Full Moon Virgo – Redeemed

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Redemption is not perfection.  The redeemed must realize their imperfections.”
 – John Piper

Effective Date- March 12th 2017

Where the hell is all this drama coming from?  Seriously, try as hard as you might, it keeps popping up at every friggin’ corner.  You attempt and do the right thing and suddenly you are being cursed, or try and help a friend who is desperately in need and screw over the both of you in the process.  It’s like everyone wants to be of help but we’re all building sandcastles at high tide.  We have been spit out of a vortex after these full moons; lost, bombarded, beaten, branded and hung up to dry with a crown of thorns.  But here is our redemption, Heretics.  Although Pisces season has been a fucking mess, we were put here so that we may receive vision (like watching a film you can’t participate in).  And now that we have seen what it is that we needed to see, this is our chance to take control; in the most precise and surgical manner.

The Sun (Strength) & Moon (7 of Swords), Jupiter (9 of Wands), Uranus (4 of Swords), and Pluto (The Moon)–  Well here is the good news you have been desperately searching for, Heretics, but it comes in the form of medicine that is also hard to swallow.  You will be able to heal during this moon, but you have to heal thyself.  Everyone is suffering quite considerably at this time, but we are in Venus + Jupiter retrograde territory, and all of your nurturing must be turned inward.  When you are all at the point of collapse, you cannot take another task over your shoulders, Atlas.  You must start dismantling your issues one by one, piece by piece, through a very structured plan of attack.  All of your issues cannot be wiped out all at the same goddamn time.  Virgo knows this more than anyone.  There is a process and this will require patience and it will require you actually giving a shit about yourself.

They have systematically broken us down.  They have given us monsters to fight that seem unfamiliar to our DNA.  We are use to seeing the whites of our enemies eyes, but now we fight puppets and ghosts and machines; so we assume there really are no enemies present.  But why do we constantly feel in danger?  We are being struck from all sides to remain complacent and to destroy our healthy egos – fuck no – you must be a warrior for yourself.  You cannot add yourself to the list of your enemies!  You have been told you are your debt, your diplomas, your “accomplishments” in this world devoid of real meaning.  But these are all figments, Heretics.  These are all distractions from the true work of the present and our real reason for being in this reality.  These are charges that have been put up against us so that we can remain in a cyclical imprisonment with the demi-gods of our world.  This moon is offering us the opportunity of “radical self healing,” but the tricky part is you have to be your own surgeon.  And that is going to require some fucking concentration like you’ve never mustered before.  You run the risk of bringing yourself or others under if you do not allow for this self healing.  This applies for your loved ones as well.  They must learn how to stand on their own two feet or they will constantly need others in order to survive.

During this time there will be ghosts from the past.  These will come in the form of wounds that still need to be healed and transformed in order for you to regain your personal power.  It could be your mother finally messaging you after 2 years of both of you not speaking, or an old lover coming back to ask for closure.  The form will be a physical manifestation of  your psychic wound, and it is being handed to you so that you can finally mend.  This full moon / sun combo will be on the north and south nodes.  So just like the last new moon, we will be dealing with a lot of past karma here.  Your task is to not run and hide, but meet these issues head on and perform your radical self healing.  You will gain a hard won “tradition/adaptation” from this (9 of Wands as Jupiter).  Your suffering hasn’t been for naught, Heretics.  Your suffering has been a sort of boot camp getting you ready to receive a new super power – so to speak.  Are you ready to pull the sword out of the stone and take responsibility?  Or will you keep running from your fate and karma?

Mercury (2 of Pentacles) and Saturn (8 of Wands)–  So Virgo is usually associated with the angels.  Most people think Angels are nice.  They aren’t.  They are dicks, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take their advice.  In the end, they have the “divine purpose” in mind, and they are doing what they need to do because it is necessary not because it is kind.  It takes a cold, rigid blade to cut out a tumor, and love comes in a solid form as well.  This moon is going to require some brutal honesty or you wont be able to heal and move on to Aries season with the ability to utilize the fire energy.  Saturn demands that you take action (8 of Wands), and as you work you will finally receive that “eureka!” moment you have been desperately searching for through the mud of Pisces.  Mercury conjuncting the Sun during this full moon is extremely shamanic.  You will receive some fucking strange but potent dreams that will leave breadcrumbs for where you need to go, but you will also run into some fucking wackjobs spouting nonsense.  Some people cannot handle this “channeling” energy.  And instead of becoming like a vessel for the energy, they crumble under it’s pressure.  You must become a conduit and you must create, Heretics, and that creation must be in the physical world with physical materials.  This means doing the work out, eating right, filling out your paper work, going through with the phone calls, and making a list and checking it twice.  You are being forced to balance your physical world and find the flow of your physical world, find meditation, and channel those things you see into something real that you can touch; something real that you can build on and rely on and find confidence in your fucking self.  Enough dreaming, Heretics, it’s time to put yourself out there – no matter how shy or hesitant you may be.  You don’t get many chances.  Don’t beat yourself up over losing this one as well.

Venus (Death) and Neptune (10 of Coins)–   Well that is some interesting advice.  Venus is asking us to let shit die.  I’ll give you the short version, but if you want to read the long version please check out our Venus Retrograde article.  This Virgo full moon coupled with a hell on heels Venus in Rx in Aries is demanding you break up with that individual you really see no future with but keep around because you feel lonely and desperate.  You need to sever that now – let it die so you can be reborn and open space for someone who truly belongs in your life.  Neptune is telling us that she wants to be our solid foundation right now (LOL).  But hey, this article is about redemption, and who better to bring redemption than Neptune?  Redemption is not revenge. Let’s get this right.  Redemption is a sort of surrendering.  Surrendering to the fact that you are a flawed human being that must constantly work on those flaws, and if you believe in some ridiculous notion of perfection you will feel drained at every turn.  Perfection doesn’t exist, so seeking it will always turn up fruitless and only cause you massive amounts of anxiety.  If you see yourself as a constant work in progress, as legitimate in any state that you are, as a work of art no matter what you add or subtract, life will be much easier.  You are malleable.  You are the primordial chaos of the world; the creative power that can constantly change.  You will find your meaning, your place in this world only if you look toward Neptune; toward divine purpose, higher purpose, purpose that involves the whole goddamn world.  In order to help, in order to be of any fucking use to your community and the world, you must first learn to forgive yourself and heal.  You must learn how to take control of your life before you can help others heal properly.  That means you must put to death the “love” relationships that are keeping you from growing.  Severe, Heretics, this is your chance.  You have so much to do and so many places to go, don’t allow yourself to become food for some parasite that can’t fully relate to your inner being.

Mars (The Devil)–  There is a lot of dysfunction in your life, and Mars is demanding that you take charge of that dysfunction now.  You have your addictions – be it to substances or tv shows or anything that numbs you from actually being present and taking action.  Mars in Aries is the guy that goes all in, that is ready to play the game at all times, and wakes up with a fervor to do his work.  This is a hard energy to channel if you have things that are shackled to you that are holding you down – drowning you.  The Devil indicates co-dependent relationships and addictions (even to people) that must be cut out in order for you to move on.  The doors of hell read, “Abandon all hope ye who enter here.”  You may be in this place energetically, huddled up on your couch watching the same television show for 6 hours straight; feeling a great desire to do the work but no energy coming in to do so.  The problem is that you have given up hope and you have given large chunks of your energy to energetic vampires.  Venus in Rx is attempting to help you remove these suckers from your life, so LET HER.  This Mars asks you, “Do you want to get rid of your suffering or do you want to be eaten alive?”  You must regain hope – you must regain a confidence in yourself and declare, “I can do this,” and just set out in motion no matter how hard it is.  You must light a fire under your own ass, and this can be extremely difficult.  The thing is, once you start your small acts of self healing – knowing that like a wound your life must take time to mend – and if you keep a ritual of these habits, you will be able to dig yourself out of this hole.   It’s time to get out the sciossors and start cutting all that doesn’t serve you, Heretics, including the disease that has started to manifest around your wounds.  Leave the people, the job, the circumstances you need to leave, and start giving a fuck about yourself.

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