Mars Retrograde in Aquarius – Stranger in a Strange Land

“The distinction between sanity and insanity is narrower than a razor’s edge, sharper than a hound’s tooth, more agile than a mule deer. It is more elusive than the merest phantom. Perhaps it does not even exist; perhaps it is a phantom. ” – Philip K. Dick, VALIS

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius:  June 26, 2018 – August 27, 2018

The antithesis of the French word “déjà vu” is “jamais vu;” it is the feeling that no matter how many times you have visited a place or seen a person, it somehow now feels unfamiliar to you.  A stranger, a strange land.  This eerie feeling that you are witnessing the exterior circumstances for the very first time makes one feel quite alien – like you have been plucked from your timeline and placed in another.  People feel like apparitions, streets like mazes from dreams, interactions are like a tweaked memory which leave you unsettled for days.  With Mars in Aquarius going retrograde, Jamais vu, and in mass, has engulfed the zeitgeist. 

When historic cycles repeat, people are agast.  How could the evil from the past rear it’s ugly head once more?  Ah, my friends, that is because we never fully dealt with it in the first place.  We annihilated its stalks and leaves, but we did not rip the roots out from the soil.  We thought we buried it, but alas – we sowed it once more deep, deep within our collective subconscious. With 6 planets about to head into retrograde at once, we are strangers in our own minds. While doing familiar things, we feel like unfamiliar people. But perhaps this is exactly what we need.

Perhaps, in a strange land, we have the power to write a new narrative.   We humans have been bogged down by the myth of the “the person who stands by, lives their life, wants peace and quiet.”  We are no longer able to have the privilege of the life of a hermit. When humanity decided to become a connected collective (entering the age of Aquarius), we left behind the illusion that each person is their own island.  We are all connected, veins feeding the egregore of humanity.  Our destinies can never be separate from the rest of life, and especially not the rest of humankind. You have witnessed the collective pain, and now you are being called to act.

We can feel the blood on the land.  We can hear the collective screaming of ancestors at war, humanity robbing itself of its own humanity.  As we enter these retrogrades fully in the season of Cancer, the question is, “Do we repeat the sins of our fathers, or do we create a new future for ourselves?”  Aquarius cares not for tradition, and this is a time to care very little for it.  Mars, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter,  Pluto, and soon Mercury, will be retrograding at the same time.  It is a time for manifesting destiny.

Now quickly, before the gods wake.

In some cases of jamais vu, people will believe delirious reasons for the phenomenon.  In some cases, Capgras delusion manifests, causing the sufferer to believe the unfamiliar person is actually an identical imposter – manifesting as an eerie “living with the imposter” terror.  It can also be coupled with the belief that time has been warped or substituted, leaving the individual a stranger in a strange land.

In true Aquarian/Uranian fashion, insights will come like lightning flashes.  There will be a desperate desire for political upheaval, civility will be at a standstill.  Mars Aquarius retrograde is like The Joker, aiming to create chaos within the machine so that new life can emerge from the primordial soup of its destruction.  This is not your world, Mars in Aqua says, this garbage pile that has transpired into existence.  Now, will you take your world back?

Mars in Aquarius is a warrior “for the people,” raising the fires when he sees the oppressed in harm’s way.   Aquarius is the alien, the rebel, the foreigner, so expect issues regarding the “other” or “stranger” to manifest double-fold.  This applies both in the micro and macro – so watch out for your internal struggle with the stranger inside you; your sense of not belonging, the lie that separates us all.

If we know anything about Aquarius, it is that they will not stand for being caged.  If they sense a trap, they go into fight mode.  This transit is a clear warning that the walls are closing in, and we need to think of some very innovative ways to get our asses out of this one.  We have stood here in disbelief for too long; the world has completely shifted into a thing we cannot recognize anymore.  Aquarius says, “The only way to figure out humanity’s destiny is together.”

But Aqua knows there is a lot of solo work to be done to get to this point. Change, if anything, will be a constant under this transit.  Mars entering Aquarius initially brought major change into our lives, as is its nature, but we will get a heavy dose of re-arrangement still with it’s retrograde.  You are being shown the insanity that is the Aquarian insight, and with that comes the traditional air of pure potential. This re-arrangement will cause an intense creativity in the mind; the Uranian flash of insight, premonitions, and blueprints for innovation. And with squares from Venus and Jupiter along the way, this creative retrograde will also crave sexual creativity.  Expect quite a bit of sexual frustration and a deep need for further exploration.

If you are feeling lost in space, task yourself to keeping very vigilant notes. Like a fairytale land, nothing is what it seems.  Not even your personal story.  The edges of reality are seeming to fray, and we can see the orchestration clearer than ever. This transit is like slipping into the back end of the Matrix, make sure you draw a map.

In some rare cases of jamais vu, the individual finds that it is the self that is eerily unfamiliar.  The imposter is you.  The very reality of reality is questioned and dissociation kicks in.  Depersonalization infests the mind, making one feel that their entire personal reality has been transcribed.  Derealization, or the idea that the world is not the right reality, is not separated from depersonalization for psychologists.  One cannot be who one is if they are transported into another world.  One cannot recognize onself on alien rocks.  Is this eerie, unsettled feeling within us – this collective detachment of self – because we really aren’t home at all?


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