Juno in Capricorn – The Vow

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“And to think you would get me to the altar
Like I’d follow you around like a dog that needs water
But admit it that you wanted me smaller
If you would have let me grow
You could have kept my love” – Banks, “Gemini Feed

Effective Dates: February 3rd- December 17th 2017 (Retrograde May 10th-August 26th)

This is a serious transit, so I’m going to put my serious oracle mask on.  As the world is going to hell in a hand-basket fast (thanks Mars in Aries), we come to a bifurcation point – the tip of the dragon tongue, so to speak, a fork in the road where we reach a crucial decision in our path.  Although you perceive we are all on individual paths, they all paint a picture together as well.  Where are we all headed, and how do we each play a role in this journey?  We are about to make a decision together – in the Macro and in the Micro – and this will be a heavy one to commit to.  So many things are coming together while so many things are falling a part.  It seems that now, more than ever, the community is bonding at an even deeper level.  We are at a point where we must decide who or what we swear our allegiance to.

In Astrology, two goddesses are associated with the 7th House (house of partnership).  Venus rules over ever chaotic “love”portion of the house, while Juno rules over the far more stabilizing “commitment” portion.  These two goddesses are like the two scales of Libra, needing to be in equal proportion to stabilize the 7th house.  Between them they have the ideas of inspiration/vision (3 of wands) and self restriction (8 of swords).

So it’s time to evaluate, Heretics, because Juno is going into Capricorn and our commitments are going to be tested under the weight of all of this new fire.  We have a strange configuration that is about to transpire in the sky;  Jupiter in Libra will be going retrograde, Psyche is retrograde in Virgo, Venus is entering Aries and will be going retrograde as well, Mars is in Aries (meaning both Venus and Mars will be traversing past the Harley Quinn and Joker Uranus/Eris in Aries).   Juno in Capricorn is commitment at it’s highest point – the sort you need before embarking on a particularly dangerous journey.  And Aries is that which we truly need to feel inspired.  Together this makes the idea of a rocket launching into space – an idea, a lot of math, a lot of money, training, trust, inspiration and committed astronauts with passion in their hearts.

Commitments can come in many forms.  We can be committed to a person, an ideology, a spiritual path, manifesting an inspired idea – whatever it may be, those commitments are going to need Capricorn-like attention as we move through these intense transits.  Because Uranus is a planet of the collective, I believe that as Venus and Mars transit past it, tempers will flare.  We are building toward a Leo full moon in the sun sign of Aquarius during a very intense political climate, and it is very clear to me that things are going to change and we are never coming back.  We are launching on a new journey, Heretics, so who do you want to make that journey with?

Who do you swear your allegiance to?  Juno in Capricorn asks you if it is something tangible – something real and solid so we can make this climb – or is it a divisive ideology that poisons the mind?  It is time to evaluate what is necessary for our next journey, and it is time to evaluate who we trust to take it with us – who we trust to lead us through it.  Who will help you grow through the chaos?  What people?  What higher ideals, if any at all?  What goals?  These are the areas of life that will be tested come the next 6 months.


Venus in Aries – Hustler

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Desire is the kind of thing that
eats you
leaves you starving.” – Nayyirah Waheed

Effective Dates: February 3rd- June 6th 2017 (Retrograde March 4th- April 15th)

Don’t lose faith, my friends, for a new hope is coming soon.  But in order to get there, we must undergo another purging.  This time, through the element of fire.  We went through an emotional purging like no other since Scorpio season in late October.  We took to the “mountains” and have been hiding.  Those of us who have been most effected by the transits the past 2 months have hidden like Hermits, nit picking our entire existence or learning a new craft – depending on our disposition.  This transit is here to tell us to “come out, come out wherever you are,” for a great temptress has entered our midst.   The waters have been fierce, and just when we thought we were making headway for fucking once!  A beautiful autumn crept into an obliterating winter, and we went from feeling on top of the world – almost manic – into a world where we can’t tell up from down or if the next wave of this insufferable emotional ocean will do us in for good.

The thing is, Heretics, we are not perfect beings.  We are full of cracks and flaws, and these cracks and flaws allow us to mold ourselves differently and configuration in ways we couldn’t see before.  We are not immortal, perfect and unchanging.  We are chaotic ooze with a core made of plasma – ready to erupt into new states of being at any time.

You’ve got to get it right, so you are about to enter the land of temptation.   So Venus hasn’t gone retrograde since 2014, and she was the only planet that was not retrograding during The Tower Year (aka 2016).  Venus Retrograde is coming for the first time in years, and it is going to be in the sign that she is in determent in (Aries).   Now Mars is the ruler of Aries, making this sign full of “conquest.”  This means that during this transit, you will get a lot of fiery sexual energy thrown around – and almost indiscriminately.  When armies pillaged a village, part of the conquest was taking all they wanted.  Think of this transit in this way.  People – including you – will see something that they want and there will be nothing that can hold them back from it.

This is definitely “player” energy, so if you are interested in experiencing this – go out and flow in the debauchery.  Sometimes that debauchery in itself can be cleansing for those of us who are too reserved, but like everything else – moderation is key or you will mistaken the transient experiences for meaningful ones.  This energy is very volatile and can go in either direction – ruin or strength depending on how secure you are in yourself.  It will be easy to be carried off, but it can also be a fantastic opportunity to siphon off some delicious creative energy and joy.  If you are in a shit relationship, this transit will be what shakes you out of it.  Even if you don’t actively try to get yourself out of it… the temptations will come, and they will be far more interesting than whatever you have settled for.

This can be fantastic energy for pursuing your goals, but those of us who can’t handle this energy will express it as anger and outrage toward those we despise – and even those we love.  We will attempt to cut them out of our lives, thinking we can do better on our own.  This is just the Aries mania talking, and you should keep in mind that Aries energy is not lasting.  It is the initial spark, but it doesn’t know where to go once it has been sparked.  It will take great will to mold this into something useful, so stand your ground and bend the energy to your will – don’t let it bend you (I will be writing more about this in our upcoming Venus in Retrograde post)  

We will also have Mars and Eros transiting in Aries – and all 3 of these planets will transit past Uranus and Eris in Aries, implying there will be some fiery innovation – “I just need to be bad” behavior – and impulsiveness like you’ve never felt before.  If you are the type that can’t seem to give avoid temptation, this transit will not be easy for you.  The thing is, if you can survive the retrograde and the temptations it brings – if you can harness this energy and use it as fuel to propel yourself toward your goals instead of dissolving in hedonism.  If you channel this energy into the things that you know you want to go toward, you will come into a great emotionally elated state.  You will know that your will is far more powerful than any temptation, and you will come out with a solid determination that will guide you through the rest of 2017 like a blazing chariot.


Mars in Aries – Outrage

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“They grew up thinking that all conflict is injustice.” – Madam Secretary

Effective Dates – January 28th – March 10th, 2017

This transit is an intense one, Heretics, full of blood and toil and rage.  We have witnessed so much this year; we have gone from feeling on top of the world to utterly helpless.  We have risen to heaven and fallen to hell, and finally we are becoming enraged.  Things are going to start happening, and not just from one side – but all sides.  I don’t know about you, but I am already beginning to feel this fiery Aries war energy coming in.  We will have a big push coming from multiple planets throttling into Aries (including Eros and Venus), so things are going to start getting far more impulsive (this could be a bad thing when we have a temperamental child in charge of USA right now).

This spontaneity can be both good and bad, just like any energy really.  It can get you to finally start on projects you have been letting collect dust.  It can get you off of your ass and into the streets. With a new moon in Aquarius happening the day before this transit, this Mars in Aries transit has a lot of political umph behind it.  With the Knight of Pentacles charging straight for the Justice card, we are finally willing to put in the work it takes to get a fucking fair outcome for once.  Let all of that rage, let all of that disappointment, fuel you for the fight to balance the scales- both in your personal life and in the life of the collective.

We have finally come down off of our mountain after an intense year of personal work, and the cards are telling me that we have all of the tools we need now to do the work that we need to do.  We literally just need to get to work.  This energy is going to be fickle, but if you can continue feeding the fire and maintaining it so that it doesn’t consume you and the people around you.  This energy can be dangerous as fuck, or it can be the literal life blood that you need to get yourself out of a deep well of misery.  It all depends on how you use it, how you channel it, and how you maintain it the next few months.

Fire energy is best channeled into art and sex – which seriously is some fun advice to follow.  If you feel like the rage is about to consume you, that is a clear indication that you need to funnel that energy into some art or hot, passionate sex.  That fire inside of you is pure creative force – the combustible energy a star needs in order to birth itself into existence.  Don’t let it destroy you, but use it as the primordial chaos that can manifest any of your dreams into existence.  Good luck out there, Heretics.  The world is about to set itself on fire.   


New Moon Aquarius – Surge

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

I got no prosperity but yo I’m a piece of it. So let the guilty hang in the year of the boomerang. And now it’s upon you.” – Rage Against the Machine, Year of Tha Boomerang

Effective Date- January 27th 2017

Welcome to the twilight zone.  Here, in the year of the Star – which is ruled by Aquarius – we reach a land that is upside down.  Or is it right side up?  We emerge from the Year of the Tower alchemically transformed.  We have seen our nightmares manifest, our beliefs disintegrate and erupt from the ashes as new entities – fiery inspired phoenixes ready to burn away the outdated trappings of dusty old paradigms.  We started the first day of Aquarius season with one of the largest protests to ever grace American soil take place against the new emperor of the “free world.”  And the planet of the libertine, Uranus, has swung direct, letting us know that his influence has been highly prevalent in what has transpired for us collectively.  Do not forget that the outer planets influence the collective.  This full moon in the Uranian sign of Aquarius is here to make it very clear; give me change or I will become the agent of change myself.

The Sun (Ace of Swords), The Moon (Queen of Pentacles), Neptune (9 of Swords)-  Fuck yes, Ace of Swords.  6 months ago, during the Aquarian full moon, we were given the weapons we needed to battle the jabborwocky in our personal lives.  Now we are being given a weapon to defeat the collective’s phantoms.   Eclipses have a bit of a staggered effect.  Whatever you manifest into your life during one will pop out 6 months later during the next lunation in that sign.  That means whatever efforts you put into place – whatever demons you slayed and whatever demons you let escape – will karmicly manifest now.   During the Full Moon Aqua back in August, we had a giant cluster of planets sitting in Virgo.  Inversely, we now have a cluster of planets sitting in Pisces.  The nitpicking and correcting of the late summer has now allowed us to learn how to manifest.  It is now our duty to manifest.  We are all ready.  Can’t you feel it?  There is electricity in the air, and we are all plugged the fuck in.  Smoke signals are being sent by the tribe, and we must answer them now.  The Moon is directly channeling the Queen of Pentacles, the mother of the earth, and the nightmares we have manifested due to our faulty paradigms must be tackled.  This is a very revolutionary moon, and definitely the marker of the times to come.  The key to the next 6 months will be the Ace of Swords – truth.  We must all trust in each other and in ourselves, that we are more than capable of demolishing the old world and birthing a new one collectively.  Remember, order is an emergent property of chaos…  At this time, we have the opportunity to create a new world.  We just need to do it together.  Aquarius is the rivers and tributaries that connect the larger bodies of water.  Start networking; networked revolution.  This is the Leo/Aquarius polarity; when our leaders fail us, we rise up as a collective to fix the imbalance.

Mercury (King of Pentacles) and Pluto (4 of Cups)-  So this essentially tells me, “Quit whining about what could have been and start manifesting what could be right now.”  The planets are brimming, absolutely spilling with opportunity for us right now.  We are looking at all of the things that are going to shit right now (and trust me, that is a lot of stuff in both our personal lives and in the collective).  But what we must realize is that in this chaos we are being offered an opportunity we should not refuse; to manifest our own destiny.  We are at the precipice now, Heretics, where we must choose either to continue handing our power over to the puppets of our collective shadow, or to take responsibility and duty back into our hands.   This idea may be spreading around to everyone’s minds right now; how can I provide for my friends?

Oh, and never forget – resistance is necessary for flight.

Venus (Page of Swords), Jupiter (Page of Wands), Saturn (Hangman), and Uranus (Empress)-   Venus is embodying the political activist of the tarot; the page of swords.  Her values are in the collective as she burns through the final degrees of Pisces – heading into her fiery, Aries version next.  When you speak out right now, you are speaking out with the force of generations behind you.  This can also be extremely useful in your personal life.  If there was a time for art, it is now.  Especially art that has a political bent to it.  Saturn is looking away right now, letting us manifest destiny as we please.  If you needed a worm hole to another dimension, it is surely right now.  Jupiter is manifesting new projects left and right; allowing you the creative fire you have been desperately clawing for.  He is a proponent of the arts, and a social life stirrer during this time.   You will be graced with even more opportunities if you put your energy into your creative projects, and the renaissance we spoke about in our Jupiter in Libra post is signaling that it has in fact begun.  Look around you, this chaos is the perfect soil to plant our intentions.  Uranus is The Empress, implying that the revolution will come from the earth itself, the sacred feminine, the arts, and our collective need to care for each other.

Mars (Magician)-  Well well well, it looks like we are being given a super power.  So this New Moon happens literally the day before Mars moves into Aries.  This is it, it’s time to let your old dreams die and start using the tools you have been given.  Again, we are being told that we are in a state of chaos so that we can create.  Use that anxiety that has riddled your life and channel it into the energy needed to birth your dream into existence.  We have all felt like we are floating in the ocean, unaware of where up is or down is.  We are panicking and clawing at our throats, freaking out over the fact that we can’t figure out which way to invest our energy to find the air we need.  At this time we must remain still and trust in our intuition to push is through this lunation.  If we push in the wrong direction, it can be disastrous for us.  Aim for your target using your heart, because right now we are blindfolded to our future direction.  Aim true, because once Mars goes into Aries the day after this lunation, the chariot begins its roll through the battlefield.


Psyche Retrograde in Virgo – 7 Year Itch

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.


“So many people are shut up tight inside themselves like boxes, yet they would open up, unfolding quite wonderfully, if only you were interested in them.” –Sylvia Plath

Effective Dates: January 9th- April 25th, 2017

Projection is easy when we wrap ourselves up in tunnel-vision.  This transit is going to be for all ya’ll who are in committed relationships that aren’t serving you.  Psyche is swinging back into retrograde, going over the relationship choices we have made with a fine toothed Virgo mind made for combing detail.  Expect an incredible amount of over thinking muddled with episodes of ego induced blindness.  Psyche is all about our dedication, but she wont just dedicate herself to anyone.  Oh no.  Psyche’s dedication runs deeper than Hades, and her reversal into retrograde will have you questioning the things that you have long held to be important enough to commit yourself to.

Now, it is a wonderful experience to be in a healthy relationship that is also dedicated in a profound way.  What is not wonderful is being committed to a relationship that is rotting you from the inside out.  This transit will jostle you, but not without a good long fight from your ego first.  For those of you who consistently ask yourselves the same question, “Should I be with them?” – your answer is coming.  Fuck, your answer has been there all along.  If you need to constantly ask yourself the same question, then you know the answer you are giving yourself is not satisfying.  For the longest time you may have thought you got out ahead.  Fuck, you worked so hard on this relationship.  You sacrificed so much and have spent so many years together… but nothing you can do can make that itch go away.
It’s easy to keep going in a relationship when you have found a security in the routine.  Hell, breaking habits is one of the hardest things a person can do, but Psyche in retrograde is going to push us out of those comfort zones.  Unfortunately, when we start to feel uncomfortable in these weak relationships during this transit, there may be a lot of “projection” that will go on.   When we run from the things we don’t want to see – when we ignore the fact that deep down we really aren’t comfortable with the person we are with – we start lashing out at them in cycles.  What is clear during these lashing outs is that we attempt to blame the individual we are in a relationship with for all of our choices.

Unfortunately, Heretics, this transit is here to tell us it was our choice to get into the relationships we are in, and it is our choice to get out of them.  You wont make it through Psyche in retrograde without instances where the cracks in your relationship will be magnified, so if you are going to commit to something- commit to integrity (fuck, this is a Virgo transit, so if you shy away from integrity and truth, you will be cut to pieces).  Good luck out there, because it’s going to get rough…  And just when you think you can just ignore this itch, Eros, Venus and Mars will be transiting into Aries and giving your libido a power jolt.  So if you don’t actually want to be committed to your partner, it will become almost impossible to hold on to a relationship full of holes.


Eros in Aries – Thrill of the Chase

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

‎”And yet I have had the weakness, and have still the weakness, to wish you to know with what a sudden mastery you kindled me, heap of ashes that I am, into fire.”  – Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

Effective Date: January 17th, 2017

We’ve all felt the energy of an Aries entering our lives, setting everything on fucking fire, and then bounding off to gods know where.  This is that same energy, except extended and stretched through time into a barrage of bonfires.  With Jupiter in Libra in opposition to our Aries houses, this seems like a time of a great need for balance between our individuation and our partnerships.  We are about to get heavy in our Aries house with multiple planets ready to essentially set the world on fire and join up with Uranus and Eris.

People are going to start getting impassioned – and not just to have sex for days on end (which this energy is surely capable of sparking).  Eros in Aries is that itch that just needs to be scratched; essentially prepare for a cornucopia of desire and prepare for it to get hotter and hotter as more planets move into the sign of the ram.  You are going to want to get involved in anything that brings more passion, spontaneity, and a sense of being fully “present” into your life.  Every day monotonous activities and duties will be flavored with a bit of Aries excitement.

This transit looks GOOD.  Eros is Aries is going to make us seem sexy.  It’s going to propel the powers of whatever house you have Aries in, and it is extremely positive for attracting sexual partners.  For those of you who are already sexually active, this transit is going to add some hot bloodedness to your interactions.  Expect the unexpected from your lovers, because during this transit they are going to be seeing you with new eyes.  You are going to look like just the thing that hits the spot.  Love making under this transit is raw, sexy, enchanting and life giving.  Please, please, please take advantage of this gift.

New aspects to your relationship will surely be birthed because of this transit.  Passionate sex can open up all sorts of formerly closed gates for couples.  If you are truly living in – present – in the experience of raw love making, you can reach vulnerable places that use to have ice walls built up before them.  Fire melts ice, remember this.  Let your passion flow, and you will surely learn things you couldn’t see before.


Full Moon in Cancer – Atonement

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“And here, shipmates, is true and faithful repentance; not clamorous for pardon, but grateful for punishment.”
 –Herman Melville, Moby-Dick

Effective Date:  January 12th, 2017

“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.”  Good Lord, this full moon is brimming with big Cancerean tears and begging to be forgiven for something.  The awkward emo of the zodiac has turned viscous, nailing us to the heavens via “cardinal cross.”  The absolution will not come until the confessions are made, Heretics. The confessions will come in many forms, and most will seem almost out of the blue (this moon is volatile)… yet not so much.  You were expecting these things, weren’t you?  You had them stewing at the pit of your stomach; a sickness rising like smoke to strangle your heart.  These are the things that have been following you like shadows that now have taken on substance and must be reconciled with.  This moon is about atonement, Heretics, but not with the gods.  Oh no.  We must atone with each other.

The Sun (The Chariot), Moon (Queen of Wands), Jupiter (The Lovers), Saturn (6 of Swords), and Uranus (9 of Wands)- Cancer is fretful by nature, and avoidance just makes that anxiety swell during this time.  This moon demands that you carry through with your ideals and make some moves.  Things can happen rapidly surround the full moon, and you will get washed under the tides just as quickly as you believe you have made it to safely to shore.  Swift justice must be dealt as Jupiter squares the Moon and the Sun during this transit – opposing Uranus and Eris.  You cannot wait any longer to do what you need to do – to make the connections or cut the cords.  Words of advice: you must accept the consequences of your actions this year and step forward to receive all that is necessary because of them.  If you shy away from this or wish to be forgiven once again for your mistakes, you will not go through the incredibly necessary emotional transformation that is required for you to digest your Tower Year.  The confessions of the Gemini Full Moon in December will solidify here, and we will seek to make amends and follow new paths.  This Moon demands change, and it doesn’t give a shit if we are already tired.  We must confess.  We must move on.  We must become better.  I know, there is a lot of apprehension in the air and we have all been boxed into a corner, but you know how to do this.  You have been training since the Cardinal Crisis in June, and now it’s time to swing full force and not let up.  Cancer’s shell protects the tenderness they hold inside; their pincers hacking away at enemies who dare to defile that tenderness.  Do not destroy that tenderness inside of you.  You built your fortress in order to protect that that emotional gold.  Do not forget this.  

Mercury (6 of Wands)- We have been avoiding to remedy some very important things that Mercury in Retrograde hopefully shook out of us.  People think of Mercury Retro as a time of mis-connections when in fact it is Mercury hot wiringquicker connections.  Your world will get shocked and you’ll come face to face with things you have been desperately avoiding (reasons people hate Mercury retrograde).  Mercury will be going direct only days before this Full Moon, remaining in shadow during the lunation.  So yeah, everything is out in the open, and we are left dealing with the emotional gunk of 2016’s wreckage before descending into the utter chaos that is 2017 (oh yeah, pressure cooker style year – and the heat is being turned on NOW).  This is heart gunk, guys, and Cancer will not let you sleep until the heart is sanctified.  If you can manage to deal with what Mercury has sent your way, this will be the victory that begins your momentum for 2017.  Even if you met your Mercury Retrograde challenge, the 6 of Wands reminds us that all victories are ephemeral and a bigger battle is on the way…

Venus (Queen of Pentacles) and Neptune (Queen of Swords)- This moon is highly psychic.  If you sit quietly enough, I’m sure you could just about hear the thoughts of others around you. We are setting out on a new year, and although we are tired, it will be far easier to understand each other now, so make sure you use this chance to atone.  There will be a Venus/Neptune conjunction happening during this full moon (and a fantastic trine between the moon/Mars/Chiron), so you will feel a lot more bravery than usual to confront situations head on.  Seriously, use this energy before shit starts descending into chaos later (remember, we have a Venus Retrograde in Aries coming soon – 40 days and 40 nights of temptation right around the corner).  The cards are telling me to make sure that although emotions are raging, you stay grounded and keep your eye on the prize.  Whatever it is that your heart truly desires, make sure that you stay keen on that.  This is a “rose colored glasses” warning, so make sure you do what you set out to do before you get swept back into the ocean of Maya.  Other than the doom and gloom, this will be a tremendously nurturing time for all of us if we allow it – even if the emotions we end up dealing with are “difficult.”  If we push through and act with integrity and bravery, we will lay exceptional groundwork for the rest of 2017 and have at least some stability going in.  Neptune says “stab through the illusion” that you have participated in weaving around yourself, and reach for the realness that exists below it.  Do not be afraid to shatter fantasies, for we need to solidify ourselves in what we really feel before we can ascend the mountain of this year.  Capricorn sun demands for the fantasies of these two planets in Pisces to create the “great art,” but to remember the difference – art and fantasy can illuminate a truth or it can take us far far away from truth.  Your choice, Heretics.  Do you want the truth of it or do you want a fantasy that will surely crumble in the near future?  Remember Tower Year.  All Towers Fall.  Make your choice wisely.

Mars (Ace of Pentacles) and Pluto (Knight of Wands)- Networked Revolution.  Don’t you forget that term, because that will be the theme of this year.  Although Mars will be in illusive Pisces, he will be super powering this moon with his presence.  He has been diving through the waters of illusion looking for something soft to plant the seeds of intent into.  That softness, Heretics, is your raw heart.  Here is where we plant the intentions of our year, and they must come from your deepest desires.  Set things out in motion here, but do not fret if they do not unfold immediately.  Whatever intentions you cast during this time must be nursed throughout 2017, but remember that they will surely unfold as your life progresses through these months.  You may feel stuck since the last full moon, struggling to figure out exactly where the fuck you should go (all this Pisces energy surely isn’t helping with that), but you have to remember that the past month hasn’t been about going anywhere.  It has been about digging deep within yourself and seeing exactly who you are and what you are made of.  Now you must muster that bravery and actually act with it – actually make the transformations inside of yourself that are necessary for you.  Do not dismay, Heretics.  We are warriors, and we must find stability and peace within the fight.  You have a warning here.  Although you are eager to move ahead and actually get shit going – essentially being pushed by the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn in opposition to this moon – you will be slugging through a lot of planets in water signs.  This means that you are going to be forced to reconcile with emotional roadblocks – with the things that have been transpiring since June 2016 – and you will finally have to put a lid on Tower Year’s emotional challenges.  Have fun with that.  But remember, once you atone for whatever it is that is holding you back from “becoming,” you will be set in motion so quickly it will be like a blaze of fire.  June-Dec 2016 showed you exactly what you needed to see.  Now that you are down to your foundations, there is nowhere for you to go but toward the flickering star of hope in the future.