Full Moon Capricorn – Howl At The Moon

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“People who shut their eyes to reality simply invite their own destruction.”
 James Baldwin

Effective Date: July 9th, 2017

 Are you scared of where you’re going?  Do you have no faith, sailor, in following the stars? This full moon is the turbulent waters before the storm – when the wind is whipping at your sails and your crew is growing anxious. Will this storm take us off course, or will we bear it and harness it and move through it?  This one is going to require a lot of will power and a decisive choice concerning where you want to go next – moves toward vitality and an end to this mopey, depressive slump. You are molting, Heretics, and it’s time to push out of your old carcass and be born anew.

The Sun (The Star), Moon (2 of Swords), and Pluto (3 of Swords)-  Idiots are happier people.  I mean, it’s true, right?  The more you know, the more you are destroyed a little inside.  So why are we so obsessed with seeking?  Why are we so against living in a state of ignorant bliss in the primal sea of life?  Why do we constantly choose to go into the cycles once again?

Obviously, if you are reading what I am writing right now, you are a seeker.  We are pioneers.  We are compelled to look instead of remain; grow instead of decay.  We have instincts that call to us.  In your instincts lies the knowledge of billions of years of life on this planet.  Here is where trust comes in.  You have to have trust that it is going somewhere.  That is the only thing that will get you out of this depressive area. This is Cancer season talk- shaman talk – ayahuasca energy, as Helios said.  You have to consolidate the opposing energies of Cancer and Capricorn during this time, where Capricorn ferociously will demand to know (always the depressives, the Capricorns), while Cancer will demand trust in the universal plan – follow the waves (though somehow they are also depressives xD).  Capricorn does not like the waves.  Capricorn will create schematics for a machine to blow a hole through the ocean so they can walk across to their destination uninterrupted. Capricorn is the architect while Cancer is the primordial waters.  The Mother and the Father.  Two opposing poles that we have to somehow dance between. This archetype is being played up even more during this time, flavored by Mars and Pluto.  So expect that something will happen, more specifically a situation where you will clearly see the split between your mind and emotions and how you are constantly a slave to one or the other.  You must combine the two, and this Full Moon will make sure you figure that out, because these two guys never leave without causing some kind of disruption in our lives.  I mean, it’s the god of the underworld and the god of war flavoring this lunation, so this will be some tough love. A lot of people can’t handle an aggressive parenting style, and may go a bit mad at this time. The rest of us are going to be left with the duty of holding other people up through this transit.  Be a good friend – these times are going to be very tough for all of us.

Mercury (Page of Swords) and Venus (Queen of Wands)- These two cards have a similarity to these two planets.  The Page of swords, like Mercury, has a lot to say, and it is all coming from it’s head. The Queen of Wands is a sexual being, made of magick and lust and burning feminine power.  The other important detail about this combination- the Page of Swords makes Mercury come across as a bombastic ego maniac with too much too say; that philosophy student that is also in debate and science club, may wear a fedora. Mercury being in Leo will make this all the more dramatic and bombastic. Don’t immediately trust what you see, because a lot of people are good yet stuck in an ideology – try and feel it out instead.  Mercury is going to be hard to deal with – your brain is overrun with anxiety and over-thought, but you’ve got to get into the body and the earth right now to make it through this lunation.  Set your facebook debates aside.

As for Venus, you need to remember that there are many ways to understand if people are good for you – if they are draining your energy or replenishing it. We need our energy in order to do our work, so feel these people out at the gut level and sever the cord between you. This Venus will have aspects to Chiron, you are being forced to painfully submit to healing.  It’s like swallowing nasty tasting medicine to kill a parasite. Get those blood suckers out of your life, because you are literally flipping your future self off by keeping vitality wasters in your life.

Venus in Gemini is playful, she likes to spar with you but she is also friendly. She is a sapiosexual, and body and mind are connected for her. Dig deep into your sacral chakra during this time, and the third eye – connect mind and body/heart.  This is very Sekhmet energy.  Your hungry, animal nature will lead the way to destroying the mental demons that are plaguing you. Go do something that gets you in touch with your body, and do it immediately.

Mars (Knight of Cups) and Saturn (Ace of Cups)-  Cancer season is a mirror, and we have to look into the mirror right now and accept what we see.  This sense of perfection that you cast down at yourself is going to suffocate you during Saturn in Capricorn, so your best bet is to leave it here at the doorstep of North Node in Leo eclipses.  You need to have an honest as fuck conversation with yourself on what are your most vital needs, and you need to develop an internal army to gather those needs at any cost. This means your pride cannot waver. Your belief and optimism and life through the heart are the only way to get back into the flow of life. Rekindle a hunger for your best interests. There are no hopeless causes, only people who submit to hopelessness. There is always a way out if you move like water.

Jupiter (6 of Swords) and Neptune (9 of Swords)-  So you had some dreams smashed lately, but that’s okay. Remember, as bad as the heartache can be, there is always something waiting on the other side. The earth is boundless, and you need to adopt this philosophy if you are to grow in this world. I was gardening with my amazing Scorpio friend a few weeks ago and she said to me that they had to whip the trees in order to get them strong enough to grow. I looked at her with utter shock when she said this. Whip the trees?  What in the fuck? But it was true. The pain made them yearn to reach, to grow thicker skin, to flourish. Otherwise, when a big storm kicked up, they would die. They wouldn’t be ready for a worse kind of pain… Your life has been shifting before your eyes, it’s time to accept the need for change and adjustment; to actually listen to the pain and learn from it instead.

Uranus (10 of Cups) and Chiron (The Fool)- So your choices matter, Heretics. We can go anywhere from where we are now.  When your ego is pummeled and you can’t seem to find joy in what is, then find joy in beginning again. We must be open to the death of timelines before us, and get far more serious about our life path. The ego needs to be rebuilt. It should not be smothered but used in the appropriate way. It is a tool to get you to where you need to go, like sails or oars on a ship.  Now use these eclipses to move in healing ways that will make your solar plexus strong enough to get you to make decisive moves toward future selves. We all must have a sun/goals in life – now innovate a new way of healing for yourself so that you can finally move into a healthier, more vital version of yourself.  Habits aren’t hard to form if you just decide, once and for all, to do something. Now truly, deeply, choose. What is keeping you from this far more positive choice?  What is keeping you in your bad habits?  Dig deep and choose joy instead. And howl out the pain of this decision, Heretics.



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