Chiron in Aries – To Be, Or Not To Be

“Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.” George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

Chiron in Aries:  April 18, 2018-April 14 2027

To be or not to be?  That is the question, isn’t it?  Is it better to live or to die? To waste or to pursue? We are born into this world without a purpose, but are given an urgency for purpose; an urgency that tortures us with hellish paradox.  What is this pain of emergence, this Aries wound of “being” that graces us?   During this 7 year time period, we will be exploring the very essence of our existence and the multitudes of “identity” and what it means for us.  This will cause rage – a rage like a fire that burns forever.  But it will also cause an immense joy, an exuberance of existence like we have never felt if we face this rage within us.

The first and foremost issue that Aries faces is the problem of being.  The ram rules over the first house in astrology, where we find the marker of “identity” in the chart.  We have already started experiencing an onslaught of identity politics/identity wars in the past year since Chiron slowly peeled away from Piscean collective energy into Aries individualism.  Where Pisces was concerned with healing our spiritual pain, Aries is more concerned with the individual’s expression of being in the world and the “right to exist.”   Race politics, gender politics, whatever it may be, the issues will definitely surround “what are you allowed to be” and the loners of society – the outcasts and the scapegoats of society becoming highlighted as we collectively have a meltdown of culture.

Our aggregate value systems have been nurtured on the backs of slaves. To consolidate our pain will not help.  This is a time of individual suffering, 7 years of facing our own isolation, our own self imposed chains on identity, until we can heal from the trauma of suppression of being – of identity – of the right to fight for our lives.  We are corralled into meaning, given a handful of shit choices and told these are the only prospective paths our lives can take.  Our lives, futures, spirits are all murdered daily, and we are told to sit back and let it happen – to allow ourselves to waste away, grateful for a chance to play this sick game.  We did not emerge from the depths of nothingness to do nothing but waste away in the factory life has become.  Aries emergence comes with duty to self, duty to act, duty to war if the self is threatened.

There will be a building of confidence during this 7 year period, a healing of wounds of identity and a soothing of the ego.  This wont be easy.  It is one of Chiron’s longest surgeries on our psyche (Chiron spends far more time in Aries than he does in any other sign in the zodiac).  The oldest, and hardest wound to heal is the wound of existence, of being here, of suffering on consequence of what you are born as.  Chiron shows us how to transform a “weakness” into a strength, as he did.  Abandoned by his parents at birth due to his half horse, half human nature (Saturn transformed into a horse to mate with Chiron’s human mother), the centaur was fostered by Apollo and Artemis.  He used his isolation to study and expand his knowledge of the universe, becoming one of the greatest shamans the gods had ever seen.  He suffered a wound that could have killed a mortal during a rowdy party with other centaurs (they were known for their debauchery), and yet he continued to heal and help others through his immense pain.  That is the key to Chiron (his symbol is a key, interestingly enough).  You must turn your weakness into strength, the cards you have been dealt as a steel forge that makes you something greater than a lotus eater could ever be.

The worst thing about this transit is that Aries wants things done quick – fast healing, burn the bridges, sever with fire!  But we cannot allow this.  Chiron spends 7 years in this sign because we need to learn to temper Aries, to turn the anger and childlike hurt, the ego and war, on it’s head.  It takes some immense breaking of habits, a lot of courage and daring to heal issues of identity.  Feeling like a blemish on the face of reality causes an immediate separation from everything in existence.  To heal the self, the ego, the confidence to act in our lives is the only way we can emerge into the collective world.  Aries symbol looks like a volcanic emergence into the world for a reason.  You have to do it with intention, with your whole being, and you must be absolutely present.  We must learn to play again, to be in the moment and enjoy the pleasure of being alive, to allow the oppression of having to do something or be someone to fall away.

War is a symptom of Chiron in Aries.  Individuals asserting their dominance via destroying the existence and power of others.  We must learn during this time that the destruction of others does not legitimize our existence.  Being “better,” more “talented or “stronger” or “smarter” than others does not legitimize your existence.  What we must learn is that our existence is inherently legitimate, and the issue is that we cannot ever have this fully accepted by others – and we must not need for this to be accepted by others.  Only from this internal strength can we start to wrestle the power others have over our lives and the lives of others like us.  Oppression can only be lifted if we have the strength to start lifting, if we are also not suffocating ourselves!

Life is Samsara, the eternal loop, and we must imitate this energy to understand it – get up, because you will get knocked down often during this transit.  Aries has the will, the need to explore his world.  We must choose to act regardless of the nothingness around us.  That was, after all, the initiation of the universe.  Aries is the very energy of the universe, moving and flowing and pioneering, never resting, never dying, always getting back up and moving once again.



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  1. This is really solid. Excellent use of the G.R.R. Martin quote. I have been drawn to study Chiron and to work with my wounds, so your article is right on time. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Always excellent reading. Though hearing I’ve got another 7 years to add to the 2-3 I’ve already spent in this particular crucible is somewhat dismaying

    1. What do the martial artists say? Do the move 10,000 more times and maybe you’ll be “okay” at it LOL! You’re stronger this time around – don’t ever forget that. You know more than you did the first time, and you will be refined further.

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