Mars in Capricorn – Dull Boy

“I mean, contrary to the contemporary version of it, classical liberalism (which remember was pre-capitalist, and in fact, anti-capitalist) focused on the right of people to control their own work, and the need for free creative work under your own control-for human freedom and creativity. So to a classical liberal, wage labor under capitalism would have been considered totally immoral, because it frustrates the fundamental need of people to control their own work: you’re a slave to someone else.”Noam Chomsky, “Understanding Power: The Indespensable Chomsky

Mars in Capricorn:  March 17, 2018 – May 15, 2018

We have Mars moving from inspired, wacky, adventurous Sagittarius to mastermind Capricorn who’s veins run cold with Strike Force. The goat feels a need to accomplish, reach their goals, and get things right (this is why Mars is considered “exalted” in Capricorn). We put Mars’ power to perfect use when we have a goal oriented, ruthless sign like Capricorn ruling over it’s energy. We have Mars’ power but focused, controlled, and willed toward specific ends. Essentially we have a high speed bullet flying through Capricorn, shaking up the foundations of a lot of systems – bringing “tradition” and “institutions” and blood and war to the forefront.  With Mercury retrograde in Aries coming, I’m seeing outcries against the government and corporations growing exponentially.

All 3 “malefic” planets are going to be traveling through Capricorn simultaneously  Most people are terrified of this “malefic” energy, of being forced to pull the band-aid, of letting go, of allowing a strange sort of fate to take over, but right now it’s going to – whether we like it / are prepared for it or not.  First we have the god of war and lust; Mars.  He is the desire body, the hot blooded instincts of our psyche, our primal impulses.  Then we have Saturn, the architect of the universe, god of time and karma.  He is king of bitch slapping you back to reality for all your incarnations.  Finally, Pluto shows his face in this already atomic configuration.  Essentially the gnawing maw of the universe, Pluto will crush and reform the bones of our society, and Mars will be the ignition leading to this.

They will all be in the sign of essentially “Satan” – where the control lies in our society and where we place the scapegoat. Expect some long held systemic ideas to be rattled, chains we wear willingly to be exposed, and a tug of war for control.  Sex addictions, power dynamics, David and Goliath fights, and ruthless ladder climbing will become a norm during this time, especially while the god of war – Mars – throttles past slower moving Saturn and Pluto – triggering their influence in our current zeitgeist. Lest we forget him, we have fucking Jupiter in SCORPIO (in retrograde) emitting rays of expansion at these 3 princes of destruction. Those undercurrents of darkness will come up like earth quakes, people’s ambition run a muck and long held plans finally coming into fruition.  We may learn that things are far more orchestrated than we could have believed.

Capricorn is the ruler of bureaucracies, schools (teacher / student relationship), the parent / child relationship, governments, policy, work, vocation, and our role in society.  We must serve in this life, and Capricorn shows us how we do this, where we do this. This is a very depressive energy, heavy, almost crushing.  We feel propelled to “do something” or destroy ourselves from the inside out.  We brood, feeling oppressed from all sides, angry at the false dreams that have been implanted in our heads; the idea that power rests elsewhere and that we must grow exponentially for what, exactly? Where are we climbing to?  Capricorn mourns when she realizes the climb was merely a carrot on a stick.   She craves a truly transcendental climb, a stairway to heaven, a need to fight for a cause and build for a reason. This will naturally lead to an explosion, and we have Aries season only a few days away… including a Mercury retrograde in Aries.

The clock has set.  Mars is going to initiate a transit that I have been looking forward to seeing for some time.  Saturn and Pluto do a fun little dance every 32-33 years, when they finally conjunct.  That means every 16 years they are in opposition (16= The Tower in the tarot and destruction).  We are about to reach one of those conjunctions – or a “merger” of Saturn and Pluto energy.  This pass of the third malefic through their space is surely an initial trigger for this merger energy between the two.

We are growing restless, and the fires of initiative will finally be sparked.  We are sick and tired of sacrificing ourselves in service of a false god, making Capricorn’s purpose sacrilegious. The corporate bureaucrat that Capricorn has become is a corruption of what she truly is; the great architect. Capricorn has the ability to manipulate reality, bend it, learn it, use it.  The goat has a natural and sober understanding of the mechanics of the universe, it’s purposeful limits, and how to use them to propel herself through it.  And most importantly, how to build.  This is the spark that reminds us we have power over our reality.  And if we assert that without fear but a knowledge of birthright instead, then the house of cards crumbles.

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  1. I’m so so glad your back Artemis! I too have been looking forward to these transits. The eclipses’ tumultuous nature earlier this year seemed to open the flood gates for these transits which feel monumentous. The drum role is upon us. I glad you’re here giving us a lantern Artemis!

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