New Moon Gemini – The Enemy Within

“I fought with my twin, the enemy within.”Bob Dylan

The doublespeak within is highlighted with this dark orb in the sky – our dark twin aflame with talk we cannot suppress during this time.  The dark twin is a product of ourselves, our own psyche and experiences and thousands of years of DNA unraveling.  It is integral.  It cannot be surgically removed or dissolved without destroying the whole. Our selves are like tectonic plates, and when they crash together they form mountains for us to climb or abysses for us to descend.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”Carl Jung

New Moon Square Neptune in Pisces:  This is our inability as a society to connect to the idea of redemption.  There is a strange idea in the collective that once someone has committed a sin, they are damned forever.  It is the eternal myth of good vs evil, where the almighty Christian god faces the devil and we never sympathize with the light in the Devil or the darkness in God. Once someone has committed an act of “evil” in our society, they somehow can never transmute themselves into something outside of that sin.

Sin is not a matter of perspective, but an objective fact of the universe.  Gemini doesn’t like this objectivity, and thus there is a sense of extreme unrest in the sky right now.  The oppressed are oppressing, and their oppressing of others is coming back to bite them in the ass- which isn’t a pleasant experience at all and also counterproductive to the main ideals of the oppressed – to due away with oppression.

On one hand, the sin does become a part of the sinner, but it also helps bring consciousness to darkness and illuminate something about the greater human perspective.  If one had not committed these “crimes,” one would never know the full spectrum of the existence of that darkness.

We hold people up on pedestals, but as soon as they commit an infraction they are condemned.  We say we hate oppression, but we oppress the enemy within and without.  Oppression does not liberate – it does not give the ability to transmutate and heal.  It imprisons.  It roots someone in a role and tells them that the only facet of themselves is the dark twin.  Nature is forever moving, and it behaves with a morality that is not perfectly aligned with our own.  We run from death and transformation, we run from the violence of nature, but it is inherent to its evolution.  The friction we are seeing around us right now is inherent to our collective evolution, and condemning the shadows that are rising up right now is merely putting them back in their cage instead of inspecting them and healing them.  The shadows of our society are all around us, in the fear and reactionism of the left, and the fear and hostility in the right.

A human being must be accepted as who they are before they can begin to heal.  Forever turning away from the dark only lets it grow to astronomical proportions.  Acceptance of oneself is the crux this all rests on.  If one does not accept the darkness within – if one constantly ignores its existence and believes that they are purely good intentioned and have only done good – one projects it into the world.  We can see this with every radical group right now.  The Neo Nazi’s blame the Jews, Blacks, Gays, everyone but the white Aryan race.  The extreme left sees oppression in every word, turning every corner, in all white cis hetero men as in inherent trait of their being, and on and on and on.  The problem is, the oppression we see outside is mirrored inside….

I come from a family that escaped genocide in Eastern Europe, and because of this, my family saw enemies everywhere.  Americans were the enemy because of their white skin and Christian ways, Serbians were all the enemy because of what some of them had done to us.  I was condemned from having Serbian friends lest I piss on the graves of my family members who fell to them.  This was obviously counterproductive toward peace and healing, but they didn’t see it that way.  They saw it as protecting themselves from harm.  But by doing this, they were creating new enemies everywhere.  They were surrounding themselves.  Do not surround yourselves.  Find the dark twin within you this new moon and make peace.  They are your key to understanding the fear in others.  They are your key to humanizing instead of othering – instead of turning the enemy into a solidified object of hate and terror.  It is your key to the redemption of self, and to allow others the possibility of redemption.

New Moon Conjunct Mercury in Cancer trine Uranus in Taurus:  To heal, the planet and the whole of humanity, is the lesson at hand here.  It is quite the temptation to allow the hate and destruction of the past dictate your actions. It is easier to lash out in anger than reach out in peace.  We fight fire with fire, but also condemn fighting with fire… What is this paradox?  We tell people to punch Nazi’s without question, but we don’t teach them to sit down and talk to them about the depths of their dark twin built on insecurity, lies they were told, fear, and pain. We spit at them as if we have never hated before as if we have never cast a stone.

I was told once by someone that although I try and come off as a nice and caring person, I am not a nice and caring person.  For a while, this hit me incredibly negatively because I have behaved with such selflessness in so many instances where I could have given in to anger.  I didn’t accept this side of myself, but she was there.  Once I looked I was able to see the necessity of her.  Looking at this side of myself and digging to its roots, seeing where it stemmed from and the pain and fear there helped illuminate the pain and fear I felt in those I considered my enemies – those that lash out in anger.  I had thought that I had dealt with my anger issues, but I had merely turned a blind eye to them, allowing them to grow in the darkness so that they could be seen by me again.

Believing that we are only good or evil is having a very split view of the universe that can never become whole.  We must dig into our heart and find forgiveness in ourselves and our transgressions before we can open up to the healing and nourishing of others.  Carl Jung said that in all opposition, the key to solving the opposition is within the collective unity.  Without evil, we would not know good.  Without pain, we would not know pleasure.  Without suffering, we would not know redemption.  The problem comes when one does not truly understand their suffering, or connect to it from a heart level and want to liberate all beings from suffering.  The problem is when one projects their suffering into the world instead of dealing with it within themselves.  When one sees the suffering of the self in all others, one is able to tap into the unity within the opposition.

New Moon Inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn:  We talk about the phrase, “love thy enemy,” but by that, we do not mean to allow evil to persist.  Evil is the projection of the dark twin into the world.  Evil comes from those who are not able to look within and see the darkness within themselves.  The darkness comes out, but they give it reprieve by saying it is a reaction to something outside of themselves; so and so made me do it, this situation made me do it, my state of oppression made me do it.  We are disconnected mentally from the importance of opposition for evolution within ourselves.  We have a constant raging battle within because we are constantly evolving, changing, adapting within.  Various neurosis remains when we do not come to terms with them and meld them with our “light” side.  When one does not see the paradoxes within, egoism and narcissism take over.

Egoism and narcissism; thinking we are the hero and never the villain, or somehow that us being the villain is super cool – feeding our egoism as well because we do not see our light side.  This dehumanizes us.  This cuts us off from the collective, and it doesn’t allow us to see the connection we have with all life.  Cutting ourselves off from the rest of humanity puts us in an isolated state with ourselves and our inner multitudes so that they may start to present themselves to our introspection.  This Plutonian shadow work is very important right now, although a very subtle aspect of this New Moon.  We may barely notice it at all unless we are very connected to the prana of the world. There is great transformation, and thus chaos, going on around us. Traditional institutions are crumbling, but as they crumble there will be more and more opposition as shadows rise.  Will we deal with the shadows by integrating them, understanding them so that we can evolve, or will we continue to condemn everything around us like an inquisition – causing further rifts and divides, abysses instead of mountains delving further and further into our wretched darkness instead of building something together toward the heavens?

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