New Moon Aries – Fire Thief

“Fire, water, and government know nothing of mercy.” – Proverb

New Moon Aries:  April 15, 2018

As we are stripped of our trappings, we begin to notice our place in the universe.  This Mercury Retrograde and Mars/Saturn conjunct has fucked up a good majority of us (looking at you especially, Mr. Trump) and pettiness and depression did reign.  Omg did it ever reign, but because of this so many of us woke to our own role in these energies.  What has been instrumental for those who have passed through this Mercury Retrograde “awoken” is a patience of steel.  Panicking at this time is our worst enemy, and those of us who entered with bravery into the shadows that presented themselves got to vanquish some long time personal enemies. We learned to throw away the pain, the depression, the angst, and learn that it is our choice to look toward the fire instead of away from it. We rekindled something deep and ancient within us.

Those who could not sit in silence and contemplate their own self imposed blindfold allowed the agitation from these two transits to blow them up.  They felt the need to speak and set things on fire instead of speaking from the true fire within. Impulse control under the current sky is nearly impossible, and those of us who do not have a grasp on our Will can expect to act out in rash and petty ways – bombing countries or bombing comment sections with giant, throbbing egos.

This New Moon in Aries will manifest smack dab in the middle of that Uranus/Eris conjunct of Chaos that is about to come to an end – just as Mercury goes direct.  We are literally in a whirlwind of impulse… but alas, chaos is always a chance to disrupt the dominating structure.  That is, if you can tap into that Aries courage within yourself and run into the fire.  Do you have what it takes?

Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries:  Uranus, in astrology, has been linked to the mad genius and bringer of consciousness – Prometheus. As the myths go, after molding us from clay, the Titan Prometheus recognized our naked vulnerability.  All the other animals were given devices of warfare – claws and fangs and poisonous skin, but humans were left with nothing that could protect them from the harshness of nature.  So, in one of the most altruistic acts in mythology, Prometheus stole creative power, the fire of the gods, and handed it over to us – gifting humanity the most dangerous weapon of all.

They always warn us not to play with fire.  Fire is a very serious business.  It is the very thing that molds and breathes life into new form, the very thing that formed our entire solar system.  It is the fruit, the knowledge of the gods.  Prometheus knew this was the only way for us to contend with the gods and assert ourselves as equal beings. Prometheus’ name means “forethought” and he was counsel to the gods because of this talent.  We can access this energy of “forethought” if we tap into the fire that Prometheus gave us and feel in our gut exactly where to go. The problem is, most of us are too terrified to put in the sacrifice and madness that is necessary to wield this creative fire.  It is not meant to be a tool of the state, used and bought and sold.  No.  True creative power and passion changes the very structure of the universe.  It is not some toy to turn into commodity – it will burn up any system if it is used that way.

Fire was so important to the gods that Prometheus gifting it to us cost him an eternity of torture – his liver eaten by an eagle (Jupiter) every single day, regenerated every morning so that his torture may begin again.  We have the power of the gods within us, and we must use it to subvert our imprisonment.  We are all in situations that feel like a cage, and tapping into the creative power within us is a sure fire way of breaking those bonds.  Your prison may be of the mind, from financial institutions – whatever it is, you have more power against it than you ever realized.  It is you that is holding your fire back from being unleashed.  Do not feel ashamed – let it burn.  Demonstrate your birthright.

This is a highly inventive time. If there was ever a time to have flashes of insight in how to get out of this mess, it is now.  If you need more fire than what is inside you, sparking your own and giving other’s a jump start will let the fire grow larger.  We cannot allow the rich and “powerful” to think they can keep our fire trapped while they play with their’s to the determent of the earth.

Moon Square Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn:  War, war, war, but you didn’t need me to tell you that one.  We can see it transpiring already with the bombing of Syria a day before this New Moon.  Chiron will soon move into Aries, where he was sitting when the U.S. was last in conflict with Syria and Russia over 40 years ago.  Things always come full circle, and now we must deal with the karmic actions and wounds of the past that have only built and built to this point.  As a collective, we are going to be forced to look at the wounds that war and identity have caused, and that wont be very pretty for us at all.   The shadows of war are out to play, and with the moon involved – there is a tribalism to the whole thing that is fanned into a blazing wild fire.  Me – you – them – black – white – native – foreigner – it will all become more and more cartoonish and inflated.  Do not fall victim to the game.  Step back, breathe, and let the fire come out controlled or it will eat you alive.  During New Moons, we work on our instincts, and we all know from our past that divisive language only leads to more division.  If you see groups of people being victimized by tribal mentality, tap into the Aries warrior energy and defend them – but do so in a “controlled fire” sort of way.  Don’t get emotionally trapped in their rhetoric, and remember – getting them angry will only shut them down.  Be playful, be witty, be creative, but drive your points home like a volcano.

Farmers burn their fields for the benefit of their crops.  They do not let the fire escape it’s designated task. You cannot become a tool of the fire, but you must be as a god and use the fire as controlled power.

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  1. This is so fucking confusing. I can’t go back. I’ve seen to much. Fuck it. This is good information. At least I now know what I am. Fuck am I trapped. Fuck surrender. I’ll make it through this shit. I wish others safe travels on their journey. But don’t pray for me. I am. Fuck the bullshit. I’ve made so many mistakes and taken to much to give up now. I can’t take this. But I will. Thank-you for a guiding light. This never was meant to be easy huh.

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