Chiron Direct in Pisces – Medicine Man

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Men have healed me. Men have wounded me. One man healed me by wounding me.” – Kate McGahan

Effective date:  December 1st, 2016- July 1st 2017

Ugh, all this muck.  How deep did you bury it?  Your dread, that is.  Dig dig dig, but it’ll still come up and the punishments will continue until you learn.  The only reason these situations keep growing is because you let them.  We must act with bravery.  When we lack trust in our body, it begins to fail us.   When we stomp on our chi and give up, making a scratch into a mortal wound, we essentially hand our environment our life.  “I do not want to take care of this” is analogous to “I do not want to be here.”  Just like if we ignore our physical wounds, they will lead to our death, if we ignore our psychological wounds, they will lead to the death of passion (fire suit).

We all have them, these fissures in our reflection that we attempt to mask with various glamouring techniques.  We run away from any chance we receive to directly look at our wounds and examine them, which would naturally lead to our understanding of them.  We fear to look at that which we do not understand, because, well, we have been burnt pretty fucking badly in the past.  Do we not realize what we have learned from the experience of being burnt? We fear acting because it may lead to more hurt and pain; trading progress for temporary comfort.  We fear asking for help because that would leave us vulnerable and exposed.  How will we come back from the “shame” of having someone see us like that?  We do not realize that shame comes from the false idea that perfection comes without trials and that there can be no understanding between two individuals about pain.  So we trust no one to go past a certain point.  We block people who could help us heal because we fear they will take that chance to hurt us even deeper than we have already been hurt.  We end up handing out our own sentence to a prison cell of mind.  Unfortunately for us, our non-action will lead to our demise anyway.  The bravery of making a decision to trust is the decision that may save you.

The cards are telling me that the fire element is the way out of the current karmic wounds you may be dealing with.  Fire cleanses; nothing can escape it.  It strips everything down to ash, and all you need to ignite it is a bit of friction and a continuous flow of air.  Breathe and go.  It is the only way out – unbridled passion galloping toward an expansive vision.  Yes, you may get burnt again, but remember that fire is in turn cleansing false beliefs inside of you if you are brave enough to continue looking at the thing that has “damaged” you.  There is a lesson there…  Look for it closely, as that which creates the wound also creates the salve.

During this transit we will be forced to act upon the very wounds we fear the most.  I know, it’s demoralizing to realize that we have just cleared off the first layer of grime.  But if you want to try to find peace, you must know how to find it in the midst of war.  We will always be meeting a force of opposition in a world that manifests in the plural.  Our challenge is to learn the necessity of the pain.  Why was it necessary for you to be inflicted the way you were inflicted?  How has it propelled you to heal the way you heal others?  Retrograde Chiron season allowed you to see the patterns of your poisonous cycles.  It’s now time to act on what you have learned with confidence.  Don’t let a ghost called fear take away your solid ground because, in the end, it cannot do a damn thing to you.  Everything moves in cycles.  Everything has seasons, and we must learn that joy comes again.   Even to places we thought would forever be shrouded in darkness.  Root yourself so that you may emerge as a perennial.


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