Venus in Taurus – Phosphorescent

“Those who restrain desire do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained.” ― William Blake

Don’t try and shake it.  You know, you absolutely know now that the path is there.  You found a clue, or a sign, or a loud screaming messenger who told you where the entrance is.  You find your lantern, switch it on, and see things around you illuminated for once.  With this new light, you can’t see far, but you are suddenly filled with an obsessive desire to creep further; illuminating all the dark parts of your life with this new faint, dingy little light.  You feel that desire at the base of your spine again, and that is exactly how Venus illuminates – through the flame of desire.

During this Venus transit, we are immediately being met with vibrations from the Venus retrograde in Scorpio later this year, for Venus in Taurus instantly squares Pluto during an intense Full Moon in Libra (another Venusian sign) under the blood thirsty Aries sun and Mercury Retrograde.  We come into the full moon a divided people, an obsessed people, a hard headed people who refuse to turn on even that dim lantern.  The funny thing here is that this very chaotic division creates a big enough fire to illuminate collective shadows, and instead of staring into the hellfire, turn around and witness the shadow.

Every 8 orbits of the earth around the sun, Venus orbits 13 times, and every 8 years Venus goes through a 5 fold cycle which begins during her inferior conjunction to the Sun (which always happens during a Venus retrograde period).  During each cycle, Venus, or Ishtar as the Mesopotamians called her, or Inanna for the Sumerians, passes through 8 gates before reaching the underworld and must “strip herself bare” by relinquishing a power or a sacred possession, as the myths have it, before meeting the “source and light” (aka in astrology speak, conjuncting with the sun) and rising from the underworld (the retrograde) in all her glory as the Queen of Heaven, passing through the 8 gates once more on her way out to claim all she shed.

Every 8 years, Venus goes through this cycle of going into the “underworld” and back 5 times, creating a pentacle in the sky and finishing her full cycle. You will notice this cycle in your own natal chart and solar returns.  Every 8 years, you have a Venusian return in your own sign, where Venus lands within a few degrees of where she was when you were born.  This is your personal Venusian cycle.

When Venus went into Aries about a month ago, we entered the 1st gate of the Venusian descent into the underworld, the “Gate of Authority” where she gave up her disconnection with source. Our bodies are wailing for a connection with the divine again, knowing innately that there is something wrong and we are trapped in a prison. With Venus entering Taurus, she will be taking us through the 2nd gate – called the “Gate of Perception.”  This gate relates to our third eye, our ability to see into other realms, our ability to manifest spirit into matter.  For this gate, Inanna strips herself of her lapis earrings and her royal staff, surrendering her blocks to her vision; and in turn, we must surrender our blocks when it comes to our spiritual vision and our ability to create from the mind’s eye.

For the next month, Venus will be stripping our foggy vision, giving us a mission and the sight to see where we need to be going.  Venus is never nice about this sort of thing (she is rarely nice, actually).  She manifests herself in our life through mad desire, and sometimes it leads us to being with the wrong people, experiencing orgies of guilt and abuse in many ways.  But she must do this in order to let us find the light in the darkness, the very thing that makes us fully live in life and become possessed by it.  Although white lighters have labeled her a benevolent goddess, she is anything but. She is maddening, and her road seems chaotic and frightening. But just like Inanna going to the underworld to help her sister, her dark half,  Ereshkigal, we will be punished for all of our “do good” attitude.  We must make our mistakes, we must go to help only to be punished, so that we can know the true higher calling of love – so that we can truly experience redemption.

Follow your visions closely this month, and watch out for many signs that will manifest in reality as well as your dreams. Your third eye is being triggered by this transit, and you will see a lot of shadows in relation to your path with others and your connection to the life source.  This is a very “earthy” transit, almost shamanic, like communication with the plants through imbibing them.  The earth has many things to show us, and one of them is the grand plan, the actual structure of the earth itself so you can find your way through the maze of the underworld once you get there.

Mundanely, this transit will give you sensual visions, throw you into obsessive lust more than any other.  Let your desire carry you into maddening affairs, or deeper into your current partner.  Remember, Venus’ guides us with the light of desire. Venus is all about surrender, and only then can we be filled with the maddening possession of the gods and life.  There will be a lot of jealousy during this transit, because there is that innate need to transcend and reach a kundalini state with a lover. At each Venusian gate, we must surrender to something, and in this one it is our intuition and vision about our relationship, our passions, and our values.  We must surrender to the message. You cannot hide anymore if you see that something is wrong, clear as day, and that you have slipped into a dark path so you can emerge strong enough for your new path. You may have given yourself to a cause or a partner or a value system that is failing you tremendously, and this transit will give you luminous sign you needed to get on the path to serious, spiritual work.

It is time to meld spirit and matter, vision and creation – manifestation.  It is time to finally remember that the ideas in our head are schematics, and we must get back in touch with breathing life into them – giving them form. It is time to be a magician, orchestrating our own life, the person with the vision. It is time to see beyond the mundane conflict, the lies, the propaganda, and dig deep into the matter. You can smell the animal desire all around you, the obsession, now use your instincts to see that it all comes from a place of needing to feel secure.   With this transit, we must find security in the center of our being, for we are shedding ourselves like snakes and must come to understand that the world is ever changing and shifting and cycling for a reason. We cannot become stuck, we cannot let others become stuck, we must clear the way with our intuition and go on the unbeaten path because we are following the stars and our ancient wisdom instead.

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