Mars in Aquarius – The Force Awakens

“Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.”Yoda

Mars in Aquarius:  May 16, 2018 – November 16, 2018

Radiation – Mutation – Elevation

The serpentine dragon slumbered underneath the earth for billions of years.  She received her first awakening when her outer scales were chipped by miners, seeing the “ugly rock” as useless shards of bad luck on their way to scraping out mirrored silver. They didn’t know.  How could they have known?  Their ego was in the exploration, hoarding falsely valued silver instead of meeting the body of the earth itself.  The modern world had forgotten about her. The fear of the slumbering beast had become a shadow within literature and laughable to most “men of reason.”   There couldn’t possibly be a giant reptile dreaming beneath the crust of the earth.  The Aboriginals warned not to wake the sleeping lizard beneath the soil.  She had crafted the planet and come to slumber, and as they say, “let sleeping dogs lie.” Miners and businessmen, of course, only cared about one state of existence – the material. They didn’t realize the spiritual within the material, and s is common for humans who rely solely on the power of reason, they were being far too literal to see what was right before their eyes.

Mars is the physical world, the animal world, vitality and the blood that pumps in our very veins.  Warriors worshipped Mars because they served as the immune system of cities, purging the enemy virus when they came to attack their land.  Mars is the spirit of the athlete; the dancer in touch with their solar plexus, the runner in trance, the boxer forging steel will.  Aquarius is the mover, shaker, rebel, mutation of the zodiac.  He has his eyes set on the future, but he is firmly present in manifesting those plans in the present.  He is ahead of his time, mind brimming with new ideas and strange ways of doing things.  He knows that experimentation leads to discovery.  He is erratic, non-conforming, and unpredictable.  He pours new consciousness onto the masses, and in this transit – he pours new consciousness through the body.

The dragon that miners found within the earth was first synthesized from that seemingly useless stone 8 years after the planet Uranus was discovered, a full Uranian cycle through one sign, ushering in the 19th century and the leaps and bounds of human invention that followed.  The new element was named after the planet of change; Uranium.  With 92 protons and 92 neutrons, it had the densest atomic structure found naturally in the universe.  Because of this, it was highly unstable and radioactive.   Aboriginals had images littered on their caves depicting the health consequences of coming too close to the “sleeping serpent beneath the earth.”  There was something about this element that made everything around it mutate.  It was the force of the sun, a fragment of its power settled deep into the earth.  And now humans had this power and were able to distill it to craft the modern world… and to build the most destructive weapon of all time; the atomic bomb.

It has been called “the rock that shaped the world.”  Something that seems like nothing at all, like our very bodies to our own inspection.  This sack of meat?  How can it transcend, evolve like it does?  It can barely get me out of the fucking bed in the morning and I still can’t do a proper push-up Luminous beings are we, full of great power.  Within us is a sleeping serpentine dragon, slumbering for all our lives until one day we dig deep enough to awaken it.

Mars is an agriculture god as well as a war god, connected to the warrior spirit – the prana as well as the earth itself.  Medicine and food come from the earth.  And to grow, manifest, out of the earth – to use it to help sustain yourself, you must learn to live in symbiosis with it.  Mars protects his land from enemies, using “vitality” or “lifeforce” – bringing the element of war into his nature.  To evolve, mutations occur.  Species die.  Atrocities happen.  But we adapt, move, change, shake things, use those great acts to purge what we do not wish to be a part of the human experience any longer.  Sometimes illnesses come back, prejudices rise again, but we are better prepared to administer to them.  We are better able to tap into that universal force of change, and remove what we collectively wish.

It was found that because of Uranium’s instability, it had the ability to regress it’s proton and neutron count and become other elements.  It had 14 transformations before hitting a stable element; lead (which in Astrology is associated with the most stabilizing planet of all, Saturn – Aquarius’ other ruler).  Scientists had found what alchemists sought for ages, transmutation.  With further studies after the atomic bombs were dropped, it was found that Uranium’s radiation causes mutations in everything it touches.  Mutation, of course, is the driving force of evolution.   This element mirrored the sun’s power, the kundalini of the earth itself.

The force can awaken within all of us. According to the Hindus, this “prana” or “energy” that permeates the universe, through animate and inanimate entities, originates in the sun itself.  There was a clear understanding from the ancients that the elements that compose our reality are smithed in the forge of the sun, whether they understood this scientifically or not.  There was an intuitive connection with this lifeforce they could tap into and the sun itself, bringing vitality and growth to everything around them.  Without it, life itself would cease, and without stimulating the prana within us – our life would wither away as well. Via the hermetic tenant of as above so below, it can be understood that the ability to transmutate elements like the sun rests inside all life.  We have the capacity to change, to dictate our evolutionary process, to transcend each state of existence.

You are being asked to transcend your current mode of existence.  You are being called to a bloody and long change, and you are going to have to muster your warrior spirit to get through it. This Mars in Aquarius calls for you to access this Uranian power within your body.  Athletes will tell you there was a moment when they were working out that it clicked and they accessed this force within themselves that took them further than they ever thought they’d go.  Artists have had these experiences.  Scientists have had these experiences.  Prana is available for all of us to access, but we must push through the pain in order to release it – to wake the sleeping serpentine dragon within us.

You must have an utter and unbending belief that everyone is a star, and deep within them is the solar power to grow, manifest, and alter the world. You can change your reality. You have the power.  Do not succumb to the Maya around you, letting institutions zap away at your vital energy for their needs while they drain the earth of her vitality as well. This transit asks you not to regress, but to get up and perform every day to dig yourself out of your predicament in experimental ways you wouldn’t have tried before. This transit is telling us we must save ourselves, we must trust in our intuitive abilities and become a vessel for the force itself.

Aquarius, being the opposite of Leo, is like Uranium itself.  The shadow of the sun within the earth.  As a vessel for change, Aquarius channels the forces of the universe to help the collective evolve.  Tap into your powers.  During this Mars transit.  You have the power of an atomic bomb within you. You can create massive change in your life and in the collective if you tap into the piece of the universe within yourself.  We are being called to be warriors for the collective, for the earth itself.  The earth is calling for a re-balancing of the force. Will you answer the call, Jedi?

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