Ceres in Cancer – Dissolution

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Be still:
There is no longer any need of comment.
It was a lucky wind
That blew away his halo with his cares,
A lucky sea that drowned his reputation.” 
―Thomas Merton

Effective Dates: July 10th-September 24th, 2017

From great pain, comes awakening. It takes great time and pressure to create a solid structure, ready to resist whatever comes at it.  Sometimes monolithic humans fall, like tumbling icebergs splitting from a greater power, stabbed in the back by those they felt they trusted the most. That is what this transit is about, Heretics… What story do you trust?  What people do you trust?  And do you trust that you are awake in a sleeping world or asleep in yet another dream?

It’s going to be hard, Heretics. You’re going to want safety – somewhere to retreat to that will feel like the womb. That wont be present anymore. The womb is being reaped from us. We are being purged and thrown into the world, waking up in unfamiliar territory. It’s okay to cry, at first, but you’d better start learning and learning fast. There are people you cannot trust in this world.  There is heartache and individuals out for their own needs. There are “gurus” who come off as loving and there for you who will rape you and/or take your money in exchange for transcendental experiences. The thing is, Heretics, we need to learn to be our own mother right now and not rely on the mothering of anyone else in this world. That is another lesson of this transit… We must grow up now, and learn that although people may seem like they have the “best of intentions” and are there to nurture us – help us- they could very well be hidden parasites because of their own demons.

Nothing is surface level during this transit. Old pains are coming to the surface so that they can be cleansed and baptized into your new life. The eclipses are coming next, Heretics, and there will be no stability to be found. You must carry your home on your back, like a crab being washed ashore constantly by repeated waves. When the water ends it’s crashing, where will the pull of the moon have taken you? Or will you die struggling to fight against the push and the pull?  Don’t tire yet – for the eclipses in Aqua and Leo will light your soul on fire and set you on a brand new course. And you don’t want to miss what is next after this reprieve…  There is no rest, not even in death, the cycle just begins again, so it is time for us to find peace in the battle, to find home in the chaos under this Ceres in Cancer transit. 


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