Venus in Cancer – Pearls Before Swine

“Men and girls, men and girls: Artificial swine and pearls.”Gertrude Stein

Venus in Cancer:  May 19, 2018 – June 13, 2018

I write this in a fever high enough to get me into tea party status with the muses.  I may be sick in a fog, but I do potently feel there is some mind-blowing water energy in the air and those of us who can tap into it with an open heart chakra will benefit immensely from the lessons on display.  Like any Cancerian transit, there is a lot of reminiscing and “what could have been” thinking going on.  We may feel regret for the past, or maybe even just a fond remembering – flipping through photos wishing we could visit it again. Could amends be made?  Could we shine from the heart loud enough to sew up the holes we created; mega bombs in the hearts of those we once cared for? Or is this a piper’s song, leading us back into chaos, hurt, and ripping the stitches off of wounds that will take many more years to heal (the past only seeming pleasant through Cancerian goggles).  Do we have the intuition to make the proper discretion?

We are officially halfway to Venus’ retrograde in Scorpio, meaning, we have made it to the heart chakra portion of Venus’ descent.  In Taurus, we activated our vision and began to see clearly the disorder around us.  In Gemini, we learned to speak our world into existence, to play with our surroundings in order to understand them at the most intimate of levels.  And now we make to Venus in Cancer, the opening of the heart chakra.  Persephone must pass through 7 gates to enter the underworld, and we too must rid ourselves of 7 illusions before we can gain access to a vital shadow element of our desire body.

Venus in Cancer is most concerned about one thing:  who did you take for granted, and who is taking you for granted?  Who is using you, or who are you using?  Pearls before swine, and in time the swine will run away with a pearl necklace – all your jewels and power.  But if we fear those that are truly our friends, we lose pieces of the light as well.  This is a complicated matter.  On one hand, if we shell up and harden ourselves completely to the world, we won’t have to risk “losing our pearl.”  On the other hand, if it never sees the light of day, what’s the fucking point of having it? It’s light wont be able to lead us home if it is clamped up inside of us.

There will be considerable backlash from the feminine during this transit.  For those of you who have no respect for her power, you will be reminded of the wild energy coming for retribution.  Issues regarding the sacred feminine will emerge even further into the light, and a sense of needing to develop a “tribe” and learn healing arts will also inflate.

There is profound, legendary power in each of us and it sits in the midst of our chest.  If we open that when speaking to others, will they feel it?  Will we feel the hesitation or the malaise in their heart?  The Hindu believe that the heart chakra is the true navigator on our spiritual journey.  In Sanskrit, the heart chakra is called Anahata, meaning “unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten.”  When they say “unstruck” they are speaking of the original sound or word emanating from the universe.  This is the ultimate power of creation, and it is that inside of us who can act outside of our own karma – those who can act on their true will.  With the power of an open Anahata, we can make a decision based on your higher self instead of our base desires.  “Meditation on this chakra is said to bring about the following siddhis (abilities): s/he becomes a lord of speech, s/he is dear to others, her/his presence controls the senses of others, and s/he can leave and enter the body at will.”

Here we know our true self-worth and we do not play games with those who wish to drain us of our light – we live life fully in our power, accepting our Venusian grace, sex appeal, and compassion as a right.  Here we cast aside our baggage and enter into a fuller, more dynamic mode of being.  This Venus transit is asking us to clear our heart of all the remorse, regret, guilt, and other Cancerian negative habits, and welcome in the ultimate Cancerian traits of compassion, shaman-hood, and love with nourishing boundaries.  Expect chaos in relationships that aren’t serving your higher purpose.  Your being will be shaken and prodded until you take care of this matter.  Mend bridges with those that help your light shine, pouring your heart out in a rawness where they truly see you.  This will be hard, and painful, as Cancer is not forgiving if they sense any danger emitting from your heart chakra.  Although if your intentions are true, there won’t be a need to have fear.

For those of you in vampiric relationships (friends or lovers), this transit will sweep in like a current; the beginning of the end. There may be a tendency during this transit to shell away from the world, but you must do the opposite.  Heart opener exercises and sturdy boundaries – like the Chariot – are a must.  Can you both be open and properly defensive?  That is the ultimate balancing act and the skill that must be obtained to pass through this Venusian gate.  Love and Might, darlings.

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