New Moon in Taurus – Under Siege

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“If you would see a man’s heart, knock him down. Then observe how he rises. If you would see his soul, do it a thousand times more.”
  – Lance Conrad, “The Price of Nobility”

Effective Date: April 26, 2017, 6 degrees Taurus

Are you going to get back up?  Come on, we’re not even close to being done with this fight, and more opponents are gearing up to join you in the ring! The problem is that you’ve allowed yourself to become another of those enemies and have begun self inflicting damage because you’ve just fucking had it – you just want to go to sleep now. The problem is, once it’s over it’s over, and you will destroy the bliss alongside the pain; they literally cannot exist without each other. There will be “nothing” as opposed to pure ecstatic illumination. You must decide that life is worth fighting for, that your puddle of depression is because you truly want to live and experience the vastness of life, then you’ll regain strength if you’ll keep trying to ignite that fire – no matter how many times you’ve fucked it up. Persistence and friction is what gets the fire going and what will warm your bones and help you get through, but you need to stop being one of your own worst enemies first. Your ideas and your dreams may crumble – things you fought hard to uphold may turn to shit and ideologies you thought you backed fully may be infested with armies of psychos, but what you must realize is that the map is not the territory. Ideology is not reality, and pain and suffering must exist in order for there to be transformation, that great fire of cleansing, that transformation that is eternal. It’s always painful and bloody to birth, but if you remain static and choose to be unmovable, you also choose death. You have to breathe through it and suck up the pain to create something beautiful. You must allow the old to crumble away and for the new to enter you – that is the only way to breathe life back into your body. Now get the fuck back up, and let’s face this new moon, Heretics!

The Sun (Temperance), The Moon (5 of Swords), and Mars (Knight of Cups)-  The Sun as Temperance asks us to review our actions and create a plan.  There is a formula to be learned here, and we may have missed it by freaking the fuck out instead of focusing. Panic will only make figuring out how to obtain your needs all the more stressful. It’ll give you half the brain capacity instead of allowing you the flow of your entire mind. One step of the formula at a time; move too fast and you cause an explosion, and move too slow and the chemicals don’t mix correctly and you create poison. It really is an art-form to know exactly what you need to do, how you need to do it, and in what order. Taurus demands that you develop a pace. But first, you have to muster up some more of that spirit and keep on rising every morning, even if you really, really don’t want to. I know, I’m asking for the fucking impossible when the hoards from the autumn/winter have been keeping you seized up behind your castle walls for gods’ know how long and you are running out of provisions and eating shoe leather, but truly the only way to have a “break through” is to fucking BREAK THROUGH. So take on the persona of the mighty bull, and fucking charge even if you are bloody and battered! Charge like your life depends on it, because it does.

5 of Swords. This New Moon has a heavy Ceres, thus Plutonian, influence on it, meaning we have a lot of Underworld energy in the air. Death and “taxes”, lovelies, that is what Pluto rules – and at some point the planets Ceres and Pluto shared the same area of space – then separated. That is, earth and our experience of it and the underworld split. You will want to pound on the doors of fate, but this new moon is here to teach us that there surely is a thing called permanence. You can actually fuck things up, and fuck them up for good, and lose people and by that lose them forever. Well, at least in the form you are familiar with them in. Although our universe is perhaps eternal, there is also the paradox of impermanence within that eternal world. The thing that we must learn when we become seekers is that the things we see will surely hurt us in some way. In Tarot, the suit of swords also rules over “truth” because truth is a cutting bitch.  There is no amount of logical reasoning that can keep you away from the pain that you feel when you witness harsh truths about yourself and those around you, but you must keep up the perseverance during this moon.  Things are going to die, people are going to die, dreams are going to die, but this is what is needed right now. This is the shedding of the skin before the Scorpio Full Moon on May 10 when your next transmutation will begin, and you must be open to it in order to reap the benefits. You have to make peace with death, with permanence, with the physical world.

Knight of Cups.  I can’t make you want to live on this planet.  That has to be your choice.  You have to be here and fight and push because there is that deep longing inside of you, like the Knight of Cups, for some spiritual truth. Thankfully we have Mars in Gemini to help us out a little. You aren’t stuck. You are going to be able to see the myriad of other options available for you, and opportunity will come out of fucking nowhere. Even though it’s Taurus season, things are going to be moving fast. You are going to get pushed toward the things you truly desire more than ever – and not just the fake ass plastic shit that will fulfill you for a few months and then rot your soul. No, this is Taurus season, it’s going to be the things that are going to nourish you to the core.You just have to have the stamina to push through and take the opportunities when they are presented to you. Yeah, in essence, I am asking for a bit of masochism from you, but afterword I promise you that you will see exactly why you had to suffer. Work hard, Heretics, and don’t slow down.  Keep the pace, fight the bandits that try and hop on your train, and keep fucking going. Be like a Captain on a capsizing ship and fight like hell to keep your crew alive. You must keep inspired no matter the costs, no matter how bleak things may look, because this is Star Year and your faith in yourself and those you love is exactly what is being challenged in 2017.

Here’s your theme song for this moon (click me).

Mercury (3 of Wands), Venus (8 of Cups), Saturn (9 of Wands), Uranus (Page of Cups)-  Holy fuck, how many times do you have to be given vision before you actually act on it?  I know, you’re tired, you’re always tired, because we live in a society that enslaves us into a paradigm that none of us truly feel comfortable in. We all know this is not the way things are suppose to be, so we whine and we pound our fists and hide under our covers and hope that others will do the work for us. I’m sorry, but if you shut yourself up in your high tower you will eventually starve and you will be deemed quite the coward by humans of the future. Who are the people we remember from the past, the ones who holed themselves up and quit or the ones who fought back against the system even if it got them burned at the stake? A lot of people are learning this lesson under our current political climate. If you sit back and laugh at the goons thinking that taking them as a joke will suddenly banish them, you are wrong, my friend.Giving the psychos space only spoils the pot, and just as a forest must cleanse itself with fire, so you must cleanse your life. This moon is asking for heroic bravery and a fight until your very last drop of blood.  

Saturn Rx /Uranus/Venus (shadow period)/Mercury Rx will all be in fire signs, asking us to scorch the earth (yes, Taurus New Moon and Sun). It is time to start plan B, Heretics, and we must be far more assertive about our needs than we were before. We are literally re-molding ourselves once again, and we are remolding the cultural paradigm in the process. We cannot allow our Mother, the earth (macro), and our lives (micro) to be hijacked by scavengers.  This is your home.  This is your life. Fight for it, fight for your resources, fight for your chance to grow and to love and to expand. No one else is going to pick up the plow for you and til your field. This is your responsibility. You have a philosophy, now stick to it. You have a dream, now fight for it. There is a burning fever to this moon, even though it is in an earth sign – it almost reminds me of a rumbling volcano. Venus did her little dance and retrograded through our lives and showed us how we can live in delusions, how we can value things and people that truly don’t value us back. Now fucking stop it. Kill the past, cut the cord, stop moping about what could have been and how horrible things are, and start in this very exact moment. Where do we go from here? How do we survive this storm against our world and resources? Stop ignoring your intuition, stop ignoring your place in the battle, and pick up the goddamn sword and help fight – we are all under siege, so we can’t be fucking butchering each other. Stop forgetting who your allies are, and stop forgetting who your enemies are. 

Jupiter (7 of Pentacles), Neptune (8 of Wands), Pluto (5 of Pentacles)-  Money money money (or some random ass resource or opportunity), honey, and it will be coming out of pretty much nowhere.  Snatch it up, darlings, for it’s a gift from Jupiter/Ceres/Venus/Pluto. You planeted some seeds a while ago, and now they are coming into fruition. Did someone just enter your life out of fucking nowhere with an opportunity? Are you going to fucking take it? You better. This is the point of your next transformation, and if you aren’t open to killing your past and taking a chance, you wont reap the benefits of this harvest.It takes ages to manifest something, and it takes a keen eye to see when your manifestation is coming into fruition. This will be a great time for eureka moments, especially in regards to redemption. How can you revive your soul and your life? Spring is here, and with it there is life and chance. If you wallow and hide, instead of decide to manifest a new perspective and devise a new story for yourself (try and trying again), you will only slip through the underworld cracks again. Instead, reap the riches of the earth from your last trip into the hell-fire, and put them to good use. Like Persephone, rise like a Queen after the torture you have been through. After everything, you still have your spirit – you still have your pride. Don’t forget the crown on your head, don’t forget your worth, and surely don’t take shit. As long as you have a tiny spark inside of you, there is still a great chance for a magnificent fire to start again.

Mars in Gemini – Slick

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Always keep your foes confused. If they don’t know who you are or what you want, they can’t know what you plan to do next.” – Petyr Baelish, Game of Thrones

Effective dates: April 22nd- June 6th, 2017

 Welcome to your lengthy injection of bipolar tendencies, brought to you by the guy who just sold you something you definitely didn’t need, Mars in Gemini!  This is a high energy transit, but first it will be making you feel nutty as fuck because he will be in opposition to Daddy Saturn, who is hanging out at the tail end of Saggo (in retrograde, might I add!).  As he inches backwards, Mars will inch forward, and their annoying little dance will make you really learn what it means to be manic depressive. One minute you will be flying high, excited about every little goddamn thing that enters your life – in that weird way where everyone tells you that you really need to calm the fuck down because you’re creeping people out, and the next minute (probably literally the very next minute) you will want to shut everyone out and go on a murder spree.

It wont be pretty, and it surely wont be helpful in the macro sense considering what is going on globally.  This Mars is volatile. He is your friend one minute, and then stabs you in the back with your most precious secrets the next. Loyalty will be a thing of the past (especially with Juno being retrograde during this transit), so be careful what you reveal as you have no idea who is actually your friend – and who is just a slick as fuck narcissist. This is the sort of Mars that makes people join cults – drinking the koolaid and isolating their friends because their guru deems it the only way to get to the light.

Yes, this is the douche-bag businessman who doesn’t really give a flying fuck about you. He is so wrapped up in himself and his ego that he couldn’t possibly see how using information you have given him could seriously hurt you and your community; how his actions can be irreparable for his short term gain (talk about bad business planning). Just a simple sorry and a slap on the back and he thinks he is in your good graces. But this Mars in Gemini just can’t think in the long term. Oh fuck no. His energy is so chaotic that only the present moment and it’s pleasures mean anything to him – only satisfying his quick temper and his swiftly changing opinions matter. This Mars wont actually fight you – oh no – he doesn’t actually have the capacity to win in a fist fight. This is the Mars who will fuck your entire life up with viscous words and rumors. Have you ever seen a stock broker in a fist fight? I bet not. He destroys your life through wit and wager. Beware of passive aggressive enemies during this transit as they will be far more in their element. 

But Saturn is there to keep Mars’ energy in check. The Lord of Karma is retrograde, but that doesn’t mean he will forget or that he isn’t secretly “wire tapping” your life – taking immaculate notes. Yeah, kinda like a celestial Santa Claus with a scythe. Once he goes direct, he will throw all of the karma of this transit right back at us. Saturn in Saggo wants you to practice what you preach, and this Mars in Gemini energy is far from that. It’s a free for all right now, Heretics, as quite a number of the planets have turned inward so that we may develop ourselves. That also means that those with bad intentions are more able than ever to demonstrate those intentions. What do the Christians say? God helps those who help themselves, and that will be more important than ever right now.

If anything, this transit will give you the mental capacity to make your plans – and to do all the shit you need to do – especially after Mars gets out of orb with Saturn at the start of this transit. We’ll get a Mars trine Neptune during this transit, meaning it will be easier than usual to weave that spell of deception over a populace or your enemies. It will also be easier than usual to do your art, and your motivation for it will definitely skyrocket. That trine in particular will give you the overreaching creative vision that you crave. It may also be a spiritual epiphany for some, showing them through vision what Saturn in Saggo has been preaching for years now – again, to practice what you preach. It will meld mind with heart, and that in itself could either create a powerful cult leader or a wondrous prophet.

So you can use this transit a few ways; to be a deceptive piece of shit, to be deceived by some piece of shit, or to meticulously weave your grand plan with 1000x more processing speed. Your choice, Heretics. In the end, the planets may influence, but it is your free will to do with the energy what you wish. 

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus – Tongue Tied

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Men are born with two eyes, but with one tongue, in order that they should see twice as much as they say.” – Charles Caleb Colton

Effective Dates: April 10th- May 4th 2017 (In Shadow May 5-21st)

Well, remember what we told you about Mercury in Aries? Yeah, well you avoided some shit, and now Mercury is backtracking through for a review. Like an editor who wont publish you without your following some certain guidelines, Mercury is going to show you exactly where you failed to speak your mind with the force of properly articulated arguments. Yeah, all those impassioned screaming fests and quick tempered snap backs are coming to bite you in the ass… And all those passive aggressive jabs are about to get a taste of towering confrontation. This transit wants you to double back and make those confrontations you chickened out of because Aries isn’t a goddamn coward. What? Did cowardice have your tongue?

With a Full Moon in Libra coming at us a after this retrograde begins, we will be called to become diplomats – conflict resolving in a time when all we want to do is deck the fucker in the face.  Keep your cool, Heretics, even though keeping your cool will be an absolute impossibility during this transit.  I recommend an intense meditation practice during these weeks, and with that intense meditation an intense contemplation.  Why are you flying off the handle now?  Should you have dealt with these issues when you had the chance – instead of running from them? Would that have kept you from exploding like a fucking volcano from the slightest provocation?

The thing is, you blinded yourself.  You chose not to see certain things or at the very least painted them in some sort of positive light so that you could continue on living in your life. Unfortunately, when you plug a leak it doesn’t vanish – it eventually gets bigger.Now we are about to have 5 planets in retrograde and the cosmic powers that be want you to realize that you can never truly gloss things over.  Mercury retrograding from Taurus into Aries will be a gradual build of anger.  At first, you will feel perturbed that you have to deal with this shit AGAIN, but the annoyances will continue building.  Unresolved shit will continue to tower over you until you want to decimate everything for the sake of quelling your anger.  

Ah, but these issues have always been there, Heretics! The anger should actually be directed at YOU not at them, for they showed their true colors the first time and you decided to take the “high road.”  Boundaries and tough love are necessary, and when Mercury loops backwards into Aries, the tough words will not be able to be stopped.  I recommend you resolve your issues ASAP with people so that you don’t rain blood all over them during this transit. Sure, raining blood on them will resolve the issue once and for all, but then you’ll have to deal with the fact that you’ve burned bridges for good. Learn your lesson the first time, because the second time is never as nice, and the third time makes you seem like a goddamn fool.

Expect a lot of hotheadedness from everyone around you – snappy come backs and general war mood during the entirety of this transit. People will speak their mind for once but it wont be pretty. It’s not going to be an easy transit for those with thin skin, so build yourself some defenses or find an emotional outlet for all the slights. Shit will go awry seemingly out of nowhere, and with Uranus/Eris combo not too far away from Mercury when he enters Aries again, the chaos of Mercury retrograde will become magnified. So fix all your leaks. There are those that don’t necessarily have your best interests in mind, and there is no way you will be able to ignore this anymore. You are going to need to take action to take your power back, whether it is on your terms or Mercury’s terms.     


Full Moon Libra – Alliances

Originally Published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“You can have peace. Or you can have freedom.Don’t ever count on having both at once.” – Robert A. Heinlein

Effective Date: April 11th, 2017

This one is already pissing me off and it’s still a few days away. It seems that at every turn we are finding new enemies, death and destruction, imbalance and chaos. That’s Uranus/Eris/Mercury Rx/The Sun bombarding Jupiter Rx and the Moon, giving us no safe place to hide. Well, that’s because this is not the fucking time to hide, Heretics. As we warned you during the Aries New Moon, you are in the middle of a battlefield and the punches wont stop just because you are tired. If you want to live long and prosper, you must seek exactly what these horrible events are attempting to teach you; for their lessons are here to give you a greater competence. Without the consequence of falling off the training line, the tight rope walker could never scale higher feats. “Adjustment,” that will be your mantra for this full moon. If the tight rope walker rolled around like a sorry ass soccer player every time they fell, they wouldn’t be able to craft new instincts into their body to be able to master their craft. Bless the oppositions, Heretics, for without them and learning their lessons – and being able to grasp both at once  – we couldn’t get to the center of things (aka Truth and Understanding). It is not the smartest or the strongest creature that evolves. It is the one most adapt to change. It is the one that adjusts.

The Sun (The Star), Moon (King of Cups), Mars (Empress), and Uranus (7 of Swords)–  So here is our issue, Heretics, we are inserting war into our lives for a reason that is not immediate to us (Uranus as the 7 of Swords). We want to eradicate all the slights and the uncomfortable situations, so we either set ourselves on fire for revenge or drown ourselves in the waters of guilt. Could this be because we are all afraid we are going to lose some sort of freedom if we do not seek justice in our relations with others?  Do we feel that somehow we will be caged if others think ill of us and our path, even though they live in their own ignorance?  This is hard for a lot of people to swallow, but Justice is an idealism and ideal states do not exist outside of the conceptual.  Unfortunately, Heretics, we live in a “fallen” world where Eden is no longer possible due to who we innately are.  The universe works in waves, tic toc, back and forth, and balancing and re-balancing is eternal.

One must see peace inside of war and war inside of peace, like a yin yang, in order to see that both at the micro and the macro they must be balanced in order for life to continue. “Justice and Peace,” if you’re looking for them, can only be found in  yourself and in  your relation to self because they are wholly subjective concepts.  And once you grasp it, like the wind, it is gone and you must chase it again. But it is this eternal hope at obtaining “Eden” once again that we continue to love.  We get glimpses of it in the midst of laughter with friends, a longing kiss from a lover, or the explosion of our heart in the sight of nature’s grace.  But we also realize that the beauty of these instances is their mortality as well, and being cast down from “heaven” into the “earthly realm” is the only reason we can have “freedom.”  Eternal peace is also eternal stagnation.  Heaven is just as frozen as Hell, and the center playing ground that is Earth is the envy of all the gods.

Honestly, Heretics, “I fuck with myself more than anybody else” (alla Saint Banks).  And once we realize this, we can finally feel at ease being ourselves. Without the eternal war inside of you, there would be absolutely no change. There is not a single human being on this planet that doesn’t feel they are in exile from something – be it love, be it prosperity, be it whatever the fuck, we all believe we are being cast out of some club we desperately want to be in. This is also so that we may strive, Heretics.  There is fertility in this strife (Mars as Empress).  We can only grow the grains if we break the soil to till, and it takes constant attention to obtain fruition. And once we make the bread and eat it, we are back in the fields again. I know it is hard, Heretics. I know.  But you must be thankful for the heart break, and you must be thankful for the slights and punches you take daily, because it is these very things that bring you the joy of mutual friendship, of heroic aid, of “miracles.” It is the mixture of oppositions that creates the possibility for existence  of time and of experience -and although it may seem counter intuitive to bless your “enemies,” they are the very reason for the existence of your “friends.” Funny to think of those fucks as your spiritual allies, but truly, love the haters, Heretics 🙂  What’s a hero without a villain?

Mercury (4 of Swords)- It’s transmutation time, Heretics, and this dose of medicine is being administered by our retrograding buddy Mercury.  Let the mistakes and miscommunication transform you, refine you, turn you from a caterpillar to something truly beautiful and free from the things that damaged you.  As the philosopher Sartre said, “Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.”  Mercury will be opposing Jupiter in Rx in Libra from his early station in Taurus (dangerously close to Aries everything is on fucking Fire land), so we are truly re-evaluating our mental faculties when it comes to partnerships of all kinds.  How do we want to go about it this next time, after all the suffering we have had to go through for trusting in all the wrong ways?  Mercury will be sitting just on the outskirts of Aries, so he is able to rest… if only for a moment.  And in this rest, he is able to integrate. This will be a time of great change for your mind, as you digest everything shit as fuck going on around you and let it transform you into a new version of yourself that is far more capable of handling the truths of the world that have been presented to you.  It’s time for a mental weapons upgrade, Heretics, because your sword wasn’t sharp enough the first time.

Venus (The Chariot) and Saturn (8 of Wands)- These two jerks…  They are both sure moving fucking fast with the cards they chose! They don’t have time for our human drama because they are trying to get us somewhere… Where are they taking  us?  Fuck if I know. They are asking us to trust in them, regardless of how much pain they are putting us through right now. It is all necessary in order to get us where we need to go.  I mean, that’s not such a hard thing to grasp, is it? If it weren’t for all of the pain of your past, you wouldn’t have the vast knowledge that you do now.  And without your knowledge now, you cannot make well calculated moves into your future.  Burn your fucks in a fire, Heretics, because you are being called to be a warrior for peace.  Paradoxical much?  Well, the earth is paradox-land, and it couldn’t exist otherwise.  A raging river can be rafted properly if one has the competence that comes from the understanding of consequence.  Now put to use your lessons, Heretics, for if we were perfect we wouldn’t have to make a climb. And if we didn’t have to make a climb, we wouldn’t have passion and strife. And who the fuck wants to live in ice kingdoms without passion or strife? That, my friends, is the land of the dead.  Now, to be or not to be, that is the question, is it not? And to be, we must teeter from one side to the other.  The tic and toc of time, of movement, of life itself…

Jupiter (7 of Pentacles), Neptune (5 of Wands), Pluto (7 of Swords)- Come at this lunation swinging, Heretics, for it will be swinging right back at you. If you have been sitting on your ass, you are going to need to act.  The New Moon in Aries spurred a fire in your belly, and now you must take action with the epiphany you earned. It’s not enough to talk about all the things you want to do. You must actually get out there and do them, and this can be terrifying. The thing is, this combination doesn’t care if you are ready or not. So slap on some bravery, because the monsters are coming to your door – yes, those monsters that you have been avoiding and hoping desperately that they will go away. This moon will bring a lot of volatile energy into your life, but it is because it is forcing you to play the diplomat. You must settle the score so that you can tip in the next direction – so that there can be life and growth and so that you can move the fuck on. If you just take a moment to stand still in the middle of the full moon battlefield, you will learn that you can feel the rhythm of the zeitgeist. You will be able to sense, quite instinctively (thanks Aries season) where you must go next – what you must say next. The only real question is, are you going to have the guts to go there?

Sometimes we must go into scary, murky places in order to emerge with eminence. Afraid to transform? Afraid of the fight? Well, fuck, Persephone was having a grand old time picking flowers before Pluto kidnapped her and sucked her into the underworld. It doesn’t matter what you want, Heretics, transformation is not a choice in the end. Don’t let the forces around you choose for you where and how you want to transform. In the end, you must learn the lesson of being the master of your own fate. If you don’t step up to the plate and take a swing at the divine game, you’ll always suffering under the thumb of perceived “bad fate.” Again, Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to  you. How many times do you have to learn the same god damn lessons before you decide to step outside of your comfort and fix the damned thing?