Venus in Gemini – Let’s Play

“We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply engrossed in anything, than when we are at play.”  – Charles E. Schaefer

If we remember from our last Venusian transition (click here for detailed info), we have gone through the first 2 gates of her decent into the underworld.  While Venus in Taurus dealt with our ability to see (third eye), Venus in Gemini will address our throat chakra and our ability to speak things into existence.  With all of the crushing energy from Chiron switching signs, the outer planets shifting into retrograde, and the reverberating consequences of a highly fiery Aries season that just passed (thankfully), we are collectively left with the screaming in an empty room.

We are surrounded by hungry ghosts, dying and empty inside ourselves, searching desperately for something that will fill us up inside.  Do we think that if we eat enough, like a caterpillar, we will sew ourselves up and emerge renewed like a phoenix?  Oh no.  Instead, we will just devour the world around us until it is gone.  The information age hasn’t helped with this.  We consume and consume, notification after notification, believing we are healing our pain body with the insignificant ego boosts – feeling broken when content we share from the heart gets rejected with only a like or two.  We have begun to take it all so seriously, when we all repeat to the empty room “It’s just social media.”

We are just playing…

But in fact, we have forgotten what play is.  We have lost the art of great social adventure, risking being bored in order to find a gem in the darkness. We have become terrified of being bored, of finding ways to play and actually explore what is around us – of learning through curiosity instead of chomping on violently fast, processed information and forgetting it soon after. Vocation, purpose, a feeling of connection with the world around us wasn’t formed by sitting around, scrolling through mindless nothingness – it was formed by actual experience. This is not the community and connection that Gemini energy craves.

As Venus enters the first air sign of the zodiac, she will draw immense focus to our lackluster throat chakras.  When you speak meekly, when you have no idea what you are suppose to be doing with your life, when you are having immense creative blocks, you need to focus on the voice of your life.  The universe itself was created by “the word.”  Everything around you was once a thought floating in someone’s head before it was given form – word – voiced into existence.  

The best way to strengthen your voice is through play.  If you cannot let go and allow yourself to become a vessel, allow the energy from inside of you to flow outside of you, you will never find the invisible threads of destiny.  Act things out, put on the characteristics you are striving to obtain.  You don’t want to build confidence, you are confident.  Do you see the difference?  Put on the attribute, and act it out like you already have it.  If you allow it to flow outside of yourself without inhibiting it due to your fear of embarrassment, you will see just how easily those around you accept it.  Gemini, if anyone, knows of all these personas and she plays between them well.  They unfold different paths of experiential knowledge for her, and she is able to see the sparkling soul within everything through her ability to immerse herself in it’s world.

Dive into a new person or a new field or study or a new subgroup during this Venus in Gemini season.  Work on your throat chakra through singing, mantra, commanding, expressing from the heart, and most definitely speaking your truth without embarrassment.   Sex magick will work extremely well during this time, especially sex magick in which you and your partner role play personas you desire to stand in but are too embarrassed to try in the outside world.  Speaking your desires in the bedroom will help you immensely in speaking your desires in the outside world.  This is the sort of play I am talking about.  The play that eventually manifests into knowledge and understanding.

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