Uranus in Taurus – Body Electric

“The human body is the best picture of the human soul.”  – Ludwig Wittgenstein

Uranus in Taurus May 2018 – April  2026

There is a general sputtering of astrologers on the web about Uranus in Taurus.   Cryptocurrency (says everyone), New Economy, radical changes in personal values (the self-help astrologers), cries about another great depression on the horizon, and finally “ushering in a new era of utopic vision” (the New Age Hipster Witch).  Everyone is wringing their wrists, “What could the unpredictable nightmare, Uranus, be up to?” and “How the fuck is the planet of change going to behave in the sign of the immovable?”

Well, let’s look to the past, shall we?

Almost fourscore years ago, Uranus was in Taurus and the Great Depression was gripping the scrawny neck of the United States.  Our economy had grown weak, and thus the body of our country was malnourished and desperate. Venus had told America to suck it, and we needed some innovation and change in order to appease her.  Here is where Uranus in Taurus steps in. There was a financial revolution at this time – during the stirrings of WWII.  Social Security became a thing, the New Deal became a thing. This is one of the main and essentially most agreed upon plot points of the next 8 years – something is going to change in our economic system and it is going to change things dramatically.  It will more than likely emerge out of a wanton state, and it will be initiated amongst chaos regarding body politics, what kinds of flesh can exist or can’t exist, and where all the borders lie (Does your country have a flag?  No flag no country!)

Cryptocurrency (obligatory)

This is where Cryptocurrency steps in.  We live in a global society, and in order to garnish security (Taurus need), we must figure out how we are going to trade globally.  Blockchain is a very Uranus in Taurus idea, and so is cryptography – Uranus+Taurus = technological security.  Meaning, we are probably in for an onslaught of cyber attacks. We will be building our fortresses and firewalls.  The Nazi’s during Uranus in Taurus time definitely made use of technology like no one else had – expect those with malicious intent to grow their online influence even more.

Speaking of Nazi’s, their master race idea and the notion of human perfection has some interesting vibes that move into this next Uranus in Taurus phase.  Taurus is physical perfection, Uranus the mental ideal. Mix in the fact that  Chiron just moved into Aries …

The Body Electric

Politics of the body and identity will become an ever-present reality, especially because humanity, for the first time in our existence, will have the ability to rewire our brain for a virtual body.  Uranus wants absolute freedom, and it’s stuck in this “black iron cell” Taurus.  How could this ever happen to Uranus!  Why must he suffer so with these silly restrictions and this WORK?!? Doesn’t it make sense?  We will want to transcend these meat sacks, hacking our brain into a system that allows us “absolute freedom” – or at least the feeling of it.  You can live life as a dragon and awaken your lizard brain’s ancient memories of a tail.  You can war, you can do good, you can be whatever your heart desires.  Unfortunately, Uranus doesn’t realize that his pursuit of freedom has merely landed him in a new kind of cell.   Uranus feels that his humanity is a cell, yet trying to escape it into something else merely puts Uranus into new constraints.  “Existence is constraint, “Taurus says.  “Without the shape of the universe, we would all just be an ocean of energy.”

“Ah!  But isn’t an ocean free to be whatever it wants to be?” asks Uranus.  The energy here is very violent toward the body, and the body will feel a need to fight this like a virus.  A fever will rise in us, with the fire of anxiety and the baptizing powers of depression, our body trying to wake us to the cellblock we are building around ourselves.

How, exactly, will technology affects your soul?  

It’s never a question that is asked.  How will the atrophy of our flesh body, replaced by an electric version, affect us?  Most people will say, “Whatever, a body’s a body and we can replace this one that suffers and gets sick and gets injured and pains for one that never has to feel any of those things unless that’s your thing.”  Uranus has a tendency to throw away his humanity like fast fashion, accumulating a wasteland of past identities.  Taurus is the collector of ancestral experience, tradition, the old ways.  There is a natural square of energies present in this experience (Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, is square Taurus).  There is a friction here, a tug and pull that naturally exists in the universe.  While all this technological advancement is about to go full speed ahead, there is a huge resurgence of “return to nature” and primitivism coming about.  And I don’t mean the eco-sexuals (though that does seem very Uranus in Taurus, not gunna lie).

Although technology is showing us that we can create food without actually having to farm it, we are still reliant on the resources of the earth to build the machines that create this “food.”    As much as we try to deny it and create new and innovative machines that attempt to remove us from our “slavery to nature,” we are met with the brick wall of Utopic thinking.  Proponents of virtual reality call it a “utopic existence,” but we all know that if VR is a creation of the human mind, we will be entering quite the hell.  A world of pure illusion, existence outside the natural architecture of the universe.

Taurus is the animal in us, the things we cannot deny we need.

A part of humanity is reaching for the stars while another part of society is fighting to stay connected to nature.  The living world is our key to god, nature a direct map of how the universe itself functions.  Yet we pump ourselves full of caffeine and plug ourselves in, letting our body atrophy and scream with anxiety and depression.  We do not tap in, get to know every little sinew and see that we store all of our emotional and mental torture in the architecture of our body.

The Genius of the Body

We can sit there and think as much as we’d like that we have a full understanding of the world, scour books and rack up logic puzzles in our mind, but we are never as immersed in the intelligence of the universe as when we are engaging our body with the world around us.  Uranus is genius, and Taurus is the body.  During this time, those of you who dive into your body and learn it’s wisdom, treat your body as the temple it is instead of a trash heap for your mind, will garnish prolific flashes of insight (a Uranian specialty).  The body is our vehicle, our antenna, the vessel, and tarnishing it instead of nourishing it will hinder your spiritual development.

Food politics will become an ever-present thing during Uranus in Taurus, so expect what we consume – how it becomes a part of us – and how that affects us on a DNA and mental level to be a theme.  You are what you eat is a literal statement.  You are what your body and your mind consume (and both are eating lots of garbage right now).   You must keep the discipline needed during this transit.  A zen Taurus persona is going to be needed to get through the radical changes to the body that are ahead.   While we are gripping with the fact that we must become a more technological species in order to deal with globalization, we must return back to the genius of nature-based societies to understand truly what is even going on, how nature creates such a perfect equilibrium – how pain and suffering and endurance and work are necessary for our spiritual development.  It will be a delicate balancing act these next 8 years.  There will be those that take the idea of “physical perfection” and “master race” as a real and present thing, and that may be the scariest bit of all during this transit.

So let’s watch it unfold…  stay tuned, this one is going to be tectonic.  

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