Mercury in Taurus – Mara’s Temptation

“People couldn’t become truly holy, he said, unless they also had the opportunity to be definitively wicked.”Terry Pratchett

Mercury in Taurus:  May 14, 2018 – May 30, 2018

There is a rebirth of chaos on the horizon, and it will be in the sign of the bull; Taurus; the earthly realm itself.  Uranus will shortly be moving into Taurus, and Mercury will be charioteering his entrance.  Mercury is the mind, connection, logos itself, and like our fluttering thoughts, he is the fastest moving planet in the solar system.  He gravitates around the sun in 88 days, meaning we spend 2 weeks with him in each sign.   As life moves along, we must analyze it over and over, in all our facets, in order to truly grasp what the situation is teaching us.  We begin our newest mental journey into the sphere of Taurus, with the two mental planets of the zodiac, Uranus, and Mercury, entering its energetic field.   Mercury is the god of messages and travel, and he may enter any realm, so descending with him first (your mental field analyzing a new concept or idea) is always your safest bet.  What is our journey with Mercury this time around?  What trails and trials must he face?  Mercury in Taurus is the unmovable psyche, the unshakable process of patience.  Like Buddha, Mercury in Taurus sit forever still under the Bodhi tree, contemplating enlightenment.   With Taurus, the Temptation of Mara is our process:

First Temptation (Lust)  Like the Buddha, we are constantly met with the challenge of Maya – The Grand Illusion.  In Buddhist texts, Maya can manifest as “Mara” (also known as “Kama”), a demon with a storyline so labyrinthian, it cannot be plain what he is.  It has been said his equivalent in Christian mythology is Satan, and he tempts Buddha as Satan does.  Mara’s first temptation, once Buddha has made the decision to sit under the Bodhi tree (to seek enlightenment),  is “lust.”  You see, Mara is also the lord of the highest realm in the desire world, Triloka.  He presents his three daughters, they came to Buddha glittering with beauty; “Desire”, “Fulfillment”, and “Regret.”  With Mercury going into the Venusian sign of Taurus, we will be mentally meeting our conditioning in regards to beauty, lust, desire, and perfection;  the idea of transcendence from meeting perfection.

“These figures symbolize our tendencies to yearn for things or people, to chase after and fulfill that desire, and then to feel a sense of guilt or dissatisfaction after we have done so.  Anyone who has felt guilty after they got what they thought they wanted understands the three daughters of Kama.” – Adam J Pearson

The 5 senses are decreed to Mara.  The world, this chamber itself, is Mara.  It tempts you with the idea that satisfaction can be found in chasing ideology, figments of the mind, but you must remain grounded in the earth.  You do not need anything the earth cannot provide.  We cycle over and over, for infinity, insanity, fulfilling our desires, growing dissatisfied with them, and moving on to the next desire – hoping we will become whole.  The fulfillment of desire is a product of Maya – Mara.  We soon meet Guilt and dissatisfaction, and the cycle begins all over again.

That persistent feeling of unease and malaise is always present when one is deep within the clutches of this temptation.  Cast it aside with the mantra, “I am whole,” and be patient.  Desire is an addiction, and until we have a healthy relationship with reality, being at peace and fulfilled with every moment as it is – with eternal curiosity and openness, acknowledgment and awe – we cannot sit un-wavered in the face of Mara’s three daughters.  Once we realize that peace cannot be found in the violent cycle of desire, we begin to realize that the decision of peace is within us always. It is not external – it does not need to be given to us from elsewhere.  The realization that desire will not give us what we truly crave is how we remain unmoved under the Bodhi tree.

Second Temptation (Fear of Death)  
Death rebirth and desire.  Mercury will trine Pluto during this transit, meaning you will get a chance to inspect your relationship with death and transformation. Mara is known in many Buddhist texts as the personification of Death itself, and he tempts Buddha in hopes of instilling fear – sending his army on a collision course with the meditating Siddhārtha.  For surely, if anything, death would make him jump out from under the tree.  Buddha does not fear transformation and accepts death as the natural process of life.  We exist in a reality where we must eat the flesh of other living things, be they plants or animals, to live.  During this transit, we must come to understand this without judgment of good or evil, for it is the very process by which we can even have these thoughts. With this realization, the demon’s hoard turns to flowers before Buddha.

Third Temptation (Self-Doubt) During Mercury’s transit through Taurus, it will be met with a square to Mars in Aquarius.  Buddha is met with the temptation of self-doubt in his actions.  The desire to prove the truth is a form of Maya, and our need for acknowledgment before we can trust in ourselves keeps us from truly being present in the world.  We must learn how to be here, experiment, and trust that the earth itself will provide for us and we have the capability to learn how to provide for ourselves.  Aquarius is the process, the understanding and integrating of theory with confidence and chilly observation, willing to bring what you have found out to the forefront of people’s knowledge, not for self-recognition, but because you are called to let the waters of consciousness flow.

Fourth Temptation (Duty)  We enter Buddha’s final temptation, and that is with Duty, or the urge to make the world what we believe it should be.  We deny the world of opposites, wishing to only live in the world of transcendence.  We must come to realize we exist in both, and that both are a necessity for existence.  If you could impose your will on the world and change it in ways you deem better, would you do it?  Would you give into this temptation?  Do you give into it every day when you mouthpiece a prescribed ideology?  We are in a constant battle between our mind (Mercury) and our intuition (Uranus), and though we might become stuck here, once Uranus enters Taurus, we will have the ability to use flashes of insight to overcome this temptation as well – that is, if we so choose.  It is our ego’s desire to want to make the world a reflection of yourself.  Our opinions about the world trap us in a Zoroastrian cycle of good and evil, when good and evil is merely perception.  Saturn, structure, the game, the demiurge, samsara, it’s all related, and it’s all a cycle outside the earth’s natural cycles.  It is the illusion that keeps us from reality.  The idea that we need to fulfill something, or that an action is necessary due to some mentally constructed ideology.

Buddha touches the earth here, showing Mara his trust in the planet’s natural cycles, in the fact that it is right just the way that it is.  That suffering and joy exist simultaneously for a reason.  That the path is the obstacles themselves, and only through the suffering may we wake up to enlightenment.  He remains, like Taurus, unmoved – content in his existence.  We are not an entity separate from the whole.

We connect to mother earth… and feel her cycles, knowing our place in the grand story and playing it, for once, going forth and teaching fearlessness to all of those around us.  This groundedness is the very tool to get us through the chaos that Taurus in Uranus will bring.  Namaste, and may all beings find peace.  May we all approach life with the intention and patience of peace.

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