Pluto Retrograde – The Empty

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“The universe is transformation; life is opinion.” – Marcus Aurelius

Effective Dates: April 20th- September 29th 2017

I’m going to be talking big themes here, because the outer planets care very little for our personal lives – especially Pluto way out there straddling oblivion.  What we call “Pluto” doesn’t give a fuck about your paradigm.  He doesn’t give a damn about your opinions or your beliefs or any other way you decorate reality.  We all cling to mass consensus, hoping that the greater society will pull us away from this primal energy; this creeping understanding of our own mortality and the immense, crushing power of the universe.  We know we cannot control it, but we sure as hell attempt to.  And if that fails, we desperately try and hide it from view.  We allow ourselves to be lulled into thinking that if we follow society’s prescribed formula that we will be safe from this looming, savage monster.   We become numb to the terror that is fed to us each day – hoping that we can become desensitized to death, violence, suffering, and inevitable transformation.  They bombard the televisions with blood and misery 24/7, and our watered down modern religions echo their sentiments with veiled ideas of peace and light all the while cradling heavy themes of this undercurrent of undiscriminating violence.

The Moon. These images of terror are an undercurrent in our reality. They call it “the underworld” because it always sits just under the conscious mind, threatening to emerge like zombie hands – grasping at your attempts to escape and swallowing you into a pit of despair time and time again. Ominous much? Well, Pluto is ominous as fuck. He is the elephant in the room. He is that dread that creeps over your shoulder no matter how pleasant a situation may be. He reminds you that you are mortal, that you will rot on the very earth on which you stand, and that this very moment, like all moments, is absolutely temporary. We try and capture experiences on camera, on paper with ink, or any myriad of ways, and hope that somehow we can last forever. We think passing on our memory to others by doing “good” and “epic” or even “notorious” deeds may accomplish this, but even Hitler/Alexander the Great/Gandhi/Aristotle will one day fade to nothing. The primordial chaos creates, but so too must it destroy to learn from it’s own personal karma (Kali Ma).

The Fountain. The universe, like the sun (as above so below), beats like a heart. Expand, contract, birth, re-birth, and then an explosion – the death, the return to void. Eventually, the universe will return to itself, possibly to start the cycle of creation all over again. Each moment we are dying and being renewed by the infinite well of the universe – the thing that we call “primordial chaos.” Chaos feels terrifying because it is completely, and utterly, uncontrollable. Our attempts to control it, to encapsulate it and dissect it, are met with fierce resistance. What we don’t realize is that these very attempts to control chaos are reflections for the chaos on itself. We, creation, are a lucid mirror for the primordial chaos. In Astrology, Pluto in your chart shows you how you will reckon with this force – how you will reflect the universe onto itself and how you will come to realize what the true reality is. Pluto is judgement – apocalypse in the true sense of the word, an “unveiling.” This is why the We are the veil itself, Heretics, and to see what we truly are, we must suspend our ego. The only way to do this is through death, after a life of intense reflection. Pluto is our preparation for the underworld, and only through passing it’s karmic lessons for us this lifetime will we be able to vanish into the chaos in peace. Chaos must reckon with itself, and we are it’s vehicle for doing so.     

Strength. Crowley calls the Strength card “Lust” and it has been referred to as “The Power” in a lot of tarot decks. It is commonly depicted as a delicate woman overpowering a massive lion. This is a metaphor for learning to live with our own beast nature in a “civilized” society. Venus retrograde in Aries couples with this Pluto Retrograde, Heretics, meaning we have our weapon of choice – our wild nature come to make itself known again. We waste too much energy trying to suppress our animal instincts when we can be using them to our advantage. Your animal side is what tells you when you have opportunity, when you have danger, when you can smell the love and lust or even hate off another’s skin. Our beast nature is Pluto, and we must exercise it, not exorcise it, for exorcising it would destroy us in the process. This transit seems to be all about getting in touch with the dirt of the world and learning to flow with it, like a wild river, and drawing from it’s power instead of blocking it out.  The primordial chaos is an integral part of us that we can never separate from, no matter how hard we try to tie bows around it’s neck and dictate manners to it. Without this ravishing wildness, the universe couldn’t create and thus couldn’t actually see itself for what it truly is.

Harness this energy, Heretics, and remember that an infinite power resides inside of you that no one can exorcise, no matter how much they blind you with hypnotism and propaganda. Do not forget your power. Do not forget your origins. Do not forget the millions of years of instinct that got us all to this point. This is our preparation for taking back our world, and we must not fear – we must not falter – do not attempt to smother your passion just because it is something society deems invaluable – for if we cannot harness our inner chaos, we cannot move mountains and crush the faulty systems in place in society like Pluto in Capricorn demands.          

Eros in Gemini – Romeo

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Physical attractions are common, but mental connection is rare.”
 – Unknown

Effective Dates: April 1st- May 5th, 2017

As an individual with a hyper powered 3rd house that is live wire connected to my Venus, I can tell you that there is nothing sexier than sapiosexual Gemini energy. Temporary victory is easy.  It is simple to go out there and bring yourself home a live one, kicking them out of your bed in the morning just in time to make breakfast for yourself and clean your sheets.  Compartmentalization is not some grand accomplishment.  It is literal limitation.  What is difficult is real connection; when all the synapses start to spread information like wild fire and you begin a real, complex dance with another’s mind.

You’ve seen it and I’ve seen it; people spouting off how they are a god in their city because they plowed a few hook-ups and satiated their animal lusts.  Again, temporary victory is easy.  But did they connect?  Did they find the eroticism in how one mind fits like a puzzle piece into another?  That, Heretics, is a deeper, more nourishing eroticism.  That is, when your mind is just as involved in the sex as your body.  When each word they speak drips of wanting and familiarity.  Though your bodies may attempt to open the conversation, it’s your minds that can truly rip back the veil between two conscious beings.  Eros in Gemini energy is coming, and your sex drive will be craving something beyond compartmentalized fucking.  Your body is controlled by your mind, and if you do not entice your lover’s mind you can only get so far with their body.  

Sex without rapport is like a grocery line conversation.  It is merely mumbling about the weather; distraction meant to satiate the present with little regard for the future and complete disinterest in the past.  Your body has needs, Heretics, and we can feel these needs in the pit of our stomach.  We can feel it in the hunger in our heart and the incessant compulsion to fill something that seems to consistently remain empty.  But those weak “conversations” between your body and another’s are like feeding yourself candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner and hoping your teeth don’t rot out of your skull.  Eventually the taste of it becomes sickening and you want something more substantial; something that connects to you and your personal pallet and kills the feeling of isolation inside of you.

Mind sex is wrapping every bit of yourself around another.  From here, you immediately learn more about yourself than you could ever have if you remained compartmentalized.  Eros in Gemini is getting wet just looking at another’s bookshelf, losing your breath watching them confound their mind on something they are deeply passionate about, seduction by play on words, and weakness in the knees when they wish to elaborate their point further.  Eros in Gemini wont go home with just anyone.  They want witty banter as foreplay.  They want you to pry them open with just the right combination of words.  They want you to show them just how much you want them, mind and body, so prepare for the mood that urges you toward intellectual intercourse.  This is how you move from the stale boredom of hook up culture to the substance; the fun and fulfillment of real connection.


Pallas Athene in Aries – Warrior Queen

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy’s not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable.” – Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”

Effective Dates: March 30th- June 27th, 2017

Mmm, the art of war.  It is an art form, isn’t it?  Each attack is a brush stroke, and each turn in the tide a crescendo in the symphony.  Pallas Athene sees this.  She is the goddess of strategy, and thus also the goddess of pattern recognition.  And she is telling us that right now we must immerse ourselves in the chaos of the world in order to FEEL the patterns.  Usually it is much easier to step back and observe what is going on before placing our bets and making our next move.  Unfortunately, we do not have this convenience anymore.  Pallas understands that we are in the midst of a battle right now that has flooded over our walls, whether we realize it or not.  Some of us may see this clearly in our lives right now. The borders that we have placed to keep us safe have let in strife, but it is through engaging with that strife that we will be led to success.  Do you trust in yourself?  Do you trust in your knowledge?  Do you trust in your ability to learn as you do – learn as you play – learn as you fight?  Pallas in Aries is asking you to have an agile body, an agile mind, and the flexibility that allows you to change course midway through battle.  You’re going to need it.  If you are the type that freaks the fuck out when your plans get smashed, then you are going to have one fucking hell of a time.

As Helios mentions, Athene is in detriment when she is in Aries – a sign that is far more engaged than her chilly demeanor allows.  She is uncomfortable being forced to pick up a sword and create strategy after every swing instead of placing pieces in a war room and consulting with other intellectuals.  Now she has to trust in the intelligence of her body, of her instincts, which can be terrifying for cerebral people.  But this is where we are, Heretics, in the midst of a crowd of planets clustered in blood soaked Aries.  You have heard us time and time again the past few weeks tell you that you must gear up to act right now.  With so many planets going into retrograde right around the fucking corner (ugh, here comes Saturn + Pluto + Mercury retrograde in the coming days to join Jupiter and Venus), we will be left to our own devices.  We wont have the command and intelligence of the gods to tell us how we can find victory.  Oh no.  The gods are literally leaving us smack dab in the middle of a battle field and watching to make sure that we do this shit right (with Uranus and Neptune left to help us – so intuition and flashes of insight – indicating that we really must dig our heels into the moment and listen very intently).  This can get very dangerous as tempers fly and people begin to be even more frustrated with their stations in life.

Expect past enemies to make moves, especially the enemies you have that are very frustrated with their lot in life right now.  With Uranus/Eris in Aries and Venus in Rx in Aries + Mars in Taurus – they wont be able to chill anymore.  You may not know exactly what to defend, so create a bubble of awareness around you.  This is your war room – your own aura.  You must go with the flow of the energy fields around you right now.  Plug right into the waves of life like an Aries, moving as your gut tells you to do so.  If you feel a situation is dangerous – if you get prickles on the back of your neck about going somewhere or meeting up with someone – heed this.  When people get angry, they lose their head.  This is an extremely likely situation during this transit, but you guys have an advantage, Heretics.  You are aware that you may lose your head in anger – become confronted with an unexpected battle that leaves you acting without thinking.  You must find your peace in battle, warrior, and you must be a zen master ready to throw up a defensive move but with an air of jovial playfulness.  If you lose your playfulness and curiosity, you lose your head and you lose the battle.   



New Moon in Aries – Crossfire

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Nothing is given to man on earth – struggle is built into the nature of life, and conflict is possible – the hero is the man who lets no obstacle prevent him from pursuing the values he has chosen.”
 – Andrew Bernstein

Effective Date:  March 27, 2017

 Good lord, this is like an epic fantasy battle, Heretics, full of wands and swords, two kings and an Emperor with a Tower looming overhead.  And those are just the tarot cards!  A new Astrological year has begun, and with it we are receiving our next mission – right smack dab in the middle of a fire fight.  Will you remain calm enough to fight your way through, or will you be sniped as you are fearfully taking cover?

The Sun (Emperor), Moon (4 of Wands), Venus (3 of Swords)-  This is major severance right here, Heretics, and it is major severance for your own good.  Venus, the moon, and the Sun will be conjunction after Venus has paid a visit to Uranus/Eris and moved backwards (meaning she will visit them again when she goes direct).  She is about to retreat into Pisces again, meaning all of the worst parts of the Venus Rx are only about to begin.  She goes Cazimi on the day of this New Moon, seated at the highest point of her power before she becomes the Morning Star (aka Lucifer Venus).  We hope you listened to our warning and did what was necessary during the first few, easy weeks of this retrograde.  The Venus in Aries energy at least let us be angry.  It at least fueled us and made us make decisions that were necessary, and it gave us the bravery we needed to kill our darlings.  Now that Venus is hovering only a handful of degrees from Pisces (3 degrees at the start of this new moon), you will feel the emotional backlash of the retrograde.  She is dragging us back into the emotional state we were in back in Venus in Pisces season (meaning, finding the faith through the darkness), and she is going to be far more ruthless this time.  This is the part of the Venus Rx that will offer us the temptations, and it is our job to choose truth no matter how painful it is (3 of Swords).  Because, Heretics, what you are being offered are tests – illusions to see if you are capable of making instinctual decisions.  Mirages to see if you truly realize what your life mission is.  The light gods will not offer you power if they do not see you fit to wield it, and the dark gods will offer it to you just so that you learn your lesson from the pain of miss-wielding it.  If you let yourself fall prey to going back to the way things were, you will suffer tremendously.  This will bring you to a state where you have lost faith in yourself.  You will realize you do not have the strength to overcome your own negative cycles, and you will make the choice to go back to them with open arms instead of living in the difficult present.

It’s like the Matrix when Cypher chooses to go back into the simulated reality because he doesn’t have to suffer anymore there – tempted by good food, sex, and ease.  Life is good and predictable there and he isn’t forced to be a hero.  This combination of planets is demanding you finally make a stand, Heretics, no matter how rough the road ahead of you may be.  It wants you to make the inverse decision that Cypher did.  It wants you to be tempted with all of the wonderful things, but you still make the choice to take the high road – to be the hero.  You know what the right decisions are, and Aries doesn’t lie to you about the bravery necessary to move ahead.  The challenges will always get harder, but you will grow stronger because of them.  The moon reminds you to celebrate regardless of how painful this process has been (4 of Wands).  You have completed a cycle, and you must not back down now.  This is the part in the story where you come back and take charge.  The 4 of Wands is also known as the little universe card, showing you that a great cycle has now come to a close.  This Aries New Moon is the official closure of 2016’s cleansing by fire energy, and the intense shadow work that accompanied us since Scorpio season.  What are the lessons you have learned about yourself – about your weaknesses and where you find strength?  It’s time to channel those things.  This is no time to rest, or you’ll be destroyed by the pressure of what’s ahead.  You must let the past go, because this is the portal to the new astrological year and we have plenty coming that will need your full attention.  This moon demands  you to be present and to celebrate your accomplishments through the harshness of 2016 and early 2017.   With Venus so intimately involved with this new moon, we are in for a fight over the things we value the most in our lives.  Are you willing to fight for what you love, Heretics?  For what makes you truly who you are?  Or will you give up on your love – for yourself and for your deepest desires – and settle into a life of comfort and complacency?


Mercury (6 of Wands), Saturn (King of Swords), Uranus (7 of Swords), Chiron (Death)-   Damn, ok guys!  You need to be the motivator even though things may be hard as fuuuuuck all right now.  You need to truly motivate yourself, tell yourself that you are fucking important, and get on with it already.  Chiron (Death card) wants to finally drop some petty pain that has been holding you back from accomplishing what you truly want.  All things die eventually, Heretics, and this definitely includes your pain from the past.  You have been walking around with an open wound in your chest, and it’s time to let the sinew mold around your wound – creating a stronger and more durable structure.  You have been through hell and back, and now it’s time for you to realize that, fuck, you are still standing (Mercury as the 6 of Wands).  You have made it this far.  All victories are temporary, and so are all defeats.  You have clawed your way up the mountain, starved, almost lost all hope, but you are standing here now – at the Spring Equinox.  If you give up now, everything – all that pain you have gone through – will be for nothing.  This is the place where the magic happens, so don’t pass up this Aries energy.  It wants to breathe life into you, but it cannot do that if you do not choose action and forward motion.  Ride the wave, Heretics.  Don’t let people bring you down when you know what you have accomplished -what you have sacrificed to get to where you are.  Don’t let their dead weight carry you down.  If they were worth the ilk, they wouldn’t be in the shit situations they are in.  They would be at peace and in harmony with their environment.  The very fact that they are lashing out at you and your accomplishments is because they are in a tremendous amount of pain about their own failures.  Don’t let other people’s hate for themselves bring down your love for yourself.   

Saturn is breathing down our necks to forge something useful (King of Swords).  He wants you to take all of the mental bullshit you have mulled through, beaten yourself up with, and assessed like crazy and fucking deploy it.  The Kings of the Tarot allow energy to be released, and he is telling you it is time to take up your sword and act.  A ruler doesn’t have the chance to go hide in their room when their people are in trouble.  Think of your life like your kingdom, and Saturn is demanding that you address the hoards at the door.  It is time to kill the child and let the adult be born.  Life is messy and hard and painful, but you will not receive the blissful, elating, ecstasy aspects unless you are willing to fight the bloody monsters.  Then there is Uranus, and he wants to let you know that all the secrets are coming out (7 of Swords).  If you think you can get away with taking advantage of someone, this will be the time all of that bullshit comes out.  There are many energies in the micro and the macro who believe they can win out with brute strength and secrecy, but Uranus (accompanied by Eris) wants to tell them that their plans will be subverted for sure.  Not very many secrets will survive the Venus Rx, and they surely wont survive the plethora of planets (including the sun) that will be illuminated with Uranus’ revolutionary light.  People are getting angrier and angrier about their mistreatment.  Change is knocking on our door, and change wants to tell us that the old order is about to crumble like a Jenga tower.  Secrets come out sooner or later, no matter who you are.  Even state secrets.  Keep vigilant. 


Mars (King of Wands) and Neptune (Ace of Wands)-  So we have a Mars in Taurus that has already had a fire lit under his ass.  You have finally been pushed to the point where you have no choice but to act.  That’s perfect, because a Taurus in motion is a Taurus you can work with.  We are not only being called by Saturn to put your philosophizing to work – make it practical and usable in this world and in your life.  We are also being called by Mars to channel our physical and sexual energy into creative pursuits.  This is “motivate the troops and fight in the trenches” sort of energy (King of Wands).  You can’t command your life from a high tower, you must immerse yourself in it and feel the grittiness of your every day.  Hermit season is over, Heretics, and now we must put into action all of those creative ideas that have been incubating through the winter.  You will have all the energy that is necessary, the only thing you have to do is focus is.  Once Mars in Taurus is focused on a goal, it is relentless.  

Neptune is helping with the cause (Ace of Wands).  The divine are the match stick here, and the redemption of the last new moon in Virgo should still be burning in your gut.  Neptune wants  you to be motivated to do the most important things right now – the “real work.”  The work that the gods put your soul on this earth to accomplish.  We all play our part in the grand plan, so what is this “real work” for you?  Well, Heretics, you will finally be getting that breath of fire air needed to set out on  your mission. It wont be hard, but there is real redemption on the other side.  If you can keep yourself zoned in on your mission, fighting off all the bullshit that slows you down and keeps that Mars in Taurus from it’s runaway train energy, you will truly come to recognize what great power you possess.  Don’t let them lie to you and tell you that you are weak.  There is a universe of strength inside of you – just look at all of the things you have already fought and survived from.

Jupiter (The Tower) and Pluto (1o of Swords)-  Love will break the chains.  You must find that deep, resounding love for yourself and let the mental cage you have surrounded yourself with fall.  Pluto wants you to transform even through the pain (1o of Swords).  He is telling you that you have come to the end of a mental cycle, and that if you stay where you are you will only suffer.  But if you choose to move forward, you will be blessed with a grand mental awakening.  You must become like a phoenix, burning your body and life in the process.  To become a hero, you must leave behind all of your attachments to old ideas about yourself.  You can’t get where you need to go by just traveling there in your mind, Heretics.  It is Aries season, you must involve your spirit to be the vehicle.  You must emerge from the cocoon and spread your wings – becoming something unrecognizable.  It was scary going from childhood to adulthood, knowing the demands that were waiting for you.  Life is a series of these emergence, and you will only be laughing at how silly your fear was once you have made the jump.  It is a natural law of the universe to continue to emerge, so fighting it will only bring you despair.  You will realize that all of the things holding you back from your expansion were mere illusions.  You cannot survive off of illusions.  Mirage water will not keep you alive.  If you do not move out and expand, your spirit does die because you become out of sync with the universal rhythm.  (The Tower)



Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius – The Forge

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.


People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates.” – Thomas Szasz

Effective Dates: April 6th-August 26th 2017

  We need a hero, Heretics.  We need a hero who will gallop into the fray, impale the enemy with a gleaming lance, and raise our banners of rebellion once more.  That hero inside of you will be forged and tempered during Saturn in Saggo Rx time, creating the perfect set of trials for you to go through that will craft you into a sturdy, viscous weapon ready for Saturn in Capricorn (on it’s way and bringing me and Helios’ Saturn returns with it!).  This Saturn wants to make sure you have the bravery it is going to take to dismantle the fucking system once Saturn decides to move into Capricorn.  Saturn in Saggo has attempted to enlighten us.  This is the “awakening” period we have all been clamoring about.  We are literally living smack dab in the middle of it, and each and every one of you is having epiphanies about your path + have been pushed and pulled toward your tribe and your true purpose.  The real question, though, is if you are going to be brave enough to get through the final retrograde of Saturn in Saggo.  Are you going to be a daring Knight, ready to merge your dark and light side into a complete warrior of spirit, or are you going to crumble under lack of faith in both yourself and your fellow human beings?

They have been blinding us, Heretics.  They have been feeding our communities drugs, they have been looping our minds with media, they have been suppressing our issues with empty comedy and propaganda at every turn.  Why?  Because they know if we were to wake up there would be blood to pay.  “It’s not so funny when the rabbit has the gun,” a Sagittarius friend of mine said this morning.  They have been suppressing our ability to see who we really are, what we are really capable of, and have placed us in a machine with a prescribed job and no real satisfaction in sight.  Why do you think escapism is such a huge issue with human beings?  Because we are traumatized from living in a world where we have forgotten our path, forgotten our connection to nature, forgotten that we are also beasts of the land (which Sagittarius never forgets).

Curiously, we don’t question the new values placed before us because now we are birthed into a system outside of our natural rhythms.  Fluorescent bulbs and the gleam from metal tools immediately blind us upon our entry, beginning our culturally induced schizophrenia.  This eerie emotion that exists in our hearts, that keeps us from ever feeling truly at home in our existence, is the denial of our instincts.  They do not fit into the axioms we are given, so we suppress them and they come out in violent, screaming ways.  These are post-industrial times, and like factory farmed pigs living in sick symbiosis with our brutal masters, we are unsure if we can survive in the “cruel, cruel world” without their guidance.  Who will feed us if not industry?  Who will tell us who we are, instruct us what to do with our time, teach us how to love, or educate us about the world?  We don’t need their fucking guidance.  Their guidance is false, and goes against all of our instincts.  Does your life feel “right” to you, or is their a craving deep in your soul for something more real, vaster, all encompassing?  Surely living by the skin of our teeth and toiling at a job that is essentially meaningless isn’t what we have been placed on this earth to do!  Why do we continuously accept the systems and pain through them?  Why do we never realize that the ambiguous essence of our idea of  “Truth” shows it is no longer self-evident?

What Saturn in Sagittarius is attempting to teach is that there is only one thing we should follow – and that is the divine guidance.  The divine guidance is written in our very DNA and it tells us, via our instincts, that something is very fucking wrong here.  It is time to refine yourself, to bring yourself to spiritual awareness and follow your path at all costs.  We cannot keep getting sucked back into the loops they have created for us.  We must come together – rally the troops and bring this machine down.  We must build the weapons we need to set the spirits free.  And then, in Saturn in Capricorn, we learn how to take down the system, brick by brick, and begin devising what is truly needed in Saturn in Aquarius.

This Saturn in Saggo transit was meant to bring a wave of enlightenment back into the masses, and we are more aware than we have ever been about the corruption that has engulfed our world.  Our job during this retrograde is to figure out our own shit, work tirelessly to get on the path we know we have been avoiding at all costs (because we know how fucking hard it is), and emerge ready to give this revolution the momentum it is desperately craving.  We have the fuel – it’s time to build the mechanism – and then once Saturn goes direct – to trigger that fucking mechanism and watch the fireworks as wisdom floods into the minds of the populace.  Remember, people will be inspired to follow their path if you live your life like a shining beacon of hope.  This is how you truly forge a revolution of spirit.  This is how you set souls free – by setting yourself free, by believing in your path and having that unshakable Sagittarius spirit.  Do not shy away from  your duty, Heretics, for Saturn always finds a way to punish you for not doing what you are suppose to do.  He is the King of Karma, after all.  And, in the end, everyone always pays what they are due – don’t rack up your spiritual debt too high.     


Mars in Taurus – Swords To Plowshares

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Work work work work work” – Rihanna

Effective Dates: March 11th- April 22nd, 2017

Right off the bat patience is asked of us.  Temperance makes an appearance in this reading, indicating to us that we are about to enter a forge; a transcendental state of re-emergence.  We are like caterpillars in a cocoon, instinctively moving ourselves toward metamorphosis.  This is a temper smothering type of transit.  You’ll want to go where you can get some space, lay out your art form (or your food), and work diligently.  You’ll start regaining your patience and you’ll slowly start accumulating your drive.  If you have been floating through Pisces season with millions of ideas with nowhere to go because anxiety and depression are through the roof, then this is your lifeline.

Mars in Taurus is the spirit to keep going even when you feel the staggering weight of all your burdens.  This Mars would do incredibly well during a siege – he would rather starve to death than give you his life to take.  So yes, Mars in Taurus is extraordinarily hard headed.  He is Mars’ energy and drive with the patience of Venusian ruled Taurus, and this makes for Varys from Game of Thrones kind of combination.  He will make his plan, slowly and methodically, and execute it to perfection.  This can lead to issues for Mars in Taurus, where a perpetual pursuit of perfection diminishes their ability to even get out of bed. Once a native of this natal placement realizes the perfection of creation as it is, then they can finally relish in their role as a builder.

Mars in Taurus is here to learn the very nature of flesh and matter itself, and the combination of Mars and Venus gives a tremendous sexual element to this Mars sign.  In the end, this transit wants to be a peace maker and relish in the garden, but there will be a lot of fucking aggravating energy coming our way to shatter this dream.  You must meditate through the storm, and your meditation will be on the earth.  Learn to make something with your hands, delve into a science, start growing things, have long bought of sex on your days off and lay around with each other.  Mars in Taurus is extremely seductive and heavy on the foreplay, so expect a lot more indulgent sexiness in your realm (especially with Venus in Aries in Rx right now).  This is a time to re-charge, to get what you need from the earth to keep moving on.  Mars in Taurus will remind us we are earth beings, and we have a deep karma here.  Most of the time it is extremely difficult for those with this natal placement to begin their work (fear of falling short of the perfection of creation), but once they can find something that sets them on fire enough to get them going – they will get all of the work done and more.

Mars in Taurus at peace is artistic and patient.  He is very meditative and likes to take his time creating things of intricacy.  He understands that it takes time and nurturing for things to bear fruit, and he has a great concern for beauty in all its forms.   But if someone destroys your peace during this transit, they will receive the wrath of Mars in Taurus.  This energy will wait, and wait, and wait – let you make infraction after infraction before finally losing their saintly temper and exploding like a nuclear bomb.  Their anger is savage and if you get them to that point – it is almost assured that you deserved their ballistic rage.  Patience only lasts so long, Heretics.  Mars in Taurus is like meditating Shiva, and if we do not attempt to create balance and cultivate patience in our lives, he will begin his dance of destruction.  This is it, Heretics, it is time to adjust yourself and move deeper with your work.  You’ll have a tremendous new drive to do so  – and no one will be able to break your siege.


Mercury in Aries – Telling it Like it Is

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“It’s discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.”
 – Noel Coward

Effective Dates: March 14th- April 1st

“Did he really fucking say that?”  Oh yes.  Oh yes he did.  This transit is all about saying the shit you never thought you’d say, because, you know, it’s the truth.  Mercury in Aries is a blunt one, and people that have it as their natal placement essentially participate in the act of word vomit at every turn.  There are two individuals I know in my life with prominent Mercury in Aries and both of them use it in two different ways.  One friend, let’s call him JM,  tells the dirtiest jokes known to man.  He is the person that will take it to that point and then push it beyond just to see where his boundaries are.  And then he laughs his ass off.  The thing is, you never know what the hell JM is going to say!  But you always know it’s going to be the truth – regardless of how dirty or disturbing or uncomfortable it is.  And he’ll say it with his cute little playful Aries smile and twinkle in his eye, so how the hell can you even be upset?  You could be at a wedding sitting with a bunch of fancy pants guests and he will make three obscene sexual jokes before even formally introducing himself.

So my advice for these 2 weeks of Mercury in Aries?  Be like JM.  You’ll run into the same people you have run into 1,000 times but this time you are going to want to really say that thing – that thing that might piss them the fuck off but will bring perspective.  It will bring true reality and might shake their fucking world but it will shift things in the proper direction.  It’s a long way down, folks, but Aries knows that people just build pretty castles around their worlds and words so that you can’t see the grime that is underneath.  The grime is about to be exposed, Heretics, and not just by you but everyone involved on this planet.  We try and cover up reality when we should be talking about the raw, beating heart of it.  And now things are about to be exposed (I can almost hear the joke JM would make here). There is no way around it with this transit, especially because Mercury will be conjuncting Uranus/Eris at some point and the revolutionary inside of you is going to burst forth and set some shit on fire in your life.  You wont let your boss talk to you like that anymore.  You wont let the idiot on the corner cat call you for the 4th time this week without blood on your hands.  But reign it in a bit, Heretics, and say it with a playful smile and twinkle in your eye, like JM.  The things you say will be harsh and people will not be able to swallow them easily (another JM joke here), but if you say it dripping in honey and fun then it will seep through people’s mental membranes.  Fights will be extremely common during this transit, so please please remember this piece of advice.  Honey.

So there is another person I know with Mercury in Aries; let’s call her Brenda.  So Brenda is quite a hilarious person but she exhibits the unconscious portion of Mercury in Aries to the T.  You’ll visit her and she will immediately put you into a time vortex where word vomit just keeps coming and coming (insert JM joke here).  You think 5 minutes of talking has gone by but it’s already 2 fucking am and you are drooling from all of the wine and weed she has fed you and you need to get some goddamn sleep and you don’t know where the hell the last 6 hours of your life went.  You could be sitting there clearly reading something or very much giving her the grey rock “mhm,” “yes Brenda,” “ok Brenda,” and she’ll still be talking.  About what?  Seriously, nothing in particular, and all the things you wanted to do have gone out the fucking window.  This is an issue with Mercury in Aries energy.  You could just do and say shit just to take up space, just so that something is there and boredom doesn’t set in.  Don’t be like Brenda.  Make your verbal outbursts mean something, and shatter people’s fucking brains with real, blunt truth instead of numbing it with attention deficit disorder.  You must keep a conscious mental balance throughout this transit or you will become incredibly lost and incredibly angry.