Solar Eclipse in Pisces – The Messiah Complex

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

And it will be in the last days, says God, that I will pour out My Spirit on all humanity; then your sons and your daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams.
” – The Bible, Acts 2:17

Effective Date:  February 26, 2017

Welcome to being stuck between a rock and a hard place – aka sandwiched between two Eclipses.  This is a slow, anxiety filled simmer, my friends, and the only way we can see ourselves out of this situation is to build a bomb shelter.  Fuck, this is a difficult one, Heretics, no matter how I cut it for you.  This is the judgement of God type of shit, and either you receive grace or you drown in this baptism.  There really is no way out, that is for sure.  This Eclipse is happening opposite the true node in Virgo, meaning we are being sucked into a fucking black hole.  Put your space suits on, Heretics, because we are entering a strange new world and things are just going to keep getting weirder from here…

Sun (Judgement), Moon (The Hierophant), Venus (9 of Wands), Neptune (7 of Cups)-  Well, fuck.  I pull the damn Judgement card followed by the Hierophant for the eclipse itself and “Bloody Mary” by Gaga begins playing on my radio.  Let us not dismiss this Spotify Divination!  This is definitely a spiritually flavored Eclipse, and how could it not be?  It is in fucking PISCES, the sign of Jesus himself.  And like Jesus, we are all being crucified by something or other right now, and the weight seems to be completely and utterly unbearable.  How in the world did Jesus endure through all of that suffering?   He gave himself up to a higher power, that’s how.  Now, wait a minute before your mind starts attacking this concept!  This is kinda like Alcoholics Anonymous (appropriate for a Pisces post), because I know a lot of us are going toward mind numbing activities just to get through these transits right now.  In order to fight forces stronger than yourself, you must merge into something larger than yourself.  Like the Zords in Power Rangers.  Or The Backstreet Boys.  People who otherwise could not power through on their own join together to become a swarm, protecting the whole’s purpose.  And we must help each other, because this truly is like a black hole we are sinking into.   Take a peak at what you need to see, like a black scrying mirror, but don’t stare too long!  For the abyss will stare back at you, and you will be forever mesmerized into it’s depths.

Each of us is a Hierophant, an heir to a tradition, and that is coming to the surface more than ever right now.  Remember 6 months ago – that last fucking Pisces Eclipse that essentially rocked our world – well here is the culmination of that tidal wave.  What is it that your ancestors have passed down in your bloodline for you to accomplish?  What is  your “super power,” so to speak?  We are taking a look back (this Eclipse is opposite the North Node), back, back I say!  Back to the past so that we can see exactly what it is that we are meant to do – meant to be – meant to see.  A trip through the past is rather violent, though, and especially ridden with depression and anxiety.  Here there be dragons, and here there be the monsters of your past which you must confront once again.  We have the power to heal ourselves of our past misery, but accept it as a necessary part of our merger with the divine.  Pain leads to elation, but first we must uncork this bottle.

Remember, Heretics, this is Star Year and we are going to follow this muthafucka out of this forest, no matter what monsters we run into on the way.  The trees may be getting thicker, and we may have some cloudy nights, but that star will emerge again.  You must have faith this year, and as I announced at the start of the year, your faith will be tested over and over again.  Do you trust those you are intimate with?  Do you trust your government?  Do you trust the masses?  Do you trust yourself?  All the things you hold dear are being attacked (9 of Wands), but these fights are what is going to make you transcend.  These trials are like sandpaper, and you will eventually emerge polished, and they will be rendered useless.


Mercury (The Chariot)-  Our dreams, the visions we have, all of these things are as real as the world we live in now.  The thing is, these material objects you see in the world in front of you today – your computer, your whiskey, your car, the restaurant you ate at last night – these things were all dreams before manifest reality.  And we want to create, we really do!  But we have no fucking idea what to do.  We feel trapped in other people’s creations – pushed up against a wall with their judgement being cast down upon us.  And just like the last Pisces Eclipse, we can’t see a god damn fucking thing in regards to where we need to go.  This can lead to HEAPS of anxiety and a feeling of being lost forever.  Without a vision for the future, where the fuck are we in the vast expanse of space?  Sure, this Eclipse is making it literally impossible to see the future clearly, but this is for a very, very fucking important reason.  We must create it.  What are the visions you are seeing?  What is your past trying to teach you?  Visit with the ghosts, but do not stay here.  They will suck you in and keep you there forever – like Hotel fucking California.  Get the information you need, and get the fuck out.

We must manifest these visions into reality, and the conduit to all of this is us.  We are the medium for the visions, and once we accept ourselves as a vessel – a cup for the divine waters to pour into – only then will be ready to receive.  Yeah, more surrendering shit, but would you rather struggle and drown?  You have no fucking idea where you are right now, why not answer that call?  Are you afraid that you may hear you have been crawling through the thick because you have veered off your path too far?  Wouldn’t you rather know?  Don’t slide into Piscean escapism.  You must make a move.  You must use this water energy to manifest your deepest desires.  Because if you don’t, you can sure as hell expect a great deal of punishment from yourself.  And no one can save you from yourself but you.

Mars (5 of Cups), Jupiter (5 of Pentacles), Saturn (Empress), Uranus (Page of Wands) and Pluto (King of Swords)- So what do you do when you are being literally crushed?  You let go.  You become a dream.  Or you become an explosion and clear that motherfucking debris out.  Pisces wants you to surrender, and that is going to be a hard as fuck thing for a lot of you to do.  Do not feel shame.  Do not feel guilt.  Let it all go and start again, and only then will you be able to see clearly the road you were always meant to follow; because that road isn’t some illusion put there by others.  Because that road isn’t something that you are told to go on, but one that your ancestral line has been following for generations.  When we are stuck in the waters, we must follow the current – not fight it.  Breathe…. breathe… and let go.  In the end, you are the only one who will manifest judgement on yourself.  You have the power to see past the wrong judgement because your cause is far greater than what has been placed before you.   You are not here to save the billions of other beings on this planet.  We must give mercy and grace to others so that one day, perhaps, they will learn to lay mercy on their own lives.  Remember, the only person who can save you in the end is yourself.

We sit here and we punish ourselves for our dreams, and allow forces to control our perception of reality.  This happens to the best of us, over and over again, but we must not give up.  We have been given this amazing chance to live in this beautiful realm, and we cannot give our power to others.  We must take our power back and wield a fucking sword (King of Swords).  You may have to do things you do not want to do, but you know you must do them.  This lunation isn’t about feeling comfortable.  It will do everything in it’s power to make you feel uncomfortable so that you either choose to completely give up and join the collective (oh Pisces), or power through like the force of a Volcano into a newly polished ego (hello Aries season, coming up next!).  Everything is being taken from you, stripped from you so that you realize what the real stuff of reality is.  Sometimes we need to be told to eat cake by an out of touch lunatic before we rise up and realize our true power.  There is no poverty of the heart.  You are making it up.  You are giving yourself excuses not to accept the love that is around you.  You deserve it.  Deep down, every monster is a child begging to be loved (hello Uranus as the Page of Wands), but somewhere along the way they have been told they are worthless by someone who had a lack of self love.  This lack of self love is like a virus that can spread, from parent to child or lover to lover or friend to friend.  The chaos wants you to create, it is saying you have everything you need accept for your own faith in yourself!  You’re drowning in your self doubt.  Would you allow someone you saw drowning to drown?  If you would help them, you can surely help yourself.  This is like the trials of Hercules, folks, and if you don’t have the grit to get through it, you wont get the grace you so long for.  Reality is harsh right now.  Our faults are being magnified, but that is because we wont be able to make it if we don’t fix these blemishes.  Confront your monsters, have faith in yourself and do not run, because through the trials we face lie the gates to salvation.



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