Venus in Virgo – Tramp

 Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Oh, I know that she’s disgusted,
cause she’s feeling so abused.
She gets tired of the lust,
but it’s so hard to refuse.”  – Elvis Costello

Effective Dates: September 21st- October 15th

Well, I guess the new Lana Del Rey album came out just in fucking time; moody, finger pointing angst while chain-smoking cigarettes and drinking negroni cocktails has become a common theme during the death of summer and the skeletal embrace of autumn. You may have thought that your Virgo “corrections” were over with the Sun entering Libra, but we still have 3 planets in Virgo sneaking their perfectionist tendrils into the fragile cracks in our lives. This leaves us morose in Libra season when we are supposed to be living in la-la land, thinking up fantasies, falling in love and drinking pumpkin spice lattes.

People are going to grin and shake your hand like they are trustworthy at this time, but really – REALLY – there is a lot of selfishness and manipulation in the air. You know why? Because everyone is stressed the fuck out and they have more on their plate than they can handle and they’d rather watch you drown in shit than let themselves drown in shit. You are going to be negotiating the very things you value most – your home, your love, your time, your life course – because we are all going through a collective paradigm shift at the moment. You may have thought that your life was going a certain way, but the course changes as quickly as you counted your chickens before they hatched. Whenever you think you have a hold on the universe, it comes right back and nips you like a hungry snake.

Things are taken from you, people retreat into hurt hermit life or leave on new adventures without you, the world makes it harder and becomes colder and you are forced to look at yourself in the mirror and blame the only person you can scream at without them fighting back – yourself. It is easy to be mistreated if you have service in your heart. You may want to help others climb out of their rotting hell, but you have to be careful who you lend your assistance to. The ones you know have a good heart and are drowning just a little bit harder than you – REACH OUT WITH LOVE. But the ones who have always masked their selfishness with an air of selflessness, the ones that haven’t proven themselves to you through tough times to be true to their values, let them go. They will be resentful and call you all sorts of hurtful things, but right now you need to take care of yours.

So now focus on your life, yourself, your body, your needs – where should you go from here? What do YOU NEED to feel fulfilled and safe? What do you need to devote yourself to that will give to you in return?  You are going to be asked to sacrifice parts of yourself during this transit, and you need to REFUSE this asking. People are in desperation to correct their lives, and they will use your life force unwittingly to do so. This is a great time to retreat and figure out what you need to set your life on course again. Obstacles will come in your way and you need to figure out exactly what they are keeping you from, why, and if you are truly making the right choice or not. Is this the course you want to take, or is all this bullshit around you just telling you that you need to re-evaluate your values? Perhaps it is time for you to jump into a new paradigm, one that has been begging you to take a chance on it, and see if it will be healthier for your overall well-being or not. Are your relationships serving you just as much as you are serving them, or are you living with vampires that are going to make the hard times coming eat you alive? It is easy to succumb to them because they make your service to them feel so good at times… but really, they are eating your life force and claiming to be the “nice guy.”  Don’t base your decisions on anyone around you. Base it on your needs, because, in the end, you will always be stuck with yourself; in this life and the next.

New Moon in Virgo – Voodoo Queen

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“I don’t think that I was trying to entertain the reader more than I was trying to purge myself.” – Curtis Sittenfeld

Do you ever get the feeling that you want to scrub your soul clean?  You peel and you cut and you rip out all the tangled pieces and you still can’t seem to detach yourself from all the bullshit that surrounds you, day in and day out, wearing at your very bones like overzealous sandpaper.  It’s like you’ve been marked from birth, right on the fucking forehead, so that everyone you encounter can see your pain.  They can feel the gloom oozing off of you and the unclean feeling inside has made your skin pale and your clothes dirty and your belongings in disarray. It’s like no matter what you do, you are stuck with whatever sins have attached themselves to you…  Or are you?

The Sun (Ace of Swords) & Moon (Knight of Cups), Venus (Queen of Pentacles), Jupiter (Justice), Uranus (Knight of Swords), and Chiron (3 of Wands)-  Under this moon, the idea of “boundaries” seems to be consistently coming up – and lo and behold, I pull the Queen of Pentacles for Venus. Without boundaries, you become too porous and you allow other people’s gritty, nasty bullshit to penetrate through your delicate skin. You’re obviously the empathic type if you are reaching out to the aid of those around you, but what you need to realize is that injured people can subconsciously behave like vampires (and they’ll make excuse after excuse for their vampiric behavior). We’re all worn the fuck out right now, and the moon is fragile in Virgo – meaning you’re going to want to huddle away and work in your own dream world right now and that is perfectly fine. The world outside is harsh, people are harsher still, and we all need a period of recharging after the intensity of Leo/Virgo season.

We’re all walking around like burnouts right now and people are at their emotional wit’s end. This is where the idea of Hermit Virgo comes in… You need to stow away, do your work in your own space surrounded by things you love in your own order, and REST. If you are pushing yourself too much, giving all you can give to your job, to your friends, to whatever bum on the street that asks you for a cigarette, then you have essentially emptied yourself into a vessel. Now it is time to set strict boundaries and do your own work, study, plan, and set shit into motion for the autumn/winter and fill your empty vessel with what you really need, because this winter is going to be a fucking hard one, folks (just looking at the astrology for it has been giving us shivers). That last Pisces full moon drained the fuck out of the majority of us, and Chaotic bullshit has been coming left and right dislodging us from our path or giving us wild opportunities – one or the other, but are we too fucking tired and drained to take those opportunities?  Rest.  Rest, recharge, and get those fucking vampires out of your life. Honestly, aren’t you sick of having the help you give being thrown back in your face? The ones you care for need to learn how to appreciate you. And you, my friend, need to learn how to appreciate yourself and see yourself as a sovereign being who extends help because they are abundant and capable of doing so. I know, because you have felt so much pain, you want to help ease the pain of others. But sometimes you need to let go for a while so that both you and they can strengthen enough to keep going on the healing path.

Mercury (The Fool), Mars (10 of Swords), and Neptune (Ace of Pentacles)- Ah, fuck, more indication that we are just fucking worn the fuck out. But, hey, good news. Libra season is coming and with it the element of air. Things will get moving again, and this includes ideas and projects that have been stuck. Right now you have one enemy and one enemy only – yourself. You are going to need to ground the fuck out of your being right now, and that includes killing your illusions that you are somehow not capable of holding onto your burdens anymore. As the Christians say, God only gives us what we are capable of dealing with, and honestly, this is on point. Your experiences are what is going to shape you into a powerhouse figure that can actually make a change in this world. If you only had to deal with easy breezy situations in your lifetime, you would be some rich housewife at the Cape getting trashed off of White Zinf for the second time that day because you have done about 5 minutes of soul growth your entire life. It is the hardship, the struggle, that breeds a hero. The planets are egging you on – “Take a chance, here, we have provided you with chances,” but you keep on doggedly running toward the shit you are habituated to. During this moon, you need to learn to BREAK YOUR HABITS and make new ones. You are feeling drained and run down because what you have been doing has reached its end.

It is time to die.  Create the ritual space for it. This is a perfect New Moon rite. Go home and surround yourself with symbols of all the things you want to change in your life, say goodbye to them one by one, and go bury them in the dirt under the black moon. Mourn, as mourning is nurturing the soul, and begin your new life. Don’t forget, on many levels, you chose this life. You chose this life for a reason that nags and tugs at you during the darkest hours of the night. Move toward that reason, and don’t let go. This is 2017, the year of the Star. Our hope is being decimated so that it can be tested. How far will you keep running toward your pole star before you give up and think you are never getting out of the forest?  How deep is your will to live?  How desperately do you truly want to create change in this world?  That sort of big, dramatic change doesn’t come easy. And it comes with a lot of grueling preparation… Do you think you can lift a 200 lb weight without months and months of training?  Fuck no. So what makes you feel like you can lift the weight of the world without these trials?

Saturn (Queen of Cups) and Plut0 (Page of Wands)- It’s time to reach right into your psyche and become a metaphysician. What are the ghosts you have been projecting into your life?  Do you, for some reason, believe that there is no spirit in matter, that there is no healing in pain, that there is no point at all to this existence here on this plane?  My friend, you are right. You are a mere insignificant pebble on the surface of a monstrous giant, so that should assure you that you have no fucking idea what is really significant and what isn’t. You may feel that you need some sort of career to fulfill you. Trust me, some of the most successful people in the world become blubbering fools who would shit in buckets and watch movie re-runs day in and day out (just ask Howard Hughs).  Not a single soul on this planet knows how to be “happy” because there is no final state of “happiness.” You need to become acceptant of the cycles of time, of the cycles of your body, of the cycles of your emotions and listen. Happiness, like sadness, comes in waves. We can’t just respect one without respecting the other. Misery pushes creation, and loneliness pushes appreciation.

We decided to leave Eden for a reason because it was a fabrication and we wanted true knowledge. You keep seeking answers to this universe because you, too, do not want to live in a fabrication constructed by society to keep you enslaved in other people’s paradigms. Do not beat yourself up because your successes aren’t measured as such by the brain-dead zombies of general society that laugh at you while you read Nietzche and scoff at you when you talk about how our government rapes and pilages in countries so far away we need a tv screen to acknowledge it.

In short, do not live in lies, and that includes your own personal life. Do not pretend your job is worth it just because it pays well when you know it is killing you every single day. Don’t stay with someone just because you feel like you can’t do any better, and don’t keep friends around just because you don’t know what you would do without them – no matter how much time and energy you have put into them. It is time to think about yourself. It is time to draw upon your own sovereign power and to see just what you can do when you burn the blood sucking leaches off of you, and live unabashed to be yourself. You are a wolf among sheep, now start acting like it.

Juno Direct – The Other Woman

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

A wife who discomforts you with the truth is better than a mistress who massages you with lies.” – Matshona Dhliwayo

Effective Dates: August 27th- December 17th

Welcome one, welcome all, to the circus that is relationships. It’s messy show where you willingly place your head in the mouth of a lion to show everyone just what guts of steel you have. Ugh, love makes us do dumb as shit things, and the lack of it makes us desperate raving fools clawing hungrily at any affection thrown our way.  We become a fury when our love is scorned or our lover is whisked away by another. And like the goddess Hera, who is Juno’s namesake, when scorned we show our dark side.

While Juno is in Capricorn, you may feel that there is a sort of choke hold on you. Last time we checked in with Juno, she was in retrograde (Rx) back when we had Venus Rx as well (oh lordt that was a strange time full of fuckboy midnight messages and breakups galore). So our green eyed darling is direct once again, and those of you who took the time to work on your own shadow in your relationships are probably going to prosper immensely; you know what you are looking for, you know what you want, and if it collides with what your relationship is, you worked out a solution (and that solution could most definitely be “ending it.)  This behavior shows the decisiveness and strength that the sign Capricorn craves. We had to face the facts that relationships are in fact work, but sometimes shit is broken beyond fixing or isn’t the right part for the job, so to speak. Your relationship is a partnership, and if goals aren’t being accomplished together and if your needs aren’t being satisfied then why the fuck are you holding on?  Capricorn doesn’t care about sentiment, and this transit will wreck you if you are sticking around because things used to be glorious. No, no, no, things need to be glorious and creatively (and sexually) on fire now, so find out what the missing ingredient is.

The 4 of Cups is of great importance in this reading.  There is a sense of control, complacency, especially with Juno in Capricorn energy being around. You think that your relationship needs to be established in a certain way and you stop taking risks. You stop trying to profess your love (why would you need to when you two have dated for 5 years or whatever it may be). It seems more exciting to flirt with others and let your relationship solidify like a rock, stabilizing emotions when emotions need room to breathe and live (like water). Love without risk is the meaning behind this card, and it is reminding you that you have settled the fires in your relationship and aren’t looking at your lover with interest and curiosity any longer. The restriction may be in place because you are afraid of losing your partner. You don’t try new things in bed, you don’t try new places, you don’t break your routine, and you wonder why you are so fucking bored.

Your need and your partner’s need, for love isn’t being fulfilled if you keep your love like a figurine in a museum. Take a risk. Evolve so that they can evolve with you. Change your style, change your hobbies and incorporate them in this change. If you both aren’t growing together, you both die together, and then other avenues of escape become far more interesting. You will bore of your mistresses just like you bored of your partner. The loveliness of the other woman (or man’s) affection will fade and you will be introduced to reasons why you can’t fucking stand them. Dig deep and figure out why you are escaping instead of breathing life into something that wants to be alive. Find out why you are wasting your energy elsewhere. Sometimes it’s because the relationship needs to die, you need to escape, and you can’t figure out any other way. You must dig deep and find that all the energy you are exerting keeping your failing relationship alive can be used to help yourself grow and meet someone else who will want to grow with you. If you try to breathe fire into your relationship and your partner is refusing, that may be the real wake up call you are waiting for. If you are escaping from your relationship because your partner is trying to reveal truths to you that you cannot handle, just remember that the blindness of new love with the other can only hide your flaws for so long. You’ll always fall back down, and not everyone will fight by your side when that happens. In short, love is complicated, but honestly, we are all at fault for that…

Mars in Virgo – Synthetic

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Amateurs look for inspiration; the rest of us just get up and go to work.” – Chuck Close

Effective Dates: September 6th- October 23rd, 2017

We begin this transit with worry (5 of Swords), and end it with Gain (9 of Pentacles), so it will be stressful but fruitful in the end. Of the cards in the tarot that represent change, the 5 of Swords and the Tower are two of the most destructive and imbalanced. This is the kind of destruction that comes from living in such a way that you have completely moved into a tangential path and aren’t even traveling in the same direction any longer.  You are in need for correction, my friends, and Mars in Virgo is just the shift in energy needed to force us all to take a magnifying glass to everything.

You can’t run, you can’t hide, these are the fine details and they are going to prick and prod until you bend to their will. You’re going to be asked to destroy your weak, lazy tendencies. This will prod lazy natal Mars like Pisces, Taurus, etc into action, and set fire to old habits mostly because you will genuinely start feeling disgusted at your habituated tendencies. Where Mars in Leo had us as fiery warriors one minute and lazy cats the next, Mars in Virgo is diligent and industrious. Even if Mars in Virgo is 9 drinks in from the night before, they will have an anxiety attack if they don’t have their world in order. Yep, that’ll be you. You will be called to do your work with the intensity of a whip crack. You will be ushered to be present and poised and reformed. Virgo’s anxiety is at it’s worst when Virgo forgets what it is in servitude to, and you will learn that your dread begins where you have wandered off your path.

This transit is very likely to be littered with people verbally tearing each other (and themselves) a part. I apologize, but the cattiness of Leo season doesn’t end in Virgo (nor does it end in Libra for that matter haha). We will have to wait until the darkness of late fall and Scorpio kicks in before we can start being stark with one another. But for now, we will be on the offensive end with our task list and the things and people we have on them.  And all this right after Mercury decides to go direct on us… prepare for some brain power.


Full Moon in Pisces – My Madonna

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Finding new life through the profound acceptance of death is the paradoxical solution.  In paradox, we stand at the threshold of life’s resurgence.  Holding fast the divergent reigns of painful dissonance, we enter realms of deeper healing. –Cedrus Monte

We come to this Pisces Full Moon with the northwest on fire, flooding in the south, a madman playing with bombs and a clown taunting him, and a massive storm bearing down on our eastern front.  The largest storm ever recorded and the largest wild fire in a century are engulfing our country as this Lunation comes to a head. Do you all remember that Solar Eclipse that just swooped across the U.S.A. two weeks ago?  This is the swell of that wave. We have a Pisces full moon with multiple planets in Virgo, so this is dark feminine territory; her tendrils of water pushing us into engulfment. While we have ignored the dangers, drunk on our gluttony, she has begun to come out from the murky depths. We had our warnings, and unfortunately, the majority of us laughed. This is the see-saw of life, Heretics, and Pisces rules over karma. To cross this dangerous bridge, we must be ready to pay our toll.

The Sun (Knight of Wands) & Moon (Ace of Swords), Venus (Wheel of Fortune), Neptune (Ace of Pentacles), and Pluto (Queen of Swords)- Neurosis is common when too many planets are sitting in Virgo, but this can also magnify our issues in useful ways; we can finally begin correcting ourselves and our devotion to our craft. There are a lot of people who cannot handle this type of energy and snap like brittle bones. Their ego is so fragile that any magnification of their perceived flaws will rock them into an unstable state. There are also those who fall into deep neurosis when they witness profound events instead of assimilating them into their life. There is a humbling on both of these fronts that an inflexible ego cannot survive. Some people just don’t want to be humbled and would rather continue on their path even through madness (and fucking bat-shit they will get, swinging from one extreme to the other so that they don’t have to land again). This, we call, the Dark Night of the Soul, and it is an experience of profound darkness that comes when one is blinded by a revelation. I warn you of this because the Pisces full moon is a revelation, plain and simple, and one that will bring you closer to both your reality and your spirituality so you very much might end up 5 bottles in sleeping your bathtub. Revelations often hurt, as devotion always calls for suffering. You are being asked if you will accept the way things are and work with them, or if you will continue to live in a dreamscape and essentially become fodder. This Full Moon is a bitch slap back into reality through profound spirituality and destruction – a grounding (Neptune as Ace of Pentacles) and a reaping of truth from the depths (Pluto as Queen of Swords). Will you realize that it is with love that you keep getting reminded to come back down to earth?

When we look at the water signs we see birth (Cancer), death (Scorpio), and the other side, whatever that is (Pisces). Pisces is beyond death. We have come face to face with forces that are larger than us, and we must accept that and transform when we are called to or fight against it into madness (the dark side of Pisces). Things will die, and yet life carries on. Worlds are swallowed up whole, and new ones bubble up and rise from the depths. Mutable signs call us to transform, and with water, it is through emotional drowning (yay). For those of you with addictions, this full moon may send you over the edge. Running won’t come without its repercussions. This moon will chase you with a chainsaw through the cornfield, and it’s not even Scorpio season yet. When you admit to your problems, you will be renewed with a life like never before. You will know that you are not beyond repair, and with destruction comes the ability to build something better and stronger in its wake. It is like a wound that scabs over, a scar that makes the skin less brittle. There is a profoundly spiritual experience to be had here if you are open to it.

Mercury (7 of Wands), Mars (3 of Pentacles), Uranus (7 of Cups), and Chiron (The Fool)- The most infected wounds are going to be the ones that this full moon wishes to wash. Unfortunately, disinfecting is painful.  In order to heal, we have to have the insight. We fear being wrong because being wrong may bring death, but once you have accepted death as inevitable you can have the courage to rise above it. Confidence in your skills comes from the practice of them, then you can believe enough in yourself to actually try. Mercury is finally direct, and his retrograde gave you the mental review you needed in order to approach our next challenge. Your decision to start working on your devotion to your path will become heightened by Mercury’s motion into diligent Virgo. Yes, getting anywhere requires work and dedication, and you will be reminded of this more than once by getting smacked with reality slap after reality slap until you make moves. Remember, Mars is in Virgo as well and making cutting remarks.

How can your time be better spent? How can you ground yourself in reality instead of floating away into Facebook scrolling hypnosis? Getting going is the hard part, trust me, I know (immovable Mars in Taurus here). But you have to give yourself the guts to actually try to take steps toward your aspirations. What are you going to do with the realizations we were handed over Leo season? Creating more dissonance isn’t going to settle the storm that is coming, it’s just going to get you even more disoriented. You have to have a clear head and balance your checkbook, your health and your devotional work. Dissonance is what got us in this mess in the first place. There is no perfection or utopia, only constant transformation. Virgo provides the structure while Pisces reminds us that all structures can be shattered. We must realize we are a part of something larger than us, something that moves with it’s own intentions, and we must learn how to become vessels for it. We must listen to mother nature when she speaks, and we must respond to our intuition when it urges us that we are on the wrong path. Depression and desperation may follow this moon if you do not accept the power and the paradox of life. When you are being called to let a part of yourself die, you’ve got to let it die.

Jupiter (The Chariot) and Saturn (7 of Pentacles)-  Jupiter in Libra is coming to an end, and in a month’s time we will enter a darker and colder world. Get use to the feeling of drowning, because Jupiter in Scorpio will bring with it the immensity of our collective shadow. You made your “soulmate” alliances and broke alliances that needed to break before they broke you during this year long transit. You ended relationships that were hindering you, not balancing you, and thus you found your partners in crime. You saw yourself reflected in others in ways you could have never imagined, and now you are being called to explore deeper, richer philosophies and worlds ahead of us.  There is no way to evacuate from this one. We are stuck, ready to bear down the storm that is at our gates. But we have allies!  And we must not forget this, and in the depths, although it is lonely, we will know that we are truly never alone. Winter 2017 and the year of 2018 will be some dark astro, so we have to dig our heels into the reality of our situation and get to problem solving (Saturn as 7 of Pentales). We have to fully cultivate things to life, and sitting around commenting on how beautiful a garden is isn’t going to make the crops grow. True, gritty, dirty work is what brings the cornucopia. These are our last few months of Saturn in Sagittarius before we must face the bone crushing 2 and a half years of Saturn in Capricorn.  So become water, allow yourself to escape through any chasms you can find, and go with the flow no matter how dangerous our landscape may get. If you freak out, you will drown. You must remain sharp and also go with the flow, which is a hard balance to keep – but this moon will be a great lesson for that. You will most likely fall into a hopeless depression during this time, and, I mean, how the fuck can I blame you? Our world is literally on fire and underwater and we have mad kings ruler over us. What is a soul to do? Fight like hell, I suppose, until our very last breath. I hear drowning is the worst sort of death, and I’m not having any of that.