Mercury Retrograde in Aries – I Call Bullshit

“Woe to the man who offends a small child!”Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

Libra, Aries’ opposite, is our cultural face, “civilization,” he is a way for us all to cooperate together and learn true justice. But Aries, he acts on impulse and instinct. He is the pure power and blood of Mars and has a true lust for life. He is the animal side that we wish to hide away behind civilization, so we lie about him and keep it all hush hush. Libra, needing to please everyone, sets up Machiavellian traps. But one day, because some scapegoat moves the earth, we all realize the animals that we truly are and must come face to face with our shadow side, and the blabbering of civilization falls deaf to our ears. We are awoken, and we finally snap, because if we cage our truest self away for too long we erupt.

When Mercury is in ‘shadow’, around 2 weeks before and after a Mercury Retrograde, is the time when the slip ups in communication and overall mis-firings in reality happen.  You drop your phone and life in the toilet, and things seem to be going haywire; where will they land, where should you go, why the fuck isn’t my coffee machine working?  It’s because we are slipping from one world to another, melding from one part of our brain to the other – dancing in the corpus callosum.   The god Mercury carries the caduceus in ancient myth, and because of this he could put the living to “sleep” and bring the dead to life.  This is a perfect representation of your current predicament; you want to breath life into something you left in the “underworld.”

In the Macro sense, expect people to protest, debate, and rage under this fiery Mercury Rx transit.  People wont take any shit, especially when it comes to people telling them to sit down and “take it.”  This is always a fantastic time for artists, and this go around is especially good for politically inclined artists.  Artistic inspiration wont be hard to come by, especially if you plug into the collective rage. Say what you need to say, in exactly the way you want to say it, and see the mountains it will move.  Expect others to be doing the same things toward you – saying what they have been holding in for quite some time.  In the heat of the crossfire, please take the time to listen intently to all sides.  There is pain underneath all of it that needs to be healed, and this is the perfect time to find the surgical points.

Look to your Aries house in your chart to see where this effect will be taking place in your personal life.  This is where a sort of “editing” or “re-do” nature will kick in, where you are told you have to look at intently and see where you have been suppressed.  There is something about this area of life that you have put away that you need to bring out and let shine.

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