Saturn Retrograde – Simulacra and Simulation

“Truth cannot be constructed. To live in ideology is, as Havel so eloquently reminds us, inevitably to live in a lie. Truth can only be revealed. We cannot be creators, only receptors.” ― James W. Sire

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn:  April 17, 2018 – September 6, 2018

It is time for the great Lord of Karma to retrograde, meaning we will review our actions since his entrance into Capricorn on the Winter Solstice, 2017.  What steps have you taken to dismantle the systems that bind you?  Have you attempted to destroy your bad habits, have you climbed higher regardless of the roadblocks ahead – knowing that roadblocks are not a hindrance to the path – they are the path.  These next few months will have old debts coming back to be paid in full, and if you cannot take a scythe to these matters, you will be stuck in their loop for quite some time.  Our personal restrictions project themselves into our world, showing up as people or predicaments that we can’t seem to shake off.  It is time to dig deep and reveal exactly what those systems are in our personal lives, and in the collective, so that we can destroy the shackles that keep us from realizing who we truly are.  What are the things that keep us constantly on guard, miserable, isolated, and detached?  Why, if we are a natural part of this world, do we feel like we are so far removed from it?  Is it because, perhaps, we are living in a false world….

There exists a myth about a great nation that constructed a map so exact that it was as large as the territory itself.  As the nation grew and evolved, so too did the map morph to represent it. The people became so obsessed with the map representing the reality that they allowed their reality to crumble away from disuse. They entered  a simulated reality full of symbols representing other symbols, and nothing of the tangible chaos that birthed them met their eyes.  

The map is not the territory. Your ideology is not reality.

The philosopher, Jean Baudrillard, speaks of how we have separated ourselves so far from actual reality that we live in a “simulacra,” or a ghost world.  Imagine Andy Warhol’s paintings.  Take an individual most are familiar with, like Marilyn Monroe, and repeat a representation of her image so many times that it becomes a commodity.  Once it becomes a commodity, the symbol that is used to represent her becomes the favored image of her essence – ridding her of her humanity. Ridding her of her innate chaos.  Ascribing to her the position of “idol” instead.

This perpetuated image is a refraction from her reality, blurring the perception of her source from the observer.  The essence is bloated.  Marilyn is no longer reachable through the meaningless dribble that has become so mutable, so intangible, that it will never lead us back to who, or what, Miss Monroe really was.  Her name, “Marilyn Monroe,” in itself is a symbol, not being the true reality of who she was to begin with. This same methodology can be seen when ascribed to anything.  Instead of art being used to reveal the world, it has become a tool of commodification and used to distort the world – leading us to an extreme worship of idols, and seducing us into believing one system is the only system – blindfolding us from the power of chaos within us.

These layers of obscurity are poured and hardened over one another until we are unable to pry open the sarcophagus of mirrors. We believe we are trapped.  We believe that this is the way things are, these are the systems in place and no one can destroy them or alter them.

Only through our ability to strip ourselves of axioms that have no connection to our innate Khaos will we finally be able to nurture our spirits.  Only then could we finally brush our conscious minds against what has always been seated before our eyes, beneath the fog of our own blinding consumption. The systems we have in place immediately gratify our pain body.  They hook us, like drugs, by rewarding us for being good little caretakers of that system.  Ridding ourselves of these beliefs will be like ridding ourselves of a heroine addiction.  It is painful, you will have relapses, and there are many horrible side effects waiting to pummel your emotions, mind and body.

Curiously, humans don’t generally question the values placed before us. We are placed into an artificial world of straight lines – control – immediately upon entry.  Modern humanity is birthed into a system outside of our natural rhythms; fluorescent bulbs and the gleam from metal tools immediately blind us upon our entry, beginning our culturally induced schizophrenic break.  We do not get to witness the chaos of water, tree lines – of nature itself. We are immediately introduced to the restrictions of humanity – of our attempt to control the uncontrollable.

This eerie emotion that exists in our hearts, that keeps us from ever feeling truly at home in our existence, is the denial of our instincts and the denial of chaos.  They do not fit into the axioms we are given, the order we crave, the safety we can’t go without.  These are post-industrial times, and like farmed pigs living in sick symbiosis with our parasites, we are unsure if we can survive in the “cruel, cruel world” without being guided, without a map, without rules and straight lines.

Who will feed us if not industry?  Who will tell us who we are, instruct us what to do with our time, teach us how to love, or educate us about the world?

We stalk between debilitating boundaries placed by those who deem it best for us.  Distracted by tautological concerns, we miss the connections before us.  How do we evaluate value?  How do we judge our process of judgment?  How do we untangle history? We accept the systems and pain through them, never realizing that the ambiguous essence of our idea of  “Truth” shows it is not self-evident in the systems we live in.  We are limited by our systems – we are limited by the language and logic we are given.

Freud said that humans ascribe meaning to repetition in numbers, objects, events, or words.  If we are presented with a language we are required to use in order to co-habituate with our species, we start building our worldview on the system presented to us.  The repetition of these false axioms and logical proofs derived from them build our suspended web from reality.

Unfortunately for those of our species who do not understand the complex rules that have been set, they are cannibalized so that the system can receive sustenance.  Outliers and lone wolves are shoved in depression, into isolation, into a lonely existence that begs of them to extinguish themselves from this world.  We do not tolerate those who try and tell us the repeated system is wrong.  We do not tolerate change.  We do not tolerate Khaos. This is the closed, signaling loop that we dare not escape because we are afraid of how far we will fall before we are down to earth.  We have algorithms that steer us, but we don’t actually see the world we are being steered through.  They seem to work, so we use them. Isn’t it the best we can do?

Baurdrillard explains the final transformation of the simulacra where reality is no longer available for the conscious being to reference it’s experience to, and it lives in a world of pure simulation where symbols refer to other symbols.  When one searches for the link to an axiom’s self evident nature, they are led into these loops aforementioned.  Commodities no longer need to be based on reality, creating markets out of thought bubbles. This is our current predicament. 

There are things in the world that we cannot explain because we have been so far removed from the reality of things that we no longer believe we have the ability to represent our true experiences. The Lord of Karma is retrograding through Capricorn – the sign of establishment, rules, restrictions, and Towers.  This is the time, if any, to review our depression and angst and anxiety and see exactly where it is coming from.  It is the systems at place that keep us from truly living as the powerful beings we are.  We have given our power to the “machine.”  Will you be able to figure out how to take it back?  Will we, as a collective, start fighting back?  Will the capitalist structures start to fall and crumble?  Will government be gutted and stripped naked?  Only time can tell.  But surely, this will be a time for great karmic debts to be paid by those that restrain us to systems that are merely harvesting us.   

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