key to solving this opposition problem – essentially the paradigm shift that will allow for this dichotomy to meld.  Motherfuckin’ lightening flashes of insight in regard to our relationships will be a reaaaaal thing right now.  Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, so Venus will be at home dealing with this furious energy.  You will get the zeal to do exactly what needs to be done to encourage your independence and the independence of your loved ones while still maintaining a tight knit network.  This is the Aquarian way, and it is the perfect balance between Libra and Aries.

As was said in our Venus in Aquarius article, “Yes, in fact, you are going to know exactly what it is going to take to obtain the type of love you desire.  The real question is, are you going to have the courage to rebel against perceived restrictions to obtain it?” Uranus going direct should definitely aid you in this.

And last but not least, Heretics, we have a delightful Saturn in Saggo trine this Uranus going direct.  For this, I pulled The Fool.  It seems our karma has been lifted – if only for a time – and we are free to choose where to go from here.  The opportunities are few and far between, so we must make the most of this.  I must remind you – be careful what you wish for, because it may just come true under this transit’s watchful eye.  Your difficult lessons have been immense this year, but they were necessary for you to obtain the pressure needed to launch yourself to your destination.  You must take this opportunity to use all of the lessons of the past 2 years, since Saturn entered Saggo, and strike.  It’s literally sink or swim – change, like your entire life is demanding you to, or get ready for some even crueler punishments from Saturn.  Essentially – fucking take that god damn leap of faith.  You know for a fact Uranus wouldn’t hesitate to do so.   

Pallas Athene in Pisces – Acolyte

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

You don’t need water to feel like you’re drowning, do you?”  Jodi Picoult

Effective Dates:  December 28th, 2016- March 30th, 2017

“Step outside of your comforts,” the Tarot is exclaiming, “And have some goddamn hope.”  Opportunity is about to knock, and Pallas is demanding battle schematics if you are to go ahead.  Here is the thing, Heretics – we are having Pallas move into Pisces the day that Uranus goes Direct (and yes, the same day as our New Moon in Capricorn).  It’s time to make some serious intentions about our mode of attack for the coming year.  In Pisces, Pallas is very spiritual warrior.  When soldiers fight with a religious zeal, they can tackle almost any obstacle.  There is nothing that can trump that conviction, and a spiritual warrior is willing to risk it all for the greater glory.  Pallas Athene is the goddess of courage and just action, and she is inspiring us to follow our life path via an almost spiritual yearning for it.  This is both good and bad, depending on who you are and what your goals are.  This transit may spike the zealotry found in radical groups, and it may also light a spiritual fire under you to go after what you truly want.

There is a sense of moral superiority to this transit.  Athene will be transiting over both Neptune and Chiron before she gets to Aries, so expect people to believe their vision to be the one true way, or some crap like that.  And expect some zealotry to come out related to emotional wounds – holes in people’s lives.  Opponents will challenge your decisions with fervor, but remember to keep your eye on the prize.  You know that people will use moral superiority as a weapon against you, so don’t fall into this trap.  Remember, their world is not your world.  We are all swimming in a grand illusion.  Traverse their moral system like water seeps around an obstacle.  In the end, Pisces knows we are all draining into the same ocean, so plug your brain into that paradigm.  Don’t take their words personally.  You’ll know the truth – you’ll feel it when you are presented with it.  

How can you show your opinion holds solid ground to those that follow a different vision?  To those who have chosen a different path?  You show them a truth so raw and real to you that they cannot deny it is true for you.  They will feel it and thus know it.  Pallas Athene may be a warrior goddess, but in the end she is defensive before offensive.  What will make an enemy drop to their knees before they have even begun to fight you?  By getting them to realize that they have somehow destroyed something sacred– tread on something real.   Athene is known for “pattern recognition,” and in Pisces she will help you recognize emotional patterns that are holding you back.  This will allow you to come up with a strategy to get yourself out of these horrible emotional cycles.  Remember, the only way to break through is to charge with something solid.  Although Athene pushes defense before offense, she asks me to remind you that if you do attack – make it swift and severe the head.  Or, you know, you’ll get sucked into the depths…


New Moon in Capricorn – Archon

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Little by little, the old world crumbled, and not once did the king imagine that some of the pieces might fall on him.”  -Jennifer Donnelly, Revolution

Effective Date: December 28th, 2016

We are all waking up new people right now, with new bodies we almost don’t recognize.  It seems that after this Tower Year gave us the opportunity to erode old roles in our life.  When you see something vastly painful – a great shadow manifesting in your life, be aware that this is because there is an equally large illumination happening at the same time.  Those of you who investigated the pain you were dealt instead of running from it realized that shadows are hallow.  Oh yes, the monstrous shadows this year had to feel crushing and all encompassing for us.  If they didn’t crush us, they couldn’t have brought us to our foundations.  Don’t you know what you really need now, Heretics?  Necessity, Heretics.  Capricorn teaches us about necessity.  And yes, this means the necessity of pain in our lives.  Capricorn is use to dishing out tough love and getting zero gratitude for it.  She is use to others feeling enraged by her lessons.  They are necessary, Heretics, or we wouldn’t be strong enough to “make it through the winter.”  The pain has stripped us to our raw forms.  There is no going back now, so it’s time to choose; will you hide your “exposed” self with a newly crafted mask or will you finally stand firm in your identity?

The Sun (9 of Wands), Moon (King of Pentacles), Mercury (9 of Cups), Mars (Queen of Pentacles), and Neptune (8 of Swords)-  Pick yourselves the fuck up, Heretics because 2017 is going to be fucking weird.  You’ve got to get some solid ground underneath you, or you’re going to be like an astronaut lost in space. Yeah, this means getting some sort of god damn plan in order for once (and ugh, during Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn as well – it’s going to get nitpicky but necessary).  You’re going to need to look deep inside and think about the things that you really need and transform your life to fit those plans.  Illusions will be spun to bring you back

If you go back, you’re going to get another blow similar to the karma that effected you in 2016.  Trust me, you cannot withstand another blow like that – especially if you have cowardice in your heart.  And yes, you must have cowardice in your heart to seek comforts when you know what you must do.  There is a push and pull to Capricorn and her opposite, Cancer.  One sign knows that there must be comforts and nourishment in order to learn and grow, and the other knows that tough love is necessary for some lessons.  They are meant to balance each other, like a sea saw, unable to function without their opposite force.  Solidity and structure will be necessary for our emotional comfort at this time.  We need to know who will be there for us, what is expected of us, and where we are deciding to go from here. While we go about trying to gain control of our lives, greater forces will attempt to gain control of us as well. There is a looming danger in the air telling us to prepare (Mars as Queen of Pentacles).  With Mars in Pisces and the Queen of Pentacles, I sense a sort of “preparation for the revolution.”  The schematics for a new renaissance are being drawn somewhere, and there could very well be echoes of the plan in your own life.  As above, so below.

9 of Cups is known as the “wish card.”  So make a wish, Heretics, because whatever you decide to work on during this period is what you are going to see come into fruition.  I guess this also means I should warn you with the typical “be careful what you wish for.”  Yes, of course there will be setbacks to your plans, but this is just a test to your patience and dedication.  Capricorn needs to know that your intentions are true – that you are real.  If you are not approaching the coming year standing with integrity, then you will very swiftly fall into old karmic circles.  2017 is the year of the Star, yes, but numerologically it is also the year of The Wheel.  We are facing our karma head on – things we thought were long dead and gone – and the only way out of the wheel is to not play the game the same way this time around.

Venus (10 of Cups), Saturn (The Chariot), Jupiter (The Fool), Uranus (10 of Pentacles), and Pluto (2 of Swords)-  Mmm, now that we got the “get to work” part out of the way, it’s time for the fun.  Uranus + Eris + Ceres (opposite Jupiter, and Trine Saturn and Juno) are making a final conjunction on New Years Eve, only 2 days away from this New Moon in Capricorn.  You must know what the rules are before you can break them.  Your own personal rebellion in your life is a mirror of the greater rebellion that is beginning to take shape in your city, in your country, in our world.  It is easy for us to grow comfortable with authoritarian rule in our lives.  We may allow our past traumas the honor of sitting on the throne, or perhaps we give too much of our dignity to a viscous boss or abusive partner.  This moon will challenge you to take back your authority and break the chains that bind you.  This means you must let go of your self doubt.  You wont be able to climb a mountain with dead weight, and you can’t rule a kingdom if you don’t believe in you are worthy of your role.  Uranus is demanding we rise to our station – rise to our true role in life.  He wants nothing less from us, and Jupiter in opposition as The Fool is telling us the only way to do this is radical change.  This is rebel with a cause energy.

Pluto is telling me we are being given a choice to evolve or devolve, and we must find stillness in order to see where we must go.  This stillness will be found if we ground in the reality of our situation and fully acknowledge it.  Stop placing guilt on yourself.  Look at your lessons soberly, and decide to move forward with what you have learned – or the pain was for nothing.  This, in itself, will be an act of rebellion. This awareness of the established rules will become very important for you once you decide how you are going to break free of other people’s control over your destiny.  They will attempt to woo you into their idea of what this reality is, but please keep in mind what we have learned all year; all towers must fall.  You are the ruler of your own reality.  Once you know how others have built your “reality” around you, it is very simple to figure out where you must plant the dynamite.  Uranus is asking you to take a stand against the monstrosity that has been built while you chose to sit back and disengage with life (our current political climate is a direct shadow of our collective disengagement from life).  This moon will make us see just where this exploitation is taking place, and with Uranus in the mix, for once we wont just sit back and take it.  This time we may just actually stand up for ourselves.


Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn – State Secret

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective Date: December 19th, 2016- January 8th 2017 (In Shadow til January 27th)

Why do you continue punishing yourself, day by day, hour by hour, caged up in your high tower – separated, isolated from the rest of the world? Do you think someone is going to come galloping up in a white horse, ready to pull you down from the spiral of bricks you have built to protect yourself from something that will demolish you? Unfortunately, Heretics, the more you attempt to protect yourself from demolishment, the bigger your high tower gets, and when your tower gets so fucking high that it starts to sway, you have quite the monstrous fall. You will meet head on, times 10, the very pain that you tried to avoid in the beginning.

Re-visit, re-do, edit, throw away, re-gain. These are traditional Mercury Retrograde themes. Mercury is an ephemeral planet. Most of the time, his influence goes un-noticed because he is the very mind that permeates reality. It is often the hardest to see the thing that is most personal to us. Currently, Mercury is situated in Capricorn, the eternal skeptic of the Zodiac.

It’s is time to be 
critical. Mercury is also a planet of healing, so this unearthing that will happen is good for you in the end.  It’s time to assess what you have with brutal honesty. Do you have a project you have been meaning to start? Fuck, now is the perfect time to do it. We have the resources we need, we just haven’t started USING them. Capricorn’s motto is “I Use.” How can you learn to manipulate what you have into a solid plan? What do you need to cut away from your high tower in order to be grounded once again? This transit is urging us to move forward. It is super powered by conjunct contact with Pluto, meaning the projects we begin now will be critical to our self transformation. It also means that it is going to detonate your faulty plans.  Once you get rid of your self imposed obstacles, you can begin moving forward – full steam ahead.

There will be a massive unveiling going on at this time that will seem almost “cold” toward you. The conjunction with Pluto is surely going to bring out our shadows and vulnerabilities, so keep in mind that you may be “exposed” at this time. This also means that it is easier to see yourself, therefore easier to work on yourself. This is your chance to re-visit the underworld and make some adjustments – bring back parts of yourself you thought were lost or too damaged to patch up. And then when Mercury swings back into direct, you can meet the challenge of 2017 head on with far more solid foundations. This transit will teach us more about integrity because it will be incredibly hard to hide faults. It will also make synchronicities far more visible and lies far harder to commit to.

Picture this transit like C4 used to blow away chunks of earth so that tunnels may be constructed from one point to another. There, inside the earth, we will learn things about ourselves that we have tried to bury. This transit will test our courage to confront those things, and it will test our determination. When these ghosts escape their graves, they will be inspiration for our art – for our healing. I guess the one thing to remember is that ghosts can’t kill you. They are phantoms, and you are made of the earth itself. When you realize this, perhaps you will stop building up, and start standing your ground.


Mars in Pisces – Mesmer

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.”
 -Oscar Wilde

Effective Date: December 19th 2016- January 28th 2017

If you panic, you drown.  Our cups overflow with plenty, but we are still somehow blinding ourselves and thrashing in the waters that could be carrying us to mouth of a greater .  This transit is telling us to step away from our mental trappings and allow our intuition to guide us to what is next.  And all those illuminations you have been having the past few months?  Yeah, here comes their challenge!

So you have some competition coming your way.  Here is how you are going to get your edge on them:  you are going to wait.  I know that seems counter intuitive, right?  Why wait?  Why not “strike while the iron is hot?”  Because your enemies are going to make the mistake of moving before listening, but you’ve got the advantage of knowing that Mars wants you to LISTEN.  He is asking you to go full guerrilla warfare on your enemies.  Hide behind trees, make traps, use the tricks of every trade you have come into.  But remember, most of all, don’t be afraid.

You will be blind during your actions, but you must keep in mind your future confrontations.  Prepare for anything, and spin your orb of illusion like mad during this transit because you literally wont be able to see some things coming.  The thing with Pisces is that you are not going to be able to see a god damn thing even if you wanted to – everything is indirect right now, so must be your approach.  You will need to work from an intuitive/emotional position as any mental assertions of power will leave you open for attack.  Be silent.  Listen.  Act from your heart and your gut.

There is a lot of “soul warrior” vibe to a Mars in Pisces transit.  Instead of being motivated to make changes in your exterior world, a lot of the drive is going to be funneled into making changes in the interior world.  The going ons of the masses will be far from our main concern, and the going ons of our own personal life will amplify.  Pisces knows that in order to birth a new world, one must first save and cleanse their own soul.  There will be a lot of poking and prodding coming from people who aren’t going to understand where you are intellectually coming from or the emotional work you have done to get to your current value system.  Don’t let this set you back.  Take their attacks lightly – like play – and disengage.  Know that your most important work is your personal work right now.  You must be like water and go around instead of hitting directly.

8 of Swords is a card about self inflicted mental blindness.  There is something you aren’t seeing right now and it is because of all the cerebral energy in the air (hello we just had a Gemini Super Full Moon, time to change course).  The key here is to do your work – keep moving toward your goals – but see how you can focus on removing your mental blindfolds by switching to an intuitive level of reality.  You’re going to have a lot of energy coming at you that will tell you, “ugh I should just sit this one out” while this transit is going, but you must engage.  It just doesn’t want you to do it in an aggressive way.  Think Pisces.  Think subterfuge.  Think mesmerizing your competition, blinding them with their own mental constructs, and then striking when your intuition tells you to.  If you’re too in your head, you’re not in your world, and if you’re not in your heart, you aren’t making the moves that your higher self is demanding right now.

Full Moon in Gemini – Echo

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Oh my, it looks like we have a very serious Gemini Full Moon here, probably because he has to deal head first with the echo of what happened during the Saggo New Moon.  This lunation has a hard aspect to a Sun/Saturn blast of energy.   Gemini, our intellectual mind, is fully exposed by Daddy Saturn’s stern judgement and the Sun’s illuminating rays.  There is nowhere for you to run and hide from this energy, and with encouragement coming from Pluto and Jupiter, you’re going to want to come out with it – whatever it is.  This is a chatty moon, and with a square to Chiron in Pisces, she is going to be an emotional one as well.  The thing is, the stoic energy of Mars and Venus in Aquarius will make it seem like nothing is going on at all when the rumblings of a distant volcano can be felt in our bones.   Aquarius has a habit of doing that…  Projecting the shit out of emotions while looking like there is nothing going on at all.  And Gemini, well, Gemini has endless curiosity, so you best believe someone is going to feel your bubbling thoughts and investigate.  So prepare for these two energies are going to dance a bit during this lunation.  There will be a good bit of “judgement” happening during this moon.  Our intentions made on the Saggo New Moon will be rewarded or punished.  Saturn gets a bad rap!  Sure, he judges the shit out of us, but hey, if he looks at us and sees that we are actually listening and trying to live out our true will, he will reward us.  And if you haven’t made strides, well… I’ll tell you all about that too…

The Sun (King of Swords), The Moon (The Lovers), Mars (Temperance), Jupiter (King of Wands), Saturn (Death), Uranus (6 of Swords) and Pluto (The Empress)

This Full Moon is yet again another synchronistic hub like the last New Moon.  There is some orchestration here, and only mindfulness can lead you to the patterns.  Everything is going to seem busy as we are getting an urgency to move the fuck on – from bad relationships, bad jobs, bad living situations, bad sex, bad everything.  Gemini has a .002 second attention span, and this moon is not going to stick around for your old garbage.   Saturn is sick and tired of your excuses and is looking straight down his scythe at you.  Saturn is Death in the tarot, and he demands a sacrifice so that your vision may be fulfilled.  That sacrifice is going to be all the shit he has been telling you to shed off since he entered Sagittarius in December 2014.

This is the end of our Tower Year cycle, and with it you must allow the person you were before this moon to begin to pass on.  If you allow them to keep residency in your mind, you will suffer greatly.  This year and it’s unpleasant astrology has been attempting to show us that we must continue to have integrity, no matter how many times we must re-build our lives.  Gemini is no stranger to change, and this full moon encourages it.  It asks you to step into your life and begin the process (Temperance as Mars).  You must realize that each thing will come at it’s own time (a wizard arrives when he should not when he is asked), but once they come we must act swiftly to obtain them.  That is how opportunity comes knocking, and Mars is telling you to work mindfully and swiftly.  Don’t let chances slip out of your hands – pay attention, which may be hard during a Gemini Full Moon.  But we have Mercury in Capricorn to help us out, and Saturn to keep is in check with delicious anxiety if we don’t get a move on it!  As the King of Wands, Saturn will not tolerate you sitting on your ass.  He is shouting, “DO IT!”

We are not going to be able to see what is ahead for us, but we must trust in our process and we must have total honesty with the self and our allies.  Uranus is telling me “YOU HAVE A PLAN NOW EXECUTE IT!”  So I guess it’s my job to tell you to “get the fuck on with it already.”  For those of you that have gotten the fuck on with it, expect some rewards via Jupiter Libra + King of Wands flavoring to come your way- beautiful things, lavish experiences, pleasantries, love, all that Venusian goodness with a dash of the muses, King of Wands passion, genius, and more vision.  Expect creativity to surge along with your sex drive during this one if you made good with Saturn’s demands the past couple of weeks.  Remember, Saturn WANTS to reward us, but we keep fucking that up with our doubts and fear.  Saturn also reminds us that rewards come in a cycle and that we must wait sometimes to receive them.  Don’t grow impatient and wreck everything.  He will pull through for you if you pull through for him.

We have some lovely air sign action going on between the Moon in Gemini, Mars in Aquarius, and Jupiter in Libra, so yes, a conversation is taking place.   Expect a conversation.  And, well, with Chiron aspecting this moon and Pluto demanding you to let things change (we get it), we are going to urgently want to talk about some intense emotions.  That means there may be prying.  The key here is to not fucking deflect.  You’re going to want to because this full moon energy is going to be quite intense.  When Saturn is opposing the Moon, your emotional world is exposed for judgement.  This is prime time for most people to deflect.  But if you deflect, you will tie yourself up and you will create an echo chamber within yourself – validating your anxieties and poisoning yourself with your own fear.

Mercury (9 of Swords), Venus (The Sun), and Neptune (4 of Pentacles)-

Oh god, Mercury is the 9 of Swords.  Yeah, mental beatings central, but it seems something must be purged right now and it’s going to have to be through Mercury.  There is going to be a snap, an unhinging that takes place that is necessary.  You may need to get to the point of “breaking” just so you can get to the point where you need to “let go.”  We are coming to the end of our mental faculties and learning that the mind will continuously loop on and on forever and ever unless we do something to break this cycle.  Neptune is pumping up the emotional demons and telling us to clutch our hurt and disillusionment, but Venus will outshine these motherfuckers if you allow her.  Venus in Aquarius asks us to change.  She is, when in the Uranian ruled sign, far more rebellious with her heart.  She will not allow you to chain yourself to anyone who isn’t serving you, and she is asking for you to let your inner light shine.  As The Sun, she demands for us to stand firm in who we are, because the mental inspections that are going on this Full Moon will make it painful if we don’t do it willingly.  And she tells us that the only way to victory is to value yourself.  The only way to properly relate to the world around you is to cast aside your doubt and shine as you want to- not as you “should.”

When you cannot trust your mind (9 of Swords), you can always trust your heart (The Sun).  It is time to liberate by allowing yourself to restrict your anxieties, become comfortable with your real intentions, and speak your truth.  There is some sort of underlying theme that has been playing out this year that will culminate during this Full Moon, and the keen Gemini mind will recognize this pattern right away.  Pay attention as the answer is right in front of your nose.  You may believe that life just plays out as it does without any of your influence, but this Gemini energy is reminding me that life is a conversation.  The chats you have with yourself become direct reflections in your environment.  So I am being told to remind you to change the conversation if you aren’t enjoying it.  There are plenty more enjoyable things to talk about…

Venus in Aquarius – High Voltage

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Effective Dates- December 8th, 2016-January 3rd, 2017

Mmm, this is my natal position for Venus, and I’m always excited to “come back home.”  And Fuck, although some tough transits are going on right now, we are getting positive boosts from the romantic side of life.  Juno recently made her transit into Saggo, and now Venus has finally powered through her rough Scorpio + Capricorn transits and found delicious, delicious freedom in Aquarius. With such positive aspects to Jupiter (trine) and Saturn (sextile), this is surely going to be a beautiful Venusian transit full of all the more positive aspects of the Aquarian archetype.  Prepare for lightening flashes of insight when it comes to your personal finances + your romantic relationships, and for things to come together in some strange and unexpected ways.

6 of Swords.  With Venus in Aqua sextile Saturn in Saggo, we are going to receive some revolutionary insights into our relationships.  What’s amazing about this transit is that it will allow you the opportunity to actually see the patterns of your past romantic relationships in clear, Uranian insight (pow pow!)  With Saturn in Saggo, you will get a surge of inventiveness and a philosopher’s edge.  Whatever happens here, you will stumble on to a new method of love with a flavor of Aquarian/Saggo freedom attached to it.  It’s time to leave behind essentially everything you ever knew about… well anything.  Aquarius breaks every single box she sees, so the impossible may just be, well, very possible right now.  Yes, in fact, you are going to know exactly what it is going to take to obtain the type of love you desire.  The real question is, are you going to have the courage to rebel against perceived restrictions to obtain it?

The Chariot.  With Jupiter blasting Venus off with trine energy from Libra, relationships that began as a result of the Jupiter in Libra transit will get an open door of opportunity.  Although we will receive this opening there is also a warning here.  The Chariot alludes to the armor that we wear in order to carry our most sacred desires through this cold and dangerous world.  It is the ability to juggle contradictions and live peacefully between them.  It is the control that it takes to protect inner from outer, and also integrate inner and outer.  This building of external armor is very common Venus in Aquarius behavior.  And it is often times very detrimental for individuals with this position in their natal.  This energy often times makes an individual so wrapped up in their armor that it becomes difficult to express love.  There are some hilarious stories about how negatively aspected Venus in Aqua individuals communicate their love.  I once heard of a Venus in Aqua individual who could only communicate their feelings through mix tapes (one can only assume his love trauma began in high school).

An individual who has mastered their Venus in Aquarius knows that they must integrate and trust their gut/instincts, like any good scientist.  What may seem like a contradiction may in fact be an opportunity to new and deeper understanding.  If we do not have the freedom to experiment, how can we ever learn about chemistry?  Scientists know that when they commit to finding an answer, they must also commit to having their hypothesis changed and changed again.  That is the nature of our paradoxical universe.  Once we hold on to one belief, something happens to rattle our world in the other direction.  The Chariot is our Willful attempt to dance in the paradox via the power of our trust in our instincts and our ability to protect our heart – but not so much that it becomes eternally encapsulated.

2 of Cups.  Oh boy, we have a 2 of Cups drawn for a Venus transit.  This is a good omen.  This card coming after the 6 of Swords and The Chariot tells me that this transit has a question attached to it, “How do we merge the contradictions in order to form unity even in difference?”  The answer, according to my cards, is finding a goal with your counterbalance.  Grumble all you want, Aquarians, even we have a counter balance.  We can’t always be the frosty loner, misunderstood by everyone and everything.  Sometimes we really are rebels without a cause – and we rebel against our own best interests.  YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO FUCKING DO!  Maybe you’ll hear this from one of your own:  You should probably at least listen.  Rebel against your own rebellion against merging methods with others.  Jupiter in Libra is going to teach us a lot about listening and adjusting.  This is no time to run from intimacy when incredible amounts of luck and opportunity are being presented to you by Jupiter.  You are SEEING your opportunity.  The real question is are you willing to believe in it and start adjusting your life to open yourself up to the blessing?

So here is the key to this transit – if you can integrate the contradictions inside of you (The Chariot – 6 of Swords), instead of suppressing them and controlling them, you will obtain what you most desire (2 of Cups).   The issue with most Venus Aquarians is that our natal position directly contradicts the dominant culture.  We believe in allowing our lovers to be exactly who they are – we love by breaking chains and setting people free.  And if they come back to us, well, then we know it was meant to be.

P.S. Heretics-  Don’t forget the kink.  Always expect some weird kink to come up during a Venus in Aquarius transit.  And expect kinky behavior to be inflated because of Jupiter and Saturn’s involvement.