New Moon Pisces – Sanctified

“It would be nice and fairly nearly true, to say that ‘from that time forth, Eustace was a different boy.’ To be strictly accurate, he began to be a different boy. He had relapses. There were still many days when he could be very tiresome. But most of those I shall not notice. The cure had begun.”  – C.S. Lewis, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

New Moon Pisces:  March 17, 2018

Chaos proceeds transformation, and we are getting the feeling that something unsettling is about to rise out of the ancient oceans.  What could it be other than our old sicknesses come to heal, come to settle the score with us?  This New Moon will be conjunct Chiron, and this is the last time in a long, long time that we will see the centaur in Pisces (for most of us, the last time in our lifetime).  We got the first taste of Chiron in Pisces in 2010, so a cycle of specifically spiritual wounding + our split from the collective is finally coming to a head.  We have begun to understand this particular wound, or at least have emerged to another level with it.

You can see the acceptance of mysticism and the push away from “organized” religion in the collective sphere (because, as we all know, Pisces isn’t a fan of organized anything HA).  We are all desperately longing to become one people, connected by one means.  Very soon, Chrion will move into Aries, and the focus will move from the wound in the collective to the wound in the individual ego and identity.  But for now, let us remember we are one people, and heal the understanding that lies there. We are being asked to start cleansing some serious collective karma, and this can be unsettling for both the macro and the micro – especially because you can’t exactly pin point why the hell certain things keep leading you in certain directions.  Will you go with your intuitive hunches and follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole, or will you fall prey to panic that you are “lost” and remain paralyzed in the whirlpool of madness?  Remember, you create your reality.  Why the hell are you choosing to live in that mess?  Choose to believe in your power instead.

New Moon Square Mars in Capricorn:  There is an extreme restlessness in this lunation; a feeling of being stuck with nowhere to fucking go.  You want to run, vanish into the abyss, or at least find some solid fucking ground.  There are dreams you want to construct into reality, but it seems like the universe is eroding everything around you instead.  It is asking you to purge and get moving, and you must fight your feelings of sinking and swim even if you really believe you don’t now how. There is a fire to this Pisces moon that makes it unusual, an almost “holy water” that sanctifies us and blesses us on it’s way to a new chapter.  There is a psychic-ness for just about everything during this lunation, and you will be able to sense in your gut when it is time to move on, to act, to move away from danger and say goodbye to certain bullshit – so use this tool instead of throwing depressive skepticism at it.  There might not be a logical reason why you choose what you do, but there is a domino effect from the past leading you to this choice that oddly feels quite important.  Capricorn and Pisces both have connections to the to old traditions.  In this case, they are highlighting the deep rift between our material traditions and our spiritual traditions.  How we serve the earth no longer nourishes our spirit and we are left empty of purpose of action.  This lunation asks us to stir one another from this dream – actually, this nightmare where we believe we have no power when it comes to manifesting reality.  We are all actively creating reality together at all times, are we not?  This lunation asks us to empower one another, as building a ladder together is the only way we can climb out of this dark dream.  We have to keep shaking one another awake, reminding one another that honestly, we can build whatever the hell we want to build.  Now find your tribe, and connect to other tribes, and see what kind of ripples in this ocean you can create… Play together, create together, find your power together.  We can all banish this horrible nightmare with laughter, and create another with collective determination.

New Moon conjunct Chiron in Pisces:  Mental health issues are flaring up, depression is trying to tie it’s noose around us before the heat of Aries season and the spring begins.  Drinking (a Pisces favorite, and just in time for St. Patrick’s day), bargaining, denial are all a part of this lunation. We are crippled by our demons, by our upsets, by not being “enough” in this world or not having “enough.”  We have come to realize the emptiness of moving forward without spiritual purpose, without looking back on our ancestral line, without taking the collective into consideration. Chiron aspected lunations always have a sort of “purging” effect on us, like we are sucking poison out of our wounds. We have to do this for our ancestors, even the ones we would rather not see right now, let alone do the bidding of.  Some of them shout louder than others for you to accomplish certain tasks.  Their needs will be louder than usual during this thin time in the veil.  Pisces time is always a thin time for the overall veil of the zeitgeist; a new moon more intuitive than any of the others.  During a Pisces New Moon, we are never told exactly where to go. We are given no map.  We can get there easily though; by letting go and seeing where the waters wash us up if we swim with the currents and stop fighting them because we are scared of what we don’t understand.

New Moon trine Jupiter Rx in Scorpio:   
Dive into the fucking underworld.  In order to find your way, you need to get lost first.  Yes, in that very ocean you are afraid to tread into.  With Jupiter in Scorpio retrograding along with this New Moon, there is an ecstatic drunkenness that is being asked of us. A frightening sort of Dionysian drunkeness where we don’t know exactly what will happen by the end of the night… We have to let go, become sanctified by the madness around us.  And this madness is ripe with opportunity (Jupiter’s favorite word).  With Jupiter in Retrograde, we will surely be able to find hidden corridors that lead us to new worlds – or at least be intuitive enough to figure out which chances to take, meeting the right people who can help us manifest our dreams.   Jupiter is Pisces old ruler, and this is most definitely the golden key of this puzzle.  It’s time to use those powers of yours, Pisces.  “Who me, little fish, Pisces, the jiggly puff of the zodiac?”  Why yes, you, fucking powerful tsunami, Pisces. You are redemption, sanctification, an exhilarating sense of spiritual purpose…  allow yourself your madness.  From there, we get a true vessel for the energies of the universe. From there, you can create what needs to be created. 

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  1. Dear Collective Consciousness: Unrequited love is the collective unconscious primal wound. Please make a mental note of that. Thanks! From Pisces.

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