Mercury Retrograde in Virgo – Artisan

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Anxiety is the hand maiden of creativity.” T. S. Eliot

Effective Dates: August 13th- September 5th, 2017 (In Shadow til September 20th)

Well, you know, that’s how the universe functions – in a state of utter and total shitting on you. But hey, aren’t you suppose to use the master’s tools against him? And in this case, use the chaos of Mercury Retrograde to our advantage… SO, prepare – get your shit in order before this retrograde. That means plans B, C, and D, because you are going to be a hot mess, emo bundle of self-doubt. Prepare for an adventure into realms you feared stepping into because well, you are fragile.

I mean, we all kinda are. This Leo season is attempting to instill a sort of pride in us, but we are all running around like Chicken Little, or Jon Snow, talking about how the world is ending and how everything is looking at petty childish squabble instead or preparation for doom (we can thank Uranus being Retrograde for that one). The trick here is to figure out how to use the knowledge that the world is a shit pile to strike a fire inside of you that makes you act with confidence. Who gives a fuck what others think if they are just a part of the problem? This retrograde is going to make that difficult – but as everything that makes things difficult, use it as a barbell to train some confidence in you, no matter how terrifying the enemy.

You’re going to have to be ready for second guessing becoming second nature. Depending on what house this retrograde is wrecking havoc in with your natal chart, you’re going to be going through a maddening mental review. There is somewhere that you have been weak, that you haven’t served yourself and have allowed that portion of your life to atrophy in some way. A place where you should be a learned scholar but have settled into old patterns once again… Mercury Rx always paves the way for a rewind and re-do, and you desperately need one in this portion of your life. Don’t let all of your hard work go to waste because you were too lazy to pull together all the details.

We all know you know. You know exactly where your talents lie, but you lie to yourself that somehow you aren’t smart enough, pretty enough, or whatever the hell to polish your talents. The thing is, during Mercury retrograde, you will have an opportunity at creativity like never before. You can breathe life into something that is musty and stuck, oiling the gears and the creative fire of life. There is a Total Solar Eclipse in Leo happening while this retrograde is awakening us in new ways, meaning there is no shortage of light being cast on you. Now, you are either going to sulk in shame and guilt, nervous anxiety and typical Christian self-flagellation or are you going to utilize your resources and not fuck up this second chance at awakening into a new level of your craft?

New Moon in Leo – Flare

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Part of me suspects that I’m a loser, and the other part of me thinks I’m God Almighty.” – John Lennon

So here is our practice run before the big shows, Heretics. This lunation is asking for honesty, bravery, and a belief in yourself that you may have long ago cast away. It’s easy to have given up on the world by now, especially in the horrific state it is in and the inevitable declination of our civilization as we know it. But in this fall, this is where the heroes are truly born and made. This is where we find out who rises to the challenge, and who withers away as an extra on the set, a parable for all others to see what inaction truly does to the soul.

The Sun (4 of Pentacles), The Moon (Justice), and Mars (6 of Cups)-  The cards say “pleasure” (Crowley’s name for the 6 of Cups) and a healthy dose of meltdowns to pair that heat. With Leo, we always get an element of drama as individuals are projecting their personas to a magnified degree during the season of The Sun (Leo’s ruling planet). This new moon is an attitude adjuster (Justice card) aka, perhaps, it is an opportunity to get some real personality editing going on; assimilating your personality toward your true will.  What do you want to be, deep down at your core, Heretics? What is the fuel of your cause? Your persona is a weapon for getting you there. That is the whole 5th House in Astrology (ruled by Leo and the Sun). It is about what you project into the world that represents a part of your make-up; children, art, personality, romance.

Have you ever run into anyone with a sense of pure magnetism? Why do you think that is? Most likely, because they are projecting from their very core – powerfully, knowing that they are present and no one can shame them from their existence. There is definitely such a thing as false ego, Heretics, and that may create a fireworks effect. But if you stick around long enough, you will see the smoke clear and the ash sitting in its place. When you project from your core, there is no running out of fuel. Try and figure out the difference, and experiment with this difference in the coming Leo season. What ignites this magnetism? The blood and fire of bravery. And look here, folks, we have Mars mixed up in the middle of this New Moon, demanding courage. Project your true self, in your art, in your persona – which itself is an art-form… The more deluded your idea of the self, the more deluded and frightening your persona.  Your ego is there to protect you, to navigate you, not to delude you into a trap.

Mercury (3 of Pentacles), Uranus (3 of Wands), and Chiron (Page of Swords)-  It’s all fake, folks, the glitter the glam the perfection that is fed to us each day. It’s all a bunch of rubbish. We are all as broken as the person next to us, and there is truly no such thing as fully being healed from traumas. We just learn to adapt, even though we are frightened, even though we have doubt and pain, we learn to take a leap instead. Your pain is your master until you decide to muster up the fire to escape, to fight it, and to live with the fact that it may hunt you down your entire life. But wouldn’t you rather have that bit of freedom and exploration than live in hell for a minute longer?  It is time to speak your mind, Heretics, and if that involves having a stiff drink beforehand so be it.  Muster up the courage to meet with the person you have been needing to meet with, apologize to the individuals that played a huge part in your growth, re-connect with family that has fallen away. Cut away the unhealthy ego so that the healthy, true pride can begin to manifest – pride in your actual work, your actual word, not some fantasized perceived garbage.  Again, remember, we are all broken, so there is always a place for us to meet minds and hearts.

Venus (Hangman) and Saturn (2 of Cups)-  It’s true, vision is a bit clearer right now. Especially vision concerning the heart. More ego talk…  Hangman is a good reference to giving away your ego in order to see the other side, and true structure – the truth of the matter – is found when people honestly speak what is inside their hearts to one another (2 of Cups for Saturn).  Sometimes we think that if we give in and admit our wrongdoing that we will somehow be destroyed. This isn’t the case at all. If you live in a world of lies, those lies morph you slowly but surely into a monster you wouldn’t choose to be. This is how skeletons build in closets; secrets upon secrets hidden away as you pretend you had no real part in any wrong doing. That you were merely a victim of circumstance!  All situations take two to tango, so figure out what your role was in the prison that you live in now. Admitting to this brings you one step closer to freedom, true freedom, where you see the world for how it really is instead of merely as you wish it could be. Wishing it “could be” is why we stay in horrible situations, friendships, relationships and so forth.  This applies to the micro as well as the macro; the state of the world is not something that only certain people have control over… it is all of us. We all choose to play along or not play along.

Jupiter (8 of Cups), Neptune (Ace of Swords), and Pluto (3 of Swords)-  There’s nowhere to run, Heretics. You are about to get caught red handed in something or other. And, you know, this wont be so bad. Living in the lie, as we have seen, is the worst part of the experience. Joy comes from walking away (Jupiter as 8 of Cups), and a cutting away at illusion with pure truth (Ace of Swords as Neptune).  Pain will be our transformation – and yes, lighting yourself on fire to turn what once was into ash is never a pleasant experience. This new moon is your signal flare, your warning of the next two lunations to come that will rock our world. The eclipses will be the first seen in the Americas since its inception, and right over the star Regulus – the king maker- which seems ominous to say the least. In order to step into this fire and come out the other side, you are going to need to cast away your guilt, your fear, and your Cancer season woe’s behind you. You’re all cried out, and now we need some bravery.  Pluto wont let you out of the underworld without you fully exposing every part of yourself, and the only reason you are hanging back is because there is something that scares the shit out of you enough for you to stay in such a horrible limbo. You want to get out, don’t you?  You cry and lament and pound your fists about getting out all the time, so why don’t you just LOOK? Dig deep and honestly speak what that is this new moon and you’ll be ready for the next two monstrous lunations ahead…



Mars in Leo – Golden Boy

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life.”
 -Marcus Garvey

Effective Dates: July 21st- September 6th, 2017

This stint in creativity is coming to an end, and with it the birth of new projects and a new spirit of adventure. You will realize there are so many worlds to explore, even in your own town.  There are subcultures you have yet to immerse yourself into, people who have been away that are returning with tales of wonder on their tongues. The drama and delight of middle summer is here, and Mars in Leo will fire it up more than it’s usually balmy goodness.

With the Moon’s node steadily making way through Leo, eclipsing over North American soil, and 3 lunations in Leo season this year, we are getting a lion’s share of creative power up. If you want to start something grand, this is your time, Heretics. Artists, hear this now, begin your great work in this Leo forge and you will create something truly uniquely yours; something to truly be proud of. During this time you will be called to live from your solar plexus, and you will be gifted with a magnetism if you believe you are truly being called to your work. Whatever it is, you will steadily begin to realize this Mars in Leo season, where your energy and power need to go. You will attach yourself to a higher cause to the point that your ego will be unshakable when it comes to that calling; a “single-mindedness” so to speak.

You must defend what is yours with ardor, with spear and lance and a willingness to go screaming into battle for what you truly believe in. Because the sun shines, the world is here. Because the sun rises every day, the world is here. Remember this.

As for the carnal aspects of Mars, sex will become far more steadily available during a Mars in Leo transit. The reason being that most people will be fired up and wanting it – will be wanting to create things, and in turn, this means heightened sexuality and sexual response.  It is a time where people are turned on easier and turning them off will become an arduous labor. Act with the heart, the higher Leo, instead of the loins, and your sexual exploits will be fulfilling instead of dramatic and a little bit “extra.”

Speaking of “extra,” prepare for people who are bombastic to become more so. People who sine in the public eye will be eating up this energy and obtaining thralls left and right. This is a perfect time to collect a following for your work, but it is a also a dangerous time – you may fall into worshiping someone or an ideology that just isn’t as remarkable as they come off. Be very weary of leaders as there will be an influx of people who claim to be prophets of some sort, and all that glitters isn’t gold.  But this is also a time that demands those who are courageous take a stand and come out of the woodwork with their knowledge – so be discerning, and be Socratic, and search out the truth of the matter with your heart first and foremost.


Vesta in Virgo – Dedicant

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; 
the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” –Plato

Effective Dates: July 18th- September 18th

Most of the issues we have are because we treat people the way we want to be treated and not the way they want to be treated.  “But wait, Artemis! Isn’t the saying to treat others the way that you want to be treated?” Well, I would consider that rather horrible advice, because the way that I want love expressed toward me is surely not the same way that everyone else wants it expressed. People’s needs to feel respected and loved and extremely different from one another. I have had partners and friends who have wanted to be left alone when they are upset and have known others who want to be chased and smothered no matter how hard they push back at you. Each individual has their own language, and picking up on those intricacies is the most important part about being a true and devoted servant to others; to help instead of to enable or even inflame the situation.

Most of the time we live in our own bubble, serving ourselves and desperately clinging on to our personal fire like it will somehow become extinguished. The thing is, your persona, your fire, can never be extinguished unless you are the one to grant it permission to die. Until you have lost everything in order to serve something greater than yourself, then you will always fear never having enough or somehow losing yourself. Until you come upon a situation where you think you will lose yourself and yet you still remain, you will hold on to this inane fear. And when you fear never having enough, you fear giving. You fear serving. You fear abandoning yourself; that somehow everyone will suck all the resources out of you and you would have allowed yourself to perish. You do not trust the universe to provide. You do not trust that you are serving a path that will provide for you.

But listen, Heretics, your body wont let you extinguish yourself quite that easily. We have these amazing mechanisms in place that warn us when we are starving, that urge us to drink when we are thirsty, that scream for us to breathe when we need oxygen. You need to trust that you will be provided for if you serve. We are the mechanisms the world has in place for itself, to thrive and to live, and we must behave instinctively to keep humanity’s fire alive, just as your body behaves instinctively to serve you and keep your fire alive. Serve something greater and you will find yourself coming back to life, realizing the world mirrors itself and inspiration floods your consciousness once again.



Ceres in Cancer – Dissolution

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Be still:
There is no longer any need of comment.
It was a lucky wind
That blew away his halo with his cares,
A lucky sea that drowned his reputation.” 
―Thomas Merton

Effective Dates: July 10th-September 24th, 2017

From great pain, comes awakening. It takes great time and pressure to create a solid structure, ready to resist whatever comes at it.  Sometimes monolithic humans fall, like tumbling icebergs splitting from a greater power, stabbed in the back by those they felt they trusted the most. That is what this transit is about, Heretics… What story do you trust?  What people do you trust?  And do you trust that you are awake in a sleeping world or asleep in yet another dream?

It’s going to be hard, Heretics. You’re going to want safety – somewhere to retreat to that will feel like the womb. That wont be present anymore. The womb is being reaped from us. We are being purged and thrown into the world, waking up in unfamiliar territory. It’s okay to cry, at first, but you’d better start learning and learning fast. There are people you cannot trust in this world.  There is heartache and individuals out for their own needs. There are “gurus” who come off as loving and there for you who will rape you and/or take your money in exchange for transcendental experiences. The thing is, Heretics, we need to learn to be our own mother right now and not rely on the mothering of anyone else in this world. That is another lesson of this transit… We must grow up now, and learn that although people may seem like they have the “best of intentions” and are there to nurture us – help us- they could very well be hidden parasites because of their own demons.

Nothing is surface level during this transit. Old pains are coming to the surface so that they can be cleansed and baptized into your new life. The eclipses are coming next, Heretics, and there will be no stability to be found. You must carry your home on your back, like a crab being washed ashore constantly by repeated waves. When the water ends it’s crashing, where will the pull of the moon have taken you? Or will you die struggling to fight against the push and the pull?  Don’t tire yet – for the eclipses in Aqua and Leo will light your soul on fire and set you on a brand new course. And you don’t want to miss what is next after this reprieve…  There is no rest, not even in death, the cycle just begins again, so it is time for us to find peace in the battle, to find home in the chaos under this Ceres in Cancer transit. 


Full Moon Capricorn – Howl At The Moon

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“People who shut their eyes to reality simply invite their own destruction.”
 James Baldwin

Effective Date: July 9th, 2017

 Are you scared of where you’re going?  Do you have no faith, sailor, in following the stars? This full moon is the turbulent waters before the storm – when the wind is whipping at your sails and your crew is growing anxious. Will this storm take us off course, or will we bear it and harness it and move through it?  This one is going to require a lot of will power and a decisive choice concerning where you want to go next – moves toward vitality and an end to this mopey, depressive slump. You are molting, Heretics, and it’s time to push out of your old carcass and be born anew.

The Sun (The Star), Moon (2 of Swords), and Pluto (3 of Swords)-  Idiots are happier people.  I mean, it’s true, right?  The more you know, the more you are destroyed a little inside.  So why are we so obsessed with seeking?  Why are we so against living in a state of ignorant bliss in the primal sea of life?  Why do we constantly choose to go into the cycles once again?

Obviously, if you are reading what I am writing right now, you are a seeker.  We are pioneers.  We are compelled to look instead of remain; grow instead of decay.  We have instincts that call to us.  In your instincts lies the knowledge of billions of years of life on this planet.  Here is where trust comes in.  You have to have trust that it is going somewhere.  That is the only thing that will get you out of this depressive area. This is Cancer season talk- shaman talk – ayahuasca energy, as Helios said.  You have to consolidate the opposing energies of Cancer and Capricorn during this time, where Capricorn ferociously will demand to know (always the depressives, the Capricorns), while Cancer will demand trust in the universal plan – follow the waves (though somehow they are also depressives xD).  Capricorn does not like the waves.  Capricorn will create schematics for a machine to blow a hole through the ocean so they can walk across to their destination uninterrupted. Capricorn is the architect while Cancer is the primordial waters.  The Mother and the Father.  Two opposing poles that we have to somehow dance between. This archetype is being played up even more during this time, flavored by Mars and Pluto.  So expect that something will happen, more specifically a situation where you will clearly see the split between your mind and emotions and how you are constantly a slave to one or the other.  You must combine the two, and this Full Moon will make sure you figure that out, because these two guys never leave without causing some kind of disruption in our lives.  I mean, it’s the god of the underworld and the god of war flavoring this lunation, so this will be some tough love. A lot of people can’t handle an aggressive parenting style, and may go a bit mad at this time. The rest of us are going to be left with the duty of holding other people up through this transit.  Be a good friend – these times are going to be very tough for all of us.

Mercury (Page of Swords) and Venus (Queen of Wands)- These two cards have a similarity to these two planets.  The Page of swords, like Mercury, has a lot to say, and it is all coming from it’s head. The Queen of Wands is a sexual being, made of magick and lust and burning feminine power.  The other important detail about this combination- the Page of Swords makes Mercury come across as a bombastic ego maniac with too much too say; that philosophy student that is also in debate and science club, may wear a fedora. Mercury being in Leo will make this all the more dramatic and bombastic. Don’t immediately trust what you see, because a lot of people are good yet stuck in an ideology – try and feel it out instead.  Mercury is going to be hard to deal with – your brain is overrun with anxiety and over-thought, but you’ve got to get into the body and the earth right now to make it through this lunation.  Set your facebook debates aside.

As for Venus, you need to remember that there are many ways to understand if people are good for you – if they are draining your energy or replenishing it. We need our energy in order to do our work, so feel these people out at the gut level and sever the cord between you. This Venus will have aspects to Chiron, you are being forced to painfully submit to healing.  It’s like swallowing nasty tasting medicine to kill a parasite. Get those blood suckers out of your life, because you are literally flipping your future self off by keeping vitality wasters in your life.

Venus in Gemini is playful, she likes to spar with you but she is also friendly. She is a sapiosexual, and body and mind are connected for her. Dig deep into your sacral chakra during this time, and the third eye – connect mind and body/heart.  This is very Sekhmet energy.  Your hungry, animal nature will lead the way to destroying the mental demons that are plaguing you. Go do something that gets you in touch with your body, and do it immediately.

Mars (Knight of Cups) and Saturn (Ace of Cups)-  Cancer season is a mirror, and we have to look into the mirror right now and accept what we see.  This sense of perfection that you cast down at yourself is going to suffocate you during Saturn in Capricorn, so your best bet is to leave it here at the doorstep of North Node in Leo eclipses.  You need to have an honest as fuck conversation with yourself on what are your most vital needs, and you need to develop an internal army to gather those needs at any cost. This means your pride cannot waver. Your belief and optimism and life through the heart are the only way to get back into the flow of life. Rekindle a hunger for your best interests. There are no hopeless causes, only people who submit to hopelessness. There is always a way out if you move like water.

Jupiter (6 of Swords) and Neptune (9 of Swords)-  So you had some dreams smashed lately, but that’s okay. Remember, as bad as the heartache can be, there is always something waiting on the other side. The earth is boundless, and you need to adopt this philosophy if you are to grow in this world. I was gardening with my amazing Scorpio friend a few weeks ago and she said to me that they had to whip the trees in order to get them strong enough to grow. I looked at her with utter shock when she said this. Whip the trees?  What in the fuck? But it was true. The pain made them yearn to reach, to grow thicker skin, to flourish. Otherwise, when a big storm kicked up, they would die. They wouldn’t be ready for a worse kind of pain… Your life has been shifting before your eyes, it’s time to accept the need for change and adjustment; to actually listen to the pain and learn from it instead.

Uranus (10 of Cups) and Chiron (The Fool)- So your choices matter, Heretics. We can go anywhere from where we are now.  When your ego is pummeled and you can’t seem to find joy in what is, then find joy in beginning again. We must be open to the death of timelines before us, and get far more serious about our life path. The ego needs to be rebuilt. It should not be smothered but used in the appropriate way. It is a tool to get you to where you need to go, like sails or oars on a ship.  Now use these eclipses to move in healing ways that will make your solar plexus strong enough to get you to make decisive moves toward future selves. We all must have a sun/goals in life – now innovate a new way of healing for yourself so that you can finally move into a healthier, more vital version of yourself.  Habits aren’t hard to form if you just decide, once and for all, to do something. Now truly, deeply, choose. What is keeping you from this far more positive choice?  What is keeping you in your bad habits?  Dig deep and choose joy instead. And howl out the pain of this decision, Heretics.