Eros in Taurus – Indulgent

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“All life is a jest, Imhotep – and it is death who laughs last. Do you not hear it at every feast? Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you die.”
 – Agatha Christie, Death Comes as the End

Effective Dates: February 26th- April 2nd, 2017

When will we realize that we are truly living in the Garden of Eden?  The fall was merely a change of perception.  I mean, we get glimpses of it, from time to time, when we allow ourselves to be completely engulfed in the moment.  When we are in the throes of anything, we wish to completely indulge in it.  To savor it to the very last drop.  And these may very well be our last days of ease, Heretics, so this transit is making itself evident just in time.  This is my natal position for Eros, and the energy is very familiar to me and extremely comforting.  Taurus knows how to live, in the moment, right here in this flesh based world.  We are so lucky to be able to live in a body where we can feel all of these things.  Why not take advantage while we can?  Why not anchor in our body – be in our bodies – while everything is chaotically shifting into a new paradigm?

In your personal life, indulgence is how you relieve stress.  When life has you bogged down, it’s moments of pleasure that keep our fires going.  Why do you think people make decadent meals when they are having a hard time?  Why do you think passionate sex makes you forget about the whole wide world?  Being in the moment is when we feel true joy; when we actually step into our extatic infinite nature.  We are suppose to be here – now – not living in the future or the past in illusory mental realms.  Why do you think falling in love with someone makes your life so fucking exciting?  Because, for a time, we are actually living in the now and experiencing life through our bodies fully, completely, obsessively.  If we stay in our bodies and experience the now, then we will see just how simple and lovely and delicious life can be.  The moments you remember are the intimate and comfortable times with those you love, with activities that give you release, and a sense of jovial fun in life.

With both Mars and Venus in Aries, and Eros now moving into Taurus, sex will become far more prominent in everyone’s lives – even the people who aren’t having it will have it on their minds.  This could be troublesome for people who have relationships that are already on the rocks.  With this Venus in Aries about to go retrograde, weak relationships are dropping like flies.  Either Jupiter in Libra is helping people find their people or it is shedding the flimsy relationships we are getting into simply because of the passionate energy around us.  Don’t confuse passionate moments for longevity.  Eros in Taurus not only craves sensory pleasure, it also craves dedication (Taurus gets off on dedication), so it will go hand in hand quite nicely with this Venus retrograde that is happening (plus the Psyche retrograde we have going on + Juno in Capricorn).  We are either finding dedicated, life long relationships right now or getting a healthy dose of “get the fuck out of this weak ass relationship.”  We know what we want.  We want Eden on Earth, and if the partner we are with can’t supply it – Venus going retrograde will surely destroy any relationship that is there because we have “settled.”

This transit will make us crave the type of sex where you want to lose yourself in your partner and the sheets forever, because it will feel so fucking good and real and solid compared to the chaotic, mutable Piscean world around us.  Love – erotic love at that – is where we are going to find stability, so if you don’t have a partner who can “go there” with you, you’re going to be itching to find them.  So use your love making as an anchor – explore the little pleasantries in life together because you truly are living in the Garden of Eden.  All you have to do is actually look.  We have been so desensitized, told what it is that is “perfect” and what we should crave.  During this transit you wont be able to settle for any of that fake shit anymore.

You will want dedicated, passionate, soul lifting love that helps you power through the rough transits coming our way, and you wont settle for garbage shallow interactions while Eros is in Taurus.  Venus in Aries will also be bringing the passion back into your life, and giving those of you who need it the umph to hack off your empty relationships.  Go with it – we are being pushed to do this for a reason.  In the end, all we want is to indulge in the world we have been placed in; to really experience meat of life before we move beyond these bodies.  Take advantage of what you have been given – the pleasures of the flesh.


Mercury in Pisces – Speaker for the Dead

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”
 – Kahlil Gibran

Effective dates: February 25th- March 13th, 2017

This is a magick as fuck Mercury, Heretics.  Although it will bring a lot of depression and angst with it (
fucking Emo Pisces), we will also get to experience the wonderment that is the Piscean other realm.  Here we will be given a chance to meld that fantasy of ourselves with the reality of ourselves, talk to ancestors of past, receive messages in dreams, and make fucking fantastic art. This is definitely going to be a writer’s Mercury – a story-teller Hermes exploding through the layers of earth’s crust, making his way out of god damn Hades and telling the people exactly what he saw.  Pisces is a mutable sign, and therefore the world in her realm is constantly shifting.  It is clay ready for us to mold it into whatever it is that we need.

Isn’t it horrible when someone is making you sit inside and work when it’s so damn beautiful outside?  We just want to play.  And we also just want to sink into the depths of our bedroom sheets and delve into dream land.  It doesn’t matter what form this play takes, we want to wrap ourselves up in it and hide away from the responsibilities of the world.  Unfortunately, if we do this, we will fail to use this transit for exactly what it is good for: manifesting.

This is also a realm where the veil is so thin that revelation comes like swift lightening, and past experiences are able to integrate and their place in the grand picture becomes extremely apparent.  This Mercury transit will remind all of us that we are a part of one tribe, and in this we will be consciously connected to one goal.   There will be as many approaches to this goal as there are conscious beings on this planet, but not every part of a bicycle has the same function.  Remember that there are certain violent acts of nature that bring about much nourishment (like a Volcano creating an island – the earth needs to bleed in order to create).  Pisces knows what it is to suffer, and knows suffering’s place in this realm.

This suffering is waters of baptism, Heretics.  I don’t like it as much as you do.  I have been struggling through heaps of anxiety, depression to the point where I don’t want to get out of bed.  But I must.  You must, and when you do, you will get a bizarre need to create.  Go with it, no matter what shape this creation takes.  You are receiving messages from the beyond right now, and when we are in the realm of divinity it feels like our bodies are about to shatter and we want to sink into the beyond.  This is what some occultists call “the abyss.”  It is literally crushing like a black hole.  How do you get out of the abyss?  Well.  You surrender.  Yes, this is the lesson of the Pisces Eclipse coming up on the exact day of this Mercury ingress into Pisces; surrender.

It is like Kali Ma wielding her bloody blade – a force of nature far too powerful for you to stop.  These Pisces transits are meant to humble you, to show you that you are a vessel for greater energies that you must allow to flow through you – or else you will suffer immensely.  You must speak what you see.  You must create with your pain, because there are messages that desperately want to come through.  So we just got out of an Aquarius transit, meaning we should be coming into this ingress with lots of fucking ideas crackling in our head.  What has the shadow work of this winter taught you?  The cold days are almost over, and our incubation is almost at an end.  The season is coming where we must get these thoughts into action – where the shedding of our old skin through the dark months is met with lightness of being once spring erupts through the soil.


Solar Eclipse in Pisces – The Messiah Complex

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

And it will be in the last days, says God, that I will pour out My Spirit on all humanity; then your sons and your daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams.
” – The Bible, Acts 2:17

Effective Date:  February 26, 2017

Welcome to being stuck between a rock and a hard place – aka sandwiched between two Eclipses.  This is a slow, anxiety filled simmer, my friends, and the only way we can see ourselves out of this situation is to build a bomb shelter.  Fuck, this is a difficult one, Heretics, no matter how I cut it for you.  This is the judgement of God type of shit, and either you receive grace or you drown in this baptism.  There really is no way out, that is for sure.  This Eclipse is happening opposite the true node in Virgo, meaning we are being sucked into a fucking black hole.  Put your space suits on, Heretics, because we are entering a strange new world and things are just going to keep getting weirder from here…

Sun (Judgement), Moon (The Hierophant), Venus (9 of Wands), Neptune (7 of Cups)-  Well, fuck.  I pull the damn Judgement card followed by the Hierophant for the eclipse itself and “Bloody Mary” by Gaga begins playing on my radio.  Let us not dismiss this Spotify Divination!  This is definitely a spiritually flavored Eclipse, and how could it not be?  It is in fucking PISCES, the sign of Jesus himself.  And like Jesus, we are all being crucified by something or other right now, and the weight seems to be completely and utterly unbearable.  How in the world did Jesus endure through all of that suffering?   He gave himself up to a higher power, that’s how.  Now, wait a minute before your mind starts attacking this concept!  This is kinda like Alcoholics Anonymous (appropriate for a Pisces post), because I know a lot of us are going toward mind numbing activities just to get through these transits right now.  In order to fight forces stronger than yourself, you must merge into something larger than yourself.  Like the Zords in Power Rangers.  Or The Backstreet Boys.  People who otherwise could not power through on their own join together to become a swarm, protecting the whole’s purpose.  And we must help each other, because this truly is like a black hole we are sinking into.   Take a peak at what you need to see, like a black scrying mirror, but don’t stare too long!  For the abyss will stare back at you, and you will be forever mesmerized into it’s depths.

Each of us is a Hierophant, an heir to a tradition, and that is coming to the surface more than ever right now.  Remember 6 months ago – that last fucking Pisces Eclipse that essentially rocked our world – well here is the culmination of that tidal wave.  What is it that your ancestors have passed down in your bloodline for you to accomplish?  What is  your “super power,” so to speak?  We are taking a look back (this Eclipse is opposite the North Node), back, back I say!  Back to the past so that we can see exactly what it is that we are meant to do – meant to be – meant to see.  A trip through the past is rather violent, though, and especially ridden with depression and anxiety.  Here there be dragons, and here there be the monsters of your past which you must confront once again.  We have the power to heal ourselves of our past misery, but accept it as a necessary part of our merger with the divine.  Pain leads to elation, but first we must uncork this bottle.

Remember, Heretics, this is Star Year and we are going to follow this muthafucka out of this forest, no matter what monsters we run into on the way.  The trees may be getting thicker, and we may have some cloudy nights, but that star will emerge again.  You must have faith this year, and as I announced at the start of the year, your faith will be tested over and over again.  Do you trust those you are intimate with?  Do you trust your government?  Do you trust the masses?  Do you trust yourself?  All the things you hold dear are being attacked (9 of Wands), but these fights are what is going to make you transcend.  These trials are like sandpaper, and you will eventually emerge polished, and they will be rendered useless.


Mercury (The Chariot)-  Our dreams, the visions we have, all of these things are as real as the world we live in now.  The thing is, these material objects you see in the world in front of you today – your computer, your whiskey, your car, the restaurant you ate at last night – these things were all dreams before manifest reality.  And we want to create, we really do!  But we have no fucking idea what to do.  We feel trapped in other people’s creations – pushed up against a wall with their judgement being cast down upon us.  And just like the last Pisces Eclipse, we can’t see a god damn fucking thing in regards to where we need to go.  This can lead to HEAPS of anxiety and a feeling of being lost forever.  Without a vision for the future, where the fuck are we in the vast expanse of space?  Sure, this Eclipse is making it literally impossible to see the future clearly, but this is for a very, very fucking important reason.  We must create it.  What are the visions you are seeing?  What is your past trying to teach you?  Visit with the ghosts, but do not stay here.  They will suck you in and keep you there forever – like Hotel fucking California.  Get the information you need, and get the fuck out.

We must manifest these visions into reality, and the conduit to all of this is us.  We are the medium for the visions, and once we accept ourselves as a vessel – a cup for the divine waters to pour into – only then will be ready to receive.  Yeah, more surrendering shit, but would you rather struggle and drown?  You have no fucking idea where you are right now, why not answer that call?  Are you afraid that you may hear you have been crawling through the thick because you have veered off your path too far?  Wouldn’t you rather know?  Don’t slide into Piscean escapism.  You must make a move.  You must use this water energy to manifest your deepest desires.  Because if you don’t, you can sure as hell expect a great deal of punishment from yourself.  And no one can save you from yourself but you.

Mars (5 of Cups), Jupiter (5 of Pentacles), Saturn (Empress), Uranus (Page of Wands) and Pluto (King of Swords)- So what do you do when you are being literally crushed?  You let go.  You become a dream.  Or you become an explosion and clear that motherfucking debris out.  Pisces wants you to surrender, and that is going to be a hard as fuck thing for a lot of you to do.  Do not feel shame.  Do not feel guilt.  Let it all go and start again, and only then will you be able to see clearly the road you were always meant to follow; because that road isn’t some illusion put there by others.  Because that road isn’t something that you are told to go on, but one that your ancestral line has been following for generations.  When we are stuck in the waters, we must follow the current – not fight it.  Breathe…. breathe… and let go.  In the end, you are the only one who will manifest judgement on yourself.  You have the power to see past the wrong judgement because your cause is far greater than what has been placed before you.   You are not here to save the billions of other beings on this planet.  We must give mercy and grace to others so that one day, perhaps, they will learn to lay mercy on their own lives.  Remember, the only person who can save you in the end is yourself.

We sit here and we punish ourselves for our dreams, and allow forces to control our perception of reality.  This happens to the best of us, over and over again, but we must not give up.  We have been given this amazing chance to live in this beautiful realm, and we cannot give our power to others.  We must take our power back and wield a fucking sword (King of Swords).  You may have to do things you do not want to do, but you know you must do them.  This lunation isn’t about feeling comfortable.  It will do everything in it’s power to make you feel uncomfortable so that you either choose to completely give up and join the collective (oh Pisces), or power through like the force of a Volcano into a newly polished ego (hello Aries season, coming up next!).  Everything is being taken from you, stripped from you so that you realize what the real stuff of reality is.  Sometimes we need to be told to eat cake by an out of touch lunatic before we rise up and realize our true power.  There is no poverty of the heart.  You are making it up.  You are giving yourself excuses not to accept the love that is around you.  You deserve it.  Deep down, every monster is a child begging to be loved (hello Uranus as the Page of Wands), but somewhere along the way they have been told they are worthless by someone who had a lack of self love.  This lack of self love is like a virus that can spread, from parent to child or lover to lover or friend to friend.  The chaos wants you to create, it is saying you have everything you need accept for your own faith in yourself!  You’re drowning in your self doubt.  Would you allow someone you saw drowning to drown?  If you would help them, you can surely help yourself.  This is like the trials of Hercules, folks, and if you don’t have the grit to get through it, you wont get the grace you so long for.  Reality is harsh right now.  Our faults are being magnified, but that is because we wont be able to make it if we don’t fix these blemishes.  Confront your monsters, have faith in yourself and do not run, because through the trials we face lie the gates to salvation.



Ceres in Taurus – Calcinatio

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

True character is revealed in the choices a human being makes under pressure – the greater the pressure, the deeper the revelation, the truer the choice to the character’s essential nature.”
 – Robert McKee

Effective Dates: February 10-April 29, 2017

Every death births a new life, and every life is subject to death and decay.  In ancient times, Athenian citizens would set out on a journey once a year to Elysium where they would perform rituals to place them into the mysteries of Demeter (Da Matar, The Mother, aka Ceres).  They would imbibe a drink made of mold found on ergot which possessed a very similar chemical make up to LSD.  During the trip, the Athenians witnessed the kidnapping of Persephone by Pluto (the riches of the earth) and followed the story right down into the underworld…

What did they see?  They saw the great renewal that the earth goes through every year.  No matter how brutal the winter, there is always a spring.  No matter how barren the land, shoots of green manifest from the melted ice once the cycle is ready to do so.  The earth will take anything into it’s gaping maw, and it will pressure cook it until it transforms.  This is the power of the myth of Ceres, Persephone and Pluto, and when Ceres moves into Taurus, the earth mysteries are magnified in your personal life as well.  You may feel like you are being pushed and squeezed into oblivion, but the myth of Ceres teaches us to trust in our ability to transform under this pressure into something far more extravagant than we could have ever become without it.

Some things need to be let go in order for you to continue with your grand master plan.  The Queen of Pentacles is sometimes symbolically associated with the bear.  And what does a bear do before the winter?  It stocks up the things that it needs and removes itself from the death that will soon surround it.  We have the 3 of Pentacles surrounded by two cards that essentially read “hibernate” to me.  One is asking me to tell you to care for your body, the other is asking me to care for your mind.  But you must hike up into the mountains with full faith in your plan in order to receive the benefits of this hibernation.

Sometimes we must remove ourselves and dive into deep contemplation in order to emerge later on with the knowledge we need in order to continue with our plans.  Ceres in Taurus is telling me to gather your resources during this time – and this includes the resources of the mind – and dive into deep contemplative study over the things which attach themselves to your goals.  This will be your chance to stock up before the snow melts into the earth, producing flowers and vegetation.

Persephone must descend into the earth to shed all of her masks before she rises as a Queen in the spring.  You must follow a similar formula.  Even though you may feel as if you are being dragged down into the center of hell by whatever it is that you may be going through, this transit is attempting to remind us that it is necessary to be broken down in order to see exactly what you are made of – and exactly what you REALLY NEED and what is actually just extra holding you to old ways of thinking holding you back from helping yourself thrive.



Jupiter Retrograde in Libra – Soldier of Fortune

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Before the fruits of prosperity can come, the storms of life need to first bring the required rains of testing, which mixes with the seeds of wisdom to produce a mature harvest
.” – Lincoln Patz

Effective Dates:  February 6, 2017 (23 Degrees Libra) – June 12, 2017 (13 Degrees Libra)


I know, I know.  It is fucking horrible to start over again after all of the work you have put in.  Has something come out of fucking nowhere to fuck up all of your plans?  Whatever house Jupiter will be retrograding through is about to get a big fucking audit, and no one likes a fucking audit.  No one.  And what will this review be on, exactly?  Well, Jupiter wants to check that your outer world is matching your inner world.  AKA, he wants to know if you have actually been making steps toward justice and manifesting your true will into the world.  We have all been lazy in some way.  We have all failed giving ourselves justice.  That is, we have failed ourselves when it comes to committing to a higher calling and a refinement of the self.  If you have been expanding yourself without checks and balances – if you have been spending like a motherfucker – Jupiter retrograde is here to correct that behavior before it destroys your opportunities and ability to gain prosperity.

Jupiter in Libra is extremely concerned about balancing the scales; and this includes balancing the integrity of your actions.  Are you really performing at the capacity that you are capable of?  Are you slacking off?  If the opportunities Jupiter is offering you have been “saved for later” or completely passed over, you will be receiving the karma of these actions during this retrograde period.  Jupiter wants you to be prosperous.  Fuck, he is throwing chances your way, but weakness of will, self esteem issues, fear and anxiety will clog up your doorway of opportunity just as quickly as it opens.  Jupiter wants to make sure we don’t get lost on our way, so these adjustments are extremely important for our higher work.

8 of Cups.  So you moved on from shit.  Good job.  It’s not over.  You know tough love is how we do it here at Heretical Oracles, and I’m not to lie to you and tell you that you are going to be the beneficiary of some good fortune if you just believe.  No, that’s not how it works.  You may want things very badly, or fuck you may even be in a delusional state believing you have them,  but this Jupiter retrograde is here to make sure you are on the right fucking path because you are surely missing something (4 of Cups).

You’ve been so concerned with future aspirations that you forgot the adjustments in your present.  But don’t worry, Jupiter retrograding is going to give you a chance to snag back all of the things you have missed but he wont be offering any of his sheer strokes of good luck this time around.  This time around it is all you, baby.  You must be a soldier of fortune and fight for your opportunities – prove yourself after all of the shit you have missed because of your own personal inconsistencies.

So yes, this will be humbling, but it will also be the refinement you need.  Whatever contemplation and adjustments happen during this retrograde period, we will reap the rewards for them once Jupiter comes back to 23 degrees Libra (so expect your hard work to really pay off September time, before Jupiter enters Scorpio and other people’s money haha).  Until then, you have to be very careful not to slip back into extravagant temptations (the Devil).  Remember, you choose to remain a victim.  Jupiter wants to know that you will fight for what you need before he gives it to you (and extra, because he always loves adding the extra).  As Helios so famously says, “The best way to work with Jupiter is to ignore him.”  Well, it’s time to ignore divine grace, because this god only saves those who first attempt to save themselves.

One more quick warning before I go; those with high amounts of greed will feel this transit tremendously and feel empty because of it.  Therefore they will resort to more and more ruthless behavior to fuck people over and receive their “due.”  Pay attention to your money, and pay attention to people in positions of power who may be able to take that from you.  This can be especially concerning due to our political climate.  There is a high potential for corruption during this transit, but you must remember that justice will be served for this shitty behavior once Jupiter goes direct on their asses.  We always pay the toll for our actions. Don’t ever forget this.



Lunar Eclipse in Leo – Libertine

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing.”
  – August Wilson

Effective Date:  February 11, 2017 at 1:43 am UT at 22 Degrees Leo

Eclipses are powerful things, and they compel us from far, far away – like the moon itself.  You may have been wandering, stuck and alone in your head for the past few months.  You thought you had things figured out and then BAM something hit you out of nowhere and you are back at what you believe is square one.  Once you let go, once you allowed yourself to follow some strange path that seemed to make no fucking sense the further you walked along it, the closer you got to that land-marker that lit up the whole god damn world for you.  I know the last few months have been emotionally crushing, but we NEEDED to cleanse before we walked through the fire – or we wouldn’t make it through with all that residual muck of our past clinging on like a parasite.  Unfortunately we have to pay the toll for all our mistakes before we can cross the bridge.  A lot of you have left behind lives of convenience for lives lived from the heart.  This lunar eclipse will be your reward – your crown – and your divine grace.  This full moon will remind you why you did what you did.  So get ready for some divine inspiration.


The Sun (The Chariot), Moon (Queen of Swords), Jupiter (2 of Cups), Saturn (3 of Pentacles) and Uranus (The Fool)-  So this entire full moon is reminding me of a giant flaming ball of inspiration.  There will be a grand trine in fire between Uranus, Saturn and the Moon, and there will also be a delightful sextile between Uranus and the Sun and Saturn and the Sun – fire and air.  I’m betting some creative energies, along with the sexual energies (see Mars and Venus below) will be turned up to 10 this weekend.  I can’t tell you enough how fucking happy I am to look at this chart after the hell-fire we have been experiencing since Scorpio season.  This is DIVINE fire, the good kind.  The kind you need in order to take on major challenges, boost your self esteem, and cut through the bullshit.  The sun will be motivating new ideas, fresh perspectives, and an air of rebelliousness.  This sun/Uranus sextile is like an alarm clock in our ears telling us it is time to GET TO WORK.   But a sextile is easy energy.  You will WANT to wake up.  And the sun sextile Saturn; you will WANT to get to work.  Your intellect (sun in Aqua- air) will get that fire injection is so desperately needs from both the father of rebellion and the father of restriction.  So we will have both of their blessings to move ahead (fuck yes).

You will realize that you have been sleeping – aye dreaming – long enough and it is time to get on with your day.  The Chariot and The Fool are clearly indicating that we must ignite our engines and jump into our future, no matter how much anxiety may be brewing underneath.  Hopefully the other planets will give you enough fire UMPH that you don’t even think about taking that step – you just do it.  Fuck, things will look TEMPTING and exciting for once, and you’ll want nothing more than to liberate yourself form the wreckage of your former life.  This is the final step of our grieving process.  Remember, as Yoda said, there is no god damn fucking “try,” only “do.”  This is the kind of moon this is.  We are about to spill our lifeblood (2 of cups) into the chalice of higher understanding, and for once we are not going to sit back and be told who we are.  “YOU DEFINE WHO YOU ARE”, roars the lion.  Even if you weren’t planning on starting a project, it is going to land on your lap (seriously, probably out of fucking nowhere).

Even though everything is inspiring, the moon is still about her tough love (thanks Queen of Swords).  Your inner world wont stand for laziness, wont stand for you sitting in the background, and wont stand for you not taking a stand.  Even if you didn’t think you had to stand up for yourself, you’re gunna have to (Leo full moons are also very, very DRAMATIC).  Take your crown, don’t think too much about it, and ACT.  If you see injustice, you will be called to ACT.  Leo takes care of his own, and he will devour you if you cross his friends.  This is the kind of force this moon is asking for.  You must stand up for what is right, and there you will receive grace and the map to your next destination.  Fire signs are all about action, and with the Sun in Aqua beneficially aspecting innovation driven Uranus, your mind will be quick to hop on board with no arguments this time.  This moon is giving us our DESIRE and PASSION back if we purge the last of our dead weight.


Mercury (Page of Pentacles) and Venus (6 of Cups)-  We have another lovely sextile here between Venus and Mercury, and finally a sort of pleasantness to life even though shit is going bonkers.  Venus is telling you, “FUCKING ENJOY YOURSELF.  I am giving you lots of opportunities for this, and I am amping up your sex life.  What else do you mortals want from me?”  The ability for joy is so transient, and any time you are not in direct conflict should be a time of ease.  Your mind wants to get to work, and Venus wants to play, and I see no conflicts here…  Work doesn’t have to be dull and dreary.  Fuck, Mercury will be in Aquarius and Venus will be in Aries, meaning fucking try something new.  Experiment a little with your work, have fun with it, and ideas will flow like they have never flown before.  I don’t care how routine your existence seems to be, it is literally your perspective that makes you melt into that routine instead of engage in it.  Look at the world through the eyes of an excited child ready to experiment with everything she touches.

Don’t dive so far into the pleasure that you forget the work part.  There is always a warning not to be “naive” when the 6 of Cups is pulled, and in the realm of Venus, that means don’t let momentary pleasure get in the way of your values and future goals.  It is time to express your desires (hello Venus), but remember to bring your brain (Mercury) along for the ride.  It should also be said that the mind (Mercury) will get dull and far too cold without the infusion of passion from Venus (So yes, heart and mind playing together, neither leading the way, like tag team wrestling or some shit).  These two are essentially our “checks and balances” of this lunation.

Mars (10 of Pentacles) and Neptune (High Priestess)-   Well well well, why are all the cards so god damn archetypal?  It seems like everything is calling on it’s higher form, and things are actually working in our favor right now…  uh, too good to be true?  Sometimes amazing things do happen, Heretics, and brushing them off as fantasy when they are here because of YOUR making is dropping an opportunity.  Neptune is being kind of quiet during this chart, but the High Priestess reminds me that so much is going on underneath the surface.  The things that are going on cannot be spoken of…  This gives me both the chills and a sense of divine orchestration.  The High Priestess as Neptune tells me that dreams have been getting a bit strange or intense for everyone, and that we should pay very close attention to them.  We are receiving a fuck ton of messages from our subconscious right now, and this will come in flashes of insight, through the dream realm, or from our intuition.  Again – pay very close attention to what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you right now because it is tapped in for sure.  Life around here has gotten, well, strange, and everyone is full of an ambition of a different nature.  People are starting to realize that the idea of redemption and success that they have been fed are far from satisfying.  It is becoming very apparent that real hard work with integrity gets you nowhere in a society that celebrates undermining your peers to get ahead.  Mars is outraged, and he is coming for what is his – just like you are.  We may not know exactly what it is that has been taken from us, but we are damned if we aren’t going to fucking find out.

Pluto (King of Cups)-  Talk about a guy that is viewed as a bad guy but is really just trying to help…  Fuck, all of this pressure to confront ourselves and confront those around us may seem like it is making things worse, but it is actually peeling off the ugly top layers and giving us a juicy center.  Pluto is attempting to expose – pull off the emotional layers even further – and he asks you to keep your cool and trust him.  Uh, are we going to trust this guy?  Pluto?  Of all the planets?  Why yes.  Pluto wants to give us redemption.  He is our “hero’s journey,” and without his trails we wouldn’t be refined enough to step into our path.  We would literally be crushed by the weight of what we are suppose to be if we do not go through the trails of stripping ourselves of what we are not.  So yes, keep it together, says Pluto, keep the storm of emotions under check because this purging by fire is necessary right now.  He wants us to inspect our shitty views on essentially everything, so there will be plenty of situations that will come your way that will give you the opportunity to do this.  It will be up to you if you retreat back to habits and empty idealism, or if you actually see why you are making the particular stand you are making.  Fuck, this is good, we can’t educate ourselves enough on the stances we take.  Even though things may turn into a post modern soup because of this, trust in the process.  Trust in each other as well.  We are all going through this though some of us are far more vocal about it than others.



Lilith in Sagittarius – The Wilds

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“He was no dragon, Dany thought, curiously calm. Fire cannot kill a dragon.”
  – George R. R. Martin, Song of Ice and Fire

Effective Date: February 14th-November 10th, 2017

It’s time to get up on that horse and lead the charge.  This is Lilith at her wildest, and that is one reckless and devouring beast!  Do you know that little voice inside of you that says, “Sit down, this isn’t your time.  Just wait.”  Welp.  It’s about to go bye bye.  With Lilith in Saggo, you can expect your desires to rebel to become instinctual.  Someone asks you to lay down your basic human rights?  Fuck no.  Someone insults your lover?  Fuck no.  Someone asks you to turn the volume down just a little?  FUCK.  NO.

So, as you can see, this could uh kinda get in the way sometimes.  But it can also be that match the finally lights a fire under your ass (even after you have been begged by planet after planet to TRANSFORM since the goddamn mutable meltdown in June).  This is like a gang of rouges getting ready to stick up a banker and his wagon – pure raw rage and wild abandon.  I suspect a lot more “black box” anarchism may become a thing because of this transit.  All of the planets are gearing up in political activist mode, and Lilith is no exception to this.  She wants to fight for her higher ideals, and in Saggo she is far more dogmatic about this.  Be ye liberal, anarchist, libertarian, alt right, or whatever the fuck, your behavior due to ideological dogma will become amped the fuck up.

This entire reading is pushed forward by the Ace of Cups, meaning that it is very emotionally charged.  You’ve had it.  You’ve had it to the point that your emotions are spewing out like a fountain; bubbling waters so riddled with emotions it has turned black.  What is it exactly that we feel?  Dread? Anger?  Fear?  I would argue it is an interjection.  Yes.  It is that divine spark deep inside of all of us that refuses to be told it is a mere mechanism that is crying out.  We have been told that we have no power – or minimal power that they will grant us after we petition and ask ever so nicely.  FUCK NO.  We have so much power that we have forgotten about because we have been broken.

So here is what Lilith is going to learn; a herd of wild horses is better at fending off an enemy than just one horse.  Think of it like this: our enemies are trying to tame us, make us into playdough so they can mold us to their pleasing.  Lilith is here to liberate us from becoming broken in, harnessed and paraded around like clowns.  It’s time for some maneuvering.  Sometimes we need our ideals to be fired up – become solidified so that we can have the conviction needed to actually fight for what is ours.  When the whole world is melting the fuck down, you either dance in the chaos or you plow through it like a chariot.  This Lilith wants to brandish a spear and take her place on the battle field, and she knows she is stronger with like minded Amazons taking the charge with her.  Take your independence and help your sisters and brothers gain theirs as well – this is what Lilith in Saggo is demanding of us.  ONWARD!