Mercury in Aries – Telling it Like it Is

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“It’s discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.”
 – Noel Coward

Effective Dates: March 14th- April 1st

“Did he really fucking say that?”  Oh yes.  Oh yes he did.  This transit is all about saying the shit you never thought you’d say, because, you know, it’s the truth.  Mercury in Aries is a blunt one, and people that have it as their natal placement essentially participate in the act of word vomit at every turn.  There are two individuals I know in my life with prominent Mercury in Aries and both of them use it in two different ways.  One friend, let’s call him JM,  tells the dirtiest jokes known to man.  He is the person that will take it to that point and then push it beyond just to see where his boundaries are.  And then he laughs his ass off.  The thing is, you never know what the hell JM is going to say!  But you always know it’s going to be the truth – regardless of how dirty or disturbing or uncomfortable it is.  And he’ll say it with his cute little playful Aries smile and twinkle in his eye, so how the hell can you even be upset?  You could be at a wedding sitting with a bunch of fancy pants guests and he will make three obscene sexual jokes before even formally introducing himself.

So my advice for these 2 weeks of Mercury in Aries?  Be like JM.  You’ll run into the same people you have run into 1,000 times but this time you are going to want to really say that thing – that thing that might piss them the fuck off but will bring perspective.  It will bring true reality and might shake their fucking world but it will shift things in the proper direction.  It’s a long way down, folks, but Aries knows that people just build pretty castles around their worlds and words so that you can’t see the grime that is underneath.  The grime is about to be exposed, Heretics, and not just by you but everyone involved on this planet.  We try and cover up reality when we should be talking about the raw, beating heart of it.  And now things are about to be exposed (I can almost hear the joke JM would make here). There is no way around it with this transit, especially because Mercury will be conjuncting Uranus/Eris at some point and the revolutionary inside of you is going to burst forth and set some shit on fire in your life.  You wont let your boss talk to you like that anymore.  You wont let the idiot on the corner cat call you for the 4th time this week without blood on your hands.  But reign it in a bit, Heretics, and say it with a playful smile and twinkle in your eye, like JM.  The things you say will be harsh and people will not be able to swallow them easily (another JM joke here), but if you say it dripping in honey and fun then it will seep through people’s mental membranes.  Fights will be extremely common during this transit, so please please remember this piece of advice.  Honey.

So there is another person I know with Mercury in Aries; let’s call her Brenda.  So Brenda is quite a hilarious person but she exhibits the unconscious portion of Mercury in Aries to the T.  You’ll visit her and she will immediately put you into a time vortex where word vomit just keeps coming and coming (insert JM joke here).  You think 5 minutes of talking has gone by but it’s already 2 fucking am and you are drooling from all of the wine and weed she has fed you and you need to get some goddamn sleep and you don’t know where the hell the last 6 hours of your life went.  You could be sitting there clearly reading something or very much giving her the grey rock “mhm,” “yes Brenda,” “ok Brenda,” and she’ll still be talking.  About what?  Seriously, nothing in particular, and all the things you wanted to do have gone out the fucking window.  This is an issue with Mercury in Aries energy.  You could just do and say shit just to take up space, just so that something is there and boredom doesn’t set in.  Don’t be like Brenda.  Make your verbal outbursts mean something, and shatter people’s fucking brains with real, blunt truth instead of numbing it with attention deficit disorder.  You must keep a conscious mental balance throughout this transit or you will become incredibly lost and incredibly angry.


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