Full Moon Scorpio – Secrets

“And when at last you find someone to whom you feel you can pour out your soul, you stop in shock at the words you utter— they are so rusty, so ugly, so meaningless and feeble from being kept in the small cramped dark inside you so long.”Sylvia Plath

This moon could scare the shit out of you.  I’m sure it could.   Scorpio times are usually anxiety provoking for me personally, but it’s this sort of anxiety of self transformation.  It is the itching and scratching of old skin that wants to tear, revealing fragments of the new.  Don’t you feel a little different?  There is a strange wind of change in the air, an almost mystical twinkle that more magical times are here and what use to not be probable has now become an option.  That is, if we choose it… and if we can tear at our skin with the discipline and obsession it will take.  There are secrets that must be shed in order for our inner light to emerge through the cracks – secrets that drape around our soul like anti matter.  This moon begs of us to live our truth, showing us how secrets are dirt shoveled over our graves.

Most of the time we tell secrets, we prevent ourselves from truly looking in the mirror.  What secrets in your life have clouded your view of self, and others from truly seeing you?  Don’t you see, these are the things that prevent you from the happiness you so desperately want?  Once the spell has been broken, there will be chaos – but remember, chaos is change, and transformation hurts the bones.  But would you rather suffer and never reach a state of balance and further blooming of truth with self and the universe?  Authenticity is the way toward aligning with the universal path, inviting and prioritizing life instead of death.  Are you going to let your secrets haunt you, keeping you in a state of high alert and anxiety, or will you expel them and finally accept the responsibility of your transformation?

Moon conjunct Jupiter Rx in Scorpio:  This is like a magnifying glass to your subconscious, emotional life, and your personal cycles.  This is an amazing time to break old habits because, well, all your bad ones are very much extenuated.  You can’t keep this shit from yourself during this lunation. Instead of wallowing in a pit of despair (which is very commonly the route taken when people see their loops), flagellating yourself with useless self hate, you need to accept responsibility for these things and begin to chip away at them.  It’s not going to be easy.  It’s your laziness and your fear that have gotten you trapped back into cycles, again and again.  You do feel more restless than usual though, thanks to the Mars/Saturn/Pluto conjunct in the sky.  You can feel all your stuck parts and where the grease needs to go, but you’re going to need to crawl into a deep dark place to do the deed.  Play toward Jupiter during this transit.  A good many things can be said with a comedic bent that couldn’t be said otherwise.  Play the court jester.

Moon sextile Saturn Rx in Capricorn:  We come into alchemy here.  There are no separate parts of you, no multiple identities – it is all the same source that responds to stimuli as it deems appropriate.  Merge all the parts of you that you compartmentalize, and you will continuously evolve toward your “ideal” (which is subject to change as well – reacting and adapting to your developed self and what it experiences).   It’s a dance, don’t you see?  Meaning, it’s not a race, we’re not building some perfect persona so stop the anxious energy, we are responding to the universe around us and it is responding to us.  Where you want to go today wont be where you want to go, or where you will be, in a few years.  Don’t take any persona or period of your life as lesser or greater, it is all just moments in the dance.  Merge parts of yourself that you normally keep separated during this time.  You’ll find many more opportunities, stuck places getting unstuck when you do so.  

Moon quincunx Mercury in Aries and Venus in Gemini:  We will notice the disconnect between our emotions and our values right now, and we will notice the twinged lies of others even more.  What keeps everyone so stuck in a rut, choosing the comfort of the present and inviting the horror of the future?  We feel one thing and say another.  It is a social taboo to tell a stranger how you are really feeling.  Why don’t we experiment with the evolution of our spirits if we say what we really mean and try to make the other understand?  There is a desperation in the air to speak the truth, an invitation for it from murky depths.  Will you take a torch down the path and follow your impulses, or will you run and hide from the crushing energy in the sky?   Something wants to be said so that change can begin.  It’s time to say it.

Saturn Rx/Pluto Rx/Mars conjunct in Capricorn:  Oh ambition.  Drive.  The desire to accomplish things and own things and be someone.  Really, though, have you become less miserable?  There is a tremendous rage in the air, and it’s aimed at the useless things we have to strive for and the torturous ways we have to get these useless things.  Once you cast away what you “should” be doing, and lightly step into what you desire to do, the whole game changes.  Things start to move.  Opportunities present themselves.  Don’t try and make a business of your soul.  We aren’t here to play this stupid game.  We are here to learn the rules so we can break the goddamn thing, and make it more useful for us as a whole.  Don’t let people around you act like pointless drones of the system.  Wake them up by pointing out the things that keep them from truly moving, and even if your words don’t stick – trust me, it’s what they’ll be thinking about when they are droning and on and on, batteries for a machine instead of explorers of the deep unknown.



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