Ceres in Taurus – Calcinatio

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

True character is revealed in the choices a human being makes under pressure – the greater the pressure, the deeper the revelation, the truer the choice to the character’s essential nature.”
 – Robert McKee

Effective Dates: February 10-April 29, 2017

Every death births a new life, and every life is subject to death and decay.  In ancient times, Athenian citizens would set out on a journey once a year to Elysium where they would perform rituals to place them into the mysteries of Demeter (Da Matar, The Mother, aka Ceres).  They would imbibe a drink made of mold found on ergot which possessed a very similar chemical make up to LSD.  During the trip, the Athenians witnessed the kidnapping of Persephone by Pluto (the riches of the earth) and followed the story right down into the underworld…

What did they see?  They saw the great renewal that the earth goes through every year.  No matter how brutal the winter, there is always a spring.  No matter how barren the land, shoots of green manifest from the melted ice once the cycle is ready to do so.  The earth will take anything into it’s gaping maw, and it will pressure cook it until it transforms.  This is the power of the myth of Ceres, Persephone and Pluto, and when Ceres moves into Taurus, the earth mysteries are magnified in your personal life as well.  You may feel like you are being pushed and squeezed into oblivion, but the myth of Ceres teaches us to trust in our ability to transform under this pressure into something far more extravagant than we could have ever become without it.

Some things need to be let go in order for you to continue with your grand master plan.  The Queen of Pentacles is sometimes symbolically associated with the bear.  And what does a bear do before the winter?  It stocks up the things that it needs and removes itself from the death that will soon surround it.  We have the 3 of Pentacles surrounded by two cards that essentially read “hibernate” to me.  One is asking me to tell you to care for your body, the other is asking me to care for your mind.  But you must hike up into the mountains with full faith in your plan in order to receive the benefits of this hibernation.

Sometimes we must remove ourselves and dive into deep contemplation in order to emerge later on with the knowledge we need in order to continue with our plans.  Ceres in Taurus is telling me to gather your resources during this time – and this includes the resources of the mind – and dive into deep contemplative study over the things which attach themselves to your goals.  This will be your chance to stock up before the snow melts into the earth, producing flowers and vegetation.

Persephone must descend into the earth to shed all of her masks before she rises as a Queen in the spring.  You must follow a similar formula.  Even though you may feel as if you are being dragged down into the center of hell by whatever it is that you may be going through, this transit is attempting to remind us that it is necessary to be broken down in order to see exactly what you are made of – and exactly what you REALLY NEED and what is actually just extra holding you to old ways of thinking holding you back from helping yourself thrive.



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