Juno in Capricorn – The Vow

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“And to think you would get me to the altar
Like I’d follow you around like a dog that needs water
But admit it that you wanted me smaller
If you would have let me grow
You could have kept my love” – Banks, “Gemini Feed

Effective Dates: February 3rd- December 17th 2017 (Retrograde May 10th-August 26th)

This is a serious transit, so I’m going to put my serious oracle mask on.  As the world is going to hell in a hand-basket fast (thanks Mars in Aries), we come to a bifurcation point – the tip of the dragon tongue, so to speak, a fork in the road where we reach a crucial decision in our path.  Although you perceive we are all on individual paths, they all paint a picture together as well.  Where are we all headed, and how do we each play a role in this journey?  We are about to make a decision together – in the Macro and in the Micro – and this will be a heavy one to commit to.  So many things are coming together while so many things are falling a part.  It seems that now, more than ever, the community is bonding at an even deeper level.  We are at a point where we must decide who or what we swear our allegiance to.

In Astrology, two goddesses are associated with the 7th House (house of partnership).  Venus rules over ever chaotic “love”portion of the house, while Juno rules over the far more stabilizing “commitment” portion.  These two goddesses are like the two scales of Libra, needing to be in equal proportion to stabilize the 7th house.  Between them they have the ideas of inspiration/vision (3 of wands) and self restriction (8 of swords).

So it’s time to evaluate, Heretics, because Juno is going into Capricorn and our commitments are going to be tested under the weight of all of this new fire.  We have a strange configuration that is about to transpire in the sky;  Jupiter in Libra will be going retrograde, Psyche is retrograde in Virgo, Venus is entering Aries and will be going retrograde as well, Mars is in Aries (meaning both Venus and Mars will be traversing past the Harley Quinn and Joker Uranus/Eris in Aries).   Juno in Capricorn is commitment at it’s highest point – the sort you need before embarking on a particularly dangerous journey.  And Aries is that which we truly need to feel inspired.  Together this makes the idea of a rocket launching into space – an idea, a lot of math, a lot of money, training, trust, inspiration and committed astronauts with passion in their hearts.

Commitments can come in many forms.  We can be committed to a person, an ideology, a spiritual path, manifesting an inspired idea – whatever it may be, those commitments are going to need Capricorn-like attention as we move through these intense transits.  Because Uranus is a planet of the collective, I believe that as Venus and Mars transit past it, tempers will flare.  We are building toward a Leo full moon in the sun sign of Aquarius during a very intense political climate, and it is very clear to me that things are going to change and we are never coming back.  We are launching on a new journey, Heretics, so who do you want to make that journey with?

Who do you swear your allegiance to?  Juno in Capricorn asks you if it is something tangible – something real and solid so we can make this climb – or is it a divisive ideology that poisons the mind?  It is time to evaluate what is necessary for our next journey, and it is time to evaluate who we trust to take it with us – who we trust to lead us through it.  Who will help you grow through the chaos?  What people?  What higher ideals, if any at all?  What goals?  These are the areas of life that will be tested come the next 6 months.


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