Full Moon Sagittarius – Rebels and Rogues

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“The question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be- Will we be extremists for hate or for love? Will we be extremists for the preservation of injustice or for the extension of justice?” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

Artemis’ Tarot Take on the Full Moon in Sagittarius-  This is the last lunation in Saggo that will have the pleasure of being smack dab on top of Saturn’s energy. We must walk with the ideological ghosts of the past 2 years – the intensity of everything that has happened and all of the trails we have gone through- brought forward by the bringer of death; Saturn.  How have you transformed? Who have you become? Have you become a truer version of your ideal self – have you chosen time and time again to stick to your guns and walk the talk? This is a confusing sort of energy.  We have Jupiter mixed with Saturn and Chiron, a sort of mournful start to a new journey and end to ideas and people we held dear for a very long time. But the lessons we have learned the past few years while Saturn has been in Saggo have all been a tremendous test to our conviction – our big picture – and how personal philosophy truly does effect the world at large. Saturn in Saggo teaches us truly why everything is so fucking hard… Because it is so fucking important. You ready for the lightening, Heretics?

The Sun(Queen of Swords), The Moon(Emperor), Jupiter(Ace of Cups), Neptune(The Lovers), Pluto(Knight of Wands)- Things die for one reason and one reason only; they are not eternal.  Life is endless transformation, endless fire, endless forging as we go upon our journey. We will tell any lie possible to keep ourselves on our sinking ship, and you will see plenty of ships on fire during this lunation, Heretics.  Either people are going to soar like eagles, or they are going to burn in the cage they have created for themselves. Saggo knows to run when something doesn’t suit them anymore. You should take note.  Always follow your highest philosophical ideal, and the past 2 years of Saturn’s influence on our Sagittarian houses has taught us that. You must live up to your ideal at all costs, or else you are just digging your own grave. You run from the responsibility of it – your grand purpose and the work required to get there, and this full moon will show you that the responsibility of your ideals is what truly breathes life and structure into your existence. You must figure out what story merges all the different parts of you into one cohesive whole, and through this you can obtain the highest level of healing and redemption. And you need to tell that story, with all the fire you have left inside of you.

So use it, the last 2 fucking years, Heretics, use the pain and the illumination that you have received during this time and speak your goddamn truth – no safe spaces allowed.  You have been met with situation after situation that has tested your philosophical grounds- that has challenged you over and over again to choose the hard route, the route via what your heart truly wants instead of being chained to mistakes and false ideologies. This moon wants to know just how strong you have grown, so it’s going to throw irritation and gloom and depression your way until you psychotically just let go and allow the light to come in – until you say fuck it and live as your unabashed self and prove that you can be emotionally robust – OPTIMISM, HERETICS!  This is a stand up for your fucking self moon – a truth saying moon – a moon that asks you to stab the forked tongued snakes you see in your path, hindering you from climbing the mountain.

This is a huge taste of what this whole North Node in Leo is about. There is a deliverance here, a fiery ending to your 2 years of ideological transformation of the self.  People will fucking hate you, no joke there.  They will hiss at you and bite at you, but you must be yourself. They will tell you it is for your own fucking good; that the caress of the illusion they are feeding you is a far nicer world and everyone will somehow burst out into a musical version of happiness.  Nah, cut through like a blade, Heretics, for this is a truth saying moon and the gods will only bless you with illumination on your path if you stand your ground and stand your convictions. And, hell, you don’t know who is watching… you have no idea who you are inspiring. There is nothing like someone living from their core that lights up the people around them to actually accomplish shit. Stop lying to yourself, stop lying to others – you are merely letting Saturn cement your feet and throw you into the river… You don’t fucking want to go into that river, Heretics…  The South Node is in Aquarius, so take all of the things you learned about rebellion and start applying them toward rebellion for the TRUTH, your truth, the one you always know about yourself but run from like a little bitch.  Which way are you going to go?  Will you sell out, or get out?  This lunation is a grand trine in fire (North Node, Saturn, and Uranus), and if you must merge your opposites – your rebel and your cleric – to fuel your magnetism of the self, to give that fiery, liberating sermon.

Mercury(6 of Wands), Venus(2 of Pentacles), Mars(The Fool)-  Ugh, this Mars in Cancer has everyone in passive aggressive, moody bitch mode. Irritated much?  Feeling like you can’t get enough resources to get the shit done that you need to get done? Well, blame Mars, because for some goddamn reason he wont let us be okay with where we are right now. We are being torn apart by two different feelings here. On one hand, we want nothing more than to hermit up in our high castle and get away from the chaos that the world is turning into… but on the other hand, we are being called. We want victory. We want recognition. We want the glories of our past and the glories of our imagination. Your mind is active as all hell while your body is crying to be left alone, but you must move, Heretics! Fire of the soul is just as important as any material possession, and this lunation is begging you to find a source for all of that creativity. Put it into something nurturing for yourself and those around you but also utilizing your personal talents (how do you think the two of us got into this field of work?)  You need something to dedicate yourself to or you will continue feeling restless, but you really have no idea where that thing is going to take you. If you plan too far ahead, you will have more disappointment than you can handle. Take a note from Saturn in Saggo and take the journey one step at a time, open and ready to all possibility with a dedication for the grander truth of the situation.

Saturn(8 of Pentacles), Uranus(Queen of Wands), Chiron(9 of Swords)- Truth bombs, Heretics, that’s what we have here. Expect people to be coming out with them, and expect a lot of those truth bombs to be hurtful, because, hell, none of us are actually on the right path. We all stray. We all get lost in the brush for one reason or another, and sometimes it takes a phone call from mom or someone standing up to your egoism to get the message across. You aren’t where you need to be, and that is causing you some severe anxiety. But hey, this is the perfect opportunity to manifest what you need. It’s not too late, Heretics, for the fire of summer is here and with it a lot more energy and creativity. Saturn wants you to work work work (doesn’t he fucking always), but this time work for “God,” however you perceive that. Work for your higher truth, rebelling against all of the things you know are illusions around you. Empires are collapsing all around us, the world is under a massive transformation as Saturn is gearing to go into Capricorn where we will have one of the greatest stelliums of our time  – a rocking and shaking of all the structures and powers that be.

You need to have a grand vision that will get you through the times ahead, a philosophy that has been tempered by the past 2 years to perfection – and, above all, you must have faith regardless of what happens. This is the optimism of Saggo. If you don’t have faith, what is the fucking point? Faith, but work, faith, and rebel, faith that you can heal – and you will heal. Now cleanse yourself with fire, Heretics, and come out with an unshakable confidence in self and the future for the end of this summer brings a Full Solar Eclipse in Leo (our North Node) which will be completely and utterly visible in the United States with a trine to Uranus/Eris… What will this mean for you? What will this mean for the USA? Oh lord… Stay tuned, rebels, and start fucking speaking your truth and start speaking it loud…