Pluto Retrograde – Dark Passenger

“The mind picks some very bad times to take a walk doesn’t it?”Jeff Lindsay, Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn:  April 22, 2018 – Sept. 30, 2018

Our collective anger is a furnace.  It melts our insides with the heat of a thousand suns.  We scream and we struggle, and we realize that we can either let it burn us alive or we can let our Dark Passenger have a go at it.

Most of us are afraid of our beast.  We are afraid that we don’t have a tight enough hold on it’s leash and that it will do some unspeakable things if we we don’t keep it gagged and chained deep inside our depths.  The problem is we never take our beasts out for a walk.  We never build a relationship with our beast.  We never acknowledge it’s necessity in regards to our evolution as a species.  We blame it and use it as a scapegoat for our higher intellect, letting it bear the burden of the detachment of our “higher mind;” detachment from the sinew of reality and the repercussions of reality.  Experimentation gone awry.  We blame our beast for our civilized side. We tell our beast that it is a product of the past and that it be squelched under civilization in order for us to be “safe” and “free.”  Our beast reminds us that it being bound and gagged in a chamber is the reason we are not safe and free – the reason our captors are no longer afraid of us.  We don’t let our rage about being caged up in an iron dress of rules while the rich and “powerful” let their out of control beasts run rampant – tormented and twisted from the abuse of the “higher mind.”

Our collective anger is a furnace.  We can smith weapons of mass construction, chipping away and transforming the world with the heat of our own consciousness.  Most of the population has been kept complacent with false paradigms of success, with sly promises that speak to their socially constructed “ambition,” with “careers” and keeping up with the Jones’, with products and virtual reality to tear us away from this place.  We all know we don’t want to be here.  We all know we want to destroy it.  Our collective anger is a furnace, and each person’s pain that we place in it rages the fire and smelts the metal to a sharp, molten point.

People will use your beast for you if you don’t take it out for a walk.  Ideologies will hijack it.  They will see the sweet nectar of your anger and they will use it as a weapon for themselves.  Your beast doesn’t want to be a slave to ideology.  With Pluto going retrograde in Capricorn, we must look at the symbolism of both archetypes.  Pluto is transformation, death itself in the tarot and astrology, the undeniable, the transmutable nature of reality that allows it to evolve.  Capricorn is “the devil,” the restrictions and the bonds we choose to wear and the ones that are given to us like a drug – keeping us chained because we choose to “feel good” or “feel better” instead of fight.  We choose this.  We decide to play into the system, to allow the drugs of the masses to keep our rage aimed at ourselves and our brothers and sisters instead of our oppressors.  We don’t see that we are all being played the fool, that all of our beasts are being used against us – that we are all merely pit-bulls in a dog fight, earning money for our masters by tearing each other a part.

We must use Pluto to transform Capricorn – we must use our beast to transform the systems in which we exist, the bonds we wear willingly.  In the Devil card, the two individuals that are chained are chained loosely.  They choose to indulge instead of strengthen, to give up and play the game instead of fight their master for true freedom – not this bullshit they sell us as freedom and power.  With freedom comes real responsibility, and most of us are terrified of that.  We would rather just do what we are told so that the responsibility rests on someone else’s shoulders.  We can’t be bothered to go through that kind of stress when we are stressing out every day…. can we?

Our collective anger is a furnace. Let the fear go – not the anger – as long as that anger is for the protection of love.  Kali is the rage of Durga destroying our demons.  We must use our beast to protect love and gain freedom – as constructive instead of anger and fear dancing, as a destructive force.   It is not about seeking to do harm, but a preparedness to stand up to it.  The beast is a force we need to keep lit – we need to use and exercise daily in order for it not to become a tool of others – of ideologies that put guns in our hands and tell us to kill our brothers and sisters.  When you really look deep down into your pain, when you really look your beast in the face, who is really turning it into a monster but you and your intellectual belief that somehow you are wrong, somehow you need to play the game better.  You tell your beast that it will come out in the corporate battlefield, that it will come out in sports or venomous debates that are mere ego displays.

You tell your beast that women are to blame, that men are to blame, that blacks are to blame, the gays are to blame, that everyone is to blame for your captivity except for the system itself and your willingness to play into it to feed your “ambition” and your emptiness inside.  Climbing their ladder will only show you that the top is as empty as all those who occupy it.  The top is devoid of nature, devoid of the sinew of reality and it’s repercussions – but not safe from the rage of nature coming like a tsunami to get it.  Will you join your beast with the earth and fight the virus that has infested your home and your mind?  You do not see the leash for your beast is in the hands of your master, and you giving them the reigns only makes your beast want to eat you alive to gain it’s freedom.

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