Full Moon Libra – Amongst the Sheep

“May God have mercy for my enemies because I won’t.” George S Patton Jr

Full Moon Libra:  March 31, 2018

Everyone is fighting a battle which we know little or nothing of.   We view differences in behavior from others as automatically “bad” when they are in fact a conglomeration of decades of this person’s individual experiences and trauma.  We automatically project onto others instead of listening intently to the other, use them as a mirror for our own pain instead of seeing them in all their pain and glory.  This full moon pits Aries against Libra, with a Mercury retrograde adding it’s misfiring to the mix.  Get ready for some fireworks.

Moon Opposite Mercury Aries Rx: This full moon pits mind (Mercury) and heart (sun) against instincts, upbringing, and habits (moon) in the main opposition of this full moon’s chart.  We have equal amounts of Martian war energy and Venusian peace, a push and pull that leaves viciousness as petty remarks and condescending arguments instead of real peace talks and discussion.  There is an edginess to this moon that will lead to anger and outbursts but Venus’ involvement in it will try and dress it up like a docile lamb.  There are, however, many wolves in sheep’s clothing during this transit.  You may know that something is wrong, but you will lash out regardless of this.  Intellectual knowledge isn’t going to have much pull during this moon, especially with Mercury being in retrograde.  Expect people to be unleashing some pent up frustration in the most petty ways possible.

If you don’t have anywhere for your anger to be channeled, I suggest spending the day with visceral art.  Go see some stuff that stimulates both your pulse and your mind.  Channel that anger into some writing on political issues that you can either trumpet or keep to yourself for the time being, even burn to “set free.”  That is a magical working in itself.  Also, if you feel there is something that must be said to someone, this is the time.  This is a 3 day period of confrontation in many aspects, a “war” sort of energy.  There are many intense partnerships and mergers happening at this time (Bayer and Mansonto being the biggest one).  Libra is about business deals, mergers, partnerships, and these particular mergers will build even bigger monsters hidden under the civil idea of a business deal.

You’ll have a hard time expressing your emotions with actual words, so write emotional impressions instead.  The best use of this energy is for it to be channeled into sexual passion or as a creative force.  Go lose yourself music or making passionate art about something that boils your blood.

Moon Square Mars conjunct Saturn in Capricorn:  The opposition is triggered by the planets that are square this opposition – Mars, Saturn, and Pluto – meaning all the “malefic” planets.  There are many plans being carried out covertly, and our instincts can sense this, so we are jumping at shadows.  There is no gain without pain, and no glory without guts, but you also lose if you attack something that is the wrong target.  There is much confusion in the air, but also an intense need to act as well that can cause blood boiling agitation.  We must meet each damning remark with love and compassion, finding common ground today so that we can ease the war energy and also see what is actually going on.  Coming at someone with Libra diplomacy when they are angry can show you more about them than meeting them with equal amounts of blinding anger.  We must realize that everyone’s thoughts are due to slow, memetic Trojan horses, and that doesn’t make them stupid.  They are angry and hurt, and their instincts are to use information to protect themselves.  Angry and scared and hurt people do not react well to anger from others – naturally.  Diplomacy is the key here.  Channel your own anger into creative or sexual pursuits or to those you know have actually hurt others, avoid getting into petty arguments with the people you usually love and trust.

We all have instinctual impulses due to our past traumas.  This moon will highlight those more than ever, so it is actually a very positive day for therapy or consulting those who specialize in divination.  Although you may feel like you have just gotten angry and frustrated, your therapist will be able to see habitual defense mechanisms more than ever.

We have had to give up our heart’s and intellect’s desires because we have had to help make others secure.  We have had to fight the battle of others’ security vs our own natural impulses.  This is a very much “us vs them” moon, and we don’t want anyone else in the garden with us.  This moon could cause argument and pain amongst lovers – pitting Aries energy against Libra energy with the power play dynamics of Capricorn alongside the general misunderstandings and mistakes under Mercury retrograde.  These little fires all around us are there to show us the disconnect between everything, the mending we still have to do, and the real targets for our anger.

The infamous Teal Swan has a natal Mars/Saturn conjunct.  Individuals with this aspect have been known to be able to sexually manipulate, hide their anger and bloodlust well, and have a penchant for secretive acts of violence coming into their lives.  Look out for this energy during this full moon as it is deadly.  Someone new could approach you looking like a charming prince and turn blood thirsty wolf later in the night.

Moon Square Pluto in Capricorn:  Speaking of predators… This is where this moon is going to fuuuuck us up.  Pluto and her issues are coming to play, and enemies from the past are coming out of the woodwork with offers of “peace.”  What they have convoluted is that peace sometimes means boundaries.  Flowery words and a need to make peace will only mask the fact that their habits have not changed.  It may look like beautiful roses but don’t forget about the thorns.  Libra is the sign of “open enemies” so it will be people wanting to make peace who are known to you as being enemies.  There will be emotional power plays if you do not accept the peace – but remember, peace is oftentimes a your relationship with appropriate boundaries.  Declining peace offerings from enemies will surely send into the atmosphere the Aries aspect of this moon, but you will more than ever be able to hash out your boiling issues.  Remember, it takes guts for glory, and you’ve had enough of this stalemate, this false peace for “peace’s sake” instead of true balance. These are the wolves in sheep’s clothing, offering temporary peace with no foresight or hindsight.  These are the fakes that are deserving of your wrath under this full moon.   Call that fucking shit out once and for all.  You’ll have the sharp tongue of Libra at your beck and call, and the creative flow of Mercury retrograde’s introspective wrath once aimed at a true opponent.

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