Jupiter Retrograde – Katabasis

“When we speak of the Path we mean much more than a course of study. The Path is a way of life and on it the whole being must co-operate if the heights are to be won.”Dion Fortune, Esoteric Orders and Their Work and The Training Work of the Initiate

Jupiter in Scorpio:  October 11, 2017- November 9, 2018

Jupiter Retrograde:  March 9, 2018- July 10, 2018

We are bringing our power back.  We can see it all around us, even though the world is decaying, we are finding power in that.  Restlessness for a new way of life has gained tremendous force, and the new economy of Uranus in Taurus which is coming very quickly (our first taste of it this year) shows that we are ready to destroy this false dream all around us.  We are being kept divided, needing to personally do far more alchemical work between us and our “others.”  We must find out that no human being is the monster, but all are merely projecting their particular station in life.  The monster is all of us.  This is the true teaching of Jupiter in Scorpio.  And now that he is going retrograde, we are entering a sort of katabasis (or trip to the underworld), collectively being initiated into a disturbing truth of reality.  Our initiation rights as a people have been smothered and replaced with going off to college and accepting indentured slavery into the cult of capitalism.  We no longer have to face death and come back alive in order to come into adulthood.  We are subconsciously taught that to receive knowledge and some sort of “power” we must submit ourselves.  We use plants in profane ways, never actualizing their true power but keeping them around as a recreation and tool for dissociation instead of awakening. This is why we are collectively numb to taking action.  We have never truly learned the sacredness of life, and why handing it over is worse than death.   We collectively wallow in depression, knowing that the world we live in does not feel right, but never knowing a world outside this prison thus feeling eternally bound here.

Our fear of death is handed to us as a vague uneasiness that we do not discuss in good company and therefore suffer from in silence. It is dolled up and painted.  This allows the “shadow” of death itself to run rampant in our streets, while a society so easily turns a blind eye.  And for the isolated and dissociated, what better way to try to connect to something outside of the society that “binds” you than to commit an ultimate taboo like administering death – shoot up a whole school or concert? We label these people monsters, outliers, smothering their eruption as evidence of brewing fires underneath the surface.  Our media highlights it, masturbating the feelings out of the situation without giving us a true resolution.  Usually the “monster” is dead and we cannot find out “why,” and when he does live, he is too far “gone” for us to get real information out of the situation.  Or he just hates, and we direct our energy to an idea and lose energy fighting something that can’t die. We never hear about the killers again.  Something new happens, we are distracted, we go on our way because we just want to live a safe, simple, happy life and watch some television and have sex with our partner and pet our dog.

No, this has nothing to do with us.  These monstrous acts inside our homeland, these monstrous acts outside of our homeland.  No, not at all. The items we use, the food we eat, none of it is produced by fear or misery or slavery or death.  We can administer our justice quite easily to random “monsters” that pop up, volcanic bursts of this underworld. These strange sociopath beasts are “held at bay” by the “good” police and military (who must, in turn, be initiated in their own way to the cult of death and the shadow of our society in some of the most brutal of ways).

We live in two worlds.  One is the snarling face of the things the “overworld” wants to dismiss so that they can go back to their dissociation. The underworld is that which is “dead,” but we all know nothing ever truly dies. The underworld is that which we wish to keep dead within us or in society, that will soon rise up like a zombie flick.  Both worlds are acts of the mind, and “ideology” is the division line that ebbs and flows between the two. Sometimes the ideology shifts, and things from one world start to surface in the other.  They go from snarling beasts to sacred rights, to becoming profane and slowly decaying back into the underworld again. This is the cycle of nature. This is a fantastic depiction of Jupiter in Scorpio – a natural atabasis, of a surfacing after a decent into the underworld, or katabasis.  Decomposition into sprouting anew. The natural cycles of literally all things. Although shadows have begun to pop their heads from the underbelly, we must jump into these pockets with full force after the treasures that reside in the ‘underworld.’ Follow these tunnels and see where they lead so that you can witness the full picture of reality. What you find there will naturally destroy your current reality.

You will see horrors. I do not take pity on you, because these horrors are necessary to witness.  It is merely karma. If you seek truth, this is the hell you must walk through, disposing pieces of yourself until you are truly naked, in order to emerge with your power. Instead of wallowing, you must take what you learn and act on it.  It is paralyzing being in the world of the dead – it is like being stuck in a dream.  But you can gain lucidity, awaken once again, if you take action on the things you learn. Your action is your ascent. Transmuting these things into art, into action, into creation, is your golden key to this transit.

Initiates that undergo katabasis find out that this underworld holds not only horror, but gold; an opposite and equal shadow of the world above.  There are things you find when digging into the deepest, most wretched parts of yourself that will reveal the hidden light – the true strength and merit of your soul.  There are parts of us that we smother because the ruling zietgeist wishes to administer power over us.  By going into our underworld and witnessing our true self, we can gain our power back.  That is why Pluto , Scorpio’s planet, is the god of the underworld and thus earthly riches.  He is the god of miners, of those that dig into the flesh of the earth to find power and bring it to the overworld.

You are being called to initiation within yourself.  Will you, like the billions of ancestors before you, carry the torch and walk through, leaving everything you once believed about yourself behind to see reality for what it is, or will you huddle at the entrance, staring at the void with terror – scrolling through your bad habits to numb yourself from truly coming to know the world – and thus becoming a warrior capable of actualizing real change?

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  1. Oooh she’s back and badass as ever! I am so so blessed by your presence in the world Artemis! I feel this hardcore. This transit definitely feels like a right of passage. I am integrating parts of myself usually held at bay in our humdrum servitude. I will not step back shyly!

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